z3th, Founder & CEO of Ordz Games — Interview Series

The future of blockchain gaming is here, and it’s looking an awful lot like the ever-sprightly Game Boy system, weirdly enough. That’s right — Ordz Games’ BitBoy One has officially made its debut as an all-in-one package for blockchain-based gaming, meaning users will now have access to a vast collection of crypto assets, as well as an entire host of emulations of countless retro video games and wallets. To learn a bit more about it, we decided to reach out to Ordz Games CEO, z3th.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Who are you, and what inspired you to enter the world of blockchain gaming?

Z3th: I believe that your actions must define who you are and not necessarily the identity you were born with. I could say this much, I started getting into crypto in 2017 and formed Ordz Games in 2021.

What inspired me deeply was the urge to introduce tangibility to the world of crypto. While we had already seen the arrival of hardware devices in the crypto space in the form of wallets, credit cards, and mobile phones, there was hardly any solution for the large, lucrative space of blockchain gaming.

I have been an avid gamer since childhood. I used to play Chinese games and Nintendo games. During lockdown in Asia, I had nothing much to do. That’s when I decided to make blockchain tangible by introducing retro gaming devices and building an ecient ecosystem around blockchain gaming.

Let’s move on to your studio, Ordz Games. Could you tell us a bit more about it? When was the company founded, and what are some of the core values that you uphold as a team?

Z3th: The company was founded in 2021. We envisioned a completely trustless, non-custodial gaming platform on the blockchain. At its core, Ordz Games is a series of inscriptions for retro games. We release new games every season. Our native token, $ORDG, the first BRC-20 token with utility, helps fuel our economy and allows players to earn based on the points they’ve accumulated.

Tell us a bit about your handled device, BitBoy. What exactly is it, and what are some of the core features that users can expect to find on the system?

Z3th: Bitboy is our tribute to the days of Nintendo gaming! It is built along the lines of the Nintendo Game Boy that appeared in 1989. While nostalgia is our foundation, the device is much more than that.

Available in a sleek, translucent orange design, the device merges blockchain gaming with Web3 and oers an avenue to earn Bitcoin through retro-style P2E games. It supports an array of classic games that date back to the pre-PlayStation 1 era through emulation. It has several features.

Bitboy supports multiplayer gaming through Bluetooth and wifi connectivity and functions as a secure hardware wallet for managing Bitcoin assets. Interestingly, it leverages the ‘Ordinal’ method for creating Bitcoin NFTs to inscribe games directly onto the Blockchain.

The BitBoy isn’t restricted to just blockchain gaming, either. Are we right in thinking that the device also acts as a vessel for classic video games, too?

Z3th: Yes, although its native applications are connected to the Bitcoin blockchain, one can play a range of video games inscribed forever on the Bitcoin blockchain as ordinals. When it comes to game choices, Bitboy features a wide range of HTML games, on-chain emulators, and ROM.

We’ve also noticed that Ordz Games’ Season 5 is en route, too! Could you tell us a bit more about some of the things that we’ll be seeing in this upcoming launch?

Z3th: Yes, applications for Season 5 Early Access are now open. Packed with options to play, earn, trade, and Burn $Games, Season 5 promises even more. We will divulge more details soon. In season 5, you must be ready for all the excitement and extraordinary rewards that Games of Bitcoin has in store for you.

So, how’s the future looking for you? Do you have any plans to further enhance your portfolio over the coming months or years? Are there any key dates that we should be taking note of?

Z3th: The future of blockchain gaming is super promising. Numbers show a healthy increase in the trac of users and developers active in the field. Digital ownership of assets and autonomy in controlling them are features that would drive growth. We will continue to innovate and launch new and exciting games that merge nostalgia with cutting-edge convenience and best-in-class earning potential. For now, Season 5 is open. Don’t miss out—apply today.

And what’s the best way to stay up to date with Ordz Games’ current affairs? Are there any social channels or important newsletters that will help potential consumers to find the data they need?

Z3th: Follow us on X for all the latest updates. For deeper community engagement, join our Telegram channel. For insights on tech and design, follow our blog posts on Medium.

Any final words for our readers?

Z3th: For those who already own a BitBoy, we offer an exciting referral program, but it’s ending soon. Hurry up, connect your Twitter account with your Bitboy profile, and grab your referral link. Both you and your friends and family who purchase BitBoy using this link will benefit: they’ll receive a $50 discount, and you’ll earn points that may count toward future airdrops. So, visit our profile page to grab your referral link and start sharing today.

Thanks for your time!


For more information on Ordz Games’ ongoing efforts to revolutionize the blockchain space, be sure to check in with the team over on their official social handle here. Alternatively, you can visit the website for additional details here.