Response to recent security concerns

WPN takes game security and integrity very seriously. We deploy significant resources and technology toward identifying any bad actors that look to gain an unfair advantage or cheat our players out of their funds.

Players have recently expressed concern over a group of accounts playing over the course of the past 12 months. These accounts have all been through a rigorous set of security protocols through the natural course of business. These protocols were performed in real-time prior to the list being made public earlier this month. Given the serious nature of the accusations against these specific accounts, we have undergone additional review.

As a result of the standard protocols, the majority of the identified accounts have previously been prohibited from playing on the site and have not been active since the protocols were enforced. Several dozen of the publicly identified accounts passed the screening, which included hundreds of hours of video recordings of play that we insisted be performed to assure that the account was legitimate. Given the continued concerns expressed by members of our player community, out of an abundance of caution we have decided to suspend each of these accounts and put those accounts through additional scrutiny before they are permitted to continue play.

In accordance with our policies and where such determinations can be made, we will refund players where we have identified bad actors negatively impacted other players.

The fight against bad actors using a variety of means to cheat is an ongoing battle for all online poker operators. We are committed to investing in staying ahead of these cheaters.

As part of that commitment we consistently review our security protocols and make changes and improvements based on feedback, player behaviour and asΒ  a result of our continual investigations into suspicious play. Our current security protocols include:

  • Mandatory player documentation updates
  • Captcha technology and table pixelation changes
  • Software that renders bots who use live data collection such as PPL or OpenPPL ineffective
  • Video-recorded sessions of players for pattern evaluation where play is matched to previous hand histories to compare results
  • Deep dives of hand and play history across all our games
  • Recent banning of virtual and remote access machines
  • Introduction of features such as PLO Reshuffle which puts folded hole cards back into the deck to reduce collusion opportunities
  • Recent partnership with GTO Wizard to enhance GTO analysis protocols and detection
  • Investment in tools that improve data analysis and detection capabilities

As a result of these recent concerns, we are undergoing a full review of these current protocols and expect to make additional changes and enhancements to our security measures and to increase our already significant investment in security and game integrity.

We hope that players will continue to trust us with their play as they have for more than 20 years and will take comfort in the knowledge that protecting the game is one of our most important activities.