10 Best Abilities for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The Final Fantasy 7 series has a list of playable characters, but none come out as unique as Red XIII. The main protagonist’s skills and abilities draw him closest to the best character in Final Fantasy 7, but that doesn’t hide Red XIII’s uncommon attributes. After his guest appearance in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Red XIII is back in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth with a ton of phenomenal abilities. For those who love having him in their party, here are the 10 best abilities for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

10. Stardust Ray

Stardust Ray

Exclusive to Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the Stardust Ray ability comes when this character is equipped with the Mythril Collar weapon. It’s the default weapon for Red XIII and is available in Chapter 2, so you will be using the Stardust Ray from that chapter. While it will let you deal more devastating damage to the enemies and over a wider area, Stardust Ray will cost you a whole 2 ATB. But is that too much when you can strike two or more foes? 

9. Retaliation

Red XIII Retaliation Ability

Using this ability will bring your Vengeance Mode to an end, so be sure you are using it at the right time. It’s an impressive addition to Red XIII’s ferocious combat style and the only ability you will be unlocking in the Folios. But it will also cost you 2 ATB at party level 8. But the counterstance will come in pretty handy to retaliate whenever Red XIII is hit by dealing massive damage to the foe. It goes a long way to portray Red XIII as the aggressive, defensive party member or playable character. 

8. Sentinel Stance

Sentinel Stance

The Sentinel Stance is your best bet when you want to build Red XIII’s Vengeance gauge quickly. With this stance, Red XIII reduces damage from enemy strikes and boosts his vengeance gauge by blocking attacks. The ability, however, ends when you deal a strong counterstrike by pressing the square button. It does much more than you would expect for just 1 ATB.

7. Sidewinder


For those who love the thrill of striking foes midair, the Sidewinder ability is the simplest way you can catch the action. It’s even more thrilling with Red XIII, the only quadrupedal playable character on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Red XIII projects into the air and launches a powerful blow to strike enemies in midair. The ability is swift and easy to use, and the ability to leap into the air and deliver a punishing blow won’t cost too much with the cost of an ATB. 

6. Supernal Fervor

Supernal Fervor : Red XIII Abilities

The Supernal Fervor is Red XIII’s most revered ability, which grants him fine powers that he can even cast on other party members. It’s associated with the Amethyst Collar, so it’s time to launch a Supernal Fervour stance whenever you see Red XIII equipped with the purple gemstones-embedded collar. The ability grants haste to all party members, but you can activate it for a three-person party as a proficiency bonus. It will cost you 2 ATB, which is worth it, but you can only use it in the Vengeance Mode. You don’t have to wait for the Vengeance gauge to fill completely, though, to use Super Fervor. 

5. Reaper Touch

Reaper Touch

The Reaper Touch is Red XIII’s bizarre ability with an inverse relationship with the HP. It comes with the intricate weapon, the Brisingamen, meaning you will be using Reaper Touch from Chapter 13. With this ability, the damage dealt is inversely proportional to the HP. It means that Red XIII will deliver more deadly attacks when he has low HP. It’s pretty tempting to play at low HP just to keep your blows lethal. It’s a good strategy to activate it when your HP is extremely low, but do not keep it low solely for this ability’s sake. 

4. Watcher’s Spirit

Watcher’s Spirit

The Watcher’s Spirit is yet another ability for Red XIII that helps him boost other party members. But unlike Supernal Fervor, which adds party members’ haste, the Watcher’s Spirit consumes the Vengeance gauge to boost the ATB of other party members. You can deplete the Vengeance gauge with this ability, and the potency is directly proportional to the amount consumed. Therefore, the ability serves Red XIII best when the Vengeance gauge is full, and only use it when there is an ally in dire need of ATB charges. 

3. Crescent Claw

Crescent Claw

Players unlock the Crescent Claw with Red XIII’s Renegade’s Collar, the symbol of revolt. It’s another great ability in Vengeance Mode that can be used to finish off enemies. Red XIII lunges three times towards the enemy to slash them. The range and damage inflicted increases massively through the Vengeance Mode, so you can expect this ability to deplete the Vengeance gauge upon use. Red XIII will also consume 1 ATB for the Crescent Claw ability. 

2. Chilling Roar

Chilling Roar

The Chilling Roar is yet another Red XIII’s ability that functions around the Vengeance gauge. It’s an offensive ability but only launches to retaliate against enemy attacks. Whenever a foe strikes Red XIII, counterstrike with ice shards so that the Vengeance gauge gets a boost when the ice attacks hit an enemy. It’s a nice way to boost your Vengeance gauge in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for only 1 ATB. 

1. Watcher’s Respite

Watcher’s Respite : Red XIII Abilities

Party members who team up with Red XIII have a lot to benefit from the red lion’s abilities, including the healing Watcher’s Respite. It tops the 10 best abilities for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that players can have, especially when you don’t have Aerith in your squad to cast her healing magic. The ability allows Red XIII to heal allies in a party at the expense of the Vengeance gauge. The ability’s power is directly proportional to the amount of energy expended from the Vengeance gauge.

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