Outing unethical people in the industry

Outing unethical people in the industry

Posted by Anuj Yadav on 2022-09-30 at 10:06 PM

Hi guys,

There are some unethical practises happening within the Indian industry that should be openly talked about in order to disincentive unethical people from taking advantage of the lack of policing within our community. In this post I would like to out Sahil Chutani aka “$lim$hady19” for cheating the community doing the following scummy things:

1) Ghosting two of his mtt horses before I joined BTR stable. $lim has admitted to me on a phone call right after I joined BTR that he had been involved in the biggest scores of two of his horses. I restricted everyone from getting ghosted after I joined. The horses also wanted to do everything ethically and wanted to stop this bs that $lim was doing.

2) Collusion in cash games. There have been instances where $lim and a cash game horse of his have been sitting in a NLHE cash game and shared their hole cards. I did not speak out against this cash game collusion as there’s a limited mental energy I have and I want to allocate that towards improving game integrity in MTTs.

Some allegations told to me about $lim by well-respected regs in the industry that I do not have any evidence for:

1) ‘SiValee’ is a 2nd id of $lim

2) A bad reg from BBZ(Stable that used to back $lim before he started playing on his own) is playing on the id ‘bluechipp’ that has been given to him by $lim. This is really hypocritical as $lim has been the one that speaks out against foreign ids playing on Indian sites the most.

3) After I left BTR , $lim ended up shutting down his stable and is now demanding that his horses pay him back 50% of their MU. Which is outright scamming imo, the community is free to debate on that.

I encourage everyone to speak out about malpractises going on in the industry if we want poker in India to be a clean sport with high game integrity. Currently the cheaters have it too easy as there are no repurcussions for doing so. At the bare minimum, $lim should be made to release a public statement about all of these allegations and how he is going to improve his behaviour in the future.

If this post has any positive impact towards improving game integrity I can start an initiative where I take in emails from people in the industry and speak out against shady practises being performed by players/sites if there’s conclusive evidence in the email ofcourse.

Another change that I would like to see happen is pokersites making it against ToS to use preflop/ postflop solvers to help players make their decisions in-game. Once they do that we can police it within ourselves to diminish the use of s/w aid in-game and make online poker as pure as possible.

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