The Mistake Poker Players Make When C-Betting

In this article, we’ll discover one of the most common errors that is made when c-betting and how you can avoid doing it. We’ll explain what the advantages are behind range-betting. and when not to do it, too. From knowing how and when to play the perfect c-bet to judging future streets of the turn or river after you’ve c-bet, we’re here to help.

These key mistakes are:

  • Not Range Betting
  • Not Mixing Up Your Betting Tendencies
  • Lacking Confidence at the Turn
  • Not Planning for the River

Why Range Betting Leads to Gains

Not bulking up enough at the poker felt? Chip stack looking limp in the late stages? Range betting needs to come into your game and pump up that profit margin. When you’re c-betting small on the flop, range betting can prove highly profitable. This is down to a number of reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, you can exploit weaker players by range-betting and the move is not only going with momentum and aggression but should be based on sound game theory too.

Range-betting – i.e. putting a player on a range of hands and knowing when to c-bet or not following the flop – is easy and can be applied to your game with immediate effect. There are plenty of ways to exploit players and not only that, but it frees up vital time in your head to compute more complicated situations.

Range betting helps the most inexperienced players improve their game, maximize their winnings and reap the benefits immediately. Winning more pots, you’ll also avoid tougher situations where others can exploit you. As they say, money saved is money earned.

You Shouldn’t Always Range Bet

Range betting has a big place in poker, but it shouldn’t always be used. Just like you shouldn’t c-bet everything, disguising yourself by mixing up your play, range betting shouldn’t happen if you’ve missed offsuit pairs of your opponent’s range. Likewise, you might want to mix up the amount that you c-bet. On low-paired board, such as 5-4-4, your pre-flop raiser opponent may well have a big overpair advantage, massively affecting how you should react, and in particular, whether you should range-bet.

If the flop comes 8-7-6 with two hearts, then you might also want to protect your stack by reducing the amount you’re c-betting or simply not doing so altogether. In this sort of position, the pre-flop raiser is actually at a distinct disadvantage, so if this is you, you’ll want to check virtually 100% of the time in order to avoid your own range of cards being exposed.

Becoming a Boss on the Turn

So much of modern poker focuses on the pre-flop action, the post-flop betting or the river, where a dramatic all-in puts poker fans into the heart of the action and both big bluffs and huge hero calls occur. The turn, or 4th street, is a vastly underestimated part of poker and where a lot of the crucial decisions that dictate the direction of the pot take place.

In general, you want to be extremely knowledgeable about your opponent’s ranges if you’re betting a second barrel on the turn. Understanding the texture of the board – a little like we demonstrated above – is vital and you can really push your edge if you know what to do at this point of the betting.

Ask yourself how you should approach your betting strategy and how you can understand that turn card. Did it improve your hand or actually impact your opponent’s likely range advantageously? Making sure that you know how different turn cards will affect your opponents and how likely they will be to call or fold to a bet of yours is really important.

Planning for the River

When you bet (or not) on the turn, you always want to be considering what you’ll do on the river. How often have you seen players bet or call on the turn then give up on the river and thought ‘so why did you bet/call on the turn?’. Don’t be that player who should have saved themselves some money.

Ask yourself some tough questions when thinking of the river, such as how does the equity shift for each player should a variety of different river cards fall? How much aggro are we likely to get back from each player if we check the turn then bet the river? Which hands do we have that benefit from betting on the turn or checking, and if they don’t benefit from a certain river action, should we check for showdown value or bet for value instead?

Some hands benefit from playing as three-street (triple barrel) bluffs. Others don’t. Ask yourself not only which of your own hands you should c-bet on the flop, turn and river (or combinations of those streets) but also what your opponent has to have to fold or call on those depending on what you want them to do.

In Conclusion

C-betting is a crucial part of poker and as with many things in poker, knowing when to play and when not to is crucial and will impact on your bottom line in time. Understanding your opponent’s true ranges are crucial if you are range-betting and while this is a brilliant tool to add to your skillset, overuse is going to punish you instead of your enemy at the felt.

Learning how to read board textures is pivotal to your understanding of when to c-bet and when to avoid doing so. Always consider what you’re planning to do across all three post-flop streets but then adjust to circumstances as things will change on each street too.

Mastering the c-bet – and when to hold off that trigger – can be extremely lucrative in the game of poker.

DraftKings Brands Lead New Jersey Market, New Regulatory Data Reveals

New Jersey market shares for online casino brands are now public information thanks to a change in reporting by the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). The DGE’s new numbers reveal monthly revenue for 30 online casino skins in what is by far the most crowded market for iGaming in the US. Foremost among these is DraftKings, whose flagship site holds 22% of the iGaming market.

At first glance, the New Jersey online casino market appears complicated because of the number of brands. However, many skins are “sister brands” with the same parent company. For example, MGM Resorts International and its joint venture partner Entain operate under four separate names: BetMGM, Borgata Online, Wheel of Fortune Casino, and Party. 

The New Jersey online casino market breaks down similarly to Michigan's despite the larger number of brands.

Lumping co-owned brands together, the picture that emerges is not too different from other states. The best point of comparison is with Michigan, which allows only 15 online casino brands, each on a separate license, making market shares clearly visible.

In both cases, the market lead is a tight race between MGM, DraftKings, and Flutter. 

Flutter’s US flagship, FanDuel, recently overtook BetMGM as the iGaming market leader in Michigan. If you include its other subsidiary, PokerStars, it has been on top for longer.

In New Jersey, it remains deadlocked with MGM for second place, while DraftKings leads. Aside from the 22% held by its namesake site, it can count the 3% of the market held by Golden Nugget, which it acquired in 2022.

‘Big Three’ Weaker in NJ Thanks to Hard Rock

DraftKings’ lead in New Jersey may only be temporary, as the race is close, and we have no data outside of Q1 2024. As we’ve seen in Michigan, any of the three is capable of making a move, and there’s no runaway leader for the US as a whole.

What is perhaps more significant is that the “Big Three” are collectively less dominant in New Jersey than they are in Michigan. In the latter state, the combined share for the three flagship brands has rarely wavered much from 70%. Including Golden Nugget (for DraftKings) and PokerStars (for Flutter) puts it at 76% in Michigan for Q1 2024.

In New Jersey, they hold just 69% with a combined eight brands, less than the three flagship brands hold on their own in Michigan.

We can attribute essentially all of the difference to the presence of Hard Rock Bet in New Jersey. It holds an impressive 9% of the market. For comparison, that’s as much as all Caesars-owned brands combined. With nearly $26 million in first-quarter revenue, it’s remarkably big for a brand that doesn’t exist in other states except as a standalone sportsbook.

Hard Rock has a well-known retail presence in Atlantic City and entered the online casino market in 2018. That meant it narrowly beat the rush of new brands attracted by the legalization of sports betting. Lacking that advantage in other states, it has taken a more cautious approach. For now, it has stayed out of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and the other iGaming states.

Multiple Brands Aren’t Generally Additive

Looking at the New Jersey breakdown is instructive in that it shows that market shares are generally held by parent companies, not brands. That is to say, there’s little evidence that adding new brands can bolster a company’s market share. Even when they perform well, they appear to pull market share away from the company’s other brands rather than from competitors.

BetMGM Casino and its affiliated brands are the clearest illustration of this. In Michigan, it’s the only brand operated by MGM and Entain and once held as much as 40% of the market. Now, it has fallen to 25% but remains in a close second of FanDuel.

In New Jersey, MGM’s total market share is 22%, which is close to what it has in Michigan. However, BetMGM as a single brand holds only 11%, while Borgata holds 9%. The rest comes from Party and Wheel of Fortune.

Like Hard Rock, Borgata is a famous retail property in Atlantic City, which explains the brand’s power. MGM also operates Borgata Online in Pennsylvania. Exact online casino market shares aren’t visible, but BetMGM and Borgata split online poker revenue 75/25.

There are some exceptions to this principle. DraftKings’ market lead in New Jersey may well stem from its acquisition of Golden Nugget. That’s because Golden Nugget had a longstanding retail and online presence in the Garden State. Thus, DraftKings was buying existing customers as well as a brand.

Caesars is also doing much better in New Jersey, with a 9% market share compared to 6% in Michigan. Like MGM, it operates under four brands in New Jersey. However, it has the same advantages as Hard Rock and Golden Nugget. It has been in the online casino market since it opened in 2013. Moreover, it owns three of the nine Atlantic City casinos, whose brand power and customer databases it can leverage to support its online platforms.

For more info on NJ’s top online casinos: DraftKings Casino | BetMGM Casino | FanDuel Casino | Caesars Palace | Hard Rock Bet

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2022 – A Year Full Of Fight & Luck

2022 – A Year Full Of Fight & Luck

Posted by Akshay Kapoor on 2022-12-26 at 7:35 PM

It has been quite an eventful year for me. A lot has happened, and that is what I am going to talk about in the blog, as well as a few key advices for all the young aspiring poker players.

Last year was very good for me as a player as well as a commentator, I managed to work in almost all big live events whether it be Baazi Poker Tour in Goa, IPC in Jhapa and did some offline work for Adda52. Not everything was good, though, I got the news at the start of the year that my mom has stage 3 Ovarian Cancer so I knew that playing Poker won’t be a thing this year since I wanted to be there for my mother. But call it destiny or luck, I kept on topping my biggest scores this year. I was playing maybe a day or two a week, whenever I could honestly, and got super lucky.

One of the big scores and my best score at that time came in March when I won Super High Roller, which I registered at 30bb and bluffed for all my stack in the very first hand, luckily, I didn’t get caught. It was actually on the night before my mother’s first chemotherapy, so couldn’t wish for a better time. That win allowed me to take a little break from playing poker, but I made sure that I was studying on the regular basis. I studied a lot during that time because that was all I was doing.

Almost 6 months passed, and I hardly played 50 tournaments in total but decided to do a live trip to APPT Cambodia, my second time going there and a month still left for the treatment. Not many Indians this time there, and I was let down by the numbers of side events. But I was determined to make the most of it, and boyyyy we did that. From bagging 30bb on Day 1 of the main event to being in the top 3 stacks on day 2 and eventually finishing runner up in the main event for my career-best score.

It’s 31 December today, and mom is well, thanks to all the good wishes and hard work of doctors and my super strong mother. The plan is pretty simple for 2023, and I am going to share that with you all in a moment.

I am going to do half-half this year; what does that mean? Well 150 days of live poker, 150 days of online poker, and 65 days of holidays. I am very glad to share that we have been approached to do commentary for an international brand, fingers crossed that it turns out to be great. Also, I want to be more regular on the blogs, so will aim to push one blog every month.

My 2023 Goals are as follows :

1. Put Volume – Simple
2. No interviews, no matter how big or small I win
3. Reduce my social media time, sadly no vlogs in 2023
4. Be in a better shape
5. Launch my Podcast

My advice to all the young and crushers of India are as follows

1. Get yourself out of any reporting site; it harms you more than it benefits you
2. Get in a peer group and study at least once a week.
3. Plan your live trips in advance to save any cost you can.
4. Be involved in a community

On the ending note, I will be taking my databases from all the reporting sites, (PokerGuru reporting, sharkscope etc) to protect myself, and I will always be available on discord for anyone who wishes to reach out to me. Good luck and I hope 2023 brings you happiness and luck.

Ulasan 188Bet di tahun 2020


188Bet adalah situs judi online populer yang menawarkan taruhan olahraga, kasino, poker, dan lotere. Saat ini mereka sedang menyambut para pemain dari Eropa dan memiliki bonus khusus untuk mereka. Namun, akar dan fokus utama mereka adalah pasar Asia.

188Bet adalah tempat yang bagus untuk bertaruh tetapi dafabet jauh lebih baik dan saya sarankan Anda memilih dafabet.

 Mengapa bermain di

  • Semua ada dalam satu situs judi.
  • Merek internasional yang ternama.
  • Memungkinkan petaruh pro dan petaruh rekreasional.
  • Memiliki odds untuk sepak bola yang terkemuka di industri.

Profil Kasino

  • Didirikan: 2006
  • Mobile Friendly: Ya
  • Lisensi: Isle of Man
  • Poker: Ya
  • Kasino: Ya
  • Taruhan Olahraga: Ya
  • Multilingual: Ya

Ulasan 188Bet

Selain bahasa Inggris, situs web mereka tersedia dalam bahasa Cina, Indonesia, Jepang, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, dan Khmer. Mereka menawarkan akun taruhan dalam dolar, pound, dan euro, dan juga sebagian besar mata uang Asia populer termasuk RMB, SGD, THB, IDR, VND, HKD, dan MYR.

Dalam ulasan ini, saya akan menjelaskan pertumbuhan mereka yang masif di pasar luar Asia, seperti Inggris dan Brasil. Pertama saya membahas beberapa fitur dari tiap produk mereka. Saya kemudian menyimpulkan dengan opsi perbankan mereka tersedia untuk penduduk dari berbagai negara Asia.

Taruhan Olahraga di 188Bet

188Bet dikenal memiliki toleransi risiko tinggi yang menjadikannya populer di seluruh dunia. Sementara bandar judi lain cepat memberikan batasan pribadi, trader mereka tidak memiliki masalah dengan melayani petaruh yang menang.

Untuk sepak bola mereka menawarkan odds terkemuka di industri. Untuk handicap Asia yang melibatkan Liga Primer Inggris (EPL) dan liga utama dari Spanyol, Italia dan Jerman, margin mereka kurang dari 1,5%. Cakupan mereka juga besar.

Di 188bet, tentu saja dimungkinkan untuk bertaruh Liga Premier, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, dll. Anda juga dapat bertaruh liga minor seperti Yunani Div.2, Piala Italia Serie C, Polandia Div. 2, Rusia Div. 1, Piala Kroasia, Piala Bulgaria, Piala Norwegia, Bundesliga Jerman 2, Romania Div. 1, Piala Siprus, Denmark Div. 1, Ligue 2 Prancis, Piala Raja Thailand, Seri B Brasil, Liga Jepang 1, Liga K Korea, Argentina Primera Div, dan banyak lagi lainnya. Mereka bahkan mencakup lebih dari 400 liga berbeda di seluruh dunia.

Sementara mereka paling dikenal dengan handicap Asia, mereka juga memasarkan diri mereka sebagai spesialis in-play. Ini sebenarnya adalah klaim yang sah, karena di 188bet Anda dapat menemukan lebih dari 10.000 pertandingan yang tersedia untuk taruhan live setiap bulan.

Tentu saja, sementara sepak bola adalah spesialisasi mereka, ini bukan satu-satunya olahraga yang dapat dipertaruhkan. Mereka juga menawarkan taruhan bola basket, tenis, sepak bola (Amerika), baseball, tinju, MMA, kriket, bersepeda, panah, E-sports, golf, bola tangan, hoki es, balap motor, rugby, snooker, dan banyak lagi.

Kasino Online di 188Bet

Menggunakan situs web dan saldo akun yang sama yang dapat digunakan untuk bertaruh pada olahraga, pemain diberikan opsi untuk bertaruh di beberapa kasino online berbeda yang terintegrasi. Kasino yang paling populer di antaranya adalah Grand Suite, VIP Suite, Imperial Suite, dan kasino dealer live Royal Suite. Ini menggunakan teknologi webcam untuk menyiarkan game kasino aktual yang ditangani di studio dealer live. Taruhan dilakukan secara online tetapi seorang dealer wanita yang menarik secara real time berdiri di depan meja permainan kasino dan mengurus permainan baik itu bakarat, blackjack, atau roulette. Keuntungan dari hal ini adalah Anda tahu pasti bahwa permainan itu adil karena Anda dapat melihat semuanya terjadi secara real-time seperti halnya di kasino dunia nyata.

Bagi mereka yang lebih suka permainan kasino online berkecepatan tinggi  yang menggunakan generator angka acak, itu juga banyak tersedia. Pilihan untuk slot sangat luas dengan 115 game slot video standar, 37 versi slot 3D, dan 9 game jackpot progresif untuk dipilih. Untuk permainan meja ada beberapa versi blackjack dan juga bakarat, poker Karibia, roulette, let it ride, red dog, oasis poker dan banyak lagi yang tersedia.

Setelah bergabung, pastikan untuk memeriksa tab promosi mereka. Sering kali, di sini Anda akan menemukan bonus dan promosi yang tersedia untuk kasino. Sementara promosi berbeda di setiap negara, untuk pemain dari sebagian besar negara Asia umumnya ada persentase rebate omset yang sedang berlangsung yang tersedia untuk semua taruhan kasino kumulatif Anda.

Baca juga: Ulasan Bet365

Keno di

Keno sangat populer di seluruh dunia, termasuk di Asia. Dengan lotere di China, permainan ini disebut Happy 8, di Taiwan disebut Bingo Bingo, dan ketika bermain di Lisboa Casino di Macau disebut Pacapio. Game yang sama ini juga tersedia online.

Perlu dicatat bahwa keno online secara tradisional di kasino lain terlihat lambat. Ini karena hasil Keno online ditentukan menggunakan Random Number Generator (RNG). Meskipun ada beberapa tingkat audit yang dilakukan oleh komisi perjudian, pemain tidak dapat memastikan proses ini tidak korup. Ada kemungkinan game-game tersebut bisa dicurangi di berbagai kasino. Di 188Bet, pemain akan merasa jauh lebih aman daripada bermain di situs-situs lain.

Alasan 188Bet lebih aman adalah karena di sini pemain bertaruh secara online pada hasil undian keno utama yang offline. Cara kerjanya adalah taruhan ditempatkan secara online di bagian keno mereka, tetapi yang dipertaruhkan adalah hasil aktual yang diselenggarakan oleh pemerintah yang sah atau penarikan undian keno yang difasilitasi dari Beijing, Australia, Kanada, Slovakia, Malta, dan tempat-tempat lain di seluruh dunia. Anda dapat memverifikasi secara mandiri dengan sumber-sumber lotre pemerintah ini bahwa hasil yang ditampilkan taruhan adalah memang otentik.

Poker 188Bet

Poker adalah produk terbaru yang ditawarkan di 188Bet. Selama jam sibuk, Anda dapat menemukan lebih dari 10.000 pemain masuk dengan sekitar 2.700 dari mereka berada di meja permainan uang sungguhan. Tepat di halaman poker utama situs web mereka, Anda akan menemukan sejumlah besar promosi juga. Pemain baru bahkan disambut dengan ribuan euro tersedia dalam freerolls spesial. Bagaimana ini terjadi di ruang poker internet yang relatif baru?

Yah, faktanya adalah, Poker 188Bet sebenarnya bukan hal baru. Mereka boleh dibilang ”kulit” terbaru dari salah satu jaringan poker tertua dan terbesar dalam bisnis – MPN. Saat menggunakan ruang poker mereka, Anda juga bermain melawan pemain di ”kulit” MPN lain seperti Ladbrokes, BetVictor, Betsson, Betsafe, Unibet, Paf, NordicBet, M88, TrioBet, dan banyak lainnya. Hasilnya, Anda akan menemukan aksi Hold’em dan Omaha tanpa henti di hampir semua taruhan.

188Bet Juga Ramah Pada Eropa dan Inggris

Sampai beberapa tahun yang lalu, bandar judi Asia biasanya hanya digunakan oleh pemain di Asia. Sebagian besar orang Eropa tidak menyadari bahwa penduduk Asia menerima odds yang lebih baik, limit lebih besar, dan pembayaran cepat (plus tanpa biaya) dari bandar judi lokal mereka. Ini berubah ketika 188bet, yang diluncurkan pada 2006, dimulai dengan tujuan membawa pengalaman bandar Asia menjadi global. Meskipun awalnya butuh sedikit waktu untuk menjadi populer, pada tahun 2009 hampir setiap penggemar sepak bola Liga Premier Inggris telah mengenal nama brand 188Bet.

Pada 2009, 188bet menjadi sponsor utama dua tim Liga Premier Inggris yang berbeda di musim yang sama. Dua tim tersebut adalah Bolton Wanderers dan Wigan Athletic. Mensponsori satu tim itu mahal dan membutuhkan banyak uang. Di era modern Liga Premier, hampir tidak pernah terdengar ada yang menjadi sponsor utama dua tim. Itu hanya terjadi sekali dan itu berakhir 7 tahun sebelumnya. Karena EPL diikuti oleh penggemar sepak bola di seluruh dunia, 188bet berhasil diekspos di banyak pasar di luar Asia.

Pemasaran ke Eropa menjadi lebih serius ketika perusahaan memperoleh lisensi Isle of Man mereka. Bagi mereka yang belum tahu, Isle of Man pada dasarnya adalah wilayah Inggris yang juga memiliki salah satu komisi perjudian paling terkemuka di seluruh dunia. Pemerintah Isle of Man melisensikan perusahaan seperti ruang poker internet terbesar di dunia dan bandar bandar Irlandia PaddyPower. Komisi ini disetujui oleh Komisi Perjudian Inggris. Ini berarti 188bet bebas dipasarkan di Inggris, serta beberapa negara lain. Dalam beberapa bulan terakhir mereka juga mulai menargetkan Brasil.

Asia Masih Bertengger di 188Bet

Sekali lagi, sementara sekarang mereka bersahabat dengan Eropa dan Amerika Selatan, 188Bet masih sangat berfokus pada Asia. Di sini pemain dapat melakukan deposit menggunakan berbagai metode. Dengan saldo akun mereka, mereka dapat bertaruh sepak bola atau olahraga lainnya, bermain poker, kasino, atau bertaruh pada game kasino. Jika Anda menang, saldo akun akan bertambah. Anda dapat mencairkan seluruh atau sebagian saldo Anda kapan saja ke rekening bank Anda. Karena metode perbankan berbeda di setiap negara, berikut adalah ringkasan opsi perbankan yang tersedia untuk beberapa negara paling populer yang mereka layani.

Menggunakan 188Bet di Cina

Pemain Cina dapat mengakses 188Bet dalam bahasa Inggris atau Cina dan memilih untuk membuka akun dalam sejumlah mata uang termasuk Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY/RMB) sebagai yang paling populer. Pemain akan merasakan kemudahan untuk melakukan deposit dan dibayar.

Melalui antarmuka khusus, pemain dapat menggunakan kartu debit Cina yang dikeluarkan oleh bank-bank besar untuk mendanai akun RMB 188Bet mereka. Jumlah bank yang didukung sangat besar. Dalam daftar ini termasuk China Merchant Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank, Hua Xia Bank, Bank of China, China Citic Bank, China POST, Agricultural Development Bank of China, China Everbright Bank, Industrial Bank, Hui Shang Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, Guang Dong Development Bank, Bank of Hangzhou, SPD Bank, Bank of Nanjing, dan Bank of Shanghai.

Saldo akun dapat diuangkan ke rekening bank Cina kapan saja.

Menggunakan 188Bet dari Indonesia

Ketika bergabung dengan 188Bet dari Indonesia, Anda akan diberikan pilihan untuk melihat situs web mereka dalam Bahasa Indonesia dan untuk menyetor, bertaruh, dan melakukan penarikan dalam rupiah (IDR). Pemain Indonesia dapat melakukan setoran dan menerima pembayaran menggunakan transfer bank (deposit cepat) melalui internet banking, ATM, mesin setoran tunai, over the counter, atau mobile/SMS banking. Ini dapat dilakukan di akun 188Bet dengan Bank Central Asia atau Bank Negara Indonesia. Jika Anda menggunakan bank yang berbeda, cukup pilih melalui transfer teller  dan kemudian setorkan secara langsung. Sebenarnya, itu tidak lagi menjadi masalah besar karena sekarang Anda bisa melakukan transfer antar bank yang berbeda lewat ATM.

Dimungkinkan juga untuk deposit pemain Indonesia melalui kartu kredit menggunakan Ketika ingin mencairkan uang, Anda dapat menggunakan EntroPay atau mendapatkan transfer kembali ke rekening bank Indonesia Anda.

Menggunakan 188Bet dari Thailand

Pemain dari Thailand memiliki opsi yang sama untuk melakukan penyetoran dan penarikan seperti halnya pemain dari Indonesia. Anda dapat menggunakan EntroPay, atau Anda dapat melakukan transfer bank langsung. Untuk Thailand yang terakhir tersedia melalui layanan ThaiDirect. Anda dapat menyetor ke 188Bet menggunakan salah satu dari dua rekening bank mereka. Akun-akun tersebut dimiliki oleh Bank Krungthai (ธนาคาร กรุง ไทย) dan Siam Commercial Bank (ธนาคาร ไทย พาณิชย์) yang lebih dikenal sebagai SCB. Perusahaan ini sangat fokus pada pasar Thailand.

Menggunakan 188Bet untuk Vietnam

Untuk pemain yang tinggal di Vietnam, akun dapat menggunakan mata uang dalam dong (VND) dan situs tersedia dalam bahasa Vietnam. Opsi perbankan adalah transfer cepat (chuyển khoản nhanh). Ini memungkinkan setoran mudah ke dan penarikan mudah dari bank-bank besar Vietnam, termasuk ACB (Á Châu), BIDV, Eximbank (Xuất Nhập Khấu), Maritime Bank (Hàng Hải), Sacombank (Sài Gòn Thương Tín), Techcombank (Kỹ Thương), Vietcombank (Ngoại Thương) dan Vietinbank (Công Thương Việt Nam)..

188Bet dari Malaysia

188Bet memang menawarkan akun taruhan dalam ringgit Malaysia. Namun mereka TIDAK mendukung bahasa Melayu dan juga tidak mengizinkan setoran dilakukan dari bank Malaysia. Pilihan satu-satunya bagi orang Malaysia untuk menyetor adalah EntroPay. Namun Anda dapat menguangkan melalui transfer bank. Untuk mempelajari tentang cara kerja EntroPay atau untuk menemukan alternatif lain, kunjungi halaman di Situs Taruhan MYR.

Bertaruh di Negara lain

Pemain dari Jepang, Singapura, Brasil, Inggris, dan negara-negara Eropa dapat melakukan deposit melalui berbagai e-wallet termasuk Skrill, NETELLER, dan EntroPay. Karena opsi sangat berbeda untuk setiap negara, Anda akan menghabiskan beberapa menit saja untuk mendaftar dan kemudian melihat opsi yang tersedia untuk negara Anda.

Apakah kita akan bermain di 188Bet?

Jawabannya: tentu saja. Mereka memiliki produk kasino, sportsbook, poker, dan lotere yang luar biasa. Promosi mereka luar biasa dan layanan pelanggan mereka cepat. Kami tidak ragu lagi untuk merekomendasikan 188Bet.

Kansas Casino Revenue Tops $38M In March, Up From February And Year-Over-Year

March was a relatively successful month for Kansas casinos, which have been making steady progress since the beginning of the year.

According to data from the Kansas Lottery, four casinos in the state won $38.67 million in revenue last month. Here’s how March revenue compares to previous months of the year:

March’s figure represents a 2.23% increase from March 2023‘s $37.82 million, showing a 12.74% progress from February 2024.

Meanwhile, Kansas retail and online sportsbooks won $7.15 million, resulting from $252.90 million in total bets. The revenue figure is an increase from February 2024 but a drop from March 2023.

After success with retail casinos and sports betting, online casinos would be the next logical step in Kansas’ gambling evolution. However, it remains to be seen whether Kansas online casinos will gain regulation. While some lawmakers showed interest, there have been no attempts to make Kansas online casinos legal so far.

Three Kansas casinos had an annual increase in revenue

March revenue figure for four Kansas casinos includes activity from the casinos’ poker, slot machines and table games.

Looking at operators individually, three of four Kansas Casinos showed an annual revenue progress in March:

  1. Kansas Star Casino: $15,306,516, a 3.03% annual rise
  2. Hollywood Casino: $15,239,444, a 3.30% yearly increase
  3. Boot Hill Casino: $4,401,503, a 1.50% annual increase
  4. Kansas Crossing Casino: $3,721,726, a 4.03% annual drop

Just like in previous months of the year, Hollywood Casino reported the highest annual increase. Kansas Crossing was the only operator to show a yearly decrease in revenue in March after showing a double-digit negative change in February and January.

Kansas casino revenue in March up almost 13% from February

Although finishing the month with the smallest revenue among its competitors, Kansas Crossing Casino showed the biggest monthly difference. Here’s a bigger scope:

  1. Kansas Star Casino: 10.95% monthly progress
  2. Hollywood Casino: 13.77% monthly increase
  3. Kansas Crossing Casino: 15.95% monthly increase
  4. Boot Hill Casino: 12.93% monthly increase

According to the Kansas Lottery’s March 2024 revenue report, all four gaming venues in Kansas reported a rise from February, which combined to a total monthly increase of 12.74%.

Kansas sports betting revenue was higher than February’s but lower year-over-year

For the 31 days of March, Kansas sportsbooks reported $252.90 million in total bets, a 24.55% monthly increase and a 22.60% annual rise.

While March sports betting totals represent both month-over-month and year-over-year progress, the money that Kansas sportsbooks won is still a 27.58% decrease from the $9.11 million they earned in March 2023.

On the bright side, Kansas sportsbooks’ revenue in March 2024 is an impressive 133.95% rise from February’s $3.05 million.

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The Positivity Freeroll II – Americas Cardroom

Welcome to the conclusion of The Positivity Freeroll, the incredible true story of how a late-night encounter with my intuition led me to what was then my biggest poker tournament win.


As I fired up the first few tournaments of the day, I felt a type of purpose I had not felt before. Although I had set $10,000 as my profit goal for the day, deep down I could tell that this day was about so much more.

Around the third or fourth hour, when the early stages of the tournaments had passed and each hand began seeming more meaningful, a strange thing happened. Rather than spending the hourly 5-minute tournament break mindlessly scrolling Twitter as I would usually do, my intuition pulled me out of my seat, forcing me to pace around my desk like some sort of maniacal mathematician (or worse).

But it wasn’t formulas or percentages that filled my mind during those precious 300 seconds. Instead, it felt like I had tapped into a layer of myself that I never knew existed. Like the world’s greatest life coach was living right inside my head. It calmed me, it helped me focus, it reminded me hour after hour not to get ahead of the present, not to worry about the good nor the bad, to stay right here in this moment and put all my attention on the action in front of me as well as the feeling of goodness it said I was destined for. With every breath it urged me to pull goodness in and release doubt out. No opponents. No money. No pressure. Breath in, breath out. Goodness in, darkness out.

Here I am, it reminded me, on a rock flying through space and this is how I am choosing to spend my infinitesimally short time on it – so I might as well do it well. I might as well believe.


Before we continue, let me clarify that I in no way believe that just because you practice good mental hygiene you are destined for success, at least not in the short term. You can think positive all you want, do all the meditations in the world, breathe as deeply and consciously as anyone ever has and still sometimes get punched in the mouth. I know because I’ve taken many such punches, both before and during the experience you’re reading about now as well as many times since. Life – whatever it ultimately turns out to be – teaches us our lessons in all sorts of ways, and those ways don’t always align with the timeline of our intentions.

I say that to stress that, as you’ll see in a moment, although things worked out in my favor this time, there have been many instances where they have not. Is setting an intention and allowing our highest Self to guide us toward it a +EV way to pursue a goal? Absolutely. But just like at the poker table, sometimes you play the hand the right way and still lose. The important thing in those instances, I have come to learn, is to recognize that unprofitable results don’t devalue the experiences we have, at least not unless we allow them to. As the saying goes, it’s not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up. To that I would only add that much of the value in getting up is in how we do it. What story do we tell ourselves? How do we push not just forward, but upward and to the right?

All About the Mythical Phoenix: Bird of Fire and Eternal Life

Birds hold a special place in the human heart, and their majestic appearance elements make them a common muse for myths and folklore in nearly every culture.

Thunderbird and Lightning Bird

Several African and Native American cultures have stories of gigantic birds that nest in the tallest mountains and have the power to summon thunder and lightning in nearby villages.

In South Africa and Zimbabwe, this creature is often known as Impundulu and is most commonly associated with medicine men and spiritual shamans.

Hugin and Munin

These two ravens are loyal spies for Odin, the most powerful god in Norse mythology. Their names mean “thought” and “memory,” which are both necessary traits for creatures acting as Odin’s eyes and ears between the many multidimensional kingdoms surrounding Earth.


This dragon-like bird from Filipino mythology is a serious force of nature that is large enough to swallow the moon, explaining eclipses and other mysterious celestial events. (If you’re intrigue by Minokawa, you might also be interested in how the CIA used the aswang from Filipino folklore during the Cold War.)


Although Aztec iconography may portray this serpentine creature to look more like a dragon, it’s often connected more with birds due to its large wings and thick plumage of multi-colored feathers.

Quetzalcoatl was a central deity of the Aztec religion that held sway over the wind, merchants, arts, crafts, knowledge and learning.


Similar to the sirens of Greek mythology, the Gamayun from Russia has the face of a woman and the body of a bird. Gamayun’s song is said to foretell the future, and the mythological creature is often associated with universal knowledge and insight into the unseen world.

LiveRoulette’s Ultimate Online Casino Playlist

There seems to be a “world” day for almost everything these days. From World Baking Day in May to World Say Something Nice Day in June, there’s a constant stream of reminders about the good things in life. One day that’s designed to get everyone moving and grooving is World Music Day. Taking place in June every year, the celebration originated in France, where it’s known as Fête de la Musique.

Jack Lang, Minister of Culture of France, and Maurice Fleuret, a composer, were behind the initiative. Their vision was to get people sharing their musical talents. “Music everywhere and the concert nowhere” was the slogan they adopted ahead of the first event in 1982. Since then, World Music Day has become an international affair.

Rather fortunately, this day of musical appreciation also falls around our first birthday celebrations. We love music, so, in the spirit of celebration, we’ve decided to countdown our top tracks relating to all things casino. What’s more, these picks are the perfect accompaniment to your online casino experience here at LiveRoulette.

1. Lady Gaga – Poker Face (2008)

Poker is often described as battle of wits disguised as a game of cards. Lady Gaga certainly took that idea to heart when she released Poker Face. Far from using poker terminology unnecessarily, Gaga links phrases like “I wanna hold’em like they do in Texas, please” and “can’t read my poker face” to allusions of love. Indeed, the idea that love is often a game fits perfectly with the analogies to poker.

2. Pinball Wizard – The Who (1969)

If you ever need a song to get you moving while you play online casino games, Pinball Wizard is it. The Who’s story of a deaf, dumb, and blind kid playing pinball like a pro is full of energy. As you listen, you get the sense of a game in motion. How the kid plays, we don’t know. All we know is that he can.

3. Money – Pink Floyd (1973)

You shouldn’t play online casino games for the money alone. Playing should be fun and rewarding and not as a means for financial gain. It can be hard to ignore the prizes on offer when you play roulette, slots, and blackjack. Pink Floyd’s Money is all about the high life. Painting pictures of exuberance, the song tells tales of a lavish world where high rollers live a life of luxury.

4. Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley (1964)

Part of The King’s crown certainly lies in Las Vegas. At the height of his career, he spent seven years performing in Sin City on a weekly basis. Such was his affinity with Vegas, that fans of Elvis often call the period between 1969 and 1976 as the “Vegas Years”. As a prelude to his Sin City experience, Viva Las Vegas became a hit for Presley. Capturing the spirit of the gambling hub, the song (originally written for a movie of the same name) really does get you in the mood for gaming action.

5. Tumbling Dice – Rolling Stones (1972)

Tumbling Dice was famously recorded in the basement of a chateau in France. It peaked at number 5 in the UK charts and #7 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Aside from the links between dice and online casino games like Craps, the boogie-woogie rhythm really pulls you in. Many gamers talk about going into the zone when they play. Well, this song will really get you into a nice groove.

6. Huck’s Tune – Bob Dylan (2007)

Anyone that’s a fan of online casino and poker gaming will know the movie Lucky You. Although its depiction of poker was a far cry from what the iconic Rounders achieved, the movie did produce one good thing: Huck’s Tune. A sombre, reflective song, Huck’s Tune paints a picture of a lonely road the gamblers had to walk before things turn in their favour.

7. Ace of Spades – Motorhead (1980)

If you’ve never listened to Ace of Spades, you’re missing out on a piece of rock history. If Motorhead never released another song, their status as musical icons would be set thanks to this one. Like Lady Gaga, the band uses poker as a motif for love. However, unlike Poker Face, Ace of Spades hits you full-force with its rip-roaring chords and all-out rock vibes.

8.The Stranger Song – Leonard Cohen (1967)

Part song, part reading, Leonard Cohen’s The Stranger Song tells the story of a woman burned by love. Throughout the song, men are compared to dealers, casino veterans always chasing the next high from the turn of a card. The implication is that the men this woman has met are never focused on the present. Instead, they want to keep playing the cards (women) and chase the next unknown. 

9. The Card Cheat – The Clash (1979)

You have to be prepared for some ups and downs when you play online casino games. Even with all the knowledge and skill in the world, there are times when things won’t be on your side. The Card Cheat is a reminder of this. When a man down on his luck decides to game the system, he’s quickly found out. Wise words from The Clash.

10. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers (1978)

We couldn’t end our list without including arguably the most famous gambling song of all time. The Gambler by Kenny Rogers is as much of a lesson in life as a guide to playing cards. You have to know when to stand and fight, and when to walk away. This life lesson is taught from the perspective of a poker player looking at his cards, wondering whether to “hold’em” or whether to “fold’em”. If you need a reminder of how to approach online casino gaming, as well as a great song to keep you entertained, The Gambler it is.

To celebrate World Music Day and our first birthday, play online casino games at LiveRoulette, turn on some tunes, and have some fun!

18+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Terms & Conditions apply.

20+ College Party Games for the Best Night Ever!

College Party Games

Planning to throw a big blowout with all of your university friends? Well, you’ll obviously need some awesome games to make the night even more fun! If you’re not sure what sort of games to play, that’s where I come in. Trust me; I’ve organized hundreds of bar crawls during my time as a bar crawl guide, so I know what games will be an absolute blast at a college party.

Through trial and error of nearly 100 drinking games over the years, here are the 20+ best college party games you should absolutely play for the best night ever!



No college party game list is complete without a mention of Beer Pong. This drinking game is a staple at any party for a reason. It’s easy to set up, easy to play, and, of course, super fun! All you need to play this drinking game is a long table, 22 solo cups, and 2+ ping pong balls. While you only technically need 2 balls, I always recommend bringing extra because you are guaranteed to lose at least one ball throughout the course of the game.


To play, just divide 4 people into teams of two, and take turns trying to throw ping pong balls into the other team’s cups. If you’ve never played Beer Pong before, have no fear. We’ve written down the rules for Beer Pong right here!


Flip Cup rules

Another classic college party game is Flip Cup, a fun game that only utilizes a bunch of solo cups or plastic cups of your choice. This game is likely to get everyone playing pretty buzzed by the end of it, so it makes for a great game for the beginning of the night rather than the end. If you play when everyone’s already pretty drunk already, get ready for some majorly sticky floors!


To play Flip Cup, everyone should divide into two teams and stand around a table. Remember: this game is a relay! Then, on the mark, the two first players of each team must down their drink and then flip their cups. Once they successfully flip, the next players must do the same. The first team to successfully drink and flip their cups wins!


Slap Cup rules

Looking for a super fun, competitive drinking game that is sure to get you tipsy? You should try Slap Cup! This is the perfect game for a college party if you don’t mind dealing with the clean-up afterward.


To play Slap Cup, fill all but two of the solo cups ⅓ of the way with beer. Then, two players must try to bounce a ping pong ball into one of these cups. If they manage, they can pass the cup to the next person. But if a ball lands in one of the middle cups, they must drink the contents before they can continue!

As for the slapping, this occurs when a player and the player to their left are both trying to bounce a ball into their cups. If the first player manages to bounce a ball before the second player, they slap their cup away! I know this game sounds a bit confusing, but you should read our full Slap Cup rules so you can play this game with your friends!



One of my favorite drinking games is Chandelier. This game takes some of the rules from other famous drinking games like Beer Pong and Flip Cup. It is super fast-paced and sure to get the floor dirty, so make sure you don’t play it on carpet!


To set this game up, set up one cup per player (with some beer inside) and place them in a circle in the middle of the table. In the middle of this circle should be an extra solo cup placed on top of another solo cup or bowl. Fill this cup with beer or another drink of your choice.

Then, to play, players frantically bounce ping pong balls with the aim of getting them into other players’ cups. If a ball lands in your cup, drink it and refill the contents. But if a ball lands in the middle cup, everyone must finish their drink and then race to flip their cups. The last person to flip their cup must drink the middle cup!


quarters drinking game

Another classic drinking game you should definitely play at a college party is Quarters. The great thing about this game is that you don’t really need anything to set it up since all you need are some solo cups (and which college party doesn’t have plastic cups?) and a single coin (ideally a quarter) someone will inevitably find in their pockets.


The very core of the game is basic. Everyone has their own cup filled with alcohol, and there must be a cup in the center of the table, either filled with alcohol as well or empty for a less messy game. Then, a player takes the quarter and tries to bounce it into the middle cup. If they make it, they assign a drink to another player and bounce the quarter again until they miss. Once they miss, it’s the next player’s turn to do the same.

There are many variations and nuances to this super fun drinking game, so check out our full article on the rules for Quarters.


ring of fire set up

It doesn’t matter whether you know this game as Ring of Fire or King’s Cup, there’s no denying that this is one of the most popular drinking games out there! This is also one of the best drinking card games, in my opinion, as it combines a bunch of other super fun drinking games that will not only get you drunk but also make you closer to your college friends.


To play, put a cup in the middle of the table and create a ring of cards around it, making sure they’re all face-down. Then, players take turns removing one card from the ring, making sure not to break the circle. If you break the circle, you’ve got to finish your drink or take a shot! Depending on what card you remove from the circle, there’ll be a rule associated with it, as the image above. If you want more clarification of the rules, head over to our page on the official rules of Ring of Fire.


Jenga Giant – Stacks to Over 5 feet – Officially…

  • Complete Giant Tumble Tower Set: Enjoy 54 precision crafted premium hardwood…
  • Original Giant Jenga Game: For 10+ years, this officially licensed company has…
  • Event Game: Whether you’re with friends, at a party, at work, at the bar, in…

I mean, who doesn’t love a good game of Jenga? But take it up a notch and turn Jenga into a super fun drinking game by playing Drunk Jenga! This game brings up the stakes of the game so much higher, so try not to topple the tower!


Before you begin to play, grab a Sharpie or two and start writing rules on the Jenga blocks. Rules can range from “take a drink” and “kiss someone” to “choose someone to take a shot” and “play Never Have I Ever.”

Once that’s done, set up the game as usual and play Jenga as normal. However, unlike standard Jenga in Drunk Jenga, whenever someone removes a block, they must read out the rule written on the block and complete it. And whoever knocks down the tower must finish their drink and set up the tower again!


Civil War Beer Pong

Are you getting sick of standard Beer Pong? Or maybe you’re up for a bit of a challenge and chaos? In that case, you absolutely have to play Civil War Beer Pong! This fast-paced Beer Olympics game requires 36 solo cups, 4 ping pong balls, 2-3 tables, and, of course, a lot of beer. When you’ve gathered all the materials needed, get ready to have a ton of fun! 


Place 3 6-cup triangles on each side of the table and put all 4 ping pong balls in the middle. Then, chaos ensues! There are no turns in Civil War Beer Pong. If you have possession of a ping pong ball, throw it into an opponent’s cup to sink it just like normal Beer Pong. The game continues until all 18 of a team’s cups are sunk!



If you love to play music when drinking at a college party, Thunderstuck is the game for you! Plus, this game is super simple and really easy to set up. You don’t need anything in terms of materials – just a drink per person – but everyone should have one in their hands already anyway!


To play, everyone should sit or stand in a circle. Then, simply grab hold of the party playlist, and turn on “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. At the first “thunder” in the lyrics of the song, the first person drinks. And they don’t stop drinking until they hear the next “thunder” in the song. At this point, the second person starts drinking. Keep going around in the circle in this manner!

The best thing about this song is that while you’ll hear the words “thunder” often enough, every now and then, someone might be stuck drinking for a super long time. That happened to me once, and I ended up drinking one and a half beers in one go!


Never have i ever

Of course, one of the most common games you’ll see at a college party is Never Have I Ever. This is a simple game that doesn’t require any setup. And best of all, you’ll get to know all your friends’ dirty secrets at the party! This is one way to get to know everyone super quickly, making it one of the best ice breaker drinking games.


Everyone starts with 5 or 10 fingers up, depending on how long you want the game to be. Then, players take turns stating something they’ve never done. Every other player must put a finger down IF they HAVE done the thing the player hasn’t done. Every player who puts a finger down must take a drink as well. If no one puts a finger down, the player who made the statement must take a drink.

Keep going around in a circle, with every player stating one thing they have never done. When someone runs out of fingers, they are eliminated from the game!

If you want some ideas on what to say and want to know the rules in more detail, check out our full article on how to play Never Have I Ever.


Laoniu Hilarious Party Gaming Sotally Tober Theme…

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  • Simple & Fun Gameplay: Experience an entertaining party game with easy-to-follow…
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Honestly, I think Sotally Tober is one of the most hilarious drinking game names I’ve come across in a while. And it’s super fitting, too, since this game will sotally get you drunk! While you will need to buy the actual Sotally Tober cards to play this game, in my opinion, it’s one of those drinking card games that is worth having around in your home, as you never know when you’ll host a wild party!


Setting up is easy: just shuffle the cards and place them all face-down in the middle. Then, players simply take turns drawing one card from the pile. The player that draws the card must complete the task. But if they don’t want to do it, they must take a drink.

Looking for other games like this? Check out our list of the funniest card games!

12. A+B

A Plus B A+B

One of the most scandalous drinking games you can play as a group at any party is A+B or A Plus B. The concept of this game is simple, but you will end up in some outlandish scenarios throughout the course of the game – guaranteed! Only play A+B if you think you can handle it; it can get pretty risque pretty fast, especially as the group only gets drunker and drunker.


Everyone sits or stands in a circle, then pick one person to start. This player must close their eyes. The person to their right must pick a random person in the circle to be Person A, loudly announcing that they have chosen Person A. The person to the first player’s left must do the same but choose a Person B. Person A and Person B can be anybody in the group, including the first player.

The first player then opens their eyes and decides what Person A does to Person B, what Person B does to Person A, or what Person A and Person B do together.

After the two people complete their task, continue playing to the left.


Beerio Kart Mario Kart

Who doesn’t love some good old video games when at a party? Sometimes, it’s good to have a little bit of downtime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn this into a fun drinking game! To play Beerio Kart, you’re going to need some kind of Nintendo console with Mario Kart downloaded, as well as a whole lot of beer (or another alcohol of your choice).


Ready to play? Crack open a beer, choose your kart and character, and get racing! While you play Mario Kart as normal, you have the added challenge of having to finish your beer before you cross the finish line as well! You can either chug the beer before you even start driving, chug it before you cross the finish line, or slowly drink it throughout the duration of the race – up to you!


RIDE THE BUS round 1 red black

One of my favorite card games to play in any drinking setting is Ride the Bus. This drinking card game may be a bit more complicated, but it’s definitely worth getting to know, as everyone will get pretty drunk pretty fast. Plus, only one person needs to know the rules, so don’t worry about trying to get some tipsy people to learn a new game.


Ride the Bus consists of 6 different rounds, as follows:

  1. Red or black: The dealer must hold a deck of cards face-down and ask each player, one by one, whether they think the card is red or black. If right, the player can pick someone to drink. If wrong, that player must take a drink. Leave the card in front of that player.
  2. Higher or lower: Same as above, but the dealer asks whether the player thinks the next card is higher or lower in value than the previous card.
  3. Between or outside: Same as above, but the dealer asks whether the player thinks the next card is between or outside the value of the two previous cards.
  4. Suit: The player must guess the suit.
  5. Pyramid: Players take their four cards and must match the cards to a pyramid, and they can give out drinks according to the value.
  6. Ride the bus: The losing player must ride the bus by completing rounds 1 to 4 once again. But if they get an answer wrong, they must drink and start from round 1 again.

I know these rules may be confusing, but you can head on over to our Ride the Bus rules so you can actually learn how to play!


truth or dare

To offset the complicated game above, a simple drinking game you can play at the party is none other than Truth or Dare. There’s not too much complicated about this game (besides the questions and dares themselves, of course). Plus, it requires zero setup, so you can easily play this whenever you want.


To play, simply ask each player, “Truth or Dare.” The player can choose between the two. If they choose truth, they must answer a question. And if they choose dare, they must perform a dare. The group decides what they want the player to answer or do. If the player refuses, they must take a shot!


Cards Against Humanity

  • A party game for horrible people.
  • Comes with 500 white cards and 100 black cards for eternal replayability.
  • Includes a booklet of sensible game rules and preposterous alternate rules.

Of course, a classic party game that I have to mention is Cards Against Humanity. This party card game is sure to get a lot of laughs out of everyone. And the best part is that there is really no limit to how many people can play this game. In fact, the more players, the merrier when it comes to Cards Against Humanity!


The game is simple. Players have 10 white cards in their hands to start, and they take turns being the Card Czar and drawing a black card to read it out loud. All other players besides the Card Czar pick a white card from their hand that best fits the black card and place it face down in the middle. The Card Czar then shuffles all the white cards and reads them all out loud. They pick their favorite response. The person who selected that card wins a point for that round!

Looking for some similar games? Check out my post on games like Cards Against Humanity.


Who would have thought that playing a traditional children’s game could be so fun in a college party setting? Bring out this childhood favorite at any house party, and you’ll see just how wild people get as they line up to play this game. Adding booze to the mix makes Twister twice as fun, as people fall on their faces left and right. If you want to involve more people in the game, you can appoint one player to read out the Twister spinner.


To play, get spinning! Whatever the spinner lands on, all players must place a part of their body on the chosen colored circle. Continue to place your hands and feet all over the Twister mat until you are the last one standing!


Fear Pong: Refreshed Edition – Unleash Your Wild…

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If you’re getting tired of playing standard Beer Pong, you should try Fear Pong to add another layer of fun! It’s a blast to play, so everyone will want to join in on the fun. Fear Pong combines traditional Beer Pong and card games in order to create a drinking game that is sure to keep everyone on their toes.


Play Fear Pong as you would play Beer Pong. But simply add a Fear Pong dare under each cup that you set up. Then, any time an opponent sinks one of your cups, hold your breath, as you’ll need to either drink the contents of the cup or complete a dare in order to keep it. The dares are pretty horrible, so keeping the cup is a lot harder than you think!



Do you want to add a layer of gambling to the party? Horserace is the perfect drinking card game that you’ll love if you love games like Ride the Bus. For this game, you’ll need a standard deck of cards and some alcohol, of course. Once you’ve set that up, get ready to start betting on the horse race!


In this game, you’ll need an announcer or dealer. The dealer places 4 Aces face up on one end of the table and 8 cards face down perpendicular to the Aces. Now, everyone bets on which horse (or Ace) they think will win! Bets are quantified by number of drinks. You’ll need to drink half your bet before the race begins!

The announcer flips over cards, with the horses moving whenever it’s that suit that is flipped over. The first horse to reach the finish line wins! Horserace is not the easiest drinking card game out there, so check out the official Horserace rules here!


Brybelly Liar’s Dice Game Set – Classic Family…

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  • Plunder The High Seas: Squeeze in a game with your best mateys. Throw the dice…
  • Here Be Treasure: Plot a course with the included 12.25″ x 8.75″ neoprene mat,…

If you’re a big fan of gambling games like Texas Hold’Em, you’ll love Liar’s Dice, a super fun gambling drinking game. A game involving strategy and deception, you’re going to have to really think in order to succeed in this game. But since you’ll be drinking as you play, there’ll certainly be a layer of hilarity that will make this college party an absolute success!


In this game, every player should have 5 dice and a cup each. At the beginning of the game, each player rolls their dice and keeps them hidden inside their cup so that only they know what their dice show. Players then make bets made up of the quantity of dice and the face value of the dice. Subsequent players can call a bluff or increase the bid.

If a player calls a bluff and the challenged bet is equal to or greater than what was challenged, the player that called a bluff must take 3 drinks and lose a dice. If the bluff was correct, the player that made the bet mus take 3 drinks and lose a dice.

Continue playing until only one player has any dice left.


Another childhood game favorite that you can easily turn into a drinking game is Musical Chairs Drinking Game. I know it’s probably been a while since you’ve played any version of Musical Chairs, but worry not, as this game is super easy to play – even when you’re already drunk. But do drink responsibly, as this game does involve taking shots!


Set up chairs in a circle, and ensure there is one less chair than there are players. Then, start the music as players go round and round in a circle around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone must take a seat on a chair! The person left standing must leave the game, take a chair with them, and then take a shot as punishment. Continue playing until there are 0 chairs and only 1 player remaining. This player is the winner!


What is Fold Equity and Why is it Important?

If you’ve played poker for a while, you’ve probably heard the term fold equity.

In this article, I am going to explain what fold equity is and why it’s important to understand if you want to maximize your winnings at the tables.

What is Fold Equity?

Fold equity is the probability that a player will fold versus a bet or raise. For example, if there’s a 33 percent chance your opponent will fold to a bet in a $100 pot, you have 33% fold equity (worth $33) in that pot.

If you’ve ever considered the chance that your opponent will fold to a bet, you’ve already employed this concept at the table (even if you didn’t realize it at the time).

Note: Some people use the term fold equity to mean this formula instead: [the chance our opponent will fold] * [opponent’s equity in the hand]. However, Upswing Poker does not think that’s a helpful or practical definition.

Definition from our poker term glossary.

Fold Equity Infographic

Here’s a handy infographic that shows the fold equity needed for 6 different bet sizes depending on your hand’s equity when called:

fold equity infographic

For example, if you bet 3/4 pot with a hand that has 0% equity when called, you need your opponent to fold more than 43% of the time for your bet to break even.

Why Does Fold Equity Matter?

Fold equity helps shape the optimal strategy on all streets. Whenever you do not have a solid made hand, you need to take into account your fold equity to make the highest EV decision.

The most important use of this concept is for determining profitable bluffs. For a 0% equity bluff to be profitable, for example, your fold equity must be higher than the risk-to-reward ratio of your bet.

The formula for risk-to-reward ratio as the bettor looks like this:

Risk-to-Reward Ratio = [Bet Size / (Bet Size + Pot Size Before the Bet)] x 100

Which can be written in shorthand as:

Risk-to-Reward Ratio = [B / (B + P)] x 100

Example Pot Odds Calculation

Let’s say you bet $50 bet into a $100 pot:

Risk-to-Reward Ratio = [50 / (50 + 100)] x 100

Risk-to-Reward Ratio = 0.33 x 100

Risk-to-Reward Ratio = 33%

In this case, assuming your bluff has 0% equity when called, your $50 bet needs more than 33% fold equity in order to be profitable over the long run.

The more equity you have, the less fold equity you need in order to have a profitable bet. This is because you have not one, but two ways to win — you can either hit your hand or force the fold.

Example of Fold Equity in Action

Suppose you’ve reached the turn on a T 7♣ 5♠ 2 board with $100 in the pot. You have an open-ended straight draw with 9♣ 8♣ and are considering a semi-bluff of $50.

If you decide to drop in the $50 bet, you have two ways to win:

  1. Your opponent calls and you hit a straight on the river*, which will happen around 18% of the time.
  2. Your opponent folds.

*Hitting a 9 or 8 may give you the best hand as well, but let’s put that possibility aside for the sake of simplicity.

According to the risk-to-reward calculation in the previous section, this bet size requires more than 33% fold equity to be profitable…

…but that was when your bluff had 0% equity.

This time, you have (at least) 18% equity to win when called. So, even if your fold equity is only 25%, your bet is a profitable one because you still have 18% equity when you get called.

Note: Keep in mind that this calculation, while helpful for understanding fold equity, leaves out one important factor: equity realization. Read this article to learn how equity realization comes into play in poker.

Wrapping Up

Fold equity is your best friend when you’re bluffing. Even a 2% difference between the required rick-to-reward ratio and your opponent’s actual folding frequency is enough to make a bet go from losing to profitable.

I’ll leave you with an easy exercise that will sharpen your fold equity estimation skills:

Whenever you’re not in a hand, put yourself in the shoes of one of the players and consider how much fold equity different bet sizes will have. Ask yourself questions like “will a much bigger bet size render much more fold equity?” or “will a smaller size have similar fold equity to a large one?” Over time, you should start to get pretty damn precise, which will have majorly positive impacts on your game.

That’s all for this article. I hope you enjoyed it and that you learned something new. As usual, if you have any questions or feedback please let me know in the comment section down below!

If you want to learn about more key poker concepts, read Polarized Ranges vs Linear Ranges Explained.

Till’ next time, good luck, grinders!

What is the difference between online poker, live poker, and video poker?


You can find out in this article how to adapt to the different majors ways of playing poker.

The digital form of poker offers various types, such as online poker, live poker, and, notably, video poker, which has found a dedicated platform on video poker sites. These sites are tailored to cater to video poker fans, providing a range of games that feature different rules, strategies, and levels of interaction. These platforms make it easy for enthusiasts to access their favourite games, offering diverse techniques and experiences unique to video poker.

Online Poker: The Digital Frontier

What is online poker?

Online poker refers to playing the game of poker over the internet, typically through dedicated poker websites or platforms. Players can participate in various poker variants against opponents from around the world, using virtual chips or real money.

Online poker represents the digital evolution of traditional poker, allowing players to access many games from any location. The primary allure of online poker lies in its speed and availability. Players can engage in multiple tables simultaneously, significantly increasing the volume of hands played per hour compared to live settings. It appeals particularly to those seeking to maximize their playtime and learning opportunities.

The diversity of online games surpasses any physical venue, ranging from Texas Hold’em to Omaha and more niche variants. Moreover, online platforms cater to all budget levels, with stakes starting as low as a few cents, making poker accessible to a broader audience.

The anonymity of online play allows for a focus on pure strategy, minimizing the psychological element of reading opponents’ physical tells​​​​.

Advantages Disadvantages
– Convenient access from anywhere with internet connection. – Lack of physical interaction and reads.
– Wide variety of game options and stakes. – Potential for technical issues or cheating.
– Ability to multi-table for increased volume and variety. – Difficulty in reading opponents’ intentions without physical tells.
– Anonymity can reduce bias and intimidation. – Delayed gratification for cashing out winnings.

Live Poker: The Social Game

What is live poker ?

Live poker involves playing poker in person, usually at a physical casino, card room, or private setting. Players sit at a table, handle physical cards and chips, and interact face-to-face with opponents and dealers.

Live poker, played in casinos and poker rooms, is cherished for its deeply social and psychological dimensions. The tactile experience of handling chips, the physical presence of opponents, and the ability to read add complexity and enjoyment to the game.

Live poker games are generally slower, with fewer hands played per hour, fostering a more deliberate pace and the opportunity for social interaction.

The environment of live poker often leads to softer competition, as many participants play for recreation rather than profit. This aspect can offer strategic advantages to skilled players who can adapt to the slower pace and exploit the less experienced competition. However, the higher rake and tipping expected in live venues can impact profitability​​​​.

Advantages Disadvantages
– Social interaction and atmosphere. – Limited to specific locations.
– Ability to read opponents’ physical cues. – Slower gameplay compared to online.
– Opportunity for live tournaments. – Travel and accommodation costs.
– Immediate resolution of disputes or questions. – Higher minimum bets in some settings.

Video Poker: The Solitary Strategy Game

What is video poker ?

Video poker is a solitary game combining elements of poker and slot machines. Players compete against a pay table rather than other players, with outcomes based on the strength of the poker hand they can assemble from a single draw. This format emphasizes personal strategy and knowledge of poker hand rankings, with a significantly lower element of chance than slot machines.

Video poker offers one of the best odds in the casino for players who master optimal strategies for the variant they are playing. The game is ideal for those who prefer a calm, controlled gambling environment without the pressures of time constraints or the psychological warfare inherent in traditional poker. Despite its simplicity, video poker requires a grasp of basic poker hand rankings and strategically selecting cards to hold and discard​​​​.

Advantages Disadvantages
– Convenient and accessible in casinos and online. – Lack of social interaction.
– Fast-paced gameplay. – Limited strategic depth compared to other forms.
– Lower minimum bets often available. – Dependency on RNG (Random Number Generator).
– No need to wait for other players. – Limited variety of game options.

 In the end: They are very different games

The choice between online poker, live poker, and video poker depends on individual preferences regarding social interaction, strategic depth, and play convenience. Online poker offers a fast-paced, diverse, and accessible platform for players of all skill levels.

In contrast, live poker provides a rich, immersive experience valued for its social and psychological aspects. Video poker appeals to those seeking a straightforward, strategy-driven game without the variability of human opponents.


Sycuan has been recognized among the 2024 Top Workplaces in the United States by USA Today in the large company category. The annual USA Today Top Workplaces list is based on the results of employee feedback surveys that were administered by Energage, an employee research and consulting firm.

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Once team members join the Sycuan family, they enjoy unique privileges such as free daily food offerings and discounted meals available in the team dining room.

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To learn about how you can join the Sycuan family and for more information about upcoming job fairs and employment opportunities, please visit

10 Best Abilities for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The Final Fantasy 7 series has a list of playable characters, but none come out as unique as Red XIII. The main protagonist’s skills and abilities draw him closest to the best character in Final Fantasy 7, but that doesn’t hide Red XIII’s uncommon attributes. After his guest appearance in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Red XIII is back in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth with a ton of phenomenal abilities. For those who love having him in their party, here are the 10 best abilities for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

10. Stardust Ray

Stardust Ray

Exclusive to Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the Stardust Ray ability comes when this character is equipped with the Mythril Collar weapon. It’s the default weapon for Red XIII and is available in Chapter 2, so you will be using the Stardust Ray from that chapter. While it will let you deal more devastating damage to the enemies and over a wider area, Stardust Ray will cost you a whole 2 ATB. But is that too much when you can strike two or more foes? 

9. Retaliation

Red XIII Retaliation Ability

Using this ability will bring your Vengeance Mode to an end, so be sure you are using it at the right time. It’s an impressive addition to Red XIII’s ferocious combat style and the only ability you will be unlocking in the Folios. But it will also cost you 2 ATB at party level 8. But the counterstance will come in pretty handy to retaliate whenever Red XIII is hit by dealing massive damage to the foe. It goes a long way to portray Red XIII as the aggressive, defensive party member or playable character. 

8. Sentinel Stance

Sentinel Stance

The Sentinel Stance is your best bet when you want to build Red XIII’s Vengeance gauge quickly. With this stance, Red XIII reduces damage from enemy strikes and boosts his vengeance gauge by blocking attacks. The ability, however, ends when you deal a strong counterstrike by pressing the square button. It does much more than you would expect for just 1 ATB.

7. Sidewinder


For those who love the thrill of striking foes midair, the Sidewinder ability is the simplest way you can catch the action. It’s even more thrilling with Red XIII, the only quadrupedal playable character on Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Red XIII projects into the air and launches a powerful blow to strike enemies in midair. The ability is swift and easy to use, and the ability to leap into the air and deliver a punishing blow won’t cost too much with the cost of an ATB. 

6. Supernal Fervor

Supernal Fervor : Red XIII Abilities

The Supernal Fervor is Red XIII’s most revered ability, which grants him fine powers that he can even cast on other party members. It’s associated with the Amethyst Collar, so it’s time to launch a Supernal Fervour stance whenever you see Red XIII equipped with the purple gemstones-embedded collar. The ability grants haste to all party members, but you can activate it for a three-person party as a proficiency bonus. It will cost you 2 ATB, which is worth it, but you can only use it in the Vengeance Mode. You don’t have to wait for the Vengeance gauge to fill completely, though, to use Super Fervor. 

5. Reaper Touch

Reaper Touch

The Reaper Touch is Red XIII’s bizarre ability with an inverse relationship with the HP. It comes with the intricate weapon, the Brisingamen, meaning you will be using Reaper Touch from Chapter 13. With this ability, the damage dealt is inversely proportional to the HP. It means that Red XIII will deliver more deadly attacks when he has low HP. It’s pretty tempting to play at low HP just to keep your blows lethal. It’s a good strategy to activate it when your HP is extremely low, but do not keep it low solely for this ability’s sake. 

4. Watcher’s Spirit

Watcher’s Spirit

The Watcher’s Spirit is yet another ability for Red XIII that helps him boost other party members. But unlike Supernal Fervor, which adds party members’ haste, the Watcher’s Spirit consumes the Vengeance gauge to boost the ATB of other party members. You can deplete the Vengeance gauge with this ability, and the potency is directly proportional to the amount consumed. Therefore, the ability serves Red XIII best when the Vengeance gauge is full, and only use it when there is an ally in dire need of ATB charges. 

3. Crescent Claw

Crescent Claw

Players unlock the Crescent Claw with Red XIII’s Renegade’s Collar, the symbol of revolt. It’s another great ability in Vengeance Mode that can be used to finish off enemies. Red XIII lunges three times towards the enemy to slash them. The range and damage inflicted increases massively through the Vengeance Mode, so you can expect this ability to deplete the Vengeance gauge upon use. Red XIII will also consume 1 ATB for the Crescent Claw ability. 

2. Chilling Roar

Chilling Roar

The Chilling Roar is yet another Red XIII’s ability that functions around the Vengeance gauge. It’s an offensive ability but only launches to retaliate against enemy attacks. Whenever a foe strikes Red XIII, counterstrike with ice shards so that the Vengeance gauge gets a boost when the ice attacks hit an enemy. It’s a nice way to boost your Vengeance gauge in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for only 1 ATB. 

1. Watcher’s Respite

Watcher’s Respite : Red XIII Abilities

Party members who team up with Red XIII have a lot to benefit from the red lion’s abilities, including the healing Watcher’s Respite. It tops the 10 best abilities for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that players can have, especially when you don’t have Aerith in your squad to cast her healing magic. The ability allows Red XIII to heal allies in a party at the expense of the Vengeance gauge. The ability’s power is directly proportional to the amount of energy expended from the Vengeance gauge.

So, what’s your take on our 10 best abilities for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments section. 

The Greatest Rugby Union Teams Of All-Time

While rugby union cannot compete with other major sports in terms of viewership, there is no shortage of drama and excitement in each and every fixture.

Fans are able to watch the best international teams compete on a yearly basis, with the northern hemisphere countries competing in the Six Nations and the southern hemisphere nations battling it out in the Rugby Championship.

Here, we take a trip down memory lane to look back at 10 of the greatest rugby union teams to grace the field – and no, it isn’t just a list of New Zealand squads!

10 – Barbarians (1973)

Many believe that the Barbarians’ success over New Zealand in 1973 ranks as the best ‘one off’ performance in the history of rugby union.

The All Blacks were firm favourites to prevail but the Baa-Baas selected a strong squad for the contest at Cardiff Arms Park, with a number of former British & Irish Lions in the side.

The game itself had everything. It had Phil Bennett’s famous sidestep in the build-up to Sir Gareth Edwards’ superb try early on and Carwyn James cemented his place as one of the greatest rugby union coaches in the annals of the sport.

9 – France (1994)

Another team, another defeat of New Zealand. In this case, Les Bleus secured victory in the most dramatic of circumstances.

France were one-nil up in the two match Test series but found themselves trailing in the second encounter with just one minute left on the clock.

Time was running out but France kept the ball alive, twisting and turning the entire length of the pitch to secure a famous win that left Eden Park in shock.

That was New Zealand’s first clean sweep series defeat in almost half a century and 30 and 48 matches later, France remain the last team to beat the All Blacks in Auckland.

8 – Australia (1984)

Australia were in a transitional period when they travelled over for a tour of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland in autumn 1984 and most expected the Wallabies to struggle.

However, they exceeded all expectations and then some. The 1984 squad became the first Australian team to clinch a Home Nations Grand Slam – securing victory in all four Test matches and a success over the Barbarians to boot.

That tour sent shockwaves around the world and put Australia on a map as a force to be reckoned with in rugby union. Seven years later, they lifted the Rugby World Cup for the first time.

7 – South Africa (1995)

The South Africa team of 1995 takes seventh spot on this list, with the Springboks lifting the Rugby World Cup after an incredible display of strength and unity.

The country was going through a very difficult period but Francois Pienaar and his side inspired a nation with their success, putting South Africa in the spotlight on the world stage.

New Zealand were heavy favourites to win the 1995 showpiece but South Africa fought their way to an emotional success in extra-time.

6 – British & Irish Lions (1974)

The 1974 Lions tour in South Africa was a roaring success, with the touring side playing an incredible 22 games – avoiding defeat for over two months.

Willie John McBride was a fantastic coach and he had his team primed for a huge effort but nobody expected the Lions to do what they did. It was a magnificent achievement and one that union fans still refer to today.

The Lions were denied a series whitewash after a controversial referee decision in the final Test but the players were lauded for their achievements. Lions fans would need to wait 15 years for their next series success…

5 – New Zealand (2015)

The 2015 Rugby World Cup will be remembered for several reasons but New Zealand’s dominance is the main one and they take fifth place on this list.

Swagger and showmanship are two traits of every All Blacks squad but the 2015 team took this to new levels, with New Zealand becoming the first team to win back-to-back Rugby World Cups.

The pressure was on Steve Hansen’s side throughout the competition, but you wouldn’t have known it. New Zealand were expected to win and boy did they do that, well and truly putting Australia in their place in a one-sided final at Twickenham.

4 – England (2002-03)

Jonny Wilkinson’s drop goal will forever be regarded as the greatest moment in English rugby and that 2003 World Cup triumph was well deserved after an unprecedented era of success for the country.

England recorded victories over New Zealand, Australia and South Africa in the autumn of 2002 before completing a Six Nations Grand Slam in early 2003. Sir Clive Woodward’s team looked destined for greatness but could England live up to the hype?

The answer was yes. England – reduced to 13 men for a 10-minute spell – conquered the All Blacks on their own patch and set up a final with Australia. It was tense, it was gritty but ultimately England got the job done.

3 – Wales (1970s)

Wales were the team to beat in the 1970s, winning six Five Nations title and completing the Grand Slam in three of those campaigns.

Despite a narrow defeat to New Zealand in 1972, many believe that this Welsh team is the greatest team to represent the country. In the northern hemisphere, they were clear as the best rugby union side around.

Had the Rugby World Cup been around at the time, Wales would’ve stood a fair enough chance of winning the competition. Unfortunately, their 1970s squad was playing rugby way beyond its years and the country is still searching for a first World Cup success.

2 – New Zealand (1987-90)

Most New Zealanders would agree that this was the best All Blacks side – both in terms of talent and achievements. That New Zealand team was more powerful, fitter and just on another level to the rest.

The All Blacks went 23 Test matches in a row without defeat, winning 22 of those games and New Zealand were the team that everyone wanted to avoid during the period.

They produced the greatest Rugby World Cup tournament performance of all-time in 1987, scoring a sensational 43 tries in six matches en route to lifting the Webb Ellis Cup.

Filled with some of rugby’s greatest names, that All Blacks team was a cut above and it will take a monumental effort for a team to emulate their success.

1 – British & Irish Lions (1971)

The only Lions squad to triumph in New Zealand, the 1971 team was built around the dominant Welsh side of the era – with the likes of JPR Williams, Gareth Edwards and Barry John playing key roles throughout the tour.

The British & Irish Lions were sublime throughout the four-Test series, taking a narrow lead into the final encounter in Auckland. Trailing late in the game, Williams nailed a dramatic drop goal to salvage a draw and secure the series victory.

To this day, the 1971 team are widely regarded as the greatest rugby union team of all-time. Could we see another famous Lions series win when the current crop embark on their tour of South Africa in 2025?

“He is my best chance of a winner at the Festival this year”

One more day left of the Cheltenham Festival, and it’s safe to say we’ll all be exhausted by the weekend! Gold Cup Day is here and, as always, it’s going to be tremendously exciting. I have two runners on Friday’s card at Prestbury Park, Gin Coco and Gidleigh Park.

Cheltenham, Friday

Gin Coco runs in the County Hurdle (14:10), but he definitely wants better ground, so we will be monitoring conditions closely. We haven’t seen him since he disappointed at Doncaster in December, but that was three weeks after winning at Ascot and it just proved too soon for him. He’s best fresh, so we’ve deliberately kept him back for a go at the County, albeit he didn’t run his race last year in this as he picked up an injury. He’s in great form with himself at home and, if the ground dries up, he could be putting in a similar performance to when he was runner-up in the Greatwood. Hopefully, he can be competitive.

You’ve all heard plenty about Gidleigh Park, who runs in the Albert Bartlett (14:50). Everything about this race should be right up his street, the course, the trip, and the conditions. The only thing we need to go our way is the run of the race, as he wasn’t really suited by the way his last race panned out, but at the Cheltenham Festival you’re almost guaranteed a good tempo, which is what he’ll like. He’s a big, rangy horse, but he’s not short of pace and he’s got a great blend of speed and stamina, so I hope this race will play to his strengths. We’re really looking forward to seeing him step into Grade One company for the first time.

On his last start, Gidleigh Park and the runner-up put a lot of distance between themselves and the rest of the field towards the finish, but the fact that he was still able to quicken and battle to the end was testament to his ability. Strictly on ratings, he has a bit to find, but I think he has the potential to really excel here and go very close indeed. Without a doubt, he is my best chance of a winner at the Festival this year.

Best of luck,







You’ve Won Big Playing with OLG. Now What?

Homes. Trips. Family. Charity. That ultra-rare golden-ticket Willy Wonka Funko Pop figure.

We’ve all got our own ideas of what we would do should we ever win big playing the lottery, likely formed over the course of years of playing and dreaming.

But what if you won big on your first ticket? When you were just 18 years old? Before you even had a chance to really think about how millions of dollars could change your life?

That’s what happened to Juliette from Sault Ste. Marie.

Upon turning 18 – the legal age to play the lottery in Ontario – the Ontario teen’s grandfather suggested she buy a ticket. She picked one up at a local convenience store, stopping along the way to call her dad to ask what she should buy (he fortuitously suggested she ask for a Lotto 6/49 Quick Pick with ENCORE – an easy way for anyone to start playing).

Then Juliette forgot all about it. That is, until a conversation at work the following week about a $48-million jackpot winning ticket that had been sold in her home town which reminded her she hadn’t checked her numbers. She pulled out the ticket, and her boss checked it for her using his phone.

That’s when the winning music began to play.

Juliette was in shock. When her employer turned the phone to show her the screen, she asked, “How many zeros is that? Let me count! It’s a lot of zeros! It was so surreal.”

She signed her $48-million winning ticket, her hands shaking. Then she called her mom, who, after freaking out an appropriate amount, told Juliette she had to stay at work to finish her shift, like any good parent struggling to impart a life lesson in such a strange moment would.

But what then? What would you do with an enormous, unexpected windfall?

Resist the Urge to “Fan the Flames”

Whether you’ve just won $100 or $100 million, the first question you’re likely to ask yourself after you calm down will likely be: What should I do with my winnings?

One thing you probably shouldn’t do, most experts agree, is spend any of it right away. Your best bet is simply to do nothing with your winnings until you’ve had a chance to think about what you want and, in the case of very large wins, consult financial, tax, and legal advisors, the subject matter experts to talk about next steps such as how to invest your winnings it and where to keep it.

This includes resisting the urge to “fan the flames” by spending your winnings on additional tickets or bets to try to win even more. When it comes to gambling, the concept of striking while the iron’s hot doesn’t really apply. Your odds never go up just because you happened to win once.

Use the Tools at Your Disposal

PlaySmart has some useful tools that can help you avoid the doubling-down mindset. You know, like when you feel inclined to take an even bigger risk in hopes of breaking even or winning more? You might think you’re lucky at the moment, when in fact your odds haven’t gone up at all.

When you set up an account with OLG you gain access to the My Play Customizer tools, where you can do things like set a lottery spending limit to help manage how much you spend on tickets going forward regardless of how much you win (or lose).

You can also glean insights into your own behaviour and play style by using the My Play History section of your My PlaySmart Tools, which tracks what you spend and when you spend it. You’ll quickly discover patterns in how you play, which may lead you to make changes that let you have fun without going overboard, even after a win.

There are, in fact, tools designed to help manage how you use all of OLG’s products, from tracking and budgeting the time you spend playing iCasino games to setting bankroll limits for PROLINE+ activities.

Point being, responsible gambling habits aren’t based on whether you win or lose, but how you play. The fun of the lottery is imagining all the things you could do if you won, whether that means setting up a foundation to save animals or buying yourself a seat on a private spaceship. Just remember to make smart choices both before and after your spaceship comes in.

2024 College Basketball Player of the Year Odds: Can Edey Repeat?

College basketball hit the halfway point of its regular season this week, meaning there are still lots of games to go—not to mention tournament play, as teams bid to reach March Madness and ultimately the Final Four. But if sportsbook odds are any indication, the national Player of the Year race has already become a foregone conclusion.

2023-24 Wooden Awards Odds

Odds to win the POY Award
Player Odds
Zach Edey (Purdue) -300
Hunter Dickinson (Kansas) +1000
Kyle Filipowski (Duke) +2000
R.J. Davis (UNC) +2000
Kevin McCullar (Kansas) +2000
Tristen Newton (UConn) +2500
Tyson Walker (Michigan St.) +2800
Armando Bacot (UNC) +3000
Caleb Love (Arizona) +3000
Tyler Kolek (Marquette) +3500

Purdue center Zach Edey, bidding to become the first back-to-back recipient of the John R. Wooden Award since Ralph Sampson in the early 1980s, is now such a favorite that he’s become a negative moneyline play at most sportsbooks. Odds of Edey repeating as Wooden Award winner are now around -300, which means a sports bettor would have to wager $300 to earn $100 in winnings should Edey claim the honor for a second consecutive year.

Edey, who entered this week averaging 22.2 points and 10.6 rebounds per game, has gradually tightened his grip on the Player of the Year award as the season has gone on. The Purdue big man opened at odds of around +155. After leading the Boilermakers to the title in the toughest Maui Invitational field ever, those odds moved to +130. Now they’re in negative territory, well ahead of those of No. 2 odds choice Hunter Dickinson of Kansas, who can be found at +600 to +1000, depending on the sportsbook.

Even though the top-ranked Boilermakers suffered their second loss of the season Tuesday night at Nebraska, Edey has scored in double-figures every game this season and has posted nine double-doubles, tied for sixth nationally. He ranks eighth nationally in scoring, 11th nationally in rebounding, and 15th nationally in field goal percentage. While he was held to just two points in the first half against the Cornhuskers, he hasn’t really had a bad game.

And the winning has certainly helped Edey cement himself as Player of the Year odds frontrunner. Now, could that change? Purdue has tough road games at Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio State coming up in the back half of its Big 10 schedule. It would likely take some upset losses, and some of those opponents shutting Edey down—which to this point, hasn’t really happened—for the likes of Dickinson or Duke center Kyle Filipowski to close what’s currently a sizable gap.

The Favorite: Zach Edey, Purdue

Edey has played at a consistently high level against a schedule that to this point ranks as the second-toughest in the nation, according to the analytical site But conference play is a different animal—opponents are more familiar, and games are more physical—and that contrast has perhaps been evident in Edey, who had totaled 10 points and 15 boards, and then 15 points and seven boards in back-to-back Big 10 games through Tuesday. 

Those are very good numbers, to be certain, but not quite the 28 and 15 he was putting up with regularity back in November and December. The conference grind takes a toll on everybody, and Edey’s hold on Player of the Year frontrunner odds may hinge on whether he can maintain a form that produced double-doubles in 11 of his final 14 games last season.

The Challenger

Who might challenge Edey in becoming this year’s college basketball player of the year?

Hunter Dickinson, Kansas

Kansas has one of the worst cover rates of any team in the Top 25, continuing to win games that are closer than they should be. But that’s not the fault of Dickinson, a Michigan transfer who’s thrived in Bill Self’s offense, where he’s surrounded by great supportive players who can take the pressure off the big man in the middle. Dickinson hit for 30 points and 11 boards in a close win last weekend over TCU, emblematic of the type of contribution he’s making night in and night out.

Dickinson entered the week with averages of 19.4 points and 12.4 rebounds, and double-doubles in seven of his last nine games. He plays well in transition, shoots well from the outside, and can be unstoppable when he gets the ball down low. Dickinson plays in a deeper league than Edeydoes, and has more marquee games against ranked opponents still ahead of him. It will take more 30/11 nights against the likes of Baylor and Houston to make this Player of the Year race more interesting than it is now.

The Dark Horse

If you’re looking at making a big splash on the oddsboard, maybe consider this UConn Guard.

Armando Bacot, North Carolina

Guard R.J. Davis may lead North Carolina in scoring, but it’s big man Bacot who makes the Tar Heels go. The 6-11, 240-pound Bacot has proven an impossible matchup in the ACC, where he’s able to overpower interior defenders and get high-quality shots. In his previous two games entering the week, Bacot had not only notched double-doubles, but also shot 50 percent or better from the field. His averages—14.9 points and 11.1 rebounds—don’t accurately speak to how valuable he is.

But for Bacot to truly wedge his way into the Player of the Year conversation, he’s going to need more of the 25-point games he’s had just once so far this season. With Davis hitting for 20.6 per game, there’s not really the need for that yet in a weak ACC. But this is a thin Tar Heels roster, and UNC is winning largely behind a two-man game. The idea that Bacot could catch fire like he did at the end of the 2021-22 campaign—when his eight straight double-doubles led the Tar Heels to the national title game—isn’t out of the question.

Last 10 Best College Basketball Players Of The Year

Last 10 NCAA Naismith & wooden POY Award Winners
Year Player School
2022 Oscar Tshiebwe Kentucky
2021 Luka Garza Iowa
2020 Obi Toppin Dayton
2019 Zion Williamson Duke
2018 Jalen Brunson Villanova
2017 Frank Mason III Kansas
2016 Buddy Hield Oklahoma
2015 Frank Kaminsky Wisconsin
2014 Doug McDermott Creighton
2013 Trey Burke Michigan


Jalen Brunson, the player of the year from 2018, is having a standout year for the Knicks. In his first season with the Knickerbockers after signing on as a free agent, the former Villanova Wildcat is averaging 23.9 points, 6.2 assists and 3.6 rebounds and has pushed the Knicks into a playoff spot. The Knicks! 

If Brunson’s impact continues, New York could see the playoffs for just the second time in the last 10 seasons. 

How To Read Naismith And Wooden Player Of The Year Odds

If this is your first time betting on NCAA College Basketball Player of the Year odds and you aren’t sure about the difference between the Wooden Award and the Naismith Award, don’t sweat it.

They’re essentially the same individual award but the voting structures are slightly different. The Wooden Award is determined before the NCAA March Madness tournament and voted on by over 1,000 sportswriters across the country, while the Naismith Award is finalized by a board of selectors along with fan voting and is announced in April.

Understanding College Basketball Player Of The Year Odds

At your college basketball sportsbook of choice, you’ll see prop odds to win College Player of the Year listed like so:

Zach Edey -150

Jalen Wilson +500

Brandon Miller +600

When there is no clear favorite due to the lack of a minus sign (-), the player with the lowest odds is the fave. In this case, though, there is a minus-money favorite in Edey. The others are considered underdogs.

If you’re loving Edey at -150 and you bet $100 on him, you’d get a payout of $166.67 – your original money is returned coupled with your winnings of $66.67. To see what you’d win based on the odds and the amount you bet, check out our odds calculator.

Five Of The Biggest Blackjack Wins Ever Recorded?

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games ever invented, perhaps because it is also one of the easiest casino games to pick up. Over the years, mathematicians and professional gamblers have strived to find the perfect formula for playing the game, with many believing that there are ways to beat the odds.

Some players have found great success over the years. This has led to some seriously huge payouts and accumulated winnings which have gone down in history. So, what have been the biggest blackjack payouts ever? We highlight five of the very biggest. And are these feats still possible today?

If you’d like to try a game of blackjack for yourself, then open an account on LiveRoulette and try over 15 unique tables on our Canadian online casino.

1. Shoeless Joe – $1.5 Million

A mystery man won $1.5 million after entering a US casino without any shoes on. As the story goes, he used a $300 security check and played a terrible game in terms of strategy, splitting and doubling when all the theory says you shouldn’t. He managed to take up quite the cash pot, but kept on playing and eventually lost the lot.

2. Dana White – $2 Million

Dana White is well-known as the president of UFC, and the American
businessman is used to being in the public eye. In 2012, he was in the media
for the wrong reasons, though. At this time, White was accused of card counting
by Palms Casino. He had won a considerable amount of money on blackjack but the
Las Vegas resort refused to pay up and banned him.

In 2014, White was allowed back into the casino after the CEO changed. Over
the course of a few months, the man with a net worth of $500 million managed to
accumulate winnings of $2 million. He may have been able to earn more if he
hadn’t faced a cap in the amount he could win. First, the casino made him lower
his bets from $25,000 to $5,000, and then they capped his wins off at $2
million to end his streak.

White continues to be a major blackjack fan and can be found playing at
casinos that will have him. But up to now, he has never recreated the streak
which gained him such notoriety back in 2014. White is not completely banned
from Palms Casino either, as he still holds UFC events at the Pearl Arena in
the complex.

3. Ken Uston – $4.5 Million

Ken Uston was often referred to as the King of Blackjack Strategy and one of
the technically most successful players ever to sit at the felt. It was
this American player, strategist, and author who actually came up with the idea
of teaming up to play blackjack. Along with mastering strategy and the
mathematical side of the game, Uston is credited with having pretty
much invented card counting.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Uston led a blackjack team around
various casinos in the USA. They would place outrageous bets which would
sometimes value at around $12,000 per hand, and rake in millions in winnings
from the process.

It is estimated that Uston and his team gathered around $4.5 million in winnings during their operational period. This could be considered among the first big blackjack wins and a catalyst that influenced a great number of other players.

4. Kerry Packer – $40 Million

Kerry Packer was a millionaire before he even played blackjack and he used his wealth to place gigantic stakes on the cards. At the time of his death in 2005, the Australian had a net worth of AUS $6.5 billion (over €3.9 billion or USD $4.3 billion). Obviously, the bigger the bet, the bigger the payout, and Packer made a name for himself by taking down two of the most insane blackjack pots ever seen. The first was in 1991 at the Hilton in Las Vegas, where he picked up a cool $7 million in a single night.

Unsatisfied with such meagre winnings, Packer returned to Las Vegas in 1995
and played blackjack at the MGM Grand. The media tycoon placed a series of
$250,000 bets and within forty minutes had racked up a stack of $40 million.

The dealers had a good time on that incredible night, too, as Packer decided
to leave a $1 million tip. While the casinos may not be too happy about
players taking down huge blackjack pots, it is certainly the dream of most
dealers to be at the table when it happens.

5. MIT Blackjack Team – $50 – $100 Million

The MIT blackjack team is well known in popular culture from the film, 21, and
the book that it was based on, Bringing Down the House. The team operated over
a number of years and featured around eighty different members.

They went to a wide variety of casinos across Atlantic City and Las Vegas from the 80s and 90s in order to avoid suspicion. This was because they employed a card counting technique which helped to influence their bets on the games. If a shoe contained a lot of cards of high value it was regarded as hot, which meant that the players should bet big on it. If the majority of remaining cards were instead low in value, it would be a cold shoe.

During their prime, it is estimated that this world-renowned blackjack team
earned anywhere between $50-100 million. Understandingly, then, the major
casinos didn’t look lightly upon the methods used by these
genius mathematicians and the film plot rests on an attempt to thwart the
students’ efforts.

If any of these success stories have inspired you to try your hand at mastering the classic casino game of blackjack, you could play live blackjack online to develop your skills.

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Bet365 Casino New User Bonus

It is no secret that Bet365 is already one of the top online casinos going. By adding its latest new user boost promotion, things only get better. For a limited time, eligible customers can get up to $1,000 as a first deposit bonus.

New User Bonus

New customers can use the deposit bonus from Bet365 Casino. All you need to do is sign up for the platform and then make your first deposit. You will be matched with bonus bets totalling however much you decided to deposit.

This is a great way to get started with the Bet365 Casino platform. With your bonus funds, you can then try any of the games on the page including some of the slots, table games, or live casino games offered by Bet365 Casino.

How to Claim the Bet365 Casino bonus

Claiming this offer from Bet365 Casino is simple. Just sign up and make your first deposit. There is not even a unique promo code needed to take advantage.

After you make your first deposit, you will see the bonus credit added to your account. You will then be able to use it on the games of your choice on the platform.

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Buy YouTube Subscribers: Take the First Step for Instant Growth

There are countless strategies to level up your YouTube game. As a YouTuber who tried most of them, I see buying YouTube subscribers as an indispensable part of the whole strategy that will improve your online persona. In this blog post, we will discuss whether to buy YouTube subscribers, explaining why one should consider buying YouTube subscribers, the right way, and the outcomes.

A Quick Glimpse of Buying YouTube Subscriber

First, it would be better to understand what it means to buy YouTube subscribers from Views4You. It is a way for YouTube channels to increase their subscriber count to present social proof on the internet, increasing their credibility. Math is easy, more subscribers=more credibility. Think of your criteria before choosing a video to watch. Probably one of them is a high count of subscribers which gives a sense of trust.

Before Beginning: Observe Mobile Viewing Analytics on YouTube

Before moving toward buying YouTube subscribers, it would be better to analyze your audience habits on YouTube on mobile devices considering the recent dominance of mobile viewing. Utilize YouTube Analytics’ detailed insights into viewer habits on mobile devices, and how they interact with your content. With this data, you can adjust your content to the viewing patterns of your audience. Before buying YouTube subscribers, integrating these mobile analytics into your overall strategy might be important.

Authentic subscribers could be acquired through reputable services. You can set a solid foundation for your channel and increase the chance to maximize your potential by also incorporating an understanding of your mobile user behavior. Ensure your growth on the platform by buying YouTube subscribers and analyzing mobile viewer habits to increase your reach. Your content should be catered to the habits of modern mobile users.

The Reasons for You to Buy YouTube Subscribers

Beginning your career on YouTube from scratch could be associated with planting a seed. You should patiently wait after doing everything necessary to grow like watering, exposing it to sunlight. However, sometimes these efforts may be futile. In my case, I believe that I couldn’t see the results of my hard work for a while, which could be very disheartening. Therefore, when I purchased YouTube subscribers, I realized that my caring efforts for the seed were now not futile.

1. Instant Credibility

If I had to describe the initial stages of my YouTube channel, I would say “struggle”. I struggled to find myself a promising place among lots of people. The competition is unbelievable considering the user count of the platform. So, I believe that having a significant number of subscribers could change a lot to shine through your journey. When I purchased YouTube subscribers first, I couldn’t believe the delivery process since I was ready to wait for days. Plus, the instant boost was incredible.

2. Timesaving

Time for the truth. Most of the things valuable don’t happen overnight, demand your dedication. Especially growing your YouTube channel requires a lot of time. So, think buying subscribers is a way to speed up the process. In that way, you save your time in creating compelling content instead of looking for ways to increase the count and getting anxious about it.

3. Taking the Algorithm to Your Side

If it is done properly, meaning only applying reputable services, the YouTube algorithm works to your benefit. I observed that the YouTube algorithm values your subscriber count, and also it takes it as social proof. Therefore, your visibility is increased since it begins to suggest your videos to more people. Organic growth potential is boosted.

Safe Way to Buy YouTube Subscribers

You should’ve already known that you should prioritize authenticity and quality content before everything on the platform. Adorning this dedication of your buying subscribers could be the solution for you. Here’s how you can balance your approach and improve your channel.

1. Embrace Quality Over Quantity

Here your subscribers’ quality is the decisive factor for your growth. Think about a bunch of people who are completely different from others and aren’t necessarily interested in your content meet in your channel. It doesn’t match the ends. Worse, imagine these people are not real, they are fake accounts. In that case, you harm your account than good. So be aware of the quality of your subscribers. If you don’t embrace quality over quantity, there are risks of a ban and an increase in your reputation. Therefore, choose smartly the provider that will only offer authentic and active subscribers.

2. Know it is a Valuable Part of Your Strategy

I want to be straightforward: buying subscribers cannot be your sole strategy. It is simple, without good content assisted by other strategies you cannot hit the jackpot. You should find a balance. You should create compelling content, interact with your audience, and be consistent and dedicated. Then, you can expect buying subscribers to climb the success ladder.

3. Keep up with YouTube’s Policies

To avoid unintentionally violating YouTube’s terms of service you should be well informed of the policies since they are updating it over time. We know buying subscribers is not illegal but still, it would be best to be precautious.

The Possible Outcomes of Buying YouTube Views

Let’s explore buying subscriber’s possible effects on your channels together:

1. The Social Proof

A high subscriber count will lead more people to watch your video. It will be a social proof of your quality content. With buying subscribers, you don’t just increase numbers. Instead, you create a social indicator of value. Therefore, you can draw more people by increasing the organic traffic.

2. Reaching the Target Audience

You reach your target audience in your niche. Finding and attracting these people to your channel requires time. However, you’ll get these people into your account by buying views easily.

3. Organic Growth

Gathering these people who are interested in your content would only open doors for more subscribers and organic growth. Both resulted from word of mouth and YouTube algorithms. People begin to share your content with their friends and the algorithm shows up your content to more people in your niche.


Is it safe to buy YouTube subscribers?

If you get bot subscribers from an unknown provider, no it is not safe since it will harm your channel. You should only apply to reputable providers offering active and engaged subscribers. Having thousands of subscribers that won’t change anything, and don’t interact with your content will be useless. Also, YouTube may realize that you get fake subscribers and ban your account. Therefore, yes, it is safe to buy YouTube subscribers if you are careful about the provider.

Does buying YouTube subscribers affect my channel in the long term?

Yes, it can so you can add this to your long-term plans even though it instantly boosts your account. If you get real subscribers safely, they won’t be dropped. Also, if you are able to create engaging content and keep people interested, then you’ll have permanent subscribers.

Do my new subscribers engage in my content?

The answer depends on your content mostly. In a case where you apply to the right provider, all your new subscribers will be in your niche. However, if you don’t offer them engaging content, they might prefer to unsubscribe later. Therefore, you should focus on the content as I always said.

Why Slovenia offers a Picture-Perfect Gambling Experience

Imagine sitting at a roulette table, the wheel spinning smoothly as you take in the stunning alpine backdrop through the window. This isn’t your usual casino scene; it’s what you get in Slovenia, a hidden gem in Europe where the charming atmosphere meets the thrill of chance.

Slovenian casinos offer a diverse gambling experience. For a comprehensive guide, check out Casinos Slovenija, and here you will discover the best spots to game in this scenic country. These establishments are wrapped in the country’s natural beauty and historic grandeur, providing an unparalleled experience that goes beyond the games themselves.

Gambling in the Heart of Nature

Within Slovenia’s green landscapes, every casino visit, whether at a physical venue or online via the smartphone in the palm of your hand, becomes an adventure. The country’s scenic casino locations, nestled among lush hills, beside deep blue lakes and within view of snow-capped mountains, make placing bets feel like part of a fairytale. For those who fancy a game of blackjack or a spin of the roulette wheel, the setting cannot be more idyllic.

Casinos such as those found in the heart of the Julian Alps provide not just a game of chance but also a retreat into nature – with every hand dealt, you’re surrounded by the tranquility of the Slovenian countryside. It’s here, against the backdrop of pristine natural wonders, that the allure of casino games truly shines.

The Best of Both Worlds

The casinos in Slovenia are where historic charm meets the allure of the modern gaming experience. Visitors can find themselves walking through the doors of a grand, centuries-old building only to be greeted by the latest gaming technology and a vibrant crowd of enthusiasts.

From grand, palatial spaces that remind you of Europe’s rich gambling history to sleek, contemporary resorts designed for the modern player, Slovenia offers an impressive spectrum of gaming experiences. It’s a crossing of timelines where a traditional game of poker can be enjoyed in the same venue as an animated video slot adventure. A stroll through these historic gambling halls and state-of-the-art complexes is like flipping through the pages of a gambling enthusiast’s dream diary.

Discover Local Games and Global Favorites Online

Slovenia’s online gaming establishments are like a treasure trove of entertainment, hosting an array of games that cater to every taste. For instance, while ‘Casinos Slovenija’ brings together both Slovenian specialties and world-renowned games, roulette – one of the most popular games in the country – remains a staple on most casino platforms.

From novices to seasoned high-rollers, every visitor can find their game of choice, along with a community of players and professionals who make every online session memorable.

A Realm of Luxury awaits Beyond the Tables

It’s not all about pushing luck to its limits – Slovenian casinos offer much more and an enhanced gaming experience. Visitors can enjoy the full palette of five-star luxury: from spa retreats and gourmet restaurants to live music performances and opulent rooms. These venues understand that a truly memorable gambling getaway includes indulgent moments away from the gaming floors.

Whether it’s unwinding in a thermal pool after a lively round of roulette or treating yourself to a world-class meal, the extra touches are what complete the lavish Slovenian casino experience. The vibrant nightlife often extends beyond the gaming areas, with exclusive bars and clubs providing a perfect setting to celebrate victories or shrug off losses in style.

How to Win Roulette Online- the Complete Guide

Introduction: What is Roulette?

keywords: roulette, how to play roulette, game of roulette

How to Play Roulette Online

keywords: how to play roulette online, game of roulette online

Different Types of Roulettes & Strategies to Win them

keywords: french roulette strategy, american roulette strategy, european roulete strategy

How to Beat the Odds and Win More at Roulette Games

keywords: best way to win at roulettes, beat the odds

In this paper, we highlight the various benefits of roulette online for those who have never played the game before.

The first and foremost benefit is that it provides a lot of entertainment to players. People can bet small sums or large sums and a roll of a dice can make a player rich overnight. It also provides an opportunity for people to try their luck with zero risk.

It also offers many variations of roulette games which make it interesting for all types of players. The fact that there are no limits on bets makes it more exciting as well as rewarding because players can bet big amounts with large stakes.

Finally, it is available all the time which means that players do not have to plan their schedule around playing roulette online instead they can play whenever they want and at

Top Online Slots with Wild Symbols

Today’s online slots are more powerful than those of old for several reasons. One of the main ones is the addition of wild symbols, which provide more opportunities to land a winning spin. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about wild symbols and why they live up to their name.

What Are Wild Slot Symbols?

Wilds are symbols that help you make winning combinations. There are multiple ways to unlock prizes when playing online slots. Identical symbols lining up, bonus features triggering or a random jackpot dropping can all result in a payout. However, wilds are unique because they can turn nothing into something.

Think of a wild as a joker in a pack of playing cards. A wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol on the reels (except for scatter/bonus symbols). For example, if you rolled in two cherries and a wild, the wild could act as a third cherry to create a winning payline.

Wilds can also trigger payouts in their own right, matching a number of them on an active payline. Usually you need three or more symbols on a payline to trigger a win.

A Brief History of Wild Symbols

Slot machines haven’t always featured wilds. When Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell slot in 1894, it featured horseshoes, spades, diamonds, hearts and Liberty Bells. As these new games gained popularity, more features were added to the mix. Extra symbols were introduced, as were cash prizes.

By 1976, Fortune Coin Co. developed the first video slot machine. This game introduced cheat-proof digital technology and opened the door to the next generation of slots, as well as providing the freedom to experiment with new ideas. .

Types of Wild Symbols in Today’s Online Slots

Wild symbols have evolved in line with the latest trends in online slots gaming. To match the complexity of today’s top spinners, wilds now line up in a variety of ways. When you play slots online at LiveRoulette, you’ll find the following types of wild:

Standard Wild Symbols: These wilds typically appear as single symbols on any reel and substitute for all other symbols except the scatter.

Stacked Wild Symbols: As the name suggests, stacked wilds can pile up on top of each other. Stacked wilds can cover an entire reel at once.

Sticky Wild Symbols: These wilds will stick in place, often during a bonus round. Once they roll into view, they’ll hold their position for a set number of spins.

Expanding Wilds: An expanding wild has the power to grow and spread out across multiple positions on the reels. The larger the wild becomes, the more potential to create winning combinations.

Rushing or Walking Wild Symbols: Where present, these often appear during a free spins round. They move from one position to another as the round progresses, allowing you to potentially collect multiple wins as you go.

The Best Slots Online with Wild Symbols

There are hundreds of top titles to choose from. Most slots feature wilds of some type or another. In the list below, we’ve picked out some of our top picks available on our Canadian online casino.

Money Train Slot

Five reels, 40 paylines and payouts topping 20,000x your stake. It’s easy to see why Money Train by Relax Gaming  has become one of the most popular online slots at LiveRoulette. The bonus round features seven wild modifiers, each of which can increase the size of your prize.

For example, the “widener” will reveal a mystery prize and add another reel to the mix. The “payer” reveals a prize and adds it to all other visible symbols of the same type. In tandem with these features, the Money Train slot contains wilds in the form of shotguns. These symbols substitute for all others except the scatter.

Starburst Slot

This is a great online slot for those who want double value on wilds. Starburst wilds appear on the central three reels, expand and stick in place during a re-spin. NetEnt’s Starburst is a great slot for beginners, and a good introduction into the world of wilds, too.

The Invisible Man Slot

There’s nothing obscure or hidden about the wild symbols in this online slot. Wilds are available during normal gameplay. However, when you trigger the free spins bonus, Police Wilds have the power to walk across the reels from left to right from reel 1. Additionally, you can roll in Griffin Wilds that move in the opposite direction to police officers, starting on reel 5.

Jurassic Park Slot

The developers at Microgaming wanted to create a fitting tribute to the mighty dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, so they did it with stacked wilds. When you spin this game’s five reels and 243 paylines, stacked wilds (Jurassic Park logos) can pile up on a single reel. Wilds also play a part in the bonus round. By activating the free spins round, you’ll have the opportunity to roll in wilds that split, multiply and make entire reels wild.

To play these online slots and more, log in to today.

18+ | | Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Terms & Conditions apply.

Biggest Conventions in Las Vegas to Attend in 2024

Las Vegas, with its convenient location and welcoming spaces, is known for hosting some of the world’s largest and most popular conventions. In 2024, the city is set to welcome an exciting lineup of conventions, from expansive technology showcases to a unique world pizza summit, along with promising opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and new experiences for hobbyists, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all types.

Regardless of the convention you attend, Las Vegas in 2024 is set to offer an unforgettable experience. To get ready for what’s in store, we’re highlighting some of the biggest conventions in Las Vegas in 2024.


2024 International CES, Consumer Electronics Show


January 9-12, 2024, Las Vegas Convention Center

The International CES Consumer Electronics Show, taking place from January 9-12, 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, is a must-visit for tech enthusiasts. This globally renowned event is a powerhouse of innovation, showcasing the latest breakthroughs in consumer technology. From next-generation gadgets to transformative tech trends, the CES Show is where the world’s tech community comes together to shape the future. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to witness the future of technology, network with industry leaders, and gain valuable insights. An immersive experience awaits in 2024 at the heart of Las Vegas.

Who Should Attend: Technology enthusiasts; business professionals, especially those involved in technology, electronics, or related fields; Retailers and distributors journalists, bloggers and influencers who cover technology and consumer electronics; investors looking for promising tech startups or innovative products; academics, researchers and students in technology-related fields or social science scholars interested in technology and society.


The NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS)


February 27 – 29, 2024, Las Vegas Convention Center

The National Association of Home Builders’ International Builders’ Show® (IBS) is another marquee Las Vegas 2024 convention. Taking place from February 27 to 29 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, IBS is the largest annual light construction show worldwide. Attendees can look forward to a flurry of exciting exhibits, educational sessions, and networking events focusing on the most pressing topics in the home building industry. From emerging design trends to innovative building technology, IBS offers an exclusive glimpse into the future of home construction. Prepare to be inspired at this comprehensive, multifaceted convention in the heart of Las Vegas.

Who Should Attend: Builders, both residential and commercial; real estate developers and architects; suppliers and manufacturers involved in the home construction industry; investors and property consultants; academics, researchers, and students in fields related to construction and architecture; journalists and influencers covering the housing and construction industry.


People Attending Educational Courses at Las Vegas Expo


International Pizza Expo


March 19-21, 2024

The International Pizza Expo, the largest pizza show in the world, is slated to unfold in Las Vegas from March 19-21, 2024. This unique and delectable convention gathers pizza professionals from around the globe, offering an unparalleled platform for networking, learning, and pizza tasting. Featuring an array of exhibits showcasing the latest innovations in pizza making, attendees can explore emerging trends, engage in creative workshops, and participate in the much-anticipated pizza-making competitions. The International Pizza Expo is a must-attend event, promising a thrilling, delicious, and insightful experience for every pizza enthusiast.

Who Should Attend: Pizza professionals, including business owners of pizzerias and pizza franchises; suppliers and distributors in the pizza industry; chefs and culinary enthusiasts looking to refine their pizza-making skills and learn about the latest trends; investors seeking promising ventures in the pizza industry; food bloggers, critics, and influencers looking for content and insights to share; pizza lovers and enthusiasts.


The Level Up Up Expo 2024


April 26-28, Las Vegas Convention Center

The Level Up Expo (Lvl Up Expo for short), scheduled for April 26-28, is a popular convention for gaming, technology, and pop culture enthusiasts. Attendees can anticipate a thrilling array of exhibitions, interactive gaming tournaments, and exclusive panels featuring industry leaders. This event is the perfect platform to explore cutting-edge gaming technologies, network with like-minded individuals, and celebrate the vibrant world of pop culture. More information can be found on the official Lvl Up Expo website. Experience the excitement of this convention and level up your Las Vegas visit in 2024.

Who Should Attend: Video game enthusiasts;  anime and manga fans; cosplayers; pop culture bloggers and influencers; tech startups and industry professionals; retailers and distributors; students and academics.


Waste EXPO


May 6-9 2024, Las Vegas Convention Center

The Waste EXPO, taking place from May 6-9, 2024, is a crucial event for professionals and emerging leaders in the waste management industry. Hosted by the National Waste and Recycling Association, it offers an immersive platform for showcasing innovative waste disposal technologies, networking, and industry-specific educational sessions. Attendees can gain valuable insights into sustainable waste handling practices and the latest industry trends. This event is a must-attend for those in the waste management and recycling industry, promising an enriching and informative experience.

Who Should Attend: Waste and recycling industry professionals, including waste service companies, recycling firms, and municipal sanitation departments; suppliers and manufacturers of waste management equipment and technologies; environmental consultants and sustainability officers; academics, researchers, and students focused on environmental science and waste management; public policy makers and environmental advocates; journalists and influencers covering environment, sustainability and waste management; anyone involved or interested in the future of waste management and recycling.


People Walking in Las Vegas Convention Space




July 30 – August 1, 2024

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is set to host Ascend 2024, a unique convention slated for July 30 through August 1, 2024, in Las Vegas. Ascend is a groundbreaking event that gathers aerospace professionals, policymakers, and students, providing a platform to discuss and shape the future of space exploration and aeronautics. Packed with collaborative sessions and interactive exhibits, attendees can delve into the latest innovations, network with industry leaders, and gain invaluable insights into emerging aerospace trends. Ascend promises to be an enlightening, inspiring, and not-to-be-missed event in the 2024 Las Vegas convention calendar.

Who Should Attend: Aerospace engineers and technicians; aircraft manufacturers and suppliers; pilots and aircrew: pilots and aircrew members; aviation authorities; air traffic controllers: investors and venture capitalists: aviation enthusiasts; scholars and students in the field of aeronautics; aviation and aeronautics journalists and influencers.


SEMA Show 2024


November 5-8, 2024  

Set to occur in November at the Las Vegas Convention Center, SEMA Show is one of the automotive industry’s most prestigious events. Organized by the Specialty Equipment Market Association, it attracts innovative minds and showcases hot new products. The event offers visitors an opportunity to witness the future of automotive technology, with displays of groundbreaking technologies, parts, and accessories. It also serves as an ideal networking platform, linking manufacturers, buyers, and media from all over the globe. 

Who Should Attend: automotive manufacturers and suppliers; auto repair and maintenance; automotive retailers; custom car builders; racers and race teams; automotive journalists and bloggers; automobile enthusiasts; investors and venture capitalists.


Attending Las Vegas Conventions


These are just some of the great conventions and expos that Las Vegas has to offer this year. However, new shows and convention spaces are appearing all the time, so be sure to keep an eye out for the perfect time to book your trip. Staying in Downtown Las Vegas offers the best convenience for convention attendees. Positioned at the heart of the action, Golden Gate provides comfortable accommodations within distance of major convention venues.

Circa Las Vegas and the D also offer excellent things to do for 2024 Las Vegas convention-goers with an impressive array of amenities. Sample world-class cuisine, enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool, bet at the largest sportsbook in the world, or unwind at a bar after a long day at the convention. Circa also offers a versatile meeting and convention space perfect for smaller gatherings or breakout sessions. 

Pikku tauon jälkeen jatketaan – PokerListings

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Big Game Party 2024 at Ute Mountain Casino Near Four Corners

Experience the adrenaline rush of watching the Big Game at Ute Mountain Casino this season! As a special treat, our Legendary and Pinnacle players are invited to enjoy free food and drinks as they witness the thrill of the game. Not a Legendary or Pinnacle player? No problem! Our Timberline players can enjoy food and drinks for just $10 while watching the game, while all others can enjoy the party with all-you-can eat for just $20.

Super Fun Drawings & Prizes

And that’s not all – we’ll be holding drawings at random during the party, adding an extra layer of excitement to the mix. Lucky winners could take home FREE Play and other fun prizes. Plus, guests can play fun games such as throw a football through a target and tossing bean bags.

So if you’re looking for where to watch the Big Game, come on down to Ute Mountain Casino, where the game is big, and the rewards are even bigger!

Launching the Principles for Digital Inclusion in the Green Economy

OTTAWA, Canada, February 12, 2024 — Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is thrilled to unveil a significant milestone resulting from the collaborative efforts of the EDISON Alliance Sprint Group. In the span of seven months, from May to November 2023, DOT, alongside esteemed partners like NetHope, Dubai Cares, Goodwall, The Digital School, UNICEF, and other members, engaged in a transformative journey aimed at advancing digital inclusion, particularly for young women in the burgeoning green economy. The culmination of this endeavour is the launch of the Principles for Digital Inclusion in the Green Economy, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to amplify the role of women and girls in shaping a sustainable future.

“The sprint group symbolizes the crucial collaboration of organizations and institutions joining forces with a common purpose — addressing the climate crisis through a collective ecosystem committed to promoting gender equality and meaningful inclusion. It issues a compelling call to action for the entire ecosystem to recognize the amplified impact of gender inequality amidst the climate crisis. It underscores the imperative to inclusively engage the most marginalized, especially women and girls, ensuring that solutions to the climate crisis are not only relevant but impactful.” 

– Elizabeth Mengesha and Meaghan Anderson, Co-Chairs of the Topic Sprint Group


The Sprint Group, embedded within the World Economic Forum’s EDISON Alliance, embarked on a mission to explore the intersections of climate change, digital technology, skills development, and gender equity. This collaborative effort resulted in the formulation of five key principles designed to catalyze positive change and foster increased participation and digital inclusion in the green economy.

Unveiling the Principles for Digital Inclusion in the Green Economy:

Principle 1: Think Digital, Act Local

The first principle stresses the need to ground digital inclusion initiatives in local realities, fostering community-driven empowerment. By strengthening local agency, individuals and communities can make decisions that directly impact their lives and environment, promoting autonomy and capacity. Recognizing and nurturing the expertise of women and their communities is vital for the success of green economy initiatives. Integrating climate considerations from the project’s inception not only aligns with these principles but also creates meaningful opportunities for young women to actively engage in climate action through digital inclusion projects.

Principle 2: Leave No One Behind

The second principle adopts an intersectional approach, recognizing that the marginalization of young women is multifaceted. Addressing systemic challenges such as poverty and unpaid care work, an “ecosystem” approach ensures a comprehensive strategy to reach them. By considering various social factors, we pave the way for inclusive green spaces that transcend traditional boundaries, fostering opportunities and dismantling barriers.

Principle 3: Representation Matters and Mentorship Pays Off

Empowering women in the green economy goes beyond skills; it requires creating a sense of belonging. The third principle emphasizes the importance of mentorship, establishing a robust support system that extends beyond technical guidance. By showcasing role models and fostering representation in climate leadership roles, we instill confidence, inspiring young women to envision themselves as integral contributors to these fields.

Principle 4: Don’t Forget Soft Skills

While technical skills are crucial, the fourth principle recognizes the significance of “soft” skills. Building cognitive and socio-emotional skills such as confidence, growth mindset, and collaboration is essential for the holistic development of women in green spaces. This approach ensures that women not only acquire technical skills but also possess the psychological resources to thrive in transformative spaces.

Principle 5: Create Safe Spaces

The final principle advocates for the establishment of women-only spaces, providing a platform for collaboration, support, and open dialogue. These safe spaces aim to cultivate an environment where young women feel empowered to express themselves without reservation. Emphasizing safer spaces in learning environments, workplaces, and community networks is crucial to address pervasive safety concerns and gender-based violence.

“In the pursuit of transformative change, the EDISON Alliance exemplifies the power of collaborative efforts and multi-stakeholder partnerships. As we navigate the path forward, DOT commits to embodying these principles, working hand-in-hand with diverse stakeholders to enact tangible actions that propel digital inclusion and empower the next generation. Our dedication aligns with the Alliance’s vision, to ensure equitable access to the digital economy to bridge the digital divide. Multi-stakeholder endorsement and uptake of the principles has the power to steer a future where collective efforts reshape systems for the better – achieving impact at scale”.

– Nada Ghaoui, Vice President Marketing and Development

In embracing these principles, we pave the way for a future where digital inclusion seamlessly aligns with a just transition to a thriving green economy. Within this vision, the green economy becomes a space where every young woman is afforded the chance to contribute, innovate, and flourish. Through the conscientious application of these principles, our aim is not only to bridge existing access gaps but to initiate a ripple effect of empowerment that extends well beyond individual interventions. We aspire to leave a lasting mark on the landscape of digital inclusion in the green economy across the Global South. Stepping into this new era guided by the Principles for Digital Inclusion in the Green Economy, DOT extends an invitation for you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, let’s empower women and girls to become architects of a greener and more inclusive tomorrow. The future is bright, and it starts with each of us taking meaningful steps today.

Call to Action:

Join the movement! Share the Principles for Digital Inclusion in the Green Economy  with your network and be a catalyst for change. Together, we can shape a future where everyone, regardless of gender, plays a crucial role in building a sustainable world. 

Principles for Digital Inclusion in the Green Economy

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our commitment to advancing digital inclusion and sustainability.

What is the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling tradition in the UK?  

Home | Features | What is the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling tradition in the UK?  

January 29, 2024

Have you heard about Gloucestershire cheese rolling? it’s one of the craziest and most fun traditions in South West England.

What is Cheese Rolling?

Gloucestershire cheese rolling is a competition where people chase a round of Double Gloucester cheese down a super steep hill and try to catch it before it reaches the bottom. The hill in question is Cooper’s Hill, which is located near the village of Brockworth, in the county of Gloucestershire. This hill is no joke – it’s got an incline of about 45 degrees, which you’d usually want to take slow and steady.  

When did it start?

Cheese rolling is believed to date back to the 15th century, although no one is entirely sure of its origins. Some historians suggest it was a pagan fertility rite, while others think it was a way for farmers to assert their grazing rights on the common land. But whatever its original purpose, cheese rolling has become a beloved and endearing part of British culture, drawing in thousands of spectators and participants from all over the world. 

When does it happen?

Traditionally, Gloucestershire cheese rolling takes place on the Spring Bank Holiday, which is the last Monday in May. The event usually starts in the morning, with a procession of local dignitaries, musicians, and costumed characters marching up the hill to the sound of drums and horns. Then the cheese rolling itself consists of several races, with men and women of all ages and abilities competing for the honour of catching the cheese and winning a small cash prize. 

Why do people do it?

The reasons vary from person to person. Some do it for the adrenaline rush, the thrill of the chase, and the challenge of catching the rolling cheese. Others do it for the sense of community and camaraderie, bonding with friends and family, and supporting their loved ones. And some do it to celebrate their local heritage and identity, taking part in a tradition that has been passed down through generations. 

Whatever the reason, Gloucestershire cheese rolling is a unique and exciting event that embodies the spirit of adventure and fun. It’s a quirky and charming tradition that connects people to their past and each other, and it’s definitely something that should be on your bucket list if you ever find yourself nearby. So, get your running shoes on, practice your best catching skills, and come join the fun at the next Gloucestershire cheese rolling event! 

If cheese rolling isn’t quite for you, how about taking your chances on LIVE Lightening Dice on PokerStars Casino. 

How to play Thirteen & Game Rules with Video –

(Above is the set up for a game of Thirteen)

(Above is the set up for a game of Thirteen)

Card Game Rules

Thirteen is a four player trick-taking card game that requires a standard 52 playing card deck. In Thirteen, 2s are high and 3s are low. The suits are ranked with Hearts being the highest, then Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades. The objective of Thirteen is to be the first player to get rid of their cards. 

For other trick-taking card games, see our guides for President and Bezique.

If you are looking for cards to play Thirteen with, check out a standard pack here or one of our more recent arrivals here.

Set Up

Before game play can begin, a dealer must be selected. Each player draws one card from a shuffled deck. The player with the lowest card becomes the dealer. The dealer shuffles the deck and passes out thirteen cards to each player in a clockwise fashion. 

How to Play

The player with the 3 of Spades makes the first move. Going clockwise, players can either player a card that is of equal rank (with a higher suit) or higher than the card previously played. Once nobody can play a higher card, the pile is removed and the last person to play a card starts the new pile.

Cards can be played as singles, pairs, three of a kinds, four of a kinds or a sequence of 3 or more. Players must however follow whatever the lead play was. If somebody leads with a single, players cannot beat it with a double or etc. 


A four of a kind and a double sequence of three cards are called bombs. Bombs can beat a single 2. A double sequence of four cards can beat a pair of 2s and a double sequence of five cards can beat three 2s.

Miscellaneous Rules

If a player has four 2s or a sequence of 3 to Ace, they immediately win the game.

The last card in a sequence determines its suit.

The player who gets rid of all of their cards first wins the game.

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40+ Great Card Games For All Occasions

About the author: John Taylor is a content writer and freelancer through the company You may view his freelancing profile here. He has a B. A. in English, with a specialty in technical writing, from Texas A&M University and a M. A. in English from the University of Glasgow. You may view his previous articles about card games here and his LinkedIn profile here.

John Taylor Head shot

Last update date: 08/29/20

How To Find the Best PayPal Casino Apps

PayPal casino apps represent a seamless integration of two pivotal elements in modern online gaming: the convenience of mobile accessibility and the security of trusted payment solutions. These apps serve as gateways to a vibrant world of virtual casinos, where players can experience the thrill of real-money wagering while enjoying the flexibility of playing on their smartphones or tablets. By offering PayPal as a deposit option, these apps cater to a broad spectrum of players who value simplicity, speed, and reliability in their financial transactions. 

PayPal, renowned for its robust security measures and widespread acceptance, adds an extra layer of assurance, allowing users to fund their gaming accounts with ease while safeguarding their sensitive banking information. As such, PayPal casino apps provide a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform for players to indulge in a diverse array of casino games, ranging from classic slots and table games to immersive live dealer experiences, all from the palm of their hand. 

Whether seeking the excitement of hitting the jackpot on a progressive slot or testing their skills against live dealers in a game of blackjack, players can access these immersive gaming experiences anytime, anywhere, with the added peace of mind that comes with using a trusted payment method like PayPal. However, finding real money casino apps with PayPal deposits can be tricky, which is why we made this guide. 

Research and Comparison

Start by researching various online casinos that offer real money gaming apps. Look for reputable sources such as online casino review websites, forums, and social media groups dedicated to gambling.

Make a list of potential casino apps and compare their features, game selection, user interface, bonuses, and payment options, including PayPal deposits.

Check Licensing and Regulation

Prioritize casinos that are licensed and regulated by reputable gaming authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, or the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. Licensing ensures that the casino operates legally and adheres to strict standards of fairness and player protection.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Look for reviews and testimonials from other players who have used the casino apps. Pay attention to their experiences with PayPal deposits, withdrawal times, customer support, and overall satisfaction with the platform.

Consider both positive and negative feedback to get a balanced perspective on the casino’s performance and reliability.

Visit the Casino Website

Visit the official website of each casino app on your list to gather more information about their payment options and policies.

Look for dedicated sections or FAQs related to deposits and withdrawals to ensure that PayPal is accepted for both funding your account and cashing out winnings.

Check PayPal Integration

Verify that the casino app has seamless integration with PayPal. This includes the ability to link your PayPal account directly from the app, as well as easy access to deposit and withdrawal options within the cashier section.

Look for any fees associated with PayPal transactions and ensure that they are transparently disclosed by the casino.

Review Terms and Conditions

Carefully review the terms and conditions of each casino app, especially those related to deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, and account verification.

Pay close attention to any specific requirements or restrictions related to PayPal deposits, such as minimum and maximum deposit limits, eligible currencies, and bonus eligibility.

Test Customer Support

Before making a deposit, test the responsiveness and effectiveness of the casino’s customer support team. Reach out via live chat, email, or phone with any questions or concerns you may have about PayPal deposits.

Evaluate their professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to assist you promptly and courteously.

Consider Security Measures

Prioritize casinos that employ advanced security measures to protect your personal and financial information. Look for SSL encryption technology and other security protocols that safeguard your transactions and data.

Verify that the casino follows strict identity verification procedures to prevent fraud and underage gambling.

Try Free Play or Demo Mode

Many casino apps offer free play or demo modes that allow you to test their games without risking real money. Take advantage of these features to familiarize yourself with the app’s interface, game mechanics, and overall experience.

Pay attention to the quality of gameplay, graphics, and sound effects, as well as the variety of games available.

Start with Small Deposits

Once you’ve selected a reputable casino app that meets your criteria, start by making small deposits using PayPal to test the deposit process and ensure everything works smoothly.

Monitor the transaction and verify that the funds are credited to your account in a timely manner.

Enjoy Responsible Gaming

Remember to gamble responsibly and set limits on your deposits, losses, and gaming sessions.

Keep track of your spending and avoid chasing losses. Take breaks, set time limits, and seek support if you ever feel that your gambling habits are becoming problematic.


Once you’ve identified a PayPal casino app that meets your criteria, you can download the app from the official app store or directly from the casino’s website. After installation, create an account, link your PayPal account, and make a deposit to start playing your favorite casino games for real money on your mobile device. Remember to gamble responsibly and set limits for yourself to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

IRS Slot Win Tax Threshold Increase Recommended By Service

February 20, 2024

U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus (D-Nevada) has been attempting to get the slot winnings tax threshold raised since 2015.

This week, her efforts received a boost, as the Internal Revenue Service’s Advisory Council has come out in recommendation of the move.

Titus and 24 other congressional members want the tax threshold for slot winners raised to $5,000 from $1,200.

The last time the level changed was in 1977. At that time, gambling in the U.S. was only legal in Nevada casinos.

Today, the IRS Advisory Council recommends changing the threshold to $5,800 in order to account fully for inflation.

Titus and the other backers of the change say that not only will this save winning gamblers tax payments, but casinos will save on bureaucracy.

Currently, any win of more than $1,200 results in the shutdown of a machine for anywhere up to an hour while an attendant is called and the appropriate forms are submitted for tax purposes.

Specifically in the booming Las Vegas market, wins o more than that amount are a regular daily occurrence on casino floors.

Bipartisan Backing

The policy change is backed by a group of cross-party politicians in Washington called the Congressional Gaming Caucus.

Titus is a cochair of the group, alongside Representative Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pennsylvania).

The 24-member group signed an open letter to IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel this week, asking it to take up its internal panel’s recommendations.

“We urge you to follow the IRSAC’s recommendation and exercise your authority to raise the threshold for slot machine jackpot winnings to $5,000, and to consider periodic increases to the threshold based on inflation,” the letter said.

“Taking this action will align with the IRS initiative to strategically use data to improve tax administration and modernize tax reporting for our constituents.”  

The American Gaming Association also came out in support of the IRS Council’s decision.

“The antiquated slot tax threshold creates unnecessary burdens for consumers, casino operators, and the IRS,” American Gaming Association (AGA) President and CEO Bill Miller said.

“The AGA commends Representatives Reschenthaler and Titus and other Congressional leaders for their dedicated efforts to modernize this long-outdated policy.”

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IRS’ Decision

Previously, Titus and Reschenthaler have tried to push a bill through Congress on this matter.

Titled the SLOT Act, it failed to gain much interest from other lawmakers in the nation’s Capitol, and didn’t pass the House committee stage.

The AGA also tried to unsuccessfully enlist Donald Trump on the issue in 2020, during the then-President’s rescinding of many pandemic restrictions.

None of that will matter if IRS Commissioner Werfel now decides to implement the change anyway.

Although it is an official part of the IRS, the Advisory Committee is just that – advisory.

It was established to encourage discussion and better tax policy via talks between stakeholders, including lawmakers, taxpayers, and the agency itself.

The council suggested that this particular piece of the tax code could be updated in line with inflation every few years to avoid a 45-year lag between the threshold and the rate of rising prices.

Titus is hopeful Werfel will take up the recommendation, as she believes he was previously waiting to see if the situation would change through legislation.

“I feel like having the bill out there has been part of the reason he hasn’t made the change. But now, the commission has encouraged him to,” she said.

Can you play poker online with friends for free?

Everything is better with friends, and poker is no exception. In fact, the experience changes completely and apps like Pokerhub offer a very interesting alternative to enjoy poker with friends in private clubs that is very attractive for those who want to enhance the social side of poker.

Here you have an excellent option to play poker online with friends… free! How? Keep reading, we are going to tell you how to enjoy games of poker with friends online free, at no cost!

Where to play free online poker with friends?

Before we delve into Pokerhub, it is important to understand that not all online poker websites offer the possibility to play for free with friends. Most online poker platforms are designed for real money play, and while some allow free games, they often don’t offer the same experience or flexibility as Pokerhub.

Pokerhub is a poker app that has been noted for giving players the opportunity to play poker online for free and, even more excitingly, with friends. This means that you can organize private and personalized poker games with your friends without spending a penny. No real money is required to join or enjoy Pokerhub, making it an ideal choice for those who want to practice, socialize or just have a good time without risking their finances.

Below you can find out why Pokerhub is the best free online private poker app to play with friends. Take a look!

Why choose Pokerhub to play poker with friends for free?

There are several reasons why Pokerhub is the best free online poker site to play with friends. It is an excellent choice for playing free online poker with friends. Here are some of the most outstanding features and advantages of Pokerhub:

  • Easy to use. Pokerhub stands out for its intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. This makes it easy for players, even beginners, to join and create games in a matter of minutes.
  • Private games. Pokerhub allows you to organize private games with your friends. You can create a personalized game room and share the link with your friends, ensuring that only the people you invite participate in the game.
  • Variety of modes. Pokerhub offers a wide range of poker games, from Texas Hold’em to Omaha, allowing you to choose the game you like the most or try several of them.
  • No need for downloads. Unlike some online poker platforms that require software downloads, Pokerhub works directly in your smartphone. You won’t have to worry about installing additional programs on your device, just the Pokerhub app.
  • Live chat. Pokerhub has an integrated live chat system that allows you to communicate with your friends during the game, adding a social dimension to your online games.
  • Detailed statistics. Pokerhub provides detailed statistics of your games, allowing you to evaluate and improve your game over time.
  • Security. Security is a major concern in online gaming. Pokerhub takes measures to protect players’ privacy and ensure that their games are fair.

How to organize an online poker game on Pokerhub?

Hosting an online poker game at Pokerhub is a simple process. Here we will guide you so you can enjoy free online poker games with friends in private:

  • Registering at Pokerhub. First of all, you will need to register at Pokerhub if you don’t already have an account. Registration is quick and easy, and will only require you to provide a few basic details.
  • Log in to your account. Once you have your Pokerhub account, log in to the platform with your credentials.
  • Create a private game. In the Pokerhub control panel, you will see the option to “Create a private game”. Click on this option to start setting up your game.
  • Configure the game. Here you can define the details of your game, such as the type of poker you want to play, the specific rules, the betting limits and the duration of the game. You can also set a password for the game if you want only your friends to have access.
  • Invite your friends. Once you have set up the game, Pokerhub will provide you with a link that you can share with your friends. They will be able to join the game by clicking on that link.
  • Start the game. Once you and your friends have joined the game room, you can start the game. Pokerhub will provide the cards and supervise the game in an unbiased manner.
  • Enjoy poker with friends. Now you can enjoy an online poker game with your friends in a safe and controlled environment. Use live chat to maintain communication and enjoy an authentic social experience.

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Advanced Roulette Strategy – How To Play Roulette


Moving On from Roulette Basic Strategy
Who Should Use Advanced Roulette Strategy?
How To Win at Roulette: Why Things Don’t Always Work Out
Advanced Roulette Strategy – The Top Non-Standard Roulette Tips
Dealer Signature
Wheel Bias Analysis
Visual Ballistics
How To Win At Roulette: Other Advanced Strategies

Live And Online Roulette Tips

In the world of casino games, roulette sits somewhere between online slots and blackjack. If the latter involves a decent amount of skill and the other does not, then roulette is a mixture of both. You place your bets as strategically as you like, but the wheel in motion decides the outcome.

However, if you’ve ever read anything about live or online roulette, you’ll know there are various betting techniques that some believe improve your results.

No roulette strategy can ever be 100% effective. However, there are some advantages to roulette betting strategies such as the Martingale. Again, there isn’t a single tip we can offer that will help you influence the outcome of a game. But you may be able to get an edge if you’re willing to think outside of the box.

In this guide, we’re going to take you outside of the proverbial box and offer some advanced roulette tips that have been used in casinos all over the world, though they won’t necessarily work in a live game. We’ve put together some of the most popular advanced online and live roulette techniques

Moving On From Basic Roulette Strategy

The main benefit of basic roulette strategy is structure. By following a set betting pattern, you have more control over those bets. For example, if you use the Martingale technique, you know that you must double your bets following a loss and reset after a win.

The idea behind these systems is that they follow a set pattern, giving you some direction or goal. Neither can swing the odds in your favour, but that’s not the point: basic roulette strategy and betting techniques are designed to mitigate risk, so you stand a better chance of riding the natural ups and downs of the game.

When it comes to advanced roulette strategy, things are slightly different. In general, you’re looking for some sort of anomaly or bias that you could exploit to get ahead. In practice, the chances of spotting a trait you can exploit are extremely slim. Even if you do, it’s not easy to take advantage of.

Who Should Use Advanced Roulette Strategy?

It should be obvious but advanced roulette tips should only be used by experts. If you’ve been playing for a while, you may be able to consider these tactics. If, however, you’re new to playing roulette online or live, it’s best to stick with the basics. In fact, the best thing you can do is learn about the game’s structure, devise a system that suits your own preferences and go with that.

At the end of the day, roulette, like the online slots other casino games in our Vegas hub, is about having fun. If you spend too much time worrying about how to win at roulette or roulette cheats, you’ll miss the experience.

How To Win at Roulette: Why Things Don’t Always Work Out

No roulette strategy is guaranteed to work, even if you follow the guidelines to a tee. Therefore, when you’re reading through the tips below, keep in mind that success isn’t assured.

Advanced Roulette Strategy – The Top Non-Standard Roulette Tips

If you’re confident you understand the basics of roulette online and you want to expand your horizons, advanced strategy might be for you. In the following sections, you’ll learn more about advanced roulette strategies, what they are and how they could help you.

Dealer Signature

If you play roulette inside a casino or online via a web stream, you can try using the Dealer Signature strategy. Before we get into the nuances of this roulette strategy, let’s talk about the main idea. Dealers are humans and, because of that, they often slip into set patterns.

Unlike the random number generators (RNGs) that control automated online roulette games, live tables are managed by real people. So there could be times when a dealer makes certain moves repeatedly without realising it. If you accept that this strategy is plausible, it’s accepted in roulette circles that a dealer will develop what’s called a “signature” (habit) after 1,000 spins.

To test this theory, you’d need to watch the dealer for an extended period. Eventually, you may pick out some habits that could allow you to predict where the ball may land. Naturally, you’re not going to predict the exact number. However, if you can spot patterns in the following areas, you may be able to build up an idea of what section/area of the wheel the ball is going to land.

Dealer Signature patterns could include:

  • Where do they drop the ball?
  • How fast do they drop it?
  • At what angle do they drop it?

If – and it’s a big if – you can spot patterns in these areas, you may be able to predict where the ball is going to land. However, even if you do notice certain habits, it’s still tough to guess where the ball will stop as there are many other factors involved in addition to the dealer.

Wheel Bias Analysis

When you play roulette online, the outcome is controlled by a random number generator (RNG). These algorithms are also used in online slots, blackjack, and any other digital casino game. In simple terms, RNGs use complex mathematical equations to create random results. For you as a player, this means there are no distinguishable patterns or biases. To put it another way, everything is 100% fair and random, 100% of the time.

In centuries gone by, this may not have always been the case in some of the world’s smaller land-based casinos. Although a biased wheel is extremely rare in live venues today, it’s something that can happen due to a defect. Whether a wheel is slightly worn on one side or its internal mechanics have been compromised, roulette wheels have been known to develop a bias.

The idea of a biased wheel has been around for more than a century, but one of the first investigations into the phenomenon came courtesy of Joseph Jagger. The English engineer predicted that, theoretically, it was possible for wheels to develop a bias. Using his knowledge of engineering and how certain mechanisms can break down over time, he decided to test his theory in the 19th century. With the help of six croupiers, he was able to analyse results from a roulette table inside the Beaux Arts Casino, Monte Carlo.

Historical Analysis Leads To Modern Reliability

After thousands of spins, Jagger spotted patterns that didn’t tally up with the odds. In other words, certain numbers appeared more than they mathematically should have. With the ball drifting more towards a certain section of the wheel, Jagger agreed that a bias had developed. From this, the idea of biased roulette wheels became better understood by the mainstream.

In practice, strict gaming rules are in place to ensure roulette wheels inside a live casino aren’t biased. Constant checks are performed and, if any defects are spotted, the wheel is removed. However, in the 19th century, the checks weren’t always as strict. Fortunately, things have changed. What’s more, we now have online roulette. Playing online eliminates the possibility of a bias wheel by default. Because games are powered by RNGs, you never have to worry that a fault has developed, and the numbers aren’t spinning in randomly as they should.

Visual Ballistics

For a roulette strategy based on scientific principles, this is the one to use. Taking a concept from physics and applying it to a game of chance, this technique requires you to predict where the ball is going to land by calculating certain variables. Just as scientists can predict where a ball is going to land based on its weight, how hard someone has thrown it, the air density and other factors, theory is that it’s be possible to do the same in roulette.

When the wheel is spun and the ball is released, there’s a certain amount of inertia that has to be used up. When the ball has slowed to a sufficient speed, it will drop into a number. If you’re able to calculate the speed of the wheel, the speed of the ball and when it was first dropped, you may have a chance of predicting where it’s going to land with more accuracy.

As you’d expect, the calculations aren’t going to be 100%, far from it. We don’t have lasers for eyes, so we can’t log the exact speed of the ball or the moment it was dropped and where. You may be able to make estimates though. If you can, there’s a slim chance you can work out which section of the wheel the ball is likely to stop, based on all the variables in play.

Guide To Advanced Roulette Strategies Infographic

How To Win at Roulette: Other Advanced Strategies

If the trio of techniques outlined above seem too complex or too farfetched, here’s a quick rundown of some other advanced strategies you might want to try:

Oscar’s Grind: With this system, you’re aiming for a series of small wins. To start, you divide your chips into two equal piles of 12. From here, you bet on 1-12 with your first stack and 25-36 with your second. Assuming a number in the second 12 doesn’t hit, you’ll make an 11-unit profit.

The Lucky 7 System: If you’ve got a large bankroll, this system can give you an 18.93% chance of winning. In simple terms, you need to select seven numbers and bet on each of them straight up. If you win, you stick to betting the same amount. If you lose, you increase your bet according to a set chart.

The important thing to note here is this can be an expensive strategy and should only be used by someone with the appropriate funds. In general, you’ll need at least €3,000 to try this technique if you’re betting €1 per number. This is to ensure you’re able to cope with an extended losing run. Indeed, there may be times when you go through 20 spins and don’t win (if you reach this point, you stop for the session). Therefore, you need a bankroll that can handle those swings.

In reality, if the system requires that much of a financial buffer, you actually need a lot more money in your bankroll. Whichever roulette betting technique you’re using, however much you’re staking, you always need a surplus. If the potential costs of this strategy are €3,000, you should have at least €6,000. You need to ensure that you can comfortably afford the ups and downs. This is known as bankroll management and is all part of a responsible gambling approach.

To start, you need to stake €1 per number for a total outlay of €7. When you win, you stick at the current level. If you lose, you increase the bet per number according to the table below. The reason the bets increase as they do is to ensure that, if you win, your profit will outweigh the amount you’ve wagered to that point.

Round Stake Per Number Number of Picks Profit When You Win
1 €1 7 €28
2 €1 7 €22
3 €1 7 €15
4 €1 7 €8
5 €3 7 €59
6 €3 7 €38
7 €5 7 €75
8 €5 7 €40
9 €7 7 €63
10 €7 7 €14
11 €13 7 €139
12 €13 7 €48
13 €21 7 €189
14 €21 7 €21
15 €35 7 €301
16 €35 7 €56
17 €59 7 €507
18 €59 7 €94
19 €100 7 €870
20 €100 7 €170

As you can see, the stake per number gradually increases. Again, this is to ensure you make a profit any time one of your numbers comes in.

Using These Online Roulette Tips Wisely

The techniques listed here are both complex. Even though they are based on sound principles, the principles aren’t always in play. For example, if you can spot a biased wheel, there’s a strong chance you can predict where the ball is going to land, but wheels don’t usually have a bias. And, if they do, they’re taken out of service. So, while it’s great to know these techniques, it’s important to understand that they’re not always practical.

To test out any of these tips or simply have fun playing roulette online, join LiveRoulette!

Roulete Betting Strategies Explained – How to Win at Roulet?e

Roulette is a game of chance.

It is played by dropping a ball onto a spinning wheel, which rotates rapidly.

Players may bet on numbers or colors, or both, the odds of winning are not statistically better than if they choose their own numbers.

The game originated in the 18th century France.

Roulette is a game of chance. It is one of the most popular games played in casinos all around the world.

It is believed that roulette was invented in 18th-century France, by Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician and physicist. He envisioned it as an experiment to solve gambling problems at his father’s gaming house.

The game consists of spinning a small ball around on the edge of a table, which leads to its eventual fall into one of 37 or 38 (depending on where you play) numbered slots on the table surface. As it falls, the player bets on whether or not they think it will land in one of these slots (or if they will tie).

The post Roulete Betting Strategies Explained – How to Win at Roulet?e appeared first on General Roulette Blog.

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Farewell Tour at| Island Resort & Casino

In May of 2024, country rock legends The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band will celebrate their 58th year performing with a two-night stop on The Island Showroom stage. Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of the great American bands featuring several original and historic members.  

It Began With Dylan

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band began in 1966 when a teenage Jeff Hanna heard Bob Dylan for the first time. That was all it took for him to lock himself into his bedroom and learn the picking pattern to “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.” 

It wouldn’t take long for Jeff to find like-minded music fans who would join him to become The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Among these was Jimmie Fadden, who still drums with the band today, and a yet-to-be-discovered singer/songwriter named Jackson Browne.

With so many talented members, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band has amassed an impressive catalog over an expansive career that includes three Grammys. The band’s first single, back in 1967, was “Buy for Me the Rain,” which gained significant traction8 after the band appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. 

Since then, they’ve had numerous hit singles, such as “An American Dream,” “Fishing in the Dark” and their cover of “Mr. Bojangles.”

Over the years, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band has recorded or shared the stage with nearly every major player in country and folk music. This includes Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Johnny Cash, Roy Acuff, Doc Watson, John Prine and Linda Ronstadt. 

Their banjo player, John McCuen, even taught a young comedian named Steve Martin how to play. Later, the two would share the stage when Saturday Night Live featured The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band as the musical guest. 

In 1977, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band was the first American band to tour the Soviet Union, playing 28 sold-out shows.

Still Figuring Out How Not to Have to Work for a Living

Since day one, Jeff Hanna has been trying to figure out how not to work. Seems like he’s succeeded, and there have even been murmurings that he’s ready to retire from not working. 

Recently, life has come full circle, as The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s latest record is a tribute to the artist who started it all, Bob Dylan. Dirt Does Dylan, released in 2022, is the band’s 25th studio record. To get ready for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, visit some tracks from that album along with fan favorites from the band’s career:

For more information, visit

How ‘Bout You and Me Go Fishin’ in the Dark of The Island Showroom

Cast your line and hook yourself tickets for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s ALL THE GOOD TIMES: The Farewell Tour. This promises to be a unique retrospective of American music from the past 50+ years. You won’t want to miss it.

Show Details

  • Date: May 10th and 11th, 2024
  • Time: 8:00 PM
  • Location: Island Showroom
  • Tickets start at $45.

 Casinos in Eindhoven – Top Land-Based Gambling Destinations

Our article will cover the specifics and games of the three most popular land-based gambling establishments in Eindhoven. We will also provide you with information regarding the gambling regulations in the Netherlands, places you can stay in Eindhoven, and additional important information regarding the casinos. Read along to learn more.

Legality and Gambling Regulations in the Netherlands

Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands, and people from all over the world visit this exciting destination. There are many entertainment venues and facilities, including three large land-based gambling establishments that we will cover in this article.

Before we start exploring the three best gambling locations in the city of Eindhoven, we have to say a few words about the gambling laws, regulations and legality of land-based casinos in the Netherlands.

All Eindhoven casinos must abide by the responsible gambling policies in the Netherlands, and meet the requirements in the country. This is important to make sure the games and activities are absolutely fair, legal and safe.

All legal gambling operators, including the best online casinos in the Netherlands, must have a valid gambling licence, and players need to be of legal gambling age, which is 18 and over.

The Best Eindhoven Casinos – All You Need to Know

Our article will cover the best land-based establishments that are present in Eindhoven, NL. Further on in the post, you will learn everything you need to know about these popular gambling destinations.

All three of the top Eindhoven casinos follow the strict gambling laws and regulations of the country. They are licensed establishments and fully comply with the requirements of the Dutch Gaming Authority (Kanssepelautoriteit).

The next sections of our article will cover everything about these three gambling establishments in Eindhoven – the games, working hours, and all the essential information you’ll need to start your gaming adventure in this city.

You will also learn about places you can stay at if you’re not living in the city, and should you need more information about the gambling activities in the country, our post in Dutch about the online casinos in the NL can be quite helpful.

Holland Casino – Largest Eindhoven Establishment

River With Boats And Buildings Behind It
Located in the centre and the busiest part of Eindhoven rests the Holland Casino Establishment. This brick-and-mortar venue will provide excitement and a wonderful gambling adventure for every player, and in our opinion, is a place worth visiting.

This casino in Eindhoven isn’t exclusive to this city – it is a chain of establishments located in several parts of the Netherlands, but it’s good to see that it also has a branch in this popular Dutch city. The operator also has an online casino, as outlined in our Holland online casino review.

Here is some useful information regarding the establishment:

📛 Name: Holland Casino, Eindhoven
⏲️ Working Hours: 12 PM – 3 AM
📨 Address: Ten Hagestraat 6A, 5611 EG Eindhoven, NL
☎️ Phone Number: +31 88 090 0500
💻 Website:
🏨 Restaurants: Taste, Brasserie & Wines, Global Kitchen
💃🏻 Dress Code: Stylish
🎰 Games: Slots, Poker, Jackpots, Table Games

As one of the best Eindhoven land-based gaming establishments, Holland Casino provides its visitors with many amenities, such as a wide selection of games, luxurious restaurants, and frequent live events. There are over 120+ slot machines, part of the Mega Millions Jackpot – its progressive amount can reach 1,000,000€.

This Eindhoven casino’s game offerings include many live poker games and is hosting major poker events such as the Dutch Open Poker series. This makes up for an outstanding gambling experience for every visitor to this establishment.

The casino offers an outstanding selection of games. Some of the most popular slots include Jin Ji Bao Xi Grand, with a jackpot reaching €50,000, and others like Goldfish Feeding Time. There are also several roulette and blackjack tables.

Jack’s Casino in Eindhoven– Outstanding Game Choice

Like the Holland Casino, Jack’s also has an extensive selection of all game types. The casino offers a compelling package of amenities, ensuring that visitors have an outstanding experience. Here is some info regarding the location:

📛 Name: Jack’s Casino
⏲️ Working Hours: 8AM – 2AM
📨 Address: Aalsterweg 322, 5644 RL Eindhoven, NL
☎️ Phone Number: +31 40 244 9188
💻 Website:
🏨 Restaurants: Jack’s Bar & Restaurant
💃🏻 Dress Code: N/A
🎰 Games: Slots, Poker, Table Games

The games in this casino range from slots to table games like roulette and blackjack. There are over 20 live table games for you to enjoy, as well as 100 slot machines with varying jackpots.

Other amenities found in this casino in Eindhoven include a great shopping centre, luxurious restaurants and bars, and frequently hosted game tournaments.

The Jack’s Casino brand is well-known in the Netherlands, so visitors will be delighted with the provided services and casino games. Furthermore, the casino staff is very friendly and will happily assist you with anything.

Fair Play Eindhoven Casino – Fabulous Entertainment

Building With a Casino Sign Positioned on the Left
Fair Play is another exciting establishment for visitors to enjoy. It has over 30 branches in the Netherlands, and one of them is fortunately in Eindhoven. This only shows that the operator is a proven brand that shows commitment to players’ desires. You’ll find the key details for this venue below:

📛 Name: Fair Play Casino, Eindhoven
⏲️ Working Hours: 10 PM – 2 AM
📨 Address: Nieuwstraat 6-8, 5611 DB Eindhoven, NL
☎️ Phone Number: +31 40 244 1098
💻 Website:
🏨 Restaurants: No
💃🏻 Dress Code: N/A
🎰 Games: Slots, Poker, Roulette, Jackpots

Fair Play Casino does not provide accommodation, and there are no restaurants, so you’ll need to find an outside establishment if you want to grab a bite. Fortunately, it has a wide selection of games for players to enjoy.

Let’s talk about the casino’s games. They range from slot machines to poker and some table games. Fair Play includes 30 slot machines, some of which include Random Bells, Lucky 888, Extra Joker, and more. There are also roulette tables for you to enjoy, such as the Grand Crystal Roulette.

It’s important to mention that the Fair Play Casino has three branches across Eindhoven, allowing visitors to select the one that’s most comfortable for them.

Hotels, Parking Places and Restaurants in Eindhoven

 Large, Luxurious Hotel with a Big Pool
This section of our post will provide you with information regarding your stay in this city. You’ll learn more about the Eindhoven casino parking places, hotels you can stay in, and everything you need to have a comfortable experience in the city.

If you plan on visiting the Holland Casino, staying at the Little Grand Hotel in Eindhoven would be your best option. It encompasses all you would expect from a four-star hotel and is close to the casino, providing you with easy access. The Holland Casino’s restaurants will have you covered with the rest.

The Fair Play land-based establishment is located very close to the Holland Casino, so your choice would be either Crown Hotel Eindhoven or the Little Grand Hotel again.

Jack’s casino is located on the south side of Eindhoven, so transportation will likely be needed to reach it. Fortunately, like the other Eindhoven casinos, parking spaces are available. It’s good to see that all three main Eindhoven casinos are easily accessible for visitors and locals.

And if you ever plan to visit another city in the Netherlands, the casinos in Rotterdam will surely offer you a comparable and enjoyable experience to what you’ll have in Eindhoven.

Additional Information and Conclusion

It’s time to conclude our article regarding the casinos in Eindhoven and provide you with our final impressions. We can confidently say that the gambling experience in this Dutch city is going to leave you very satisfied. With three large casino establishments available at your disposal, you’re in for a good time.

The casinos are easy to reach, with excellent transportation, parking, and many hotels available nearby. The luxurious Holland Casino, for example, not only offers a perfect gambling experience but also provides its visitors with exceptional amenities such as a grand restaurant, bars and beautiful brick-and-mortar interior.

All of this ensures that you will certainly have a great time in Eindhoven, as it is a proven top gambling destination in the Netherlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the section below, you’ll find quick answers to the segments discussed in the blog. We covered a lot, and the most common inquiries are below – you can click on the links that will take you to the relevant section of the blog post.

1️⃣ What are the gambling laws in Eindhoven, NL?

The Netherlands has strict gambling laws in place to protect and ensure players have access to fair and legal services. Every casino must have a licence approved by the Kansspelautoriteit, and all players must be above 18 years of age to participate in gambling activities. All laws can be found in the Dutch Gaming Authority’s codex.

2️⃣ Which are the best land-based casinos in Eindhoven?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our post, the best land-based gaming establishments in Eindhoven are the Holland, Fair Play, and Jacks’s casinos. All three are guaranteed to provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience in a safe and friendly environment.

3️⃣ Where can I stay in Eindhoven, NL?

Fortunately, all three establishments have hotels near the Eindhoven casinos. For the Holland and Fair Play casinos, the Little Grand Hotel is recommended, while for Jack’s, you’ll need transportation as it’s located on the far south side of the city. All venues have many Eindhoven casino parking spaces.

4️⃣ Is Eindhoven a good gambling destination?

Absolutely. As we discussed in our post, our overall opinion about the Eindhoven casinos is a positive one. We believe that the gaming venues in this city will deliver an outstanding experience for all visitors. The establishments are easily accessible, and their games are of top quality.

Understanding Typical Preflop Opening Ranges

Starting hand selection is one of the first areas new poker players focus on, and rightly so. Improper starting hand selection falls into two camps: playing too loose or playing too tight. Most poker players know they should play tighter when in early position and loosen up the closer to the button they are. However, it is common for players to play too loose in early position and way too tight on the button.

Position Is Power

No-Limit Texas Hold’em is a game played with incomplete information because players’ hole cards remain a secret until the showdown. The closer to the button you are seated, the stronger your position because you get to see how the other players act before making your decision. Furthermore, the closer to the button you are, the fewer opponents you have to worry about if the action folds to you. Those two concepts mean you can play a wider range of hands in late position.

In this article, we will look at the starting hand ranges for a No-Limit Texas Hold’em online poker tournament, which is played on an eight-handed table, where the stack sizes are 100 big blinds, and where you are coming in for a raise. The hands you can and should play will likely surprise you.

Bear in mind that ranges can be fluid and should be adjusted according to your opponents’ tendencies. For example, you may want to drop some hands from the bottom of your range in early position if you have a particularly aggressive opponent who is continually three-betting.

Early Position

You should play relatively tight from early position for the reasons mentioned above. Hands that are strong or have the potential to make big hands are the order of the day.

A typical early position hand range looks something like this:

44+, T9s+, J9s+, QTs+ K8s+, A3s+, KQo+, AJo+

That looks like quite a lot of hands; it represents around 16% of all the possible starting hands. Although that list looks like a bizarre formula, it is easy to understand. For example, A3s+ means opening with a raise with suited ace-three or better, while KQo+ means raising with king-queen offsuit and stronger.

By having an early position opening range like this, you’ll keep your opponents guessing while not being too risky that you are playing like a crazy horse.

Middle Position

Your opening range from middle position is not entirely different from your early position hands because you still have most of the table to fight through. A typical middle position opening range consists of approximately 19% of starting hands, and looks a lot like this:

44+, 98s+, T8s+, Q9s+, K7s+, A2s+, KQo+, ATo+

You can also mix up your play by occasionally raising first in with hands like QJo and KJo.

The Lowjack

As we move closer to the button, our opening ranges expand. We are now in the lowjack, which is still middle position but three seats to the left of the button. A good lowjack opening raise consists of the following hands, which make up around 22% of all hands:

33+, 65s+, T8s+, J8s+, Q9s+, K5s+, A2s+, QJo+, KJo+, ATo+

The Hijack

The seat directly before the cutoff is known as the hijack because you have the opportunity to hijack the cutoff and button’s steal attempts. We should be playing around 27-28% of hands for a raise when first to act in the hijack, which looks a lot like:

22+, 54s+, 86s+, T7s+, J8s+, Q7s+, K4s+, A2s+, JTo+, QTo+, KTo+, A9o+

The Cutoff

Once you are first to act and are seated in the cutoff, things start getting interesting. Here, we should be opening with a raise with over 35% of the hands we are dealt because we have positional advantage. Check out what such a rage of hands consists of:

22+, 54s+, 75s+, 96s+, T6s+, J6s+, Q4s+, K2s+, A2s+, T9o+, QTo+, K9o+, A5o+

That is a lot of hands, and you may feel uncomfortable playing jack-six suited but your nerves will lessen in time.

The Button

Everyone knows to play loosely on the button when everyone else has folded, but did you know that the optimal opening range from the button with 100 big blind stacks contains over half of the possible Hold’em starting hands? You should be relentless from the button when first to act, playing the following range:

22+, 43s+, 53s+, 74s+, 85s+, 95s+, T3s+, J2s+, Q2s+, K2s+, A2s+, 87o+, T8o+, J8o+, Q8o+, K5o+, A2o+


The opening ranges shown in this article are not set in stone, but give you an idea of the hands you should be raising first in with in a typical No-Limit Hold’em tournament when everyone has 100 big blind stacks. They’re not a whole lot different even down to 40 big blind stacks either.

Playing so many hands from the button seems absurd, but that is what equity calculators suggest based on the mathematics working behind the scenes. Obviously, if you are on the button and the small or big blind is three-betting frequently, you may want to stop attacking them with ten-four suited!

You will notice that we have neglected to discuss playing from the blinds. That is intentional because blind versus blind play is complex, requiring a dedicated article that will come to the PartyPoker Blog soon.

Katsubet Casino Review 2024 | Bonuses, Win Rate & Games

Win Rate: 96%

Payout Time: Instant for crypto and e-wallet, up to 5 working days for bank

Payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Paysafecard, MiFinity, MuchBetter, AstroPay, Skrill, Neteller, Neosurf, Cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, USDT, ADA, TRX)

Minimum Deposit: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro – $1; MiFinity, Neosurf, AstroPay, Skrill, Neteller – $20; MuchBetter, Paysafecard – $10; Cryptocurrencies – Varies

Number of games: 7,000+

Bonuses: Up to $6,000 + 200 Free Spins Or Up to 5 BTC + 200 Free Spins

Wagering requirements: 35x

  • Gigantic game library with 7,000+ games
  • Welcome bonuses, regular promos, and a VIP program
  • Cryptocurrencies are supported
  • Fully secured and licensed casino
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Fee applicable on some banking options
  • Live chat is not quite good

Katsubet is a premium online gambling platform that was launched in 2020. The casino operates with a valid gambling license and ensures a safe and fair virtual gambling experience for their players. Additionally, I was very impressed with Katsubet Casino’s game catalog, the bonuses I was offered, and the instant banking options available. I signed up at the casino through the quick registration process and started exploring the site. I first visited the games section, and the number available there was mind-boggling. I could choose from over 7,000 premium games, which were divided between slots, live games, table games, jackpots, and every other type of casino game you can think of. The casino also brought new and hot games for me to check out, providing unlimited entertainment opportunities.

I also loved how diverse the banking section of Katsubet Casino was. I could make payments in cryptocurrencies or use conventional banking options to pay with fiat. There were some amazing bonuses as well at Katsubet Casino, which I could claim starting with my first deposit. I had some concerns regarding Katsubet’s support system, as it was a bit slow. On the other hand, the security features were good, and I had no concerns regarding the legitimacy of the casino. In this Katsubet Casino review, I will conduct an in-depth analysis of their features and share my thoughts.

Games: 9.9/10

“Diverse” does not do justice when describing Katsubet’s game catalog. I consider their game library a portal to unlimited entertainment where you can play thousands of games across all niches. Katsubet offers more than 7,000 games and this number is constantly increasing. The casino keeps on adding new and improved titles as they come out, making sure their players have access to the best in the gambling industry. Katsubet has slots, table games, card games, jackpots, live dealer games, instant games, themed games, and much more. There are separate sections for new and hot games as well, which I think are great places for newbies to start with. If you are a high-profile gambler, I also recommend checking out the tournaments section and competing with others to win exciting rewards and prizes.

I also liked the beginner-friendly vibe of Katsubet and their easy-to-navigate interface. Different types of games had their own dedicated sections which I could visit and explore. Katsubet also provided me with advanced search options, making things even easier. I could use the search bar and fetch any game I liked by entering a keyword or the game title. There was also a complete list of game studios, allowing me to select any of the names and have their games displayed. The most interesting thing was that all of the game studios available on that list were top-of-the-line. Microgaming, Play’N Go, Betsoft Gaming, and ELK are some of my favorites and there were many more in the list.

At this point, I had a pretty good idea of what type of gaming experience I was going to get at Katsubet. The games I played proved me right with the overall performance I got to experience. Most of the titles at Katsubet Casino offered the option to play them in demo mode or real mode. Selecting a game would lead to a dedicated page for that game, where I was also provided with the choice to enter fullscreen mode or mark that game as a favorite. The games did not take long to load, indicating they were optimized even for old laptops like mine. With the in-game interface, I could easily place bets, edit the bet amount, set up automatic betting, and change the game settings. Most games also had guides, info, and pay tables, allowing players to understand how the game was played.

Most importantly, I had a smooth, flawless, and lag-free casino gaming experience at Katsubet Casino. There was no stuttering, and the games were always responsive to my commands. Even with a slow internet connection, I never had a problem playing at Katsubet Casino. The graphics of the games were top-notch as well. The theme selection was great, the visuals were engaging, and the animations were highly detailed. I also came across some live games at Katsubet Casino, which supported up to 4K streaming. I joined several live rooms where different casino games were played. I could interact with the live agents, chat with other players, and place my bets on-stream.

Bonuses: 9.9/10

When it comes to bonuses, Katsubet Casino is a haven for all types of players. The casino offers a wide range of bonuses and deals, which also include a welcome bonus and a VIP program for continued bonuses. In my case, I started my journey at Katsubet Casino with their welcome promo and was really happy with what I was offered. In fact, there were two different choices I could go with when claiming the welcome bonus. I could either claim it by depositing crypto and get up to 5 BTC or make deposits through fiat to claim a bonus of up to $6,000. There were free spins as well in both cases; however, I was required to make multiple deposits in order to claim the entire amount. To understand the whole welcome bonus at Katsubet Casino better, you can take a look below:

  • First deposit – 100% up to 1.5 BTC + 100 Free Spins
  • Second deposit – 75% up to 1.25 BTC + 100 Free Spins
  • Third deposit – 50% up to 1.25 BTC
  • Fourth deposit – 100% up to 1 BTC
  • First deposit – 100% up to $400 + 100 Free Spins
  • Second deposit – 75% up to $600 + 100 Free Spins
  • Third deposit – 50% up to $1,000
  • Fourth deposit – 100% up to $4,000

I liked the welcome bonus with crypto more and decided to go with this particular option. Additionally, there were a few terms and conditions regarding the bonus which I had to keep in mind. First off, there was a minimum deposit requirement of $20 when claiming the bonus through fiat and 0.00072 BTC (around $30), when using crypto. The bonus and the free spins had wagering requirements of 35 times, which I had to complete in order to be able to withdraw my winnings from the bonus. Also, the free spins were only available on specified games, and the max cashout was capped at $100 for them. However, there was no cap on winnings from the bonus amount, so I could withdraw as much as I won. Lastly, I was given 14 days to complete the wagering requirements, or the bonus would be considered void and taken out of my account.

I also found exciting ongoing promos for regular players at Katsubet Casino. There were new game deals where I could try the latest titles and get free spins to enjoy. There were day-specific bonuses, including reload bonus, cash back bonus, loot boxes, and more. There was a weekend deal as well, along with a birthday surprise, daily cashback of up to 10%, and much more. Katsubet Casino also has a VIP program consisting of eight different levels. Each level comes with better perks like increased withdrawal limits, a personal VIP host, a better points-exchange rate, exclusive rewards, and more.

Deposits and Withdrawals: 8/10

I was mostly satisfied with how my banking experience turned out at Katsubet Casino, but there were a few things that I would love to see fixed. If I first talk about the positives, Katsubet Casino supports cryptocurrencies and several fiat currencies like AUD, USD, NZD, JPY, and more. I could switch between any of those through the banking section and get the available banking options associated with those currencies. For the part that matters to me the most, there were many safe, secure, and fast banking options that I could use at the casino. Those options included payments through credit and debit cards, e-wallets, payment vouchers, and direct crypto payments.

On the other hand, some popular banking options were only available for a certain currency only. For instance, I could only make deposits via credit and debit cards if I had selected NZD as my primary currency. Likewise, some popular e-wallet options like Neteller were only available with USD. Katsubet Casino also charges a certain fee on some banking options, which, again, can be a turn-off for many players. Keeping all these factors in mind, I decided to deposit from my crypto wallet, claim the welcome bonus, and start playing. You can take a look below to find out the complete range of banking options available at Katsubet Casino.


  • Visa (Min. $1 – $4,000) – 2.5% Fee
  • Mastercard (Min. $1 – $4,000) – 2.5% Fee
  • Maestro (Min. $1 – $4,000) – 2.5% Fee
  • Paysafecard (Min. $10 – $4,000)
  • MiFinity (Min. $20 – $1,000)
  • MuchBetter (Min. $10 – $4,000)
  • AstroPay (Min. $20 – $500)
  • Skrill (Min. $20 – $4,000)
  • Neteller (Min. $20 – $4,000)
  • Neosurf (Min. $20 – $6,000)
  • Cryptocurrencies – BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, USDT, ADA, TRX (Limit varies)

The availability of banking options depends on what currency you select from the cashier section. All deposits are processed instantly.


  • Visa (Min. $20 – $4,000)
  • Mastercard (Min. $20 – $4,000)
  • Maestro (Min. $20 – $4,000)
  • Bank Transfer (Min. $200 – $4,000)
  • Virtual Card Transfer (Min. $20 – $4,000)
  • E-Wallets – Availability Varies (Min. $20 – $4,000)
  • Cryptocurrencies – BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, USDT, ADA, TRX (Limit varies)

All withdrawals except bank transfers are processed instantly; bank transfers may take up to 5 days to process. Moreover, I was required to verify my identity at Katsubet Casino before I could receive my first withdrawal. After the verification process, I requested multiple withdrawals, and they were all processed immediately.

Mobile Gaming: 9.5/10  

Katsubet Casino promises their players a smooth and full-fledged casino gaming experience on their mobile devices as well. For that, the casino brings their mobile-optimized and responsive website that works with all portable devices. I went even further and tried finding any official and dedicated mobile apps of Katsubet Casino, but they were of no use. The only option was to stick with the mobile-optimized website and see how well it works. I opened the Chrome browser on my mobile and entered the URL of Katsubet Casino, and the site appeared instantly. The homepage boasted the welcome bonus on top, and upon scrolling, I came across some of the games Katsubet Casino had. I could log in to my existing account, create a new one, and get started just as I would on my laptop. Once I logged in, I was also given full access to my account features. I could make deposit withdrawals, change account settings, check out bonuses, and, of course, play any game I wanted.

To play the games, I visited the games section, and the entire library of Katsubet Casino appeared in front of me. I could either visit the dedicated sections, filter the library, or search for any particular title. Even on my mobile, I had the option to play games in demo mode. I could also go fullscreen and have a relatively better viewing and in-game navigating experience. The games loaded as quickly as they did on my laptop; I could easily place bets through the provided interface and have long gaming sessions. There were no lag or freezing issues, which are quite common in mobile gaming. The games were visually top-notch as well; the graphics seemed realistic and high-definition, and it did not feel like there was any change in my casino gaming experience.

Customer Support: 6/10  

Honestly, I was expecting better from Katsubet Casino in their support department, but I was left disappointed. At first, I was quite happy to see that the casino has several ways of communication for their users. I could get in touch with them through live chat support or email support and have my questions answered. However, the live chat support was completely automated, and I had to deal with an AI bot. Even after trying several times, I could not get it to understand that I wanted to talk to a real agent, and it would continually refer me to the official email address of the casino. I could only conclude that there were no live agents at Katsubet Casino, and the email was the only way to get an official response. However, the bot did have some pre-made templates and automated info that I could fetch. However, it was not useful for complex situations or particular questions.

That is when I tried sending an email to the casino’s email address. While I received a professional and detailed response, I had to wait a few hours before my problem could be resolved. Besides that, Katsubet Casino also has help pages like FAQs, terms and conditions, and privacy policies to check out. I took a look at these and found a lot of info that helped me understand the casino better.

Security and Licensing: 9.7/10  

Even before I signed up at Katsubet Casino, I verified their licensing details and was satisfied with all the information I was provided. The first green flag was that the casino was owned and operated by one of the largest gambling groups on the internet, Dama N.V. It is a company based in Curacao, with a valid registration number and registered address, and adheres to all gambling laws and regulations. Most importantly, Dama N.V. has obtained a valid gambling license from Antillephone N.V., which was authorized by the government of Curacao. I have also attached the official licensing certificate given to Dama N.V., which mentions the registered website, Katsubet Casino, in this case, the license number, contact details, and the validity status.

Katsubet Casino also utilizes state-of-the-art security features and creates a safe gambling environment. They have enforced SSL encryption on the entire site, which is helpful in safeguarding the private info at the casino. I was also provided with features like two-factor authorization, session history, transaction history, game tracking, and preferences set up to be updated with all account activity. With the identity verification system in place, Katsubet Casino also ensures no fraudulent activity takes place.


Katsubet is one of the best online casinos available. They have an aspect or two where they can improve, but for the most part, I was really happy with my overall experience at the casino. I had access to over 7,000 casino games across every popular casino gaming category. The games were compatible with mobile devices, and I got the same smooth, flawless, and visually pleasing gaming experience. I also loved the wide range of regular bonuses, welcome promo, the VIP program and the tournaments, which spiced things up for me.

The banking options were pretty good, but they could get rid of the fee and increase the payment methods for some fiat currencies. Also, customer support can be improved by adding live agents to their live chat support. Besides that, the security was good, the casino was licensed, and there was nothing hidden from the public. I recommend checking out Katsubet Casino and experiencing their diverse range of services yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Katsubet Casino is a safe and secure gambling platform that has been in business since 2020. The casino also has a valid gambling license from Curacao Gaming and has state-of-the-art security features.

What banking options are available at Katsubet Casino?

Katsubet Casino offers a wide range of banking options, including cryptocurrencies, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and payment vouchers.

How long does it take to withdraw money at Katsubet Casino?

Crypto and e-wallet withdrawals are processed immediately at Katsubet Casino. However, it may take up to 5 business days for bank withdrawals to process.

19 Cheap Things To Do In Vegas

Las Vegas can be expensive, especially if you’ve brought the kids. Luckily, there are plenty of fun cheap things to do in Vegas.

I’ve compiled a list of the 19 best activities to do in Sin City for under $35. We wanted to make it under $20, but you know, inflation.

After all, I wouldn’t want you to miss the thrill of the Mob Museum or the view of Las Vegas by night from the Eiffel Tower over a few bucks. To balance it out, I’ve also thrown in some great free things to try.

1. Gondola Rides At The Venetian ($34pp)

Gondola rides at The Venetian Las Vegas
Image credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ/Flickr, PDM 1.0

The singing gondoliers of The Venetian have been entertaining Las Vegas visitors for more than two decades now. It’s quite the photo experience and not to be missed. It’s one of the most popular cheap things to do in Vegas during the day.

If you don’t want to spend the $34, discount tickets or coupons are usually available in coupon books handed out on the Strip, or you can watch and listen for free along the promenade.

Inside the Venetian hotel, 10am to 10pm.

2. Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign ($0)

Welcome to Vegas sign
Image credit: Ken Lane/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The first thing you can see as you enter the Las Vegas Strip from the South is this Las Vegas sign, which has been featured in visitors’ photo books for more than sixty years. It’s one of the most popular cheap things to do in Las Vegas.

Over the past couple of decades, though, much work has been done to make it easier to get that snapshot. More parking and safer, easier access to the median where the sign sits have been added.

5100 Las Vegas Boulevard, 24/7.

3. Pinball Hall Of Fame (Bring Quarters)

Pinball Hall of Fame
Image credit: Pinball Hall of Fame

Just a block from the Las Vegas sign sits the Pinball Museum. With hundreds of Pinball and amusement machines still in working order and ready for you to play, you could spend hours out here for just two bits if you’re some sort of Pinball wizard.

Otherwise, you’re probably going to need a more reasonable $5 or $10 per player. It’s one of the best cheap things to do in Vegas with family – keep the kids entertained for hours!

4925 Las Vegas Boulevard, 10am to 9pm.

4. Big Apple Roller Coaster at New York New York Hotel ($25+)

Big Apple rollercoaster at New York New York hotel
Image credit: New York-New York Hotel & Casino

Race above New York and plunge right through Lady Liberty on this thrill ride featuring a 200-foot-plus drop at over 65 mph in a New York City cab.

This one is excellent day or night, and with several loops and drops as it races around the casino, it’s bound to get your heart pumping. More than 1.5 million riders a year can’t be wrong. Plus, it’s part of one of the best arcades in Vegas, featuring over 200 games.

New York New York Hotel, 11am to 11pm.

5. Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Hotel ($24.50)

Eiffel Tower replica in Vegas
Image credit: Pexels/Freerange

46 stories above the Las Vegas Strip is a view along the deck of the Paris Hotel’s half-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. Best seen at night, it’s a breathtaking spectacle of all of Sin City, laid out in front of you in all her neon glory. The Las Vegas skyline has never been so la la la.

Even the ride to get there is stunning, and there’s probably no more romantic spot in town. Possibly one of the best cheap things to do in Vegas for couples. There are also discounts for seniors and locals.

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas Strip, 12pm to 12am.

6. Neon Museum ($20-$45)

Neon Museum
Image credit: Jeremy Thompson, CC BY 2.0

This isn’t some hike through a sign graveyard. Well, it isn’t JUST a hike through a sign graveyard. They’ve got tour guides and augmented reality displays, and at night, they turn the neon on and light up the desert. It’s probably one of the coolest cheaps thing to do in Vegas.

You can even get a helicopter tour over the museum at night to see it all from above. The Neon Museum is really unlike any museum you’ve been to before. And it’s beyond Instagrammable at night.

There are several different prices depending on which tour and add-ons you like. It’s gotten so popular you may want to get tickets in advance.

770 Las Vegas Blvd North, 2pm to 10pm.

7. Skypod at the Stratosphere ($20+)

Thrill Ride (Super Shot) on top of the Stratosphere, Las Vegas
Image credit: Alex Proimos/Wikipedia Commons

Skypod at the Strat is a two-level observation deck at the top of the 1150-foot Stratosphere hotel tower. The $20 is just for the view, but if you’ve ever wanted to bungee jump from 1,000 feet up or asked yourself wouldn’t it be great if there was a roller coaster wrapped around the top of this enormously tall building, the Strat has answers, albeit pricey ones.

There’s also a restaurant and bar up there, so you can make a several-hour stay out of it if you want, and really get your $20 worth. The view of the Las Vegas skyline is simply breathtaking.

Strat Hotel, 10am to1am.

8. Food Trucks (Varies)

Taco food truck
Image credit: biggifraley/Pixabay

Food, like everything else in Las Vegas, is expensive and overhyped. But some fantastic food trucks with great food and reasonable prices are hidden right off the Las Vegas Strip, or scattered downtown.

Try out some of the best ones like Buddy’s Jersey Eats in the 3000 Block of Las Vegas Boulevard. Or track down the daily setups for local Las Vegas favorites like El Taco, AntidoteLV, or the world-famous fried mac and cheese egg rolls at Stripcheeze. Though simple, it’s still one of the best cheap things to do in Vegas.

You can see locations and daily menus on Instagram or Facebook.

9. Mob Museum ($35)

Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada
Image credit: APK/Wikipedia Commons

One of our favorite Sin City spots, this downtown Las Vegas museum relives the sordid past of the organized crime families that ran Las Vegas for decades.

It’s not just a display of blood-splattered mobster clothing and pictures of hits gone awry. This state-of-the-art museum has a firearms training simulator, a Crime Lab that shows how Medical Examiners process bullet-riddled crime scenes for evidence and, of course, a Prohibition Era Distillery tour. There are even whispers of a password-protected speakeasy somewhere in the building.

300 Stewart Avenue, 9am to 9pm.

10. Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art ($18)

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art
Image credit: Smart Destinations/Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Home to a priceless art exhibit, this relatively small museum has hosted exhibitions of Picasso, Degas, and Faberge, along with many other modern art masterpieces. Since exhibits revolve, you may want to see what they have on display when you arrange your tickets.

Sadly, the $130 million Picasso, La Reve, that former Bellagio owner Steve Wynn accidentally put his elbow through, has been repaired and sold off. An oopsie like that would be hard to pass up.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino, 10am to 5:30pm.

11. The Las Vegas Strip ($0)

Las Vegas strip
Image credit: PxHere, CC0 1.0

There is no place like the Las Vegas Strip at night. There is an energy, a distant hum, that gets in your head. It’s the desert air, the billions of dollars in neon, and the people. Mostly the people. There is no better place to people-watch than the Las Vegas strip just before Midnight.

Wander out and see the whole cross-section of America, heck, the world, mixed along just a few blocks of one of the most famous streets in the world. You may be unable to describe or even capture it in pictures. But you will never forget it. It will always remain one of the best cheap things to do in Vegas.

Desert Inn Road to Tropicana Avenue, nightly.

12. Ethel M Chocolate Factory ($0, Chocolate Extra)

Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour

This factory is named for Ethel Mars, the mother of Forest Mars, who introduced the world to M&M’s and dozens of other one-of-a-kind American chocolate bars and treats. It’s where Forest came after he retired from the Mars company and started a new business dedicated to craft, small-batch chocolate.

Just minutes from Las Vegas in Henderson, you can tour the factory, visit their renowned three-acre cactus garden, and, most importantly, taste some of this award-winning chocolate.

2 Cactus Garden Drive Henderson, 10am to 6pm.

13. Hoover Dam Tour ($30+)

Hoover Dam, East of Las Vegas
Image credit: Shawn Hartley/Wikipedia Commons

Looking for cheap things to do in Las Vegas off the strip? The best-guided tours of Hoover Dam will let you not only tour the almost 90-year-old dam and power plant, but also admire views of the dam from two points. First, from the Black Rock Canyon, and second, from the Colorado River (down-water side, looking up). This view allows you to fully understand the massive undertaking that building this 700-foot dam must have been.

Some tours will also include lunch. Depending on the type of tour, you will need to set aside at least four hours to get there and back.

14. Mount Charleston (Varies)

Mount Charleston, Nevada
Image credit: jpellgen/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Mount Charleston is the high peak you can see northeast of Las Vegas. While only 45 minutes away from Vegas, most tourists and even some locals never seem to visit. It’s covered in hiking trails, and there’s both a lodge and a restaurant.

In the summer, it can be 30 degrees cooler on the mountain, and in the winter, they have a small ski resort that you can sojourn to. Tours can be pricey and crowded, but you can often get a rental car for as low as $15 a day in the off-season. It’s a great trip if you want to get out of town and see some of the beautiful nature surrounding the Las Vegas Valley.

15. Bellagio Fountains ($0)

Bellagio Fountains
Image: melfoody/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Bellagio Fountains cover eight acres and use more than 1200 fountain heads, some of which shoot columns of water up to 450 feet in the air. Synchronized with a soundtrack and light show, this is a not-to-be-missed attraction, especially considering the price point. Shows are every half hour but are best seen on a clear night after sunset.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino, 3pm to 12am.

16. Fremont Street Experience ($0)

Fremont Experience
Image: FeelingVegas/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Downtown Las Vegas is home to the Fremont Street experience: six blocks of debauchery shoehorned under a neon roof. While it earned the nickname Glitter Gulch as far back as the 1950s, the 50 million LED lights that cover Fremont today put the old moniker to shame. Free concerts, free street performers, cheap food and a zipline soaring high above it all make this a not-be-missed roadside attraction.

Freemont Street, 24/7.

17. Linq High Roller ($23.50+)

Linq High Roller, Vegas
Image credit: Garrett/Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Billed as America’s largest wheel ride, the 500-foot Vegas Eye is a beautiful piece of machinery that lets you get a look at Las Vegas from 50 stories up. Each cabin can hold up to 40 people and generally spends about half an hour making a complete revolution. This allows you to get a good look in all directions and take pictures to your heart’s content.

Outside drinks are allowed, but no glasses or coolers. If you prefer the Happy Hour cabin, you can get a ride and free drinks for a bit more.

Linq Hotel and Casino, 2pm to12 am.

18. Dive In Movies at the Cosmopolitan ($10+)

This one is a hidden gem. Starting in May and running through the end of September, the Cosmo holds outdoor movie night every Monday at their Boulevard Pool. It’s a massive 270-square-foot screen with some curated movie experiences like Aquaman or The Goonies.

Plus, if you’re a local, it’s only $10 per person and $15 for tourists not staying at the Cosmo. Splurge and rent one of the huge daybeds or just lounge on an air mattress in the pool.

The Cosmopolitan, doors open at 7pm.

19. Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay ($29)

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay
Image credit: Daniel Parks/Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0

The Shark Reef Aquarium has 1.3 million gallons of water which is home to more than 2,000 fish and critters. Also on exhibit in this walk-through aquarium is over 200 shark species for your viewing pleasure.

This a great place to get out of that Nevada sun and spend an afternoon in a dreamy underwater world. Besides the main exhibit, you can feed the sharks or pet the stingrays for an upcharge. Plus try out their 4-D immersive video diving experience.

Mandalay Bay, 10am to 7:30pm.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing, fun cheap things to do in Vegas, so have a great trip!


What is a good budget for a Vegas trip?

As with so much in Las Vegas, it depends on what you want to do. A $100 a day per person would be a good baseline starting point, and then work your way up from there. If you gamble even on the penny slots for eight hours a day, you better have a large bankroll. If you don’t mind a slightly less ritzy hotel and enjoy hiking or exploring the less expensive things Las Vegas has to offer, you can enjoy Las Vegas for much less.

Is $100 a day enough for Las Vegas?

The average tourist spends more than $300 daily, so it depends on what you want to accomplish. If you’re willing to stay farther South on the Las Vegas Strip at properties like Excalibur and Luxor, which have rooms at $20 to $30 a day, dine off the Strip, and use our cheap things to do in Vegas list (or even better, our free things to do in Las Vegas list), it could be done.

How much money do I need to have fun in Las Vegas?

Money doesn’t equal fun, not even in Las Vegas. That guy betting $20k a hand at the Bellagio, maybe staying in a $40,000 dollar-a-night suite and eating at five-star restaurants every night, is probably having less fun than some Vegas first-timers, eating 99-cent Midway hotdogs at Circus Circus and staying in some downtown hotel for $25 a night. Vegas is what you make it.

Is $1000 enough for four days In Las Vegas?

Sure. You could put yourself together a nice itinerary with $1,000 for four days. Use the coupon books and look for deals to make the most of your money.

What is the cheapest way around Las Vegas?

The monorail is $13 a day for unlimited rides up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Busses are clean and cheap and, while a bit slow, can take you anywhere you want to go for $8 unlimited a day. You can also rent electric bikes from the Las Vegas Transit Authority for $5 daily.

IDnow and netID cooperate for identity wallet

IDnow to become an active part of the European netID Foundation’s ecosystem

Munich, January 30, 2024 – IDnow, a leading identity verification platform provider in Europe, announces its cooperation with the European netID Foundation. The goal: The introduction of an identity wallet for netID users in Germany as an alternative to the offerings of US platforms.

Developed by IDnow, the netID Wallet app will be available for users to download later this year and will allow them to reuse and share stored digital identities.

Self-determined and even simpler reuse of identities

netID is an open standard that enables users to access online services of netID partners (among others Süddeutsche Zeitung, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, ProSiebenSat.1 and United Internet with the WEB.DE and GMX brands) via the same login details, all in compliance with data protection regulations. The introduction of the identity wallet will make storing and retrieving identities even easier for around 40 million potential users.

Bundled in one digital location, users can access and verify proof of identity such as ID cards, driving licenses, social security data and much more on their smartphone at any time – making everyday processes more efficient. netID partners, in turn, can significantly simplify their processes for verifying customer data, for example for invoice purchases, and thus make them more cost-effective.

Wallet can be used by the partners of the netID ecosystem

The initial verification of the user’s identity to create the wallet is carried out using the proven IDnow solutions. Once the identity has been confirmed and the digital wallet has been successfully created, the user decides with whom they want to share what data. Anyone who uses the wallet once to register with a mobile phone provider, for example, can use it again at any time with one of the partners in the netID ecosystem for verified identification.

The wallet is another step toward the future: the European Commission is about to publish a new version of the eIDAS regulation (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services), which is expected to come into force in 2024. All EU citizens should have a digital identity by 2030. The launch of the netID Wallet supports this goal.

“netID has been simplifying digital life in Germany since it was founded. Transparency and data protection have always been at the heart of what we do. We see the netID Wallet as the logical next step in the further development of the netID offering. Thanks to the cooperation with IDnow, we can offer our users secure and user-friendly identity verification that will even be able to serve regulated use cases in compliance with eIDAS in the future,” explains Uli Hegge, CEO of the European netID Foundation.

“We are delighted to have gained a trustworthy partner for our identity wallet in Germany in the form of the European netID Foundation and to be an active part of the netID ecosystem in the future,” says Uwe Stelzig, Managing Director DACH at IDnow.

“IDnow and netID pursue similar goals in terms of data security and user-friendliness, which we are now also pursuing together in identity verification. With the introduction of the wallet, users no longer have to identify themselves again and again, but can save their verified identities and simply reuse them the next time. In this way, netID partners can offer their users even faster and secure access to their services,” continues Stelzig.

Poker Strategies to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

Numerous strategies exist that can help poker players refine their key cognitive choices, and with any slight edge in the game being huge in 2024, we’ve taken a look at some of the ways you can take your decision-making in poker to the next level.


Every poker player worth their salt sits down at the table prepared to bring their A-Game, and in the key moments, make the right decisions. Not everyone can do that, of course, but the first thing to establish is what those key moments actually are. It is impossible to remain focused for a 12-hour day at the poker felt, so ascertaining what makes an important decision is vital.

Chess players often speak about focus being a movable scale rather than a binary ability that, like a switch, is either ‘on’ or ‘off’. Focus can be soft or hard in poker too. An example of soft focus might be the sort of spot where you’re not involved in a poker hand, but when the players who are reach showdown and have to display their hole cards, you make sure to look up from your phone and take note of these shown cards. Hard focus might be an all-in hand you’re involved in where either your stack or your opponent’s ends up being totally at risk.

Determining what should demand your total focus is a personal opinion, but it can often be summarized as a decision that has a big effect on your own place at the table or someone else’s. The biggest moments in your favorite poker shows are likely to tell you what those are. We’ll all remember where we were when Vanessa Selbst couldn’t quite find the fold with a full house in the first level of the WSOP Main Event against Gaëlle Baumann. We can probably all recall the first time we saw Erik Seidel’s call after Johnny Chan’s infamous ‘Look to the Sky’ in the 1988 WSOP Main Event.

The big moments require total focus. Would Selbst or Seidel have acted differently with a better ability to focus? Those hands are tough to formulate a cohesive plan of attack in and marginal when it comes to the final decisions, so it is unlikely. But unless you find yourself deep in an event you could win millions in, your own ‘hard focus’ moments are likely to be simpler – if you put yourself in the position to make optimal strategic decisions.

Emotional Control: Pre-Match Preparation

Every poker player must prepare for a poker tournament or cash game in the right way. For some, this will be a large bank of sleep to preserve their mental energy for the big moments. For others, such as Tight Poker columnist and former champion ultra-runner Dara O’Kearney, it could be invigorating the mind and body with a long run in the days before a major event.

Whatever your method, pre-match preparation to put your mind, body, and soul in the right place is vitally important. Poker decisions made by a tired mind will be lacking. Physical stamina is important late in days when events are won and lost or when the biggest cash game pots are scooped. Feeling comfortable and in the right mental state to execute decisions effectively is pivotal to making a profit in poker.

There are any number of ways of preparing yourself, but few are better than the old adage that you are the sum of two vital human basics – what you eat and how you sleep. Mastering a good routine in both respects is crucial. With nutrition and rest, the twin pillars upon which to base your preparation, how you plan for a cash game session, multi-table tournament (MTT), or live event is almost a case of trial and error. You can read about what others do, but your own gauge of how each process refinement affects your performance (short-term) and results (long-term) will be key.

I once asked an elite player who won a lot of money playing online poker how he prepared for a final day in a big SCOOP, WCOOP, or other such MTTs. He replied with one of the most unique answers I ever heard to such a simplistic kind of question. He said that around an hour before the final day – or any poker session! – kicked off, he would go out into his garden armed with a blindfold. He would scatter a selection of items in his garden and take a mental picture with his mind.

Then he would put the blindfold on and attempt to walk to the end of the garden, touch the fence, turn around, and come back to his back door. If he struck an object in his path, he would have to start again. When he made it all the way to the fence and back without striking any objects, he would remove the blindfold and be ready to play.

The Power of Mathematics

The 17-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth once responded to questions about his mathematical capabilities by confidently declaring that he knew the odds of any poker hand to within two decimal places. The answer may have owed a little bravado to the formative era of The Poker Brat, but there was an element of truth to it too. Hellmuth’s math knowledge was so good that his victory in the WSOP Main Event of 1989 changed the game and allowed those who focused on numbers to take incrementally large steps forward in the game of poker.

In this fresh era of GTO (Game Theory Optimal) play, mathematical ability is infinitely more important to this day. Poker, by its very definition, is a sum game that relies on incomplete information being interpreted by the players involved, and only by understanding the odds and probabilities of certain cards coming can you make correct mathematical decisions.

From push-fold charts to post-flop strategy, studying the numbers is often time-consuming and a difficult theory to immerse yourself in. Breaking it down into bite-sized pieces of advice to digest is important, as is taking in the information in a format that your brain responds to positively. From video training to strategy books, via tactics discussed on podcasts to online articles such as these, doing the work is vital, so make sure you do it well.

Adapting to Opponents: Examples of Key Decisions

Poker is full of tough decisions, but if you build up a list of questions in your mind ahead of those decisions approaching then you’ll be best prepared to deal with them when they come along. The first consideration you should make is towards your opponent, with the player more important than the cards you’re taking on at all times. Ask yourself how they are playing, whether they have been aggressive or passive and whether they are stepping out of character with their behavior in the current hand.

Once you have a handle on your opponent(s) emotionally, consider your own perceived image to them. Are they displaying any tells or behaving in a way that is dramatically different from their previously demonstrated patterns? Also consider your table position in relation to your enemy – then you’ll be able to appraise the situation in a more strategic manner and take advantage of any weakness.

Poker is all about gathering relevant information and making the best decision based on that data. Using logic, you’ll then be able to make that key decision with as much confidence as you can possibly have. From there, the cards will decide.

Being a Hero

Key decisions are often those moments where outside observers will look back on and say either ‘How did they make that call?’ or “What a great fold – how could they lay that down?’ Making the Hero Call or the Hero Fold is tough and will often be decisive in how your major result came around. Look at the past WSOP Main Events and you can probably remember an amazing fold or hero call that the champion made.

Making a big lay down is essentially laying down a really good hand when you have worked out that your hand is still beat by one that is even better. While it is hard to have any kind of strategy that declares ‘I’m going to make a hero fold/call today’ at the beginning of the action, you should certainly be confident that should it come down to it, you can make that tough decision. These often come from the gut, that part of you that just knows you’re losing or winning in a certain spot.

I once spoke to the great Sam Razavi, a British poker professional who has made a career making huge plays. In one particular tournament, he won solely the title and around $50,000 in prize money purely because he made one great bluff at a key moment. He’d worked out his opponent’s hand down to almost the exact cards and followed through on his gut feeling with total conviction.

Sam told me that gut feeling was really the accumulation of knowledge over time and your brain then telling you that for reasons based on cognitive ‘muscle memory’, you can make the right call. Should you be wrong, that supposedly impulsive instinct is then refined over time, and your gut feelings then become more informed, often without you being fully conscious of the thought process.

We’d all like to do such things but jumping across that ‘Execution Gap’ between believing we are doing the right thing then actually pulling the trigger is much harder than it sounds.

Taking on Tilt

Let’s talk about tilt. Not just in your own game, but in that of others too. Tilt in poker is reacting emotionally to a poker hand and letting that emotion affect the next hand or even several after. This is often associated with taking a bad beat. Let’s say you are all-in with pocket queens against the pocket sevens of a player with three-quarters of your stack in a big live event. As all the chips are committed pre-flop, another player tells the at-risk player with sevens that they folded a seven too. Then, a seven lands on the river, and you’ve lost a huge chunk of your stack to a one-outer.

That kind of bad beat could easily affect you thereafter. Down from possibly 200 big blinds to under 30, you’ll have to adjust your play accordingly and have fallen a long way back down the ladder despite playing the hand perfectly. Overriding the sense of justice is difficult, and you will need to strategize completely differently, possibly for hours or days of the event. Getting over this ‘tilt’ feeling is hard, but it can be just as hard if you go on a series of hands when you’re winning. Can you still play your A-Game and not dust off chips needlessly through a sense of overconfidence? It’s crucial that you do, but ‘Winner’s Tilt’ is a thing, having recently been referenced in Daniel Negreanu’s look back at why he had a losing 2023.

Getting a handle on your emotions is crucial to success at the poker table. One thing that many players don’t consider, however, is how to exploit this tilt in others’ behavior. If you notice someone tilting, either from winning a pot or losing one, make sure that you take advantage. Charge them more with your bet-sizing if they’re splashing around with newly won chips. Punish their loss-chasing mentality if they’ve been on the wrong end of a bad beat, particularly if it was to you.

It is pivotal in poker that if you are to have any success, then the greatest strategy is to separate the decision you’re making from the outcome of that action. Being as objective as you can while retaining an emotional balance is going to help you stay on the right side of tilt in your own mind and crucially, take the maximum in chips from those who are unable to do so.

In Conclusion

Understanding negative triggers to your own A-Game and exploiting those weaknesses in others’ games is the optimal strategy when making key decisions. Being comfortable in those marginal moments can often come down to a ‘gut feeling’ that is refined over time by your own experiences at the felt.

Executing key decisions at the poker felt comes down to a focus – both hard and soft – on making positive decisions and not focusing on the consequences but refining the process of your decision-making skills. The 10-time WSOP bracelet holder Erik Seidel was coaching the comparatively inexperienced poker player and author Maria Konnikova.

When she told him about the decisions she was making and the result of the hands, he asked her to leave out the part where chips were won or lost. All that mattered was the decision, the process, the execution, the work. The chips will fall where they may, but if you keep improving your strategy in making key decisions, over time you’ll always win more than you lose.

FanDuel and Operation Hope Offer Free Financial Literacy Counseling for MA Residents

FanDuel Group and Operation Hope have teamed up to promote financial literacy and offer Massachusetts residents free financial counseling. Teaming up with the non-profit organization is part of FanDuel’s efforts to demonstrate its commitment to responsible gaming (RG).

Through the partnership, Massachusetts residents can access Financial Wellbeing Coaches from the financial literacy organization’s Hope Inside program. The coaches will offer participants virtual and in-person financial health sessions at no cost.

The sessions will teach Bay State residents how to manage their entertainment spending—including their gambling budget—as well as some more general lessons like:

  • Strategies to build savings
  • How to improve one’s credit (FICO) score
  • Getting out of debt

In addition to providing coaches, the partners will release content about financial literacy and promote the Hope Inside program’s availability and financial counseling.

The program will be promoted through mass media, including radio, social media, and other digital platforms. FanDuel has a page on its website dedicated to the partnership, through which interested Massachusetts residents can reach out to the Wellbeing Coaches.

Financial Counseling Is Another Step of FanDuel’s RG Efforts

Responsible gaming has become a big focus for the gambling industry, including FanDuel Group, which includes FanDuel Casino and Sportsbook. Christian Genetski, President of FanDuel, said that Operation Hope’s work has shown that when people have financial literacy, they can manage their spending better.

He reiterated that the partnership is an important step in FanDuel’s RG efforts:

FanDuel is committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate, and we believe that supporting proven financial literacy programs is a natural extension of our work to promote and empower responsible gaming. Partnering with Operation HOPE, a leader in the space, to help fund critical financial literacy education and providing access to financial counseling in communities across Massachusetts is the latest evolution in FanDuel’s efforts.

In 2022, FanDuel’s parent company, Flutter Entertainment, introduced the Positive Impact Plan. The plan’s goal is to promote “sustainable customer relationships.”

One target is for 50% of Flutter’s global customers to be using one or more of the company’s Play Well RG tools by 2026, rising to 75% by 2030.

The company is well on track to achieve that. Flutter’s 2023 mid-year financial report shows that 42% of global customers have adopted a tool part of the Positive Impact Plan. The report also revealed that the company spent £45 million ($54.7m) on “safer gambling initiatives.”

FanDuel also has created the “PlayWell Day.” During the event, company employees worldwide attend virtual and in-person seminars on the importance of RG.

Could The Industry Do More?

FanDuel is not alone in supporting responsible gaming. In December 2023, MGM Resorts International donated $360,000 to the International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) to fund RG research. Over the past year and a half, the ICRG has also received over $1 million from Bally’s Corporation.

However, many point out that more funding is needed for RG research and programs. The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) recommends that operators set aside 1% of their revenue for RG and problem gambling programs. Meanwhile, the National Association of Administrators for Disordered Gambling Services (NAADGS) says the number should be 2%.

To put that in perspective, Flutter’s global revenue for the first half of 2023 was $9.3 billion. Its spending of $54.7 million during that period equals 0.6% of that.

That said, operators are far from alone in failing to spend as much as advocacy groups recommend. According to the NAADGS, U.S. spending on services to treat gambling addiction in 2022 was a mere 38 cents per capita. That number is significantly lower than other services like drug and alcohol programs. States would need to spend several dollars, not tens of cents, to meet the recommendations of the NAADGS.

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Memoir by SharmaJI – PokerGuru

Memoir by SharmaJI

Posted by Naman Sharma on 2023-04-04 at 7:56 PM

SharmaJI Blog

After busting two recently found bankrolls, I was sure I needed to do something differently (mostly bankroll management errors and skill overestimation). I consider myself one of those ‘feel-players’ who know very few technical details about the game, but my love for poker is such that I keep bouncing back somehow.

Working for PokerGuru and seeing the journey of numerous poker enthusiasts and pros, I’ve sometimes been envious and uncertain. However, it has also been one of my biggest motivations to persevere despite losing considerable money.

I was on top of the world after scoring a career-best payday (3rd in PokerStars India’s Master Minds [8-Max] for ₹89,125) in November 2022, and it was smooth sailing for some time. January and February were drastic months for me as one thing led to another, and I went bust before realizing it.

On the other hand, March was a harbinger of new opportunities. Although I have much to learn, I was asked to stream for PokerGuru under the ‘SharmaJI’ moniker, one of the most exciting challenges I’ve ever been issued.

On March 30, right after reaching the PokerGuru HQ, the usual work continued, with everyone pitching in for the Daily Majors report. I was writing about a few of the ongoing NPS and ITM events, wondering when I would get to take down an event.

Around 6 PM, I started grinding on PokerStars, playing the ₹375 buy-in, ₹50K GTD Super Stack PKO 8-Max. Only fifteen minutes into the event, I busted out once, and in hope and desperation, I fired my second bullet, which did the trick for me. Moving one step at a time, I was doing everything quite cautiously and built a decent stack before the close of late registration. The next step was to wait for the money bubble to burst, which was a task. Somehow, I reached the money and entered the final table as one of the shorter stacks.

Won PokerStars India's ₹50K GTD Super Stack PKO 8-Max
Won PokerStars India’s ₹50K GTD Super Stack PKO 8-Max


On the FT, I worked my way up before a misclick of folding pocket aces once. Lady luck smiled upon me, and I found a double-up with pocket jacks. The game continued, and at the time of three-handed play, I was again the shortest stack before jamming jack-eight suited (diamonds) from the button and finding a double-up from another runner who held ace-king suited (spades). After that, I had the chip lead; from then on, it seemed like a cakewalk. I eventually shipped the tournament for ₹12,154.

Got lucky with J8 of diamonds
Got lucky with J8 of diamonds


What made March 30 even more memorable was my getting to the final table of two more PokerStars India tourney’s ₹1 Lakh Gtd Ultrasonic (4th for ₹7,754) & Late Night Last Chance [Hyper-Turbo] (4th for ₹1,089).

This is a start, and I feel blessed to be part of a community that is so supportive when at the end of the day, we are all competing against each other at the tables.

Also, a big shoutout to all who have been tuning into my streams. I hope to see you all on my next stream very soon.

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Ulasan Sbobet di tahun 2020


SBOBET adalah bandar online tertua dan tepercaya di Asia. Mereka terbuka untuk petaruh pro dan amatir, dan menawarkan peluang terbaik dan batas tertinggi dari semua situs taruhan olahraga Asia.

Mereka menerima pemain dari semua negara Asia dan menawarkan dukungan bahasa dan mata uang untuk sebagian besar wilayah.

Mengapa bermain di

  • Bandar taruhan online terbesar di Asia.
  • Batas taruhan tertinggi.
  • Memiliki odds terbaik untuk sepak bola.
  • Tersedia dalam banyak bahasa dan mata uang.

Profil Kasino

  • Didirikan: 2004
  • Lisensi: Filipina
  • Bonus: 100% hingga £ 150
  • Kode promo: DEPBON3
  • Poker: Tidak
  • Kasino: Ya
  • Taruhan Olahraga: Ya
  • Kompatibel dengan Ponsel: Ya

Ulasan Pakar

Dalam artikel ini saya akan membagikan informasi mengenai situs taruhan online Walaupun ulasan ini mencakup informasi tentang bahasa yang disediakan, mata uang, opsi perbankan dan informasi tentang sejarah perusahaan, formatnya berbeda dari ulasan pada umumnya. Ini karena saya sangat familiar dengan SBOBet dan karena mereka tidak seperti kebanyakan bandar judi internet.

SBOBet Ramah Kepada Para Penjudi Profesional

Sebagian besar bandar taruhan tidak mau mengambil taruhan dari petaruh yang menang, terutama mereka yang mempertaruhkan taruhan lebih tinggi. Ini berlaku di bandar judi Asia seperti Dafabet dan M88, di situs taruhan Las Vegas, di divisi online bandar taruhan Inggris seperti Ladbrokes dan William Hill, di bandar judi Australia utama seperti Sportsbet dan Sportingbet, dan daftar ini masih panjang.

Dengan semua contoh tersebut, ketika seorang pemain memenangkan jumlah tertentu, akun mereka ditandai untuk ditinjau. Manajemen risiko kemudian akan memutuskan apakah pemain itu beruntung, atau apakah ia seorang petaruh yang menang. Jika mereka memutuskan yang terakhir, batas taruhannya dipotong. Seringkali batasan ini mencapai serendah maksimum $ 5 atau $ 10, yang secara tidak langsung berarti bahwa pemain dilarang bertaruh.

Di SBOBet, hal ini tidak terjadi. Petaruh profesional diterima dan batas taruhan pribadi tidak pernah diberlakukan.

Yang juga unik di SBO, semua batas taruhan adalah maksimum “per taruhan” dan bukan maksimum secara kumulatif. Sebagai contoh, Liga Primer Inggris: untuk 1X2 (home/draw/away) taruhan maksimal umumnya sekitar USD 2.000, tetapi jauh lebih sedikit untuk long shot dan lebih banyak untuk favorit. Untuk handicap Asia mereka biasanya US $ 8.334.

Anda dapat menempatkan taruhan maksimal ini sebanyak mungkin ini sesuka Anda. Satu-satunya alasan untuk batas per taruhan adalah memberikan kesempatan kepada odds manager untuk menyesuaikan lines. Bagi  dia,  tidak masalah memesan taruhan sebesar USD 1 juta, selama dia dapat memindahkan lines setelah setiap taruhan maksimal. Setelah odds berubah, Anda kemudian dapat memutuskan apakah Anda ingin bertaruh pada odds yang baru.

Contoh di atas melibatkan liga populer. Untuk olahraga yang kurang populer seperti bola voli, taruhan maksimum akan jauh lebih rendah (untuk bola voli, nilainya hanya USD 84). Untuk liga dan/atau olahraga lain, batas ada di suatu tempat antara contoh yang diberikan ini. Tapi, tidak peduli apa itu olahraga atau batasan yang kita bicarakan, sekali lagi … ini adalah batas per taruhan (bukan kumulatif). Anda dapat membuat taruhan maks sebanyak yang Anda inginkan.

Baca juga: Ulasan 188Bet

Margin Rendah Mengurangi ”Juice”

SBOBet tidak hanya memungkinkan taruhan maksimum tanpa batas, di banyak pasar mereka melakukannya dengan odds terbaik. Anda tahu, bandar mendapatkan keuntungan dengan membebankan komisi pada setiap taruhan.

Ambil contoh ini: Secara teori, jika sebuah tim kemungkinan persis 50% untuk menang, maka tanpa komisi, taruhan 1 akan menghasilkan 2 (1 stake + 1 win).

Namun, pada sebagian besar bandar judi online ketika sebuah tim 50% kemungkinan menang payout akan menghasilkan 1,90, atau mungkin 1,94, dll. Saat peluang 50% jumlah odds kurang dari 2,00 adalah margin laba bandar judi dan bagaimana mereka menghasilkan uang. Jadi, jika mereka membayar 1,90, bandar tersebut memiliki margin keuntungan 10%. Jika membayar 1,95, bandar tersebut memiliki margin 5% dan seterusnya.

Alasan saya menggunakan rentang atau range adalah karena tidak semua bandar judi beroperasi dengan margin yang sama; beberapa memiliki margin yang lebih tinggi sementara yang lain menawarkan nilai yang lebih baik kepada pelanggan dengan membebankan komisi lebih sedikit pada taruhan mereka.

SBOBet menawarkan peluang yang serupa dengan situs Eropa pada 1X2 (Home/Away/Draw), tetapi ketika berbicara tentang handicap Asia, margin mereka adalah yang terendah yang ada di industri ini. Ini berarti pada handicap Asia, SBOBet biasanya memiliki odds terbaik.

Jika menggunakan contoh acak, pertandingan Serie A Italia antara AC Milan dan Lazio memiliki odds berikut di tiga situs yang terdaftar. AC Milan -0.5 1.72 / Lazio +0.5 2.30

Ladbrokes AC Milan -0.5 1.72 / Lazio +0.5 2.06

William Hill AC Milan -0.5 1.65 / Lazio +0.5 2.20

The -0.5 / +0.5 adalah handicap dan di posisi  ini jika pertandingan seri, berarti Lazio keluar sebagai pemenang untuk tujuan taruhan karena AC Milan memulai dengan memberi mereka setengah gol. Hal penting untuk diperhatikan adalah desimal yang  ada di belakang odds. Ini adalah seberapa banyak jumlah yang dipertaruhkan 1 unit untuk menang. Tidak masalah jika kita berbicara satu dolar, quid, euro, rupiah, ringgit, yen, baht atau mata uang lain yang dipertaruhkan. Jika  odds 1,72 – setiap 1 unit mata uang mempertaruhkan pengembalian 1,72 (1 stake + 0,72 profit) pada taruhan yang menang.

Dengan pemahaman di atas, perhatikan dalam contoh bahwa SBOBet menawarkan line terbaik dari tiga situs terlepas dari tim mana Anda bertaruh. Ini karena margin mereka jauh lebih rendah dari standar industri. Ini merupakan salah satu fitur yang menarik pengunjung profesional untuk menggunakan situs web mereka.

Apakah SBOBet Legal?

Untuk pemain profesional yang belum pernah mendengar tentang SBOBet, apa yang baru saja dibahas mungkin terdengar terlalu bagus untuk menjadi kenyataan. Namun, SBOBet adalah situs taruhan berlisensi penuh dan 100% sah secara hukum. Untuk para penggemar EPL, Anda tentu tahu bahwa mereka sebelumnya merupakan sponsor kaos West Ham United dan merupakan sponsor taruhan resmi Asia dari 6 klub liga utama yang berbeda.

Mereka sudah menjalin hubungan dengan salah satu bandar diskon piutang terbesar di dunia ketika mereka meluncurkan bisnis online mereka pada tahun 2004. Pada saat itu mereka berlokasi di Filipina dan pasar utama mereka adalah Asia Tenggara termasuk Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Kamboja dan Myanmar.

Pada tahun 2008, SBOBet dengan agresif mulai melakukan ekspansi internasional. Sudah tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris dan banyak bahasa dan mata uang Asia, mereka menambahkan opsi mata uang GBP, EUR dan AUD ke situs mereka. Mereka juga mulai menawarkan situs web, perangkat lunak, dan dukungan pelanggan dalam bahasa Rusia, Jerman, dan Spanyol juga.

Mereka juga mendapat lisensi baru untuk gaming dan memindahkan operasi mereka sebagian besar ke Isle of Man.

Komisi Pengawasan Perjudian Isle of Man yang melisensikan SBOBet sangat ketat dan dihormati di industri perjudian. Mereka juga melisensikan situs poker terbesar di dunia, PokerStars dan Full Tilt, dan divisi online bandar bandar Irlandia Paddy Power. Komisi ini mengharuskan semua dana pemain dipisahkan dari kas operasi. Ketika SBOBet pindah ke Isle of Man pada tahun 2008, mereka memindahkan saldo pemain ke Barclays (Private Clients) International Limited. Itu adalah anak perusahaan Isle of Man dari bank besar Inggris Barclays yang mensponsori Liga Premier Inggris (EPL).

Pahami juga bahwa sebagai merek yang benar-benar global, SBOBet memiliki opsi perbankan yang tersedia untuk pemain dari seluruh dunia. Ini termasuk metode seperti eNets untuk Singapura, Poli untuk Australia, Przelewy24 untuk Polandia, untuk Bulgaria, dan banyak lagi. Mereka tentu saja juga mendukung e-wallet global seperti NETELLER dan Skrill. Semua perusahaan melakukan bisnis dengan SBOBet karena mereka adalah perusahaan benar-benar perusahaan yang legal yang dilisensikan dengan baik dengan sejarah dan rekam jejak yang mengesankan.

Fitur SBOBet terkenal karena odds sepakbola handicap Asia mereka yang terkemuka, yang tersedia baik untuk prematch maupun in-play. Hampir setiap liga sepak bola dan kompetisi dari seluruh dunia tersedia untuk bertaruh. Odds untuk in-play benar-benar yang terbaik di industri. Meskipun menu mereka tidak mencolok atau flashy, fungsionalitas situs lebih baik daripada antarmuka lain yang biasa ditemukan di web. Pembaruan odds langsung diotomatisasi tanpa perlu menyegarkan atau refres browser situs. Taruhan dapat dibuat dan dikonfirmasi pada layar yang sama yang menunjukkan odds.

Selain taruhan sepak bola, SBOBet menawarkan odds banyak olahraga lainnya. Ini termasuk bola basket, baseball, tenis, sepak bola Amerika, atletik, bulu tangkis, sepak bola pantai, tinju, kriket, bersepeda, panah, hiburan, hoki lapangan, finansial, futsal, golf, bola tangan, hoki es, lacrosse, seni bela diri campuran (MMA) , motor sport, olimpiade, biliar/snooker, rugby, squash, tenis meja, bola voli, polo air dan olahraga musim dingin. Sementara limit jauh lebih kecil daripada untuk sepakbola, sekali lagi: limit adalah per taruhan. Di SBO terbuka kemungkinan untuk mendapatkan banyak uang dari olahraga minor juga.

Yang juga layak dicermati adalah SBOBet tidak hanya untuk taruhan. Mereka juga menawarkan bentuk perjudian lainnya. Di bagian game mereka, Anda dapat menemukan balapan virtual. Game greyhound virtual ini disebut Platinum Hounds dan game balap kuda virtual disebut Dashing Derby.

Ada juga banyak permainan kartu termasuk permainan kartu Italia Sette e mezzo (tujuh setengah), 100 hand jack atau video poker yang lebih baik, dan Red Dog. Game lain yang ditawarkan termasuk permainan dadu Lucky Dice, permainan slot Fireworks Friendly, Fluffy Favorites, Secret Garden, White Wizard, Temple of Iris, dan Sheman’s Dream, dan keno, kartu kunci, dan hi/lo.

Apa yang disebutkan di atas hanyalah bagian game di situs web mereka. Ada juga blackjack, bakarat, roulette, dan sic-bo. Untuk video poker, game yang tersedia adalah Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Jokers Wild, Keno dan Bingo. Pilihan mesin slot sangat besar dengan 47 macam versi slot super (alias slot video) tersedia untuk dipilih.

SBOBet juga memiliki buku telepon untuk taruhan pacuan kuda. Terakhir namun yang paling penting adalah bahwa pada tahun 2009 Komisi Pengawasan Perjudian Isle of Man untuk pertama kali memberikan lisensi kasino dealer live dan dikeluarkan untuk SBOBET. Kasino ini memungkinkan pemain untuk bermain blackjack dan bakarat secara live melawan dealer manusia yang duduk di meja judi fisik yang nyata di studio kasino yang sebenarnya. Ini seperti menempatkan taruhan secara langsung di Makau atau Vegas, tetapi menggunakan web cam dan taruhan ditempatkan secara online.

SBOBet tersedia untuk pemain di sebagian besar negara. Pengecualian penting adalah Amerika Serikat, Prancis, Turki, Belgia, Yunani dan Jerman. Untuk negara-negara ini, SBOBet tidak menyediakan layanan demi kegunaan hukum atau strategik.

Bagi penduduk di negara-negara lainnya, situs web mereka tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris, Cina (简体 中文), Indonesia, Vietnam (Tiếng Việt), Thailand (ภาษา ไทย), Rusia (Pусский), Jepang (日本語), Korea (한국어), Jerman (Deutsch) ) dan Burma.

Di SBOBet, akun taruhan dapat dibuka dalam pilihan Dolar Australia (AUD), Pound Inggris (GBP), Euro (EUR), Dolar Hong Kong (HKD), Yen Jepang (JPY), Ringgit Malaysia (MYR), Dolar Singapura ( SGD), maupun mata uang Thailand Baht (THB). Bagi mereka yang mata uang pilihannya tidak terdaftar, tidak perlu kuatir: Dolar Amerika Serikat (USD) juga tersedia.

Sebagaimana Anda mengumpulkan informasi dari ulasan SBOBET ini, Anda akan paham bahwa perusahaan ini memiliki banyak hal untuk ditawarkan semua jenis penjudi. Mereka aman, sekuritas terjamin, dan dapat diandalkan dan dipercaya oleh petaruh olahraga terbesar di dunia, baik amatir maupun profesional.

Virginia Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Legalize College Sports Betting

Virginia legislators have introduced a bill to legalize betting on Virginia college sports.

The bill, VA SB124 submitted by Sen. Schuyler VanValkenburg, would allow gambling on Virginia college teams except for prop bets.

How would Virginia’s laws change because of the new bill?

VanValkenburg’s bill would simply eliminate language in the current sports betting laws that prohibit betting on college teams based in Virginia. Seven sections in Virginia’s sports betting law mention college sports.

The key section that the bill would change lists three betting prohibitions:

  • Youth sports bets
  • College sports prop bets
  • Bets on Virginia college sports teams

The submitted bill would essentially delete the third bullet, retaining the first two prohibitions.

If the bill succeeds, it would likely be a big boost to the state’s tax revenue, as betting would increase, thereby generating more revenue.

Virginia is home to several major colleges with considerable followings in basketball and football. The big names are the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, but other colleges with notable sports programs include:

  • George Mason University: Made a magical run to the Final Four in 2006
  • Virginia Commonwealth University: A regular in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, making the Final Four in 2011
  • Old Dominion University: Made it to the men’s baseball  NCAA in 2021
  • James Madison University: Women’s softball made a run to the Women’s College World Series in 2021, upsetting Oklahoma in the first round before falling to the Sooners in the semifinals.

What Virginia sports betting would look like with in-state teams?

It’s hard to say how much of a boost betting on in-state college teams would provide Virginia’s sports betting revenue numbers.

Because bettors in the state can already place bets on college contests, we’re not likely to see a big bump in revenue. That being said, legalizing betting on Virginia teams gives fans of schools big and small a chance to do what they’ve probably wanted to do for a long time.

Should the bill pass, it’s possible we’ll see sportsbooks such as DraftKings and FanDuel capitalize on that loyalty by offering promos focused on Virginia college programs like Virginia and Virginia Tech.

That being said, VA law prohibits sportsbooks from marketing to minors and those under 21 years of age. So don’t expect to see on-campus advertising and promos.

What’s next for Virginia’s college sports betting bill?

Right now, VA SB124 is sitting with a Senate gaming committee. If the committee approves the bill, it may go to another committee or might head to the Senate for a vote.

If the Senate approves the bill, it will go to the House for a vote. And, if it passes, it will go to Gov. Glenn Youngkin‘s desk for a signature.

The post Virginia Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Legalize College Sports Betting appeared first on Play USA.

Best Fortune Teller Websites For Accurate & Free Fortune Telling In 2023

Response to recent security concerns

WPN takes game security and integrity very seriously. We deploy significant resources and technology toward identifying any bad actors that look to gain an unfair advantage or cheat our players out of their funds.

Players have recently expressed concern over a group of accounts playing over the course of the past 12 months. These accounts have all been through a rigorous set of security protocols through the natural course of business. These protocols were performed in real-time prior to the list being made public earlier this month. Given the serious nature of the accusations against these specific accounts, we have undergone additional review.

As a result of the standard protocols, the majority of the identified accounts have previously been prohibited from playing on the site and have not been active since the protocols were enforced. Several dozen of the publicly identified accounts passed the screening, which included hundreds of hours of video recordings of play that we insisted be performed to assure that the account was legitimate. Given the continued concerns expressed by members of our player community, out of an abundance of caution we have decided to suspend each of these accounts and put those accounts through additional scrutiny before they are permitted to continue play.

In accordance with our policies and where such determinations can be made, we will refund players where we have identified bad actors negatively impacted other players.

The fight against bad actors using a variety of means to cheat is an ongoing battle for all online poker operators. We are committed to investing in staying ahead of these cheaters.

As part of that commitment we consistently review our security protocols and make changes and improvements based on feedback, player behaviour and as  a result of our continual investigations into suspicious play. Our current security protocols include:

  • Mandatory player documentation updates
  • Captcha technology and table pixelation changes
  • Software that renders bots who use live data collection such as PPL or OpenPPL ineffective
  • Video-recorded sessions of players for pattern evaluation where play is matched to previous hand histories to compare results
  • Deep dives of hand and play history across all our games
  • Recent banning of virtual and remote access machines
  • Introduction of features such as PLO Reshuffle which puts folded hole cards back into the deck to reduce collusion opportunities
  • Recent partnership with GTO Wizard to enhance GTO analysis protocols and detection
  • Investment in tools that improve data analysis and detection capabilities

As a result of these recent concerns, we are undergoing a full review of these current protocols and expect to make additional changes and enhancements to our security measures and to increase our already significant investment in security and game integrity.

We hope that players will continue to trust us with their play as they have for more than 20 years and will take comfort in the knowledge that protecting the game is one of our most important activities.

The Misunderstood Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

So, if King was distrusted and maligned by mainstream America during his life, was it his martyrdom at age 39 that changed public opinion and transformed him into an almost saintly American hero? Not immediately, says Theoharis, explaining that it took 15 years of lobbying by civil rights leaders and sympathetic legislators to finally convince Congress to commemorate Martin Luther King Day.

President Ronald Reagan, who was against the holiday during his first term in office — he agreed with former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover that King was a communist — changed his tune when running for reelection and needed to close a “sensitivity gap” with minorities and women.

Signing the bill in 1983 that made King’s birthday a national holiday, Reagan skillfully laid out the elements that would become the national fable:

“Now our nation has decided to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by setting aside a day each year to remember him and the just cause he stood for. We’ve made historic strides since Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus. As a democratic people, we can take pride in the knowledge that we Americans recognized a grave injustice and took action to correct it. And we should remember that in far too many countries, people like Dr. King never have the opportunity to speak out at all,”

Theoharis says that Reagan’s genius was to frame King’s story as another example of American exceptionalism.

“We had an injustice and we corrected it. It’s all about the power of individuals and the power of American democracy,” says Theoharis. “These will be key elements in terms of how the Civil Rights Movement comes to be memorialized in our national culture.”

By 1987, four years after the creation of MLK Day and nearly 20 years after King’s murder on a hotel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee, a full 76 percent of Americans had a favorable opinion of King and those numbers only continued to grow, says Theoharis. (By 1999, King came in second on a Gallup survey of 20th-century individuals Americans admired most, behind Mother Teresa.)

Political scientist Sheldon Appleton wrote in 1995 that younger, college-educated white Americans tended to support King and both of these demographics were larger in 1987 than in 1966. He also noted that the widespread lack of knowledge about King and the Civil Rights Movement in general (see “Now That’s Amnesia” at the end of the article) might have also colored earlier perceptions. “Perhaps recent media treatment of King has helped to induce selective memory by some middle-aged and older Americans,” Appleton wrote.

Of course, Americans have every reason to venerate Martin Luther King and to celebrate his accomplishments. He didn’t do it alone, and he had his flaws like any other man, but as Carson explains, he also had an undeniable gift for challenging Americans, then and now, to make good on the promise of our founding principles.

“He had that ability to link the goals of the civil rights struggle to ideals that most Americans believe that they have,” says Carson. “That’s what he was doing in [the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in Washington]. We as a nation justified our independence with a human rights statement called the Declaration of Independence. The question is: Can we live up to that?”

How To Play Safely At Online Casinos

Online casinos are fun and entertaining, however, it’s always good to remember to play safe, be it with regards to responsible gaming, playing on licensed sites or choosing secure payment methods.

During these emergency measures, the safety and well-being of our players is our top priority, which is why we’re reminding you of our safer gambling tools.

Gamble Responsibly

We want you to have fun but be responsible every time you play with us. LiveRoulette encourages its players to gamble responsibly, and to use your funds wisely. Borrowing money to play, spending more than you can afford or using money which has been saved for other reasons is not the right way to go, as it can cause problems for yourself and the people around you.

LiveRoulette has several responsible gaming tools in place to help you play in the right way. You can set up your own gaming limits, budgets and boundaries. We work together with the Global Gaming Guidance Group (G4) to provide players with the tools to prevent unhealthy gaming behaviour. Here’s a recap of our top tools:

Set Deposit Limits

If you’re spending more time at home or you’re spending more time online, you can control your funds with a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit. You can set up these limits through My Account and accessing the Responsible Gaming page. You’ll also be prompted to set a limit when you first open an account.

Use Reality Checks

These days, most online casinos offer cool-off options, from 24-hour time outs to more permanent solutions. Need a reality check on your gaming? No problem. With LiveRoulette you can be notified through a Reality Check which helps you keep track of how long you’ve been playing. You can be informed every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one or two hours, depending on the frequency you choose.

The Reality Check feature will automatically stop the game you’re currently playing until you either decide to continue with the game or you choose to exit. This feature gives you a detailed breakdown of your online casino activity, such as information about your current gaming session with regards to time spent and information regarding any wins and losses.

Take Time Out

Think you might be playing too much? Give yourself time to cool off by temporarily suspending your account.

For players who may wish to self-exclude on a more permanent basis, LiveRoulette and a number of online casinos allow you to register with GamStop. GamStop is a handy and free service which allows players to self-exclude from all online gambling companies which are licensed in Great Britain. To find out more information and to sign up for this service simply visit

Take A Self-Assessment Test

If you’re concerned about the possibility of developing a gambling problem you can try our online Self-Assessment test (if you’re a registered player), and see what the results show. If your test result has reason to concern you, consider activating a timeout on your account or contact customer support to receive further advice.

Protect Your Kids

It’s illegal for anyone under 18 to open a casino account in the UK, and we take all the necessary precautions to ensure we do not attract or target minors. All accounts are fully age-verified before anyone can play, and if an account cannot be verified for any reason it is suspended, and no play can go ahead.

Whilst you and your children might be spending more time at home, there are measures you can take to ensure that your children aren’t exposing to gambling sites:

  • Do not play in front of your children or minors.
  • Log out as soon as you’ve finished playing.
  • Keep any card details secure and out of reach.
  • Do not use auto-fill for email addresses, passwords and other account details such as usernames.
  • If you share your computer with people who are not yet of age, you can install software such as NetNanny to monitor, limit and protect your family from harmful content.

A Final Word Of Advice

Do not gamble if you feel anxious, tired or frustrated, and do not let your gambling get in the way of your daily activities. Gambling is not a solution to financial problems and should be done with your entertainment budget, not with your phone bill or rent money.

Decide how much you can afford to lose before you start playing, and remember once it’s gone, it’s gone. Apart from setting monetary limits, set yourself a time limit or a particular time window for play.

Get More Help

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133.


Harry Potter Board Games

Are you a big Harry Potter fan? This article is for you! With magic, beasts, and terrifying villains, there is no shortage of fun and crazy board games that can fit into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

In this article, we will break down 12 of the best Harry Potter games out there. So, if you are a big fan of all things Harry Potter, get your wand ready and prepare to venture through the Harry Potter world from your tabletop!

This post contains partner links to various products.



  • Cost: $49.90
  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Objective: Secure the safety of Hogwarts by battling and defeating villains who wish to gain power over the school. 

In Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, players work together in a cooperative setting to stop the forces of evil from taking over the school. Players will take turns resisting the Dark Arts and battling it out in hopes of pushing the dark forces back. If the heroes fail, it surely spells disaster for not only Hogwarts but the world. Hogwarts Battle is not only one of our favorite Harry Potter board games but also one of the best deck building games out there!


Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle is a cooperative game, where players will choose classic characters from the series to play as. They must work together to stop villains from overtaking precious locations on the board. Players will have to survive the dark arts, and villain attacks. Then play their cards, collecting resources and attacking villains. Players will also need to gain influence so that they can better the cards in their decks.



  • Cost: $39.99
  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Objective: Score the most points for your team.

Hogwarts Magical Mayhem is a fun 3D board game. This game is made of several mini-games where you can score points for your team, but watch out, doing poorly could cost you as well. From assembling the board to performing various dexterity-based actions, this game is made for everyone. 


To play Hogwarts Magical Mayhem players will join teams to compete as members of. There are 8 separate mini-games, some requiring different skill sets to complete. Players will compete to do their best at each mini-game which includes making potions, taming beats, finding the right pathways, beating the hydra, and more. We also can’t forget everyone’s favorite, a rousing game of quidditch. Once all the games are complete, players compare scores to see who is the champion of Hogwarts, 



  • Cost: $37.33
  • Players: 3 to 5
  • Objective: Find the Suspect by knowing the place, spell, and the person who committed the crime. 

This is a magical twist on the classic game of Clue. Players will play as various wizards at Hogwarts. One of the Students has vanished and all the characters are suspects. Players will need to explore the grounds to rule out various wizards, spells, and locations. Once they have a solid accusation they can bring it to the Headmaster.


Just like classic Clue, players will roll dice to move around the board. As they do so, they will find help cards to rule out various spells, locations, and suspects. Players will need to watch out because there is a possibility of running into the dark mark. If a player comes in contact, they could lose house points if they do not have the right help cards. Losing all your house points removes you from the games, so be careful. When a player is sure of their accusation, they can make their way to Dumbeldore’s office to accuse! 



  • Cost: $26.99
  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Objective: Identify the magical beast by collecting clue cards. 

In Harry Potter Magical Beasts players compete to collect clue cards to identify magical beasts. They must strategize to keep their clues safe from other wizards, and research to find what beast they are pursuing. 


To play Harry Potter Magical Beasts players will roll dice to move across the board. There is also a special side of the dice that causes the board to flip! Creating crazy circumstances and advantages for the wizard’s turn. Players will race, looking for clues across the board, and slowly compiling clue cards for different beasts. When a player manages to get 4 clue cards that identify a beast, they win!



  • Cost: $21.99
  • Players: 2+
  • Objective: Answer questions correctly and collect all 6 wedges.

It is the classic game of Trivial Pursuit, but it features categories and questions all about Harry Potter! Compete with your friends to have the most extensive knowledge of the universe. Race to be the first player to win. 


Players will roll dice to move in Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter. After each movement a different player will read a trivia question, matching the category the current player landed on. If the player answers correctly, they may continue, or may sometimes collect a wedge. Once a player collects all the wedges, they can climb to the middle of the board to answer one last trivia question correctly to win. 



  • Cost: $19.99
  • Players: 3 to 4
  • Objective: Earn more points than all other players

Catch the Golden Snitch is a fast-paced, dexterity-based board game. Players all take their turns simultaneously, making the play area chaotic. Players will compete to collect sets of cards to score, all while stealing, blocking, and always being on alert for the golden snitch. It is based on the game of Quidditch from the books.


Players all take their turns simultaneously in Catch the Golden Snitch. The players will receive their own decks to draw from. Players will draw cards and discard them as quickly as possible to collect sets of matching cards but never have more than 5 cards in hand. Players may get sets of items that award them points at the end of the game, pairs of seekers who only give points if they catch the snitch, and various other card types.

Some cards when collected prevent people from stealing from you. Others will allow players to throw a bludgeoner at another in an attempt to sabotage other players’ hands. Some sets allow you to steal other players’ sets. After a random amount of turns the golden snitch will be released into the air. The player who catches it first is allowed to score their seekers. The release of the golden snitch also ends the game. The player who earned the most points wins.



  • Cost: $36.99
  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Objective: Collect all of your characters and return to your starting space.

In Harry Potter Labyrinth you will compete against the other players to find and collect all of your secret characters. You will constantly be changing up the board, and moving objectives. Race to find everyone and return to your starting is to be crowned the winner. 


On a player’s turn, they will look, secretly, at the current character they are attempting to rescue from the Labyrinth. Players will have to strategize a way to move across the ever-changing landscape by selecting and sliding in new tiles on their turn. Once a player reaches the character, they reveal their card and start searching for the next missing characters. Once a player has found all of their assigned characters, they will then need to make their way back to their starting location to win!



  • Cost: $24.99
  • Players: 3 to 5
  • Objective: Remove all the wrong items from your shop, while collecting all the correct items.

Mischief in Diagon Alley is a super fast-paced, real-time game. Players will be rolling their three dice and using their instruction to move around items on the board. The goal for each player is to quickly assemble all their shop’s items and remove all the wrong items from their shop. 


Players will simultaneously roll three dice. The dice will tell you what item you can move, what direction it can be moved from, and how many of the items can be moved. Players will roll, move the correct items to their shop, and the wrong items out. Rolling again immediately after finishing their previous roll. The first player to have all of the correct items in their shop, and no incorrect items, wins. 



  • Cost: $29.99
  • Players: 3 to 6
  • Objective: Reach level 10 by killing monsters. 

Munchkin Harry Potter is a Harry Potter board game mashup of traditional Munchkin and the Wizarding World. Players will decide on their character, defeat monsters in combat, and avoid curses and death at all costs. Players will compete and sabotage others in an attempt to be the first to reach level 10. 


Players will take turns fighting monsters, searching rooms, and playing cards. The goal of the Munchkin Harry Potter is to reach level 10, but to do so and win you must defeat a monster. Players will also be able to help or harm other players, by applying curses, giving cards, or helping to fight monsters. Beware of death, because you will have to start all over. 

 This version of the game can be added to others to make an even crazier experience. 



  • Cost: $24.99
  • Players: 2+
  • Objective: Find all 15 Order of the Phoenix Members before time runs out.

In Codenames: Harry Potter players will split into two teams. Players will then take turns giving clues for the other side to correctly guess the members needed. Once all 15 of the members from both sides of the board are found, the players all win. Watch out! There are Ministry Officials and, even worse, a death eater on the loose! This fun Harry Potter game is a fun twist on classic Codenames.


Players will take turns giving their opposing teammates a single-word clue, followed by a number of cards this clue applies to. The opposing team will then think and discuss the clue before touching a tile to indicate a guess. If it was a Phoenix Member,  they are one step closer to winning and get to guess again. When it is a Ministry Official, they lose time and have to end the turn immediately. If it is the dreaded death eater, you have lost the game. Once finished their turn it is time for the other team to follow suit and complete their turn in the same fashion. If players manage to get all 15 members found before the end of the game, they win!



  • Cost: $34.99
  • Players: 2
  • Objective: Be the first to correctly guess who the other player’s character is. 

Harry Potter Guess Who? is a magic-filled version of standard Guess Who? The players will compete to see who can correctly figure out who the other player’s secret character is by asking wild and entertaining questions to their opponent. This is, without a doubt, one of the best Harry Potter board games for younger players.


Each player will choose their character and then take turns asking questions about them. On a player’s turn, they will ask a single yes or no question to their opponent. Their opponent will then answer honestly the question. The player will then go through their remaining choices and narrow them down by flipping them closed if they do not fit with the answers to their questions. The first player to ask the opponent if their character is “so and so” and be correct wins. 



  • Cost: $18.99
  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Objective: Collect 5 chocolate frogs first.

In this game Hedbanz Wizarding World Harry Potter, players will compete to guess correctly what they have tucked in their headband. They have a certain amount of time to ask questions to get closer to an answer. If they successfully guess they earn a chocolate frog!


Players will on their turn put a card in their headband. There will be a timer to keep track of a player’s turn as well. The player may then begin to ask yes or no questions to determine what they have on their headband. If they are having trouble a player may use a potion which will have another player give clues in a different manner. If the player manages to guess correctly they gain a chocolate frog, and if there is still time they may draw a new card and begin to guess again. Once a player has earned 5 chocolate frogs, they win. 


If you or someone you know is a huge Harry Potter fan, these are some great games for you. These games range in difficulty, and mechanics meaning you’ll have many options for Wizarding World fun. This list of 12 Harry Potter games is sure to delight. We have taken all the guessing out of buying these games, and now you can decide which of these great games is perfect for you!

Looking for some more fun themed board games? Check out our list of the 11 best Disney board games!

Amber Crook
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What Is Pot Control & Why Does It Matter?

You’ve probably heard the poker term pot control before. If you want to know what it means and why it matters, read on.

This article covers:

  • What is Pot Control?
  • Why Should You Pot Control?
  • How Important Pot Controlling is for Poker Players

I will also give you some concrete examples of when you should pot control and when you shouldn’t so that you leave with a much better understanding of this concept.

Let’s dive in!

What Does Pot Control Mean?

Pot Control in poker means checking (or betting small) with the aim of maintaining the size of the pot so it doesn’t get much bigger. Pot controlling is generally done with marginal hands that are uncertain to win at showdown.

Here are some examples to illustrate this definition:

  1. You are in position and you check back instead of betting
  2. You are facing a bet and opt to call instead of raising

In both cases, your action allows you to reach the next street without increasing the size of the pot.

Pretty simple, right? Let’s move forward!

Why Should You Control the Size of the Pot?

From a theoretical perspective, there is only one reason why you should pot control: to increase your expected value (EV).

Different hand strengths perform best at different pot sizes given the same stack-to-pot ratio (SPR). Let me give you some extreme examples so that it becomes clear.

Suppose you are holding middle pair on a board with both straights and flushes possible — on . Would you rather be in this situation in an…

  1. 8bb pot with 96bb left in your stack; or
  2. A 70bb pot with 150bb left in your stack.

Intuitively, and correctly so, we feel that we’d rather have that marginal hand in the smaller pot. If the pot has already ballooned to 70bb, the odds of our measly middle pair being the winning hand are much lower.

Why is that? Because of the range filtering that occurred to get to the current size of the pot. For a pot to get to 70bb, that means that the opponent has shown aggression (or called our aggression) on multiple streets and/or with large bet sizes.

All of these actions indicate a good hand for our opponent. Comparatively, for the pot to have only increased to 8bb, that means that there has been a lot of checking and/or small bet sizes involved, all of which point towards a lower hand ranking for the opponent.

How Important is Pot Controlling?

Pot control is a very important concept to integrate into your game. It is one of the cornerstones of poker strategy, and it’s one of the reasons why some beginning poker players end up losing a lot of money.

Here’s the mistake beginners tend to make…

They keep betting with hands that are too weak for the pot size that they are building. As a result, they end up losing the hand too often — and the pot they lost is much bigger than it should have been.

If you find yourself consistently betting and/or raising with medium-strength hands, then you are probably costing yourself a lot of money. Most of the time, you force folds from too many worse hands and get called by too many better hands. That is the opposite of what you want to happen at the poker table!

Example of When You Should Pot Control

Let’s consider the following scenario:

You raise first in from Middle Position with . The Big Blind calls.

The flop is . The Big Blind checks, you fire a c-bet of 1/3rd of the pot. The Big Blind calls.

The turn is the giving you second pair. This is a very reasonable hand to pot control. If you bet and get called, you will force your opponent to fold many hands you beat (like and ) and call mostly with hands that have you beat (like ). 

There’s one other big downside to betting: you open yourself up to being check-raised. Against a check-raise, you will certainly be forced to fold your middle pair, forfeiting the rest of your equity by not seeing the river. 

By pot controlling, you allow yourself to see the river for free. This gives you the opportunity to bluff-catch profitably on the river if your opponent has a missed draw. Or, you might hit trips or a two pair and win money from the hands without having committed any money against them when you were behind.

This all sounds like a great deal!

Wrapping Up

This is all you need to know about pot controlling to play better than most of your opponents!

Tell me, have you been thinking about pot controlling this way until now? What have you learned that is different from what you thought before?

Let me know in the comment section down below!

If you want to learn about another critical poker concept, check out What is a 3-Bet? Why (And How) You Need to 3-Bet More Often

Till’ next time, good luck, grinders!

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When you get The Postflop Playbook, you will learn how to make quick and profitable decisions that translate to more (and bigger) winning poker sessions. Learn more now!

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Top-notch Casino Benefits at Fair Go

If you are in search of a highly esteemed online gambling platform renowned for its superiority in casino content it is completely about Fair Go Casino.

Since its inception, this online casino has maintained a great reputation, boasting a simplistic yet engaging design. The Fair Go attitude toward online gambling goes beyond expectations, delivering accurate sound effects, high-quality graphics, desirable bonuses, and a host of other thrilling characteristics. Continue reading this article to explore every detail that Fair Go has in store to impress you.

Insights into casino offers

Fair Go is a gambling club that recognizes the significance of promotions, providing customers with outstanding bonuses, including:

  • Newcomers are greeted with a lucrative welcome gift of up to $1,000 upon registration and initial deposits, with the smallest deposit of $20;
  • Reload offers come in the form of a 50% promotion, requiring an appropriate code for activation;
  • You can opt for Neosurf prizes with an exceptional code that can grant players an added plus of up to $1,000;
  • Mondays bring surprises with a unique opportunity to claim $200 by using a designated code;
  • Embrace cash-back opportunities, receiving 30% of your deposit amount, with the actual percentage depending on its size.

So, do not waste a minute and visit now this amazing gambling website to dive into endless promo opportunities and win more.

Fair Go and its banking solutions

For secure and reliable transactions, Fair Go offers well-known and trustworthy banking methods that will present players with total flexibility and safety. It is possible thanks to the following features:

  • Transaction options include credit cards such as MasterCard, internet wallets, cryptocurrencies like BTC, and more;
  • Processing times vary, with most being immediate, although some withdrawal methods may take up to a few days;
  • Every payment way is protected with the help of the latest security measures;
  • The minimum sum for transactions is very pleasant, so you can dive into perfect gambling without worrying about your funds.

Excellence in customer service

Fair Go understands that players may encounter queries or issues during their gaming journey. That is why this iGaming platform provides round-the-clock customer support through live chat and email. In addition to that, you can visit a comprehensive FAQ section that is addressed to common questions with informative answers. As a rule, it is not a problem to find answers there.

Casino game variety at Fair Go

Known for brilliant quality, Fair Go presents a diverse assortment of casino activities, including exciting slot machines, amazing table representatives, and impressive jackpot titles. Imagine only, you can enjoy all these games not only on your PC but on any type of gadget, including smartphones. Just use Fair Go casino login on mobile and start your gambling trip.

Another incredible aspect is the ability to regulate the pace of certain games, allowing players to tailor the pace to their preferences. If you seek an immersive iGaming experience with exciting reel-spinning activities, Fair Go Casino is your ideal destination – promising to surpass your expectations.

Sycuan Presents $180K to 25 Charities During 2023 Holiday Gift Giving Ceremony

Sycuan Presents $180K to 25 Charities During 2023 Holiday Gift Giving Ceremony

(San Diego, Calif.) – Dec. 15, 2023 – On Thursday, December 7, Sycuan Casino Resort presented $180K to 25 different charities during its 2023 Holiday Gift Giving Ceremony.

Each December, members of the Sycuan Tribal Council and the Sycuan Executive Team individually select a charity to donate to on behalf of Sycuan. The Holiday Gift Giving Ceremony has been held at Sycuan more than 10 times and has supported a variety of causes over the years ranging from social and health services to the arts and the environment.

“The Holiday Gift Giving Ceremony was founded in 2006 and is something we look forward to each year,” said Cody J. Martinez, chairman of the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation. “The event brings together many diverse organizations and change-makers that are making a major impact in the community. This year, we are honored to support more than 20 organizations with a variety of admirable causes.”

Charities Involved (A-Z): Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego, Alzheimer’s San Diego, America’s First Policy Institute, Bichon FurKids, Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County, Children’s Book Party, Church of the Immaculate Conception – Music Ministry, ElderHelp San Diego, Garden of Innocence, Gary Sinise Foundation San Diego, Grossmont High Music Program, Monarch School, NAMI San Diego, Ocean Discovery Institute, Postpartum Health Alliance, Rady Children’s Hospital – Cancer Center, Rocking Horse Ranch, San Diego Youth Services, SAY San Diego, Sharp Guardian Angel – Shankar Sundaram, Skinny Gene Project, SOMBFAB – Some of My Best Friends are Bald, The Animal Pad, Thrive Outside San Diego/San Diego Foundation and Urban Street Angels.

About Sycuan Casino Resort

Sycuan Casino Resort began as a humble Bingo Palace in 1983. Now more than 40 years later, it has become a community landmark and one of San Diego’s premier casino and resort destinations. Sycuan recently completed a $260M expansion, which includes a 12-story luxury hotel tower with over 300 guest rooms and 57 suites. Guests can enjoy a wide range of onsite amenities including a variety of new restaurants from fast-casual to fine dining, meeting and event space, a full-service spa, fitness center and a state-of-the-art pool and gardens area with a lazy river and swim-up bar. Sycuan also boasts a newly expanded casino floor for a total of 2,800 slot machines and 54 table games in a variety of gaming options. Sycuan is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information visit or call 619-445-6002.

Most Anticipated Mobile Games Coming Out in January 2024

2023 was a great year for gaming. We witnessed some of the greatest titles, such as Baldur’s Gate 3, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and Street Fighter 6. This great streak has raised the bar, meaning games launching this year must crank things up. 

As you gear up for the headlining releases, how about keeping your hands warm with mobile games set to launch this month? It is time for some tap-and-swipe action. Here are the most anticipated mobile games coming out in January 2024. 

5. Art of Rally

Art of Rally is a well-crafted love letter to rallying fans by Funselektor. The gorgeous and well-detailed sim racing game adds to the huge library of racing games available without making it feel crowded. The game launched on Xbox One and Series X/S in 2020, with the PS4 and PS5 consoles getting a release in 2021. Now, mobile gamers can get their hands on the game, which is set for release on iOS and Android on January 18, 2024.

So far, the game has received great reviews on its console releases. Aside from the micro-freezes and slowdowns, Art of Rally is a one-of-a-kind racing game. It looks like a really simple game on the surface, but it gets harder once you crack it. The earlier stages are a cruise, but you’ll deal with faster speeds after knocking down some levels.  

What strikes me most about Art of Rally is the minimalist graphic detail. It shows that little is enough, and you don’t need a graphically demanding game to have a good time. Moreover, the game also features a neat line of vehicles that vary in controls, adding layers of complexity and realism. Plus, there’s plenty of content to dive into. You can learn a thing or two about the history of racing from the career mode or burn rubber and break limits on different tracks. 

4. Warframe

Warframe is one of those games that will bring out your rage with its difficulty. But once you get the hang of it, you get quite comfortable. The free-to-play MMO has been around since 2013, when it launched on PC and has received ports to various platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5, and later on Xbox Series X/S. The devs have confirmed the game’s launch on mobile platforms, scheduled for early 2024.

Ideally, Warframe has you playing as a Tenno, a biomechanical unit with no recollection of its past. This is partly due to their suspended animation that casts them into a deep sleep, only to be woken up far into the Earth’s future. You’ll occasionally go head-to-head with various factions in the game, which helps you advance your Tenno. The game is heavily mission-based, meaning you’ll be traversing different planets to defeat various threats, including giant robots. 

The only downside to this game is its complexity. You may need to keep an open tab on the game’s Wiki to navigate through. Thankfully, the Warframe community is very welcoming. You’ll likely stumble upon a player or two willing to help you through the missions. I hope the same applies to the mobile versions. 

3. Zenless Zone Zero

From the studio that brought you Genshin Impact comes an enthralling brand-new IP set in the fictional world of New Eridu. A great disaster known as the ‘Hollows’ has tragically hit the world, and the New Eridu is the last surviving colony. This last civilization has also cracked the code in harvesting valuable resources from the disaster, transforming adversity into abundance. 

This abundant city is now the center of attention and a desired settlement for the unsettled. Playing as a proxy, you must traverse New Eridu and conquer adversaries while getting to the bottom of the mysteries in the city. 

Zenless Zen Hero is a tad different from the roguelike games in HoYoverse’s massive library. But it features roguelike elements when exploring the Hollows. As the proxy, you send out a Bangboo that you control remotely to visit the world through a series of TVs. The TVs are tiles where combat ensues, and you collect buffs for your progress.

Moreover, Hoyoverse recycles elements from Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. If you’ve played any of these games, you’ll feel right at home with this new IP, set to release on mobile in 2024.

2. Minion Masters

Thanks to Netflix, the legendary Minion Masters is getting a remake and re-release. The game is expected to launch in January 2024 and is available to Netflix-subscribed members. The game will receive a huge facelift, as described by the devs, including a UI rework and huge code. 

Here’s a quick breakdown if you’re hearing about this game for the first time. Minion Masters is a collectible card game. Well, of some sort. Why some sort? Because it features elements that place it in the Multiple Online Battle Arena Category. Ideally, you build a deck of minions and spells, then assign a hero. Next, you place them on two lanes against your opponent, doing the same against you. Once you place your minion, you have no control over its actions, so choose your spot wisely. The player who dies first loses. 

This formula is certainly familiar if you’ve played Castle Crush before. A few notable differences are that the mobile version will support cross-play but won’t support cross-progression. 

1. Money Heist: Ultimate Choice

Strap on your red suits and don your Salvador Dalí masks because a major heist is coming. Netflix stunned the world with their highly-praised TV show ‘Money Heist’. The gripping and emotionally charged series captivated viewers with its intricate plot and, of course, the high-stakes heist. 

Now, players can delve into this world right from their mobile phones. The interactive game will explore the themes of crime, drama and love, where you decide whether to remain loyal to your team or seek vengeance for your loved ones. Moreover, you’ll encounter and interact with the TV series’ iconic characters. 

The game will be available for Netflix members starting January 5, 2024. 

And there you have it. Our most anticipated mobile games coming out in January 2024. What’s your take on our picks? Which game will you play first? Let us know on our socials here.

Hoping for a Strong start to 2024


FINE CASTING gets a narrow vote in a very tight race for the TV opener of 2024 at Cheltenham (12.55pm) at 4/1. A pretty smart bumper horse, he perhaps didn’t quite meet the standards expected of him as a hurdler, but his chasing debut was solid and suggested there’s more to come off this sort of mark. Although a couple of smart ones are in opposition, his good fourth in the Imperial Cup suggests he’s not overmatched in good company, while the most compelling evidence is his excellent record on heavy ground.

ANGELS BREATH is a risky proposition at 9/2, but might have been found a suitable opportunity at last (1.30pm). Clearly he’ll never quite be the force of old, but a good trawl through all his good back form suggests he’s essentially a high cruising one pacer with an aptitude for bad ground and who is probably crying out for this trip. A smallish field should suit quite well, and there must be a suspicion that Inch House won’t love the ground, while Cloudy Glen is best fresh and Stumptown needs the headgear to work some magic.

SHAKEM UP’ARRY is racing off the same mark as when an excellent third over course and distance at the Festival (2.05pm), and there is every chance he could run even better in this small field affair at 5/1. His record in midwinter on testing ground is very good, while his bold showing in the Coral Gold Cup strongly suggested he was in extremely good heart. Given it was simply his stamina that gave out, a drop in the weights looks generous.

COME ON TEDDY shaped well enough on his comeback to think there’s still a bit of gas in the tank (2.40pm) at 10/1. Habitually effective both at Cheltenham and on deep ground, he’ll furthermore appreciate a return to the more stamina sapping New Course over hurdles, and shouldn’t find the race getting away from him as was the case last time.

STRONG LEADER has possibilities at 9/2 in the Relkeel (3.15pm). He’s significantly less exposed than the others, and looked to be coming right back to form upped in trip at Ascot. The ground is a bit of an unknown, but it’s not ideal for the front pair either. It’s hard to think Bob Olinger achieved an enormous amount beating Zanahiyr the other day, while Marie’s Rock was good in this last year but has been a bit hit-and-miss since, even allowing for three miles stretching her.


IN THIS WORLD ought to build on his promising effort last time in the first of two televised races from Musselburgh (1.10pm) at 2/1. That was in a race of more depth at Cheltenham, and I liked the way he finished off there, suggesting that two and a half miles on an easy track should be fine.

CRACKING DESTINY has quite sound claims of following up his recent win in the Auld Reekie (2.20pm) at 11/2. Although the handicapper has taken action, that was a cosy success and – most crucially – he should get a very similar pace set-up here with Fidelio Vallis and Corrigeen Rock in the line-up.

Your Ultimate Guide to Poker Betting Basics

There are lots of variants of poker out there, but all revolve around betting. And if you want to get into playing poker, or want to improve your play, it’s vital to understand how poker betting rules work.

Here we explain the basics of how to bet on poker, including the general rules of poker betting and common poker betting terminology. We’ll cover calling, raising, buy-ins and royal flushes.

How does betting work in poker?

Different variants of poker will have different twists on poker betting, but most forms of poker are played as variations on the following:

  1. Players place forced bets before the cards are dealt.
  2. The dealer distributes each players’ cards.
  3. Players then place bets based on their cards, either calling or raising or checking. Some players may fold, bowing out of that round. Some forms of poker have structured rounds of betting, such as the pre-flop, flop, turn, and river of Texas Hold’em.
  4. After the rounds of betting finish, if there are still players remaining, the showdown happens, where players show their hands of cards and the winner is revealed (the player with the highest value hand).
  5. Sometimes the showdown won’t be reached, and all players except one will fold, leaving the one remaining player as the winner of that round. Sometimes that player will have the best hand, but sometimes they’ll hold a weak hand but will manage to successfully bluff the other players into thinking they’ve got a strong one.

How to Bet in Poker – Poker Betting Actions

In most games of poker, when it’s your turn to bet, you’ll have four different options:

  1. Call: You match the amount of the previous bet placed.
  2. Raise: You increase the amount of the previous bet. The next player to bet then must meet that bet if they want to stay in that round. Raising when the previous player also raised is called a re-raise.
  3. Fold: You discard your hand, bowing out of that round of betting, forfeiting what you’ve already placed in the pot (whether you dramatically push your cards into the middle of the table or not is up to you).
  4. Check: At the start of a round, before the first open bet has been made, you pass the action on to the next player to your left without placing a bet but without folding, staying in that round of betting.

Betting Order

Betting in poker typically moves clockwise around the table, with the first player to the left of the dealer placing the first bet. There are some variants on this for different versions of poker though:

  • In games of poker that use a blinds system (an initial round of forced bets), the first player to the left of the big blind begins. Bets then move clockwise around the table.
  • In games that use antes and a bring-in system (another round of forced bets), it’s typical that the player with the weakest face-up card is the first player to bet. The action then moves clockwise around the players.

Blinds and antes in poker

Lots of variants of poker require players to place “forced bets” before the cards are dealt. This means the pot begins with money already in it, and players making commitments, before the action commences.

The most common types of forced bets are blinds and antes:

Blinds in poker

With poker variants that use blinds, like Texas Hold’em and Omaha, two players post blind bets before the cards are dealt. They’re called blinds as the bets are made ‘blind’ without any cards being seen.

The first player posts a “small blind” and the next player to their left posts the “big blind”, which is double the small blind. The cards are dealt, then the first player to the left of the big blind places the first bet.

Responsibility for posting the small and big blind usually rotates clockwise around the table.

Ante bets in poker

With ante bets, used in draw poker and stud poker, all the players at the table put an equal amount of money (or chips) into the pot before the cards are dealt. This ensures that each player has an incentive to bet, and that players will lose money if they fold. The value of the ante bet will typically be determined before the game begins.

Some forms of poker combine both blind bets and ante bets, with ante bets being placed before the small blind and the big blind.

Poker-hand rankings: from strongest to weakest

Most variants of poker use the same ranking of poker hands, meaning once you’ve learned it, you’ll easily be able to pick up new versions of poker.

Poker hands are ranked from the highest to the lowest, as:

  • Royal Flush – you hold an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, all of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush – you hold any five cards that form an unbroken sequence, all of the same suit, such as a 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
  • Four of a Kind – four of your five cards are all of the same ranking, such as four 2s or four Queens.
  • Full House – three of your cards are the same ranking, and the other two are of the same ranking, such as three Kings and two 3s.
  • Flush – all five of your cards are of the same suit.
  • Straight – you have five cards that form an unbroken sequence, not of the same suit.
  • Three of a Kind – three of your cards are the same ranking, whilst the other two are of any ranking.
  • Two Pairs – you have two pairs of cards of equal ranking, such as a pair of 3s and a pair of Aces.
  • One Pair – you have two cards of the same ranking, like two 7s.
  • High Card – you can’t make any of the hands above, so your hand is valued as the highest ranking single card you have.

Buy-ins and Poker Chips

In poker games played in casinos – and in plenty of other cash games – players bet using coloured poker chips. In most cases, different colours of chips have different values, giving players options when placing bets and making it easy to identify how much is being bet and how much the pot is worth.

When you sit at a poker table for a cash game, you’ll have to “buy-in”. The buy-in is the amount of money you need to have with you to sit down at the table. You’ll exchange your buy-in for poker chips.

Poker betting limits

When it’s your turn to place a bet in poker, you may have limits on how much you’re allowed to bet. These limits, or lack of them, come in four common types: no-limit, pot-limit, fixed-limit and spread-limit:

No-limit poker bets

With no-limit poker games, any player can bet any value of chips they want to on one single bet, after the blind bets are made. A player can even bet all of their chips at one time, called “going all-in”.

Pot-limit poker bets

Unlike no-limit games, with pot-limit games, the maximum bet that can be made is determined by the size of the pot in the middle of the table.

Most pot-limit games limit the highest raise to the total value of the pot. If the pot is £100, then the highest bet that can be made is £100. Some versions of pot-limit use a half-pot-limit. So if the value of the pot is £100, the highest bet that can be made is £50.

As a round of poker progresses, the pot grows. This means that the stakes of pot-limit poker games typically rise over time, with players making larger raises as the pot increases.

Fixed-limit poker bets

With fixed-limit betting, the maximum amount that can be bet is determined at the beginning of the round by the dealer. Some casino tables will operate with the same fixed limit for every round.

Spread–limit poker bets

A game of poker that uses spread-limit betting allows players to make raises within a specified limit.

The specified limit could be a “one to five limit” which means each player can bet between £1 to £5, with £5 being the highest raise. Some spread-limit games allow for a higher final bet in a betting round, like “ten on the end”, where players can bet up to £10 on the final bet.

Simple poker betting strategy

Poker is a game based on probability. But it also involves psychology and being able to successfully bluff the other players you’re competing with for the pot. If you’re holding a strong hand, it sometimes doesn’t pay to go all-in, whilst if you have a weak hand, you don’t have to always fold. Try to use the following poker betting strategy:

  1. Play fewer hands, but play those hands aggressively: If you try to play too many hands, especially when you have weak hands, you’ll bleed away your chips. It’s typically more effective to fold on weak hands but to bet aggressively on stronger hands, making calls and raises.
  2. Don’t go all-in on strong hands: You should play aggressively on strong hands, but don’t go all-in. If you think you have the best hand at the table, you want to place bets that other players will call, to ensure they stay in the betting and that you can grow the pot as much as possible.
  3. Know when to bluff: If you bluff too often, the other players at the table will realise and will begin to call you on it. You need to bluff with thought. Bluff on hands you have cards to improve on, like straight draws or flush draws.
  4. Fold when in doubt: As well as bluffing too often, another way to lose quickly in poker is to call too often. If you have a strong hand, play aggressively. If you have a hand with options, you can bluff aggressively. But if you’re unsure whether to call or fold, it’s sensible to fold.
  5. Attack when your opponents show signs of weakness: If another player checks, it’s usually because they have a weak hand. Call and raise to try and get that player to fold.

Is online poker betting different?

The vast majority of online poker betting games use the same rules as the real-life equivalent. If you’re playing Pot-Limit Omaha online, the betting rules will be the same as real-life Pot-Limit Omaha.

Whatever type of poker you’re playing online, make sure you understand the poker betting rules of that game before you bet serious money. You can usually find the rules of a game in the information menu.

Although the same poker betting rules are typically used online, online poker betting tends to be faster-paced than real-life betting, and usually for smaller amounts of money.

Play poker with Grosvenor Casinos

Now that you’ve learned the basics of poker betting rules and poker betting strategy, you can try your hand at poker with Grosvenor Casinos. You can play poker in person at one of our 52 casino venues in the UK or you can join one of our poker tournaments.

You can also play poker online with us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the comfort of your home or even on the go on your phone or tablet. Download our dedicated Grosvenor Casinos Poker app for free on either your iOS or Android device. Take a look at our online poker promotions and join Grosvenor Casinos today.


How Gaming Has Changed: From Then into Tomorrow

Humans have been fascinated with gambling for just about as long as they’ve been around.

Our earliest archaeological evidence of games of chance is a set of six-sided Mesopotamian dice that date back to around 3000 BCE. But David Schwartz’s book “Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling” suggests people have been engaging in gambling since the Paleolithic period, well before written history.

Of course, a lot has changed over the thousands of years since a stone-ager bet his loincloth his pal couldn’t knock a nest out of a tree with a pebble. And as gambling has evolved, so has our understanding of what it means to balance the thrill of a good wager with a bit of common sense – something we now call responsible gambling.

From the first playing cards invented in the 9th century during China’s Tang dynasty to the advent of online gaming in the late 20th century, our repertoire of risk-taking entertainments has steadily developed, along with the rules governing these games to ensure fairness and transparency for players. Let’s take a look at how gambling has changed over the centuries here in Canada.

History of Gambling in Canada (and Ontario)

Key highlights of gaming history from 3000 BCE to the 21st century.

There’s no firm date marking the first wager made by people living on the land we now call Canada, but you can bet it was long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue – or Vikings visited in their longships, for that matter.

Indigenous groups from the Pacific Northwest have been playing an ancient game called Slahal for thousands of years, according to First Nations’ oral histories, and still play it today. It involves a mix of marked and unmarked pieces that are hidden by one team so that another team must guess their positions.

As folks from overseas created their own settlements and cities, they also imported their culture, including their own forms of gambling. With the world’s first casino established in Italy in 1638 – the infamously snooty Il Ridotto – games such as roulette and blackjack began to make their way into North America during the 17th century.

European horse racing soon became a thing, too. In 1767, soldiers stationed in a garrison in Quebec City held a race on the Heights of Abraham – the first advertised sporting horse race. Ontario wasn’t far behind, with the first commercial horse races taking place in 1793 on a sandy circuit on what is now Toronto Island.

In 1892, the newly created Canadian government banned all forms of gambling, making only minor amendments to the Criminal Code in 1900 to allow charities to run bingos, small raffles, and gambling events to raise funds.

It wasn’t until the second half of the 20th century that the dial began to move on gambling legislation.

In the 1960s, during the heyday of protests for social liberties, outdated gambling taboos were reconsidered and Canadian provinces were finally given authority to regulate gambling to match the unique interests of their people. This paved the way for Wintario – the first lottery game in Ontario – to launch in 1975.

The 1980s saw further movement, with the legalization of most forms of sports betting in 1985 and the opening of a bricks-and-mortar casino in Manitoba. The first Ontario casino – Caesars Windsor – would open five years later in 1994.

Since then, the main advancements in gambling regulation have been related to the rapid growth of technology and the Internet. Ontarians can buy – and even set up subscriptions for – lottery tickets online via OLG’s Direct Pay service, play digital casino games via, and place sports wagers through PROLINE+.

And in 2022, after another federal amendment, Ontario was finally able to offer players one of the simplest types of sports wagers – single-game betting – through Ontario-based bookmakers. This amendment also allowed the Land O’Lakes to become the first province to launch an open (but regulated) online gaming market, allowing private gaming companies to deliver iGaming products to Ontario residents.

Responsible Gambling Has Come a Long Way, Too

As games of chance have evolved, so, too, has our understanding of human behaviour. We have a better picture of how our brains work, why we enjoy taking risks, how to predict outcomes, and how we react to losing and winning. And we’re using that knowledge to help people play responsibly.

Here are four ways PlaySmart can help you play safe:

  1. My Play Customizer
    Worried you might spend more than you can afford? My Play Customizer gives you the power to set yourself a deposit limit for your account, then set spend limits for casino, lottery, and sports play. It’s a smart way to keep yourself from getting carried away in the heat of the moment, and you get to do it on your own terms.
  2. PlaySmart Game Guides
    Want to learn the ins and outs of your favourite games? PlaySmart is your gambling encyclopedia, providing straightforward information on rules and odds so you can make smart choices and keep having fun.
  3. PlaySmart Tips
    Concerned you might be giving in to your impulses? PlaySmart has tips on how not to cave to peer pressure when wagering on sports, knowing when to cut your losses, and how to approach in-game betting.
  4. My Play History
    Want insights on your wagering patterns? Once you’re registered with you can track your play history and identify any behaviours that may be affecting your fun.

These tools are among the many reasons why PlaySmart has twice been named the Best Overall Responsible Gambling Program by the World Lotteries Association.

They’re also part of the reason why you have an advantage over gamblers throughout history. You have all the information you need to play safe and have fun. If our ancestor who wagered on his friend’s pebble-throwing accuracy had had such knowledge, he might not have lost his loincloth.

2023 NFL Award Odds | Odds Shark

2023 NFL Defensive Player Of The Year Odds

Odds To Win 2023 NFL DPOY
Player Odds
Micah Parsons +115
Myles Garrett +155
TJ Watt +325
Danielle Hunter +1200
DaRon Bland +2800

Myles Garrett is quietly beasting his way through this season. In 14 games he’s forced four fumbles, earned 13 sacks, and racked up 27 solo tackles. He’s right there with Micah Parsons, and has a few games to overtake him, too.

I know this is an individual award, too. But, Garrett should get a bump in his DPoY chances as the Cleveland defense leads the league in yards against. The Browns allow just 261 yards per game against, 25 fewer than any other squad.

Best Bet: Myles Garrett (+155)

Last 10 Defensive Player of the Year Winners 

Last 10 DPOY Winners
Year Player Team Position
2022 Nick Bosa San Francisco 49ers DE
2021 T.J. Watt Pittsburgh Steelers LB
2020 Aaron Donald Los Angeles Rams DT
2019 Stephon Gilmore New England Patriots CB
2018 Aaron Donald Los Angeles Rams DT
2017 Aaron Donald Los Angeles Rams DT
2016 Khalil Mack Oakland Raiders* DE
2015 J.J. Watt Houston Texans DT
2014 J.J. Watt Houston Texans DT
2013 Luke Kuechly Carolina Panthers LB

*now the Las Vegas Raiders.

Our previous 10 DPOY winners have a few familiar faces… Donald and T.J. Watt make up 50% of this list! With Watt’s retirement in 2022, Donald can cement himself in legend as the first player to win the award four times.

These two players emphasize what goes into the award’s decision – an ongoing effort to be the best at their position and single-handedly derail games with a timely sack or stripped ball.

The AFC and NFC both contribute five players to this list, an even split of defensive excellence across the league.

Players that have won multiple Defensive Player of the Year awards

Multiple DPOY Award Winners
Player Awards Won Position Team Winning Seasons
Lawrence Taylor 3 Linebacker New York Giants 1981 – 1982, 1986
J.J. Watt 3 Defensive End Houston Texans 2012, 2014 – 2015
Aaron Donald 3 Defensive Tackle Los Angeles Rams 2017 – 2018, 2020
Joe Greene 2 Defensive Tackle Pittsburgh Steelers 1972, 1974
Mike Singletary 2 Linebacker Chicago Bears 1985, 1988
Bruce Smith 2 Defensive End Buffalo Bills 1990, 1996
Reggie Smith 2 Defensive End Philadelphia Eagles / Green Bay Packers 1987, 1998
Ray Lewis 2 Linebacker Baltimore Ravens 2000, 2003

Where only two running backs have won 3 awards for Offensive Player of the Year, the DPOY award boasts three stalwart defenders in Donald, Watt, and Taylor. All three of these players earned the award in back-to-back seasons.

For all their accolades, none of these players brought their team to a Super Bowl in the same year they won DPOY.

NFL Teams with the Most Defensive Player of the Year awards

NFL Teams with the most DPOY awards
Team Awards Won Most Recent DPOY Winner
Pittsburgh Steelers 8 OLB – T.J. Watt (2021)
Baltimore Ravens 4 OLB – Terrell Suggs (2011)
New York Giants 4 DE – Michael Strahan (2001)
Houston Texans 3 DE – J.J. Watt (2015)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3 LB – Derrick Brooks (2002)
Buffalo Bills 3 DE – Bruce Smith (1996)
Miami Dolphins 3 DE – Jason Taylor (2006)
San Francisco 49ers 3 DE – Nick Bosa (2022)
Los Angeles Rams 3 DT – Aaron Donald (2020)
Chicago Bears 3 LB – Brian Urlacher (2005)

The Steelers don’t even make this close – their long-standing reputation as defensive juggernauts is well-earned, doubling the Ravens and Giants’ collection of DPOY award winners.

As of now, the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans and Washington Commanders remain without a single honouree for this award.

Schools that produced the most Defensive Player of the Year Winners

In the high-scoring environment of NCAA Football, colleges cherish their defensive playmakers. These schools helped multiple future NFL DPOY winners hone their skills and head into the league with the skill and confidence to shut down an offence.

Schools that produced the Most DPOY Winners
School Conference Amount of DPOY Winners Most Recent DPOY Winner
Miami (FL) ACC 5 Ed Reed (2004)
Pittsburgh ACC 3 Aaron Donald (2020)
Wisconsin Big 10 (West) 3 J.J. Watt (2015)
North Carolina ACC 3 Lawrence Taylor (1986)
Kent State MAC (East) 2 James Harrison (2008)
Florida State ACC 2 Derrick Brooks (2002)
Tennessee SEC (East) 2 Reggie White (1998)
Virginia Tech ACC 2 Bruce Smith (1996)
Baylor Big 12 2 Mike Singletary (1988)
Texas A&M SEC (West) 2 Lester Hayes (1980)
North Texas AAC 2 Joe Greene (1974)

Regarding conferences, the ACC boasts the most DPOY winners at 15, while the SEC trails behind with 4. Next time you want to wager on a futures bet, pay attention to the alma mater – the historical trend looks appealing here.

Defensive Player of the Year Betting Trends and Notes

Over time, we’ve begun to identify a few similarities between DPOY winners. These findings can help you analyze the current odds and predict next year’s winner. Although there isn’t an exact formula for what constitutes an award-winning season, here are a few helpful tidbits and fun facts to help you make a bet.

  • Four of the previous ten winners led the league in sacks during their DPOY season – Nick Bosa, Aaron Donald, and J.J. Watt (twice).
  • Out of the previous ten winners, Aaron Donald (2020) and J.J. Watt (2015) are the only two players to have favourited odds before the start of the season,
  • The four most recent DPOY winners represent the longest span the award has gone to a different player each year since J.J. Watt won his first award in 2012.
  • Players can still stand a chance at winning even if their team’s performance is subpar – four of the last eight winners played on a defense that was ranked lower than the top ten.

Basic Blackjack Strategy in 5 Minutes

Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One, is a hugely popular card game, dating all the way back to the 17th century. And of course, in 2019, there are plenty of exciting live versions to try out. But first, you’ve got to get basic blackjack strategy down.

In this bite-sized blackjack strategy guide, you’ll learn all you need to know to get started on our Canadian online casino, in as little as five minutes! 

Splitting A Pair

pairs is one of the more better-known blackjack basic strategies, and it was
first introduced to help players bring down the casino’s house advantage a notch or two. However,
splitting pairs is usually not always
used very effectively, so let’s see how to make this blackjack strategy
work for you.

You can split
a pair when you have a hand with two cards of the same value, such as a 2 of
Hearts and a 2 of Clubs. You split the pair by placing an equal chip right next to the original wager. Don’t put your additional chip on top – that means you want to double up (more on that later). Placing your chip
adjacent to the original lets the dealer know that you want to split your hand.

So which hands should you split? Not all cards are equal. For instance, it’s recommended to split a pair of aces (totalling 11) as splitting will give you a much two chances to land two stronger hands. It’s also a good idea to split eights, to potentially improve a hand of 16. Never split a pair of 10 though, as by splitting you might be sacrificing a really good hand. Low numbers aren’t recommended to split either.   Why is splitting such a useful blackjack strategy? Because with this strategy you could transform a weak hand into a winning one with one wager or one click, and potentially win more money.

Doubling Down – Hard And Soft Hands

Do you need a
good blackjack basic strategy to help you break even or even possibly win when
your odds are not looking good? Then
doubling down is the blackjack strategy you need.

Doubling down is when you’re given the opportunity to double your initial wager, however, you will then only be able to draw one more card. To double, simply place an equal chip on top of your first wager. Some casinos will have different rules on when you can double down: you can usually double down on any two cards but some casinos may only allow it when you draw a hand of 10 or 11. So, when should you double down? You usually should double down when you have the hard 8, 9, 10, and 11 cards. A hard hand is a hand that doesn’t include an ace.

But what happens when your hand includes an ace (known as a soft hand)? If your hand includes an ace and an eight card or higher, it doesn’t make much sense to double.

The Rule Of Nine

An easy way to decide whether you should double down or not on a soft hand can be summarised below:

  • If your
    dealer’s up-card and your non-ace card add up to nine or more, then double
  • If the sum
    of the dealer’s card and your non-ace add up to less than nine, then you can
  • Never
    double down when the dealer holds a seven or higher.
  • Never
    double down when the dealer holds an ace either.

Surrendering A Hand

The blackjack
strategy of surrendering a hand can be confusing, due to its misleading name.
When you surrender a hand, it doesn’t
mean that you’re surrendering the
game, and can be a highly useful strategy.

So, how does
it work? After having a look at your two-card hand as well as the dealer’s
up-card, and the cards just aren’t looking so good, you can apply this method and surrender half of your wager. The dealer will then take half of
your wager, as well as your two cards and will place them in the discard pile.

You might be
asking why this blackjack strategy is so great if you’re losing half your wager? You’re
losing 50% of your wager instead of potentially losing all of it, so you can
retain half your stake for the next hand. 

Hitting And Standing

Our last blackjack strategy for today is
a summary of hitting and standing.
This is the bread and butter of playing a
game of blackjack, whether online, live or at the casino.

When you hit, you’re asking the dealer for another card and when you stand, it means that you’re happy with cards you’ve been dealt and don’t want any additional cards.

So, when should you hit and when should you stand?

Well, this all depends on what your dealer’s holding:

  • If the
    dealer has an ace, they have a high chance of hitting a 10 value card (10,
    Jack, Queen or King), so you should aim to have a hand of 17 or over.
  • If the
    dealer has a 10 card, they still have a strong chance of hitting 20. So we
    recommend you hit until 17 or higher to give yourself the strongest hand you
  • If your
    dealer has between seven and nine, at least they won’t be able to hit a
    Blackjack with their third card, but they can still get a high hand.  Hit until 17.
  • If your
    dealer has a card worth four up to six, you could potentially stand on anything
    above 12.
  • If your
    dealer has a two, you can hit up to a value of nine, but it’s wise to stand on
    a hand of 13.

And there you go, the four key components of blackjack basic strategy to help you polish up your skills. Why not try out the strategies you’ve learned by playing on LiveRoulette’s range of 15 live blackjack games, such as Exclusive Blackjack, Blackjack Party, and Infinite Blackjack, and show off your know-how?

18+ | | Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Terms & Conditions apply.

Jackpot City Casino Launches in Pennsylvania

Among the most active casino markets in the United States is Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been a leading state for the adoption of legalized gambling in the United States. Plenty of casino operators have opened up shop in the state, and the latest to join that list is Jackpot City Casino. With its expansive list of casino games and player bonuses, this casino is making a name for itself in the state.

How Many Legal Casino Operators Exist in Pennsylvania?

The number of legal casino operators in Pennsylvania will rise to 22 as Jackpot City Casino joins the list. This number includes WSOP which only offers poker. The number of operators will drop back down to 21 as Unibet is set to leave the market. However, Jackpot City Casino is excited to jump into the fray and establish its footing within the state. 

Plenty of Games to Choose From

You will never be bored with the number of games that you can select from with Jackpot City Casino. This is because they offer more than 400 individual casino games from all of your classic favorites to some surprising options that you might not have expected. You can also find plenty of traditional table games like roulette and blackjack. 

Live Dealer Games are a Favorite

Among the things that has many gamblers excited about the Jackpot City Casino expansion is the fact that live dealer games are offered. Many players prefer this because they can see how everything within the game plays out in real-time. Jackpot City Casino is proud to offer live dealer games to all players at any time of the day or night. 

A Top-Notch Welcome Bonus 

Jackpot City Casino is attempting to attract new players to check them out. A great way to make that happen is to offer a generous welcome bonus. That is precisely what Jackpot City Casino has decided to do. The current bonus is a 100% deposit match bonus up to $1,000. This means you can double your bankroll up to $1,000 in bonus bets on your first bonus. In addition, there is a bonus wheel that new players get to spin to win an extra reward. Carefully note the wagering requirements of the bonus before you sign up. 

What the Expansion into Pennsylvania Means 

The expansion of Jackpot City Casino into the Pennsylvania market means that they are interested in working to expand their operations as far as possible. Pennsylvania is a great place for any casino operator to expand into, but it is just the first step of a larger plan. All casino operators are hoping to see even more states legalize online gambling so that they can begin to offer their services to even more players. 

EDITORIAL Peace on Earth, good will to all – while messaging channels battle it out

One of the key trends to emerge in 2023 in telemedia has been how far messaging has evolved in just a year. While SMS continues to dominate – and that is with more than 60% of businesses globally notusing it yet for A2P – OTT has started to take a large slice of the business messaging market this year.

In fact, according to data from Juniper Research, OTT dominates conversational commerce, likely accounting for 53% of spend in 2024. The rise of OTT in the messaging market has been one of the standout stories of 2023 in the messaging and telemedia industries. Starting back in the pandemic, WhatsApp in particular started to gain ground. Consumers were drawn to it for P2P messaging, but soon found themselves looking to reach out to businesses through it. The pandemic boom in ecommerce only enhanced this.

Up until November this year, the big story in messaging was how OTT/WhatsApp was eating SMS revenues – albeit slowly – and what that may mean for MNOs messaging revenues. This indeed sits behind much of Juniper Research’s messaging research this year. And, indeed, that of Telemedia News.

But that has all changed in less than a month. News that Apple is to support RCS in its iOS update in 2024 has changed everything.

For SMS, it does look like a real threat, although there is always going to be a market for simple, good old-fashioned SMS messaging in OTPs and the like – even with SMS pumping and AIT throwing a small spanner in the works. But it is WhatsApp that could be the real loser here.

Apple’s embrace of RCS suddenly sees rich messaging with all the bells and whistles confined to Google’s RCS and Apple’s iMessage for many users. If the two can be knitted together seamlessly then is there really a need for WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp has been very popular, interest is waning in it. A study in the UK in November found that many people were dropping it as they were fed up of the groups they were in and, more tellingly, don’t like that people can see if they have read their messages and not replied.

Of course, there are many hoops for RCS to jump through before it gets to be a ‘WhatsApp killer’, but it is likely to make a dent in it. It looks likely that this time next year we may well be looking at a very different messaging landscape to the one we are looking at today.

So, with that in mind, it just leaves me to wish you all a very merry and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for reading and supporting us and I look forward to where this crazy industry goes in 2024.

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Spinning the Wheel With a Live Dealer: The Human Touch in Online Roulette

Imagine the unmistakable sound of a roulette ball whirling around the wheel, the subtle chatter of fellow players placing their bets, and the warm, inviting presence of a croupier poised to set the wheel in motion. This immersive tableau is no longer confined to the velvet-draped corners of a bustling casino floor.

If you crave the thrill of a land-based casino but cannot be bothered going out, consider live online roulette at PlayUK, where you can enjoy a great selection of live roulette games supplied by two live casino software giants, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming.

The Benefits of Live Roulette

  • All games take place in real-time and are hosted by a real live human dealer, so you are guaranteed to get the human touch during every game you play.
  • Live roulette brings all the excitement and drama of all the casino action right to the comfort of your home.
  • As live roulette is online, you can join in with a game or two no matter what time of day or wherever you happen to be (as long as you have an internet connection).
  • It is convenient and highly entertaining to play and well worth setting aside some of your bankroll to try.

How to Play Live Roulette

  • Firstly, you need to register and log in with an online casino like PlayUK, then make your first deposit and claim your welcome bonus before navigating to the live roulette section.
  • If you have played roulette at a land-based casino, then live roulette should be easy to understand.
  • Your screen will show two distinct betting sections, one for the inside and the other for the outside bets.
  • At the top of the table is the roulette wheel and the dealer (sometimes called the croupier), whose job is to spin the wheel, drop the ball and finally call the winning bet.
  • The dealer usually uses a physical table and places your bets using real chips whilst spinning the wheel. However, some live roulette games use a computer-generated table where only the dealer and wheel are present.

Commonly, there are two types of live roulette wheels offered online:

  • American Roulette – The American roulette wheel has 38 pockets and has two zero pockets, the single zero (0) and the double zero (00). The house edge in a game of American roulette is 5.26%
  • European Roulette – The European roulette wheels have 37 pockets and a single zero (0) pocket. The house edge in a game of European roulette is 2.7%.

How to Make a Bet in Live Online Roulette Games

Placing a bet on the live roulette table of your choice is easy:

  • Choose the amount you want to bet, making sure that it is higher than the minimum bet allowed for that table, and click on it
  • Once you have done this, the live dealer will acknowledge your bet and will place physical chips on a table
  • Once all bets are placed, the dealer will spin the wheel, and your anticipation will increase as the wheel slows and finally stops.
  • The dealer then calls out the winning number, and if you are lucky, you’ll receive a payout equal to the odds for that bet.
  • If you are unlucky that time, your chips are taken, and your bankroll will show a loss.

The Final Say

As you would expect, live online roulette games create an immersive experience, especially because games take place in real time, and you can chat with the dealer and other players at the appropriate times.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the different roulette bets to make and have some knowledge of roulette etiquette,  playing liver dealer online roulette can provide tons of casino action from whichever platform you choose.

Remember that good bankroll management is also essential when playing any online casino games because games are so immersive it can be easy for time to slip by. You must know when to walk away or take a break from the roulette table and never chase any losses

The Complete Guide to Roulette

How to Win at Roulette – A Comprehensive Guide (keywords: best roulette strategy, roulette tips and tricks, how to win at roulete)

Introduction: What is the Roulette Game and How Does it Work?

keywords: what is a rouletet game, how does aroulett work

Simple Steps To Play Roulettes Online With Minimal Risk On A Good Odds Table

keywords: how do you playroulettes online with no risk on high odds tables

Roulette is a game of chance.

The player bets on a number, color, or the “outside” ( odd or even ) to be revealed when the ball drops into one of the numbered pockets on the wheel.

The odds against each bet are established by roulette’s design with the intention that there should be no way for any player to know which pocket will receive the ball.

Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM | Online Slot Review

Thanks to the latest online slots technology, one of the country’s most loved slots has been given a facelift by none other than Red Tiger. The latest in a long line of payline-inspired updates, Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM is set to take the conquistador’s adventure, and yours, to new heights on our Canadian online casino.

This new title hits our Vegas lobby on 23 July 2020, so stay tuned!

The setting, style, and mission remain the same. However, this time when you join plucky Gonzalo Pizarro, the adventure could be a lot wilder. As you play your way through the lost city of El Dorado, the search for ancient riches is helped along by a random number of available on each spin!

All part of the MegawaysTM upgrade, this mechanic not only ensures your adventure is full of twists and turns, but that you have up to 117,649 ways to win. Before you plot a course to the lost city of gold and play for the max payout topping 20,000x your stake, you need a map. This Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM guide is your map. Taking you from the first spin towards reels filled with potential, this online slot review will put you on the right path.

So, if you are ready to set sail for El Dorado and discover the latest in slot technology, let’s begin.

Gonzo's Quest Megaways Big Win

Gonzo’s Quest Theme

The year is 1541, and you find yourself aboard a ship floating somewhere off the coast of Peru. In the distance, you spot an island. Hazy at first, the landmass gradually comes into focus as you sail closer. It’s at this point Gonzo grabs his map and makes haste for what he believes is the lost city of El Dorado. The promise of Mayan’s riches prompts you to follow the intrepid explorer onto a beach. There, you find an ancient monument made of stone.

Each block is marked with tribal carvings that seem to form some sort of pattern. It’s at this point you realise you’re standing in front of the gates to El Dorado. However, only those that find the right combinations can enter. With that, your online slots adventure starts. You set the blocks free with each spin, knowing that matches are the key to unlocking prizes. Will you crack the code and find a way into the lost city of gold? Only time will tell.

What Are MegawaysTM Slots?

Before you can spin on Gonzo’s Quest and experience what this new video slot has to offer, you need to know what MegawaysTM means. This online slot innovation was created by Big Time Gaming. It takes the standard payline structure of popular slots and shakes things up. By introducing an extra reel and randomising the size of symbols, MegawaysTM makes it possible to activate a random number of ways to win on each spin.

For example, on one spin, you might have 100 ways to win. On the next, you could have 5,000. In tandem with mixing up the number of paylines, MegawaysTM makes mega-combinations possible. Because the reels are set in such a way that different sized symbols fall in random orders, it can open up more payout potential than your average slot. In fact, if things fall just right, Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM will give you up to 117,649 ways to win from a single spin!

How To Play Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM

To play the game, it’s simple. Start by choosing your bet. The new Gonzo’s Quest has flexible betting limits, so you can stake between €0.10 and €10 a spin. Place your bet and you’ll unlock the six reels and set the blocks in motion.

What’s unique about Gonzo’s Quest, both the original and the MegawaysTM version, is that the symbols fall into place rather than spin. This not only creates a different slot feel, but sets up something known as the avalanche feature.

Gonzo’s Quest Online Slot Symbols

Since this is the gateway to the lost city of El Dorado, the symbols are suitably iconic. Each block has been carved into an ornate design. On any single drop, the six reels can host between two and seven of the following Mayan symbols:

  • K ‘uk’ (quetzal)
  • K ‘awil (spirit)
  • Chan (snake)
  • Hoy
  • Grey stone god
  • Yellow stone god
  • Green stone god
  • Blue stone god
  • King of the gods

In addition to standard symbols, Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM features a mystery icon in the form of a question mark. Substituting for all other symbols, this wild can appear up to twice on a single reel and can help complete winning combinations. Finally, to trigger the free spins bonus, golden coins must fall into place. Three or more coins (or two coins plus a wild) will initiate the bonus round and give you more potential ways to win.

Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM Payouts And Bonuses

MegawaysTM online slots are full of potential because you have up to 117,649 paylines on any given spin. This dynamic alone means that a single spin can unlock various payouts. In this game, winning combinations are formed when clusters of three or more matching symbols line up.

The list below shows how much you can win when you match a minimum of three symbols and a maximum of six. It is important to note that you will also win prizes when you match four and five symbols.

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways Prizes

  • K ‘uk’ (quetzal) = win between 0.1x and 0.5x your stake
  • K ‘awil (spirit) = win between 0.2x and 0.5x your stake
  • Chan (snake) = win between 0.2x and 0.7x your stake
  • Hoy = win between 0.2x and 0.8x your stake
  • Grey stone god = win between 0.3x and 1x your stake
  • Yellow stone god = win between 0.4x and 1.2x your stake
  • Green stone god = win between 0.5x and 2x your stake
  • Blue stone god = win between 0.7x and 4x your stake
  • King of the gods = win between 1x and 15x your stake

The MegawaysTM system means that you can make multiple winning combinations on a single spin. So, while a line-up of three matching symbols might not seem too lucrative, this could be one of many winning clusters on the reels. Unlike most current slots, Gonzo’s Quest works on a cumulative basis. In other words, multiple smaller prizes can translate into bigger payouts.

In fact, things get even better when you factor in this slot’s avalanche feature. Winning combinations will trigger an avalanche. This means that the symbols that formed a winning combination disappear and new ones will fall into their place. If the avalanche creates another winning combination, the process is repeated.

Each consecutive avalanche moves the multiplier metre along a notch. Consecutive winning combinations become increasingly valuable. In Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM the multipliers increase in the following way until you either max out or don’t hit a winning combination:

  • 1x avalanche = 1x multiplier
  • 2x avalanches = 2x multiplier
  • 3x avalanches = 3x multiplier
  • 4x avalanches = 5x multiplier

If you can trigger the free spins round (known as Free Falls), your multipliers are given a boost. By dropping in three scatters (coins), you will receive nine free spins. Trigger avalanches during this bonus round and your prizes will be multiplied by 3x, 6x, 9x and, finally, 15x.

Finally, for even more added value, Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM features “earthquakes”. Like avalanches, earthquakes shake the reels and unlock extra opportunities. The way they do this is by removing low-value symbols. Earthquakes are triggered at random, so you never know when they’re going to strike. However, when they do, high-value symbols will fall into the mix and give you a chance to make winning combinations with more payout potential.

Gonzo’s Quest vs Gonzo’s Quest Megaways: The Showdown

Before we give you some tips on how to play online slots, let’s compare Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM to the original. Overall, the two games are virtually identical. In both, your mission is to unlock the proverbial gates to El Dorado by matching blocks of Mayan symbols. The two also contain the avalanche feature and successive wins trigger up to 5x multipliers. Finally, the Free Falls (free spins) round is available in both games.

Gonzo's Quest Game Screenshot
The original Gonzo’s Quest

For all the similarities between the two online slots, there are also some differences. Gonzo’s Quest features five reels, 20 paylines, and bets ranging from €0.20 up to €50. In contrast, Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM contains six reels, up to 117,649 ways to win and bets ranging from €0.10 to €10. The MegawaysTM version also has the added power of the earthquake feature.

Gameplay from Gonzo’s Quest Megaways

The other major difference between these two popular slots is payout potential. Gonzo’s Quest has top payouts worth up to 2,500x your stake. Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM has top prizes worth over 20,000x. This, combined with avalanches and multipliers, means you could win more from Gonzo’s Quest Megaways than the original.

Our Recommendation: Play both games and see how the two compare!

Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM Tips and Strategy

Online slots are all about having fun. Gonzo’s Quest is no different. Regardless of whether you play the original or the MegawaysTM version, you should always bet at a level that suits your bankroll, and not focus on the prizes. Always remember that slots are games of chance, and play responsibly!

Winning should be a happy consequence of playing the game. Adopting this mentality will help you get the most from Gonzo’s Quest. The MegawaysTM structure is expansive and adds a new level of excitement to the game. Add to this some vivid graphics and there are plenty of things to hold your attention as you play.

When you piece all of these elements together, it’s easy to see why NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest became an instant hit when it was released in 2013 and why its 2020 predecessor is equally successful. As long as you remember to play within your limits and enjoy the experience, you’ll get maximum entertainment value from this impressive online slot.

Gonzo’s Quest FAQ

Is Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM fair?

Yes! This game has not only been developed by one of the biggest companies in the business, Red Tiger, it has been tested and certified by an outside agency. Before this game was licenced and allowed to go live on casino sites around the world, its randomness and RTP (return to player) had to be checked. The results came back positive and, as well as receiving a 96% RTP rating, the game has been classified as 100% fair.

Can I win real money playing Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM?

Yes, you can. The amount you win is never guaranteed, and the size of prize will depend on your stake and the winning combinations you land. However, if everything lines up in the best way possible, you could win up over 20,000x your stake.

Where can I play Gonzo’s Quest MegawaysTM online?

You can play Gonzo’s Quest Megaways at LiveRoulette. If you have not already created an account, you can register your details today. Once you are a member, you can make a deposit, scroll through our online slots lobby, and try a heap of top slots!

18+ | | Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Terms & Conditions apply.

Water Activities Near Las Vegas to Make a Splash

Summers in Las Vegas are notoriously hot. One of the best ways to cool off? Getting in the water! Pools, kayaks, lakes, and more have all become popular activities on the hottest days in Las Vegas. Whether you want to stay in the city at Las Vegas pools or are looking to take a road trip to some lakes and waterfalls, read on for your guide to making a splash in Las Vegas so you can cool down on your summer vacation to the city.


Circa Stadium Swim®


If you’re staying in the city, Stadium Swim is the spot for a stylish summer cool down. This rooftop poolscape is a stunner, boasting six pools on three different levels, all sitting in front of a massive 40-foot-tall LED screen playing the sporting events of the day. You can chill in one of the 370 chairs lined up around the pools, but for those who want to party in style with some space, there are options like lily pads, daybeds, and cabanas for reservation.

What makes this pool stand out is its unique concept, unlike anything else you’ll find in Las Vegas. It’s like a sportsbook, complete with stadium-style seating, but with the bonus of swimming pools to jump into when the heat or the game gets too intense. Stadium Swim is open every day, all year round. Even better, guests at Golden Gate Las Vegas get free access to Stadium Swim to make your summer even cooler.

In a nutshell, this spot is perfect for sports fans who want to soak in some poolside action and have a blast. It’s a lively party scene, so don’t expect to be too focused on the game all the time – just enjoy the fun vibes, great company, and stunning views of the Fremont Street Experience!


Lake Las Vegas for Las Vegas Water Activities


Lake Las Vegas


Located in Henderson, just 15 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, Lake Las Vegas is a hot destination for Las Vegas water sports! Embark on an elegant cruise aboard your very own private yacht, complete with a crew and two fully-stocked bars for your enjoyment. Guests also have the option to rent paddle boards or kayaks on an hourly basis. For those looking to stay dry, a selection of electric boats is available for leisurely cruises on the sparkling water.

Thrill-seekers will love the on-lake Aqua Park and pulse-pounding water jetpack experiences, a surefire way for an invigorating adventure. For those seeking a comprehensive day of entertainment, Lake Las Vegas offers various adventure packages that feature yacht cruises, delectable dining, an exhilarating helicopter tour of the Hoover Dam, and more.


Lake Mead


For an escape packed with natural beauty, head to Lake Mead, where the views are expansive and the waters are refreshing. When it comes to lakes near Las Vegas, Lake Mead is the local favorite. It’s perfect for those who like to participate in watersports like boating, water skiing, and tubing. There are tons of options for scenic hikes and nature walks around Lake Mead that will help you break up the water fun and see the beautiful landscape from a different perspective.

If you want something a little more relaxed, a cruise might be the perfect way for you to enjoy the area. You won’t be getting in the water, but you’ll still be able to enjoy being on the lake. The Lake Mead cruise is a Mississippi-style paddlewheeler that offers a climate-controlled environment, and even offers fun champagne brunch and sunset dinner cruises to make for a truly unique way to see the lake.


Friends Kayaking the Black Canyon Water Trail Near Vegas


Black Canyon Water Trail


If you like adventure, look no further than the Black Canyon Water Trail! Located about 45-minutes outside of Las Vegas, this route flows along the Lower Colorado River through Lake Mead National Recreation Area between Hoover Dam and Eldorado Canyon. As you float along, keep your eyes peeled to spot tons of wildlife. You might even see bald eagles, coyotes, and bighorn sheep along the rocky walls and canyons. It’s a real wild wonderland!

Picture this: you’re on a kayak or canoe, floating along the Colorado River, with massive cliffs shooting up on both sides. The water is green and refreshing, and the skies are an endless blue. Can you believe this cool retreat is just a hop away from the glitzy Las Vegas Strip? You can paddle up to 30 miles of pure wilderness and solitude, with sandy beaches, cool caves in vibrant colors, and plenty of hidden coves and secret hot springs to explore. Plus, there are some excellent hiking trails like Gold Strike Canyon and Boy Scout Canyon if you’re up for some extra adventure.


Mount Charleston & Mary Jane Falls 


Looking to escape that scorching heat? Try Mount Charleston, a laid-back community just a 45 minute drive from Las Vegas. It’s like a breath of fresh air up there, literally! You’ll feel the temperature drop around 20 degrees, making it the perfect getaway from the skyrocketing temperatures on the strip. Hike your way up to some stunning scenic overlooks, ancient pine trees, and the famous Mary Jane Falls. It might not be the biggest waterfall in the summer, but you can still enjoy the peaceful babbling brook during the low season. 


From Las Vegas lakes to Las Vegas pools, there are tons of ways to stay cool in the desert heat. Whether you’re a sports fan looking for a party atmosphere, an adventurer seeking nature’s best, or simply someone wanting to beat the heat, the Las Vegas area offers a range of incredible experiences for every taste. Don’t let the heat stop you, get out there and make the most of your Las Vegas getaway! Book your room at Golden Gate Las Vegas to enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest.

Buffalo Blitz Megaways Slot Game Review

With this release, players can pack their bags and head to North America, as they search for a herd of wild buffalo. A selection of other animals can be seen on the reels of the Buffalo Blitz Megaways slot, while the background consists of a picturesque mountain range. This title comes with a range of features, including the popular Megaways mechanic. Should a matching combination form, the symbols will be removed from the board before new icons drop in from above to fill the space. This process can continue until no more combinations appear, with the number of active paylines also varying with each spin.

Buffalo Blitz Megaways was created by Playtech, a company that has over 20 years of experience in the casino slots space. They have an impressive portfolio to their name, including titles such as Flaming Bars, Full Moon Wild Track, and Sahara Riches: Cash Collect. Playtech has also released a variety of games in the ‘Blitz’ series, with titles such as ‘Rhino Blitz‘ and ‘Shark Blitz’ sharing four progressive jackpots. 

Featured Symbols

The standard symbols in Buffalo Blitz Megaways consist of the 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols that are commonly found in slots online. Premium symbols are shown as a moose, a bear, a racoon, a puma, and a buffalo. Forming a matching combination of six with these symbols can award 4x, 4x, 5x, 5x, or 6x the stake size, in that order. When it comes to premium icons, only two are needed in order to form a combination, with standard symbols requiring a minimum of three. 

Now, this slot also features two different special icons, the first of which is a wild, shown as a diamond. Wilds can replace any standard or premium icon along a payline. The other special symbol is a scatter, displayed simply as the words ‘Free Games’ or ‘More Free Games’. As the writing on these icons suggests, scatter symbols can trigger the main bonus mode.

Bonuses and Jackpots

The first bonus mode in Buffalo Blitz can be triggered when four or more scatter icons appear simultaneously. Interestingly, players will then get to pick a bonus mode from a list of four, all of which offer their own number of spins and wild multiplier values. The first mode is known as ‘Blitz Free Games’, awarding players with 10, 15, or 20 free spins, depending on how many scatter icons triggered the selection, alongside wild multipliers of 2x, 3x, or 5x. Next up is ‘Thunder Free Games’, offering 8, 12, or 16 free spins with a 3x, 4x, or 6x wild multiplier. 

Buffalo Free Games is the name of the third mode, with this bonus awarding 6, 9, or 12 free spins with wild multipliers of 4x, 5x, or 10x. Last but not least is the ‘Mystery Free Games’, which can offer anywhere from 6 to 20 free spins and wild multipliers of 2x to 10x. It’s worth mentioning that the multiplier is only applied to potential winnings when a wild symbol is part of the combination. Should multiple wilds be included, their values will be added together before being applied.  

Each bonus mode can also be retriggered by landing three or more scatter icons. However, the number of spins will depend on the variation selected. In all cases, the maximum number of free spins is 1,000. 

This title is also part of the ‘Jackpot Blitz’ series of online slots UK, meaning that four progressive jackpots are included. At random, players can be taken to a screen that contains 20 diamonds, with a different jackpot behind each. These diamonds must then be selected one at a time, until three of the same jackpots appear, at which point the corresponding value will be awarded to the player. 

In total, there is a Mini, Minor, Major, and Blitz jackpot, with seed values of 50.00, 500.00, 5,000.00, and 100,000.00. As these are progressive jackpots, a portion of each wager will be added to the value of each. There is no minimum stake size required for the jackpot feature to activate, either! 

Play Buffalo Blitz Megaways at bwin

While the theme of Buffalo Blitz Megaways is rather simple, the range of different features certainly helps to keep things entertaining. One of the standout aspects is the ability for players to choose their bonus mode from a total of four different options. There are also four progressive jackpots that can be awarded at random, regardless of the bet size! 

Is Buffalo Blitz Megaways available to play at bwin?

Yes, Buffalo Blitz Megaways and many other popular video slots can be played online at bwin.

Which company created the Buffalo Blitz Megaways slot?

Buffalo Blitz Megaways was produced by Playtech.

How do players unlock the bonus mode in Buffalo Blitz Megaways?

Landing 4, 5, or 6 scatter icons simultaneously will trigger the free spins bonus in Buffalo Blitz Megaways.

Unibet Open Bukarest 2023 – Here we go!

Unibet Open Bukarest alkoi pari tuntia sitten, pahoittelut että blogi pääsee vauhtiin myöhässä. Syytetään Lufthansaa, joka onnistui eilen jättämään matkalaukkuni Frankfurtin kentälle. Nyt on laukku saatu tänne Bukarestin Marriottiin ja päästy kunnolla asemiin, vihdoinkin.

Turnauksen päivä 1A on siis käynnissä, ja tasolla 3 mennään. BB ante 300, blindit 100/300. Turnauksen sisäänosto on tutusti 1000€+100€. Alkustakki on tässä kisassa 30.000 ja tasot tunnin mittaiset. Aloituspäivinä pelataan 11 tasoa, joten pelaajilta otetaan heti luulot pois.

Suomalaisittain ei ole oikeastaan mitään tapahtunut. Ihan kauheasti meikäläisiä ei tänä vuonna tänne tule, mutta muutamia meikäläisiä kyllä on mukana.

Neljä pokerin täyteistä päivää edessä, viihtykää seurassamme!

The Garth Guy Concert 2023 Colorado at Ute Mountain Casino

Calling all Garth Brooks & country music fans! 🎸 Join us at Ute Mountain Casino Hotel in the Event Center for TWO nights only on August 11th & 12th, 2023 at 8PM to witness the incredible performance of The Garth Guy Concert! 🤠🎤

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to see the busiest and most experienced Garth Brooks tribute artist in the world, live on stage.

The Garth Guy tribute band, led by Dean Simmons, has been honoring the music of Garth Brooks since 1994. Known for their appearances on AXS TV’s World’s Greatest Tribute Bands and Legends in Concert, they recreate the energy and excitement of a live Garth Brooks concert.

Rally your crew, mark your calendars, and we’ll see you for a night of great country music!

The Saturday performance is FREE!

Slot Gacor Mudah Maxwin Halobet



Read Time:2 Minute, 4 Second

Halobet adalah sebuah platform judi online yang menawarkan berbagai jenis permainan, termasuk permainan yang dikenal sebagai “Slot Gacor Mudah Maxwin”. Istilah “Gacor” di dunia judi online biasanya merujuk pada mesin slot yang sering memberikan kemenangan, sementara “Mudah Maxwin” menunjukkan bahwa permainan ini dirancang untuk memberikan peluang kemenangan maksimal kepada pemain dengan mudah.

Cara Bermain di Halobet pada Permainan “Slot Gacor Halobet”

Bermain “Slot Maxwin” di Halobet cukup sederhana. Anda perlu mendaftar atau login ke akun Halobet Anda, mencari permainan “Slot Gacor”, menentukan taruhan Anda, dan mulai memutar roda. Setiap putaran adalah kesempatan baru untuk menang.

Fitur Unik yang Ditawarkan oleh “Slot Gacor” Situs Halobet

“Slot Gacor Maxwin” di Halobet menawarkan berbagai fitur unik yang membuat permainan ini menarik dan menguntungkan. Fitur-fitur ini mungkin termasuk wilds, scatter, bonus putaran gratis, dan jackpot progresif. Setiap fitur ini menambah keseruan dan potensi untung.

Peluang Menang di Situs Halobet

Peluang menang di “Slot Gacor Mudah  Menang” cukup tinggi, terutama jika dibandingkan dengan slot online lainnya. Namun, seperti permainan judi lainnya, hasilnya tetap berdasarkan keberuntungan dan tidak ada jaminan kemenangan.

Bonus dan Promosi untuk Situs Gacor Halobet

Halobet sering menawarkan berbagai bonus dan promosi untuk pemain “Slot Gacor Lagi Maxwin”. Ini bisa berupa bonus deposit, putaran gratis, atau program loyalitas yang memberikan hadiah kepada pemain reguler.

Keadilan dalam “Situs Slot Gacor” Halobet

Halobet berkomitmen untuk memastikan keadilan dalam semua permainannya, termasuk “Slot Gacor”. Mereka menggunakan generator nomor acak (RNG) untuk menentukan hasil putaran, sehingga setiap putaran benar-benar acak dan adil.

Proses Deposit dan Penarikan di Halobet

Halobet membuat proses deposit dan penarikan menjadi mudah dan cepat. Mereka menawarkan berbagai metode pembayaran dan biasanya memproses penarikan dalam waktu 24 jam.

Layanan Pelanggan di Halobet

Halobet bangga dengan layanan pelanggan mereka yang responsif dan profesional. Mereka tersedia 24/7 untuk membantu pemain dengan pertanyaan atau masalah yang mungkin mereka miliki.

“Slot Gacor Mudah Maxwin” di Aplikasi Mobile Halobet

Ya, “Slot Gacor Maxwin” bisa diakses melalui aplikasi mobile Halobet. Ini memungkinkan pemain untuk menikmati permainan favorit mereka kapan saja dan di mana saja.

Keamanan Data di Halobet

Halobet sangat serius dalam melindungi data pribadi dan transaksi keuangan pemain. Mereka menggunakan teknologi enkripsi canggih untuk memastikan bahwa semua data Anda aman dan terlindungi.


Halobet dan “Slot Gacor” menawarkan pengalaman bermain yang menggembirakan dan menguntungkan. Dengan berbagai fitur unik, peluang menang yang tinggi, dan komitmen terhadap keadilan dan keamanan, Halobet adalah tempat yang tepat untuk menikmati permainan slot online.



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How Slots Symbols Have Evolved

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November 27, 2023

Charles August Fey was the American pioneer who is widely accredited with having invented the world’s first slot machine, all the way back in 1894. However, it was not until he built his Liberty Bell machine in 1899 that the slots craze really took off, first in the US and then around the world.

Fey’s earliest machines featured symbols that were largely inspired by playing cards, but the very first reel symbol that modern slots players would recognise was the bell itself, which gave the Liberty Bell machine its name. If three golden bells all lined up, then the player would receive the jackpot. Slots symbols have not looked back since, with those very first jackpot triggering bells igniting a casino game revolution. The bells themselves are still being used in online slots today.

Early Symbol Variations

Soon after the Liberty Bell started making waves on the San Francisco gaming scene, slot machine had to start diversifying their product ranges. Part of this was due to new legislation that limited the use of slot machines.

Developers of the time repurposed their machines as candy dispensers, with a jackpot more likely to land a player a lolly pop or a stick of candy rather than coins. This had a profound effect on the symbols that appeared on slot reels, as playing cards and other symbols of the same ilk were replaced by cartoon style images of fruits. Many of these still endure to this day, such as red cherries, watermelon slices, and peaches.

Another item that these slot derivatives of the early 1900s liked to reward their players with were packets of chewing gum. These were usually released when bar symbols lined up on the reels, bars that were intended to resemble stacked packs of chewing gum. Such symbols have also stood the test of time, with plenty of modern slot games featuring various bar symbols on their reels.

Since the turn of the digital revolution, games designers have been free to create huge amounts of new symbols

Since the turn of the digital revolution, games designers have been free to create huge amounts of new symbols

Slots Go Digital and Symbols Go Wild

The next big turning point for slot machines was the 1970s and the introduction of video slots in casino resorts in places like Las Vegas. While they did not immediately capture the imagination of players, they did bring about the possibility of digitally designed and enhanced reel symbols.

This led to symbols being able to flicker and move while on the reel, as well as being rendered in 3D and in whacky or changeable colours.

More Features Means More Symbols

As well as making both offline and online slots more visually appealing, the other gaming sea change that digitisation brought about was the ability to create new bonus features as well as linking games across online platforms via networked jackpot pools.

With these enhancements to the gaming experience came the need for new symbols such as those that depict Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers.

Themed Games Need Personalised Symbols

Another phenomenon that now exists in casinos of all varieties is the themed slot, with everything from famous rock bands to TV shows lending their brand to a slot provider. This means that many slot symbols are now unique to a particular game where reel symbols depict the faces of band members or recognisable elements from a gameshow.

How to play Carousel & Game Rules –

(Above is an ending layout from a game of Carousel Rummy)

(Above is an ending layout from a game of Carousel Rummy)

Card Game Rules

Carousel is a Rummy type game for 2-5 players. For 2 players, Carousel requires a standard deck of 52 playing cards and 1 Joker. For 3-5 players, Carousel requires 2 standard decks of 52 playing cards and 2 Joker. In Carousel Aces can be High or Low, however they cannot connect a King and 2. The objective of Carousel is to play all of your cards by melding them.

If you are looking for cards to play Carousel with, check out a standard deck here or one of our newest arrivals here.

For more Rummy type games, check out our guides for Canasta and Gin.


Before game play can begin, a dealer must be selected. Each player draws one card from a shuffled deck. The player with the lowest card becomes the dealer. Ties are broken by a redraw.

The dealer then shuffles the deck and passes out ten cards one at a time to each player. The remaining cards form the stock pile.

How to Play

Starting with the player left of the dealer, players try to meld off as much cards as they can. A player begins their turn by first drawing from the stock. If they cannot make any melds with their cards, they draw another card from the stock. If they still can’t make any melds, they draw a final card from the stock and end their turn, even if they can make a meld with the drawn card. 

Notably, a player may rearrange all of the melded cards as long as they return to valid melds at the end of their turn.


A player makes a meld by either having three or more of a kind or by having three or more of a run. A run is made of three or more cards of the same suit in increasing or decreasing order. When a player makes a meld they lay it face up on the table. 

Melds are communal, meaning once a meld is made, another player can continue the sequence/set with their own cards.


Jokers are wildcards. If a player has the card that the Joker is replacing, they can swap the two and get the joker to make their own melds. 


Once a player has a hand of 5 or less points, a player can choose to “knock” and end the round.


In Carousel:

Jokers are worth 25 points.

Face cards are worth 10 points.

Cards 2-10 are worth their face value.

Aces are worth 1 point.

Once somebody Knocks, the player with the least number of points in their hand wins the difference between their opponents’ hand and their own.

If a player Knocks after playing all of their cards, they win a 25 point bonus.

If a player Knocks while somebody else has a lower hand than them, the person with the lower hand wins the points for the round and a 10 point bonus.

For more information about Carousel, check out The Rummy Rule book here or’s article here.

Looking for more card games to play?  Check out this article:

40+ Great Card Games For All Occasions

About the author: John Taylor is a content writer and freelancer through the company You may view his freelancing profile here. He has a B. A. in English, with a specialty in technical writing, from Texas A&M University and a M. A. in English from the University of Glasgow. You may view his previous articles about card games here and his LinkedIn profile here.

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The Evolution of Online Casino Bonuses

In the world of online gambling, casino bonuses have become an essential part of the experience. These bonus offers were once limited to just sign-up deals, but over the years, they have evolved significantly. Today, casinos offer a wide variety of bonus deals, including deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses, free spins, and loyalty programs. In this article, we will explore the trends in best online casino bonuses offers and discuss new types of bonuses that have become popular in recent years.

Early Years of Casino Bonuses

The concept of online casino bonuses dates back to the early days of online gambling. Operators began offering bonuses as a way to entice new players to sign up and to reward loyal customers. In the early days, bonuses were relatively simple, consisting of a percentage match on a player’s initial deposit. For instance, a 100% match bonus would give players double their deposit amount to play with. However, as the market grew more competitive, bonuses became more elaborate, with operators offering free spins, no-deposit bonuses, and other rewards to attract and retain players.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses have always been popular with online casino players, and the trend has only grown in recent years. Today, players can enjoy deposit bonuses on their first few deposits, rather than just on their initial deposit. This trend is particularly evident among newer online casinos, which often offer larger and more frequent deposit bonuses to help attract players. Additionally, some casinos now have flexible bonuses, where players can choose between different options depending on their preferences.

No-Deposit Bonuses

No-deposit bonuses are another type of casino reward that has evolved over time. In the early years of online gambling, no-deposit bonuses were rare and typically only offered by small, lesser-known casinos. However, today, most top online casinos offer some form of no-deposit bonus offer. These bonuses can take the form of free spins, free cash, or a combination of both. Players can use these bonuses to test out a casino’s games without having to risk their own money.

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are a more recent development in the world of online gambling. Rather than a percentage match on a player’s deposit, cashback bonuses offer players a percentage of their losses back. These bonuses are designed to encourage players to keep playing, even when they are losing. Some online casinos now offer cashback bonuses on a weekly or even daily basis, depending on how much a player has wagered.

Free Spins

Free spins are one of the most popular bonuses among online casino players. They allow players to spin the reels of slot machines without risking their own money. Free spins are often part of a deposit bonus or a no-deposit bonus package. However, some online casinos now offer them as standalone rewards to both new and loyal players.

Loyalty Programs

Online casino loyalty programs have become increasingly popular over the years. These programs offer players rewards for playing at a particular casino, such as cashback bonuses, free spins, and exclusive promotions. Players earn loyalty points as they play, and they can eventually exchange these points for rewards. Some casinos even offer multiple levels of loyalty programs, with increasingly valuable rewards as players move up the ranks.

The Future of Casino Bonuses

The online gambling industry is continuously growing and evolving, and so are online casino bonuses. With advances in technology and increasing competition, operators are finding new and innovative ways to offer players more generous and creative rewards. One of the most significant trends that are likely to continue is the expansion of no-deposit bonuses. These bonuses allow players to test out new casinos risk-free, and with the influx of new operators in the market, they will become even more prevalent.

Another trend that is expected to expand is the use of cryptocurrencies. More online casinos will likely integrate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method and offer exclusive bonuses for those who use them. Crypto casinos are already gaining popularity in recent years due to their high-security levels, and this trend is expected to continue.

The Role of Regulation in Online Casino Bonuses

As the online gambling industry has grown, so has the need for regulation to ensure fair and responsible practices. Many countries and jurisdictions have established regulatory bodies that oversee online casino operations and the bonuses they offer. These regulatory bodies play a vital role in protecting players and ensuring that they are treated fairly. Regulations often dictate the terms and conditions of bonuses, ensuring transparency and preventing misleading or deceptive practices. For example, operators are required to clearly state wagering requirements, time limits, and other conditions associated with their bonus offers. This helps players make informed decisions and prevents them from being caught off guard by unexpected terms.

Additionally, regulatory bodies often set limits on the types and amounts of bonuses that casinos can offer. This prevents operators from going overboard with excessive and unreasonable bonus promotions. It also prevents unfair competition and ensures a level playing field for all participants in the industry.

In Conclusion

Online casino bonuses have come a long way since the early days of online gambling. From simple deposit match bonuses to more elaborate rewards like free spins and cashback offers, there is no shortage of options available for players. Today, the online casino industry is more competitive than ever, and as a result, casinos are constantly innovating and creating new bonus offers to keep players coming back. As the gambling industry continues to evolve, it’s exciting to imagine what the future of online casino bonuses might hold.


Missouri Sports Betting Bills Heading for Referendum, Proposals Backed by Sports Teams

November 23, 2023

Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft signed off on a series of proposed sports betting bills this week, marking a crucial step in the journey to a regulated Missouri sports betting market.

The proposals are backed by a coalition of the state’s famous professional sports teams, including the St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Blues, Sporting St. Louis, and Kansas City Current.

The proposals aim to bypass the Missouri State Senate, where sports betting bills have previously stalled, and instead take the issue straight to voters.

Organizers are now tasked with gathering over 170,000 signatures to place a measure on the ballot, aiming for voter approval in the upcoming elections.

If successful, this move could amend the Missouri Constitution, allowing the Commission to regulate online betting and Missouri retail sportsbooks.

Fiscal Implications and Regulations

The proposed sports betting framework entails limiting betting to individuals over 21 years old, with a 10% tax on sportsbook revenues.

While initial estimates predict one-time costs of $660K and annual costs of at least $5.2 million for establishing a sports betting program, revenue generation remains uncertain.

Organizers have projected state tax revenues ranging from $0 to $28.9 million annually, with the proceeds dedicated to education spending after covering the Gaming Commission’s expenses. Some funds will also be earmarked for a Problem Gambling Prevention Fund.

The proposal would enable sports betting at the 13 Missouri casinos, as well as professional sports arenas, and through online mobile sportsbooks​​.

Action Taken After Legislative Hurdles

Despite the House of Representatives’ overwhelming support for a new sports betting law earlier this year, the initiative faced a roadblock in the Senate, leading to a stalemate.

This impasse, largely attributed to one state Senator, Denny Hoskins, reflects the complexities in Missouri’s legislative process regarding sports betting.

Hoskins has expressed support for sports betting, but is advocating for a legal framework for slots-like “skill gaming” machines.

With the legislature reconvening in January, the fate of sports betting in Missouri remains in flux. That is why this coalition of lawmakers and sports teams is pushing for a direct petition to have a referendum.

Bill DeWitt III, St. Louis Cardinals president, is one of the most vocal backers of the proposals. He says he would prefer the legislative route, saving a costly and risky voting campaign. But if a vote is required, then he will support that.

“I would be thrilled if we could get legislative action, because then we wouldn’t have to do it,” he said, speaking on Tuesday. “I’m hopeful, but I’m also being realistic.”

Next Steps and Potential Challenges

Moving forward, the coalition led by professional sports teams will decide which of the eight proposed ballot versions to pursue before initiating a signature collection strategy. This decision process involves consultations with gambling operators and other stakeholders.  

However, a recent poll indicates potential resistance among Missouri voters, with a majority reportedly opposing the legalization of sports betting.

Bypassing the state legislature is therefore no guarantee of a sports betting bill passing. Recently, a planned casino resort in Virginia’s state capital Richmond was rejected by voters for a second time after lawmakers recommended a referendum.

That casino’s backers, Kentucky-based horse race betting operator Churchill Downs and local Virginia consortium Urban One, pulled out all the stops for the campaign, including putting on a free concert with funk and soul legends The Isley Brothers.

However, the casino idea was ultimately rejected for a decisive second time.

On the other hand, these sports betting proposals in Missouri will have financial and promotional backing from the popular local sports teams, which could have a big influence on the vote. Fans may look forward to baseball betting on 11-time World Series winners the St. Louis Cardinals, and/or betting on football via last season’s Super Bowl LVII-winning Kansas City Chiefs.

History of online poker: origin and evolution

Poker is perhaps the most popular card game in the world, and over the years it has undergone changes that have adapted it to the technological boom of modern society. That has led to the proliferation of online poker rooms, creating a loyal community of players who enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes from their smartphone or computer.

But, how exactly did online poker come about, and how has it evolved since the early days of digitization? Read on to find out.

How long is the history of online poker?

The history of online poker began in the 1990s, ushering in a revolution in the way people play poker. Although poker has been played in various forms for centuries, the ability to compete online completely changed the dynamics of the game. The first online poker platform was established in 1998, when Planet Poker launched its website. This event marked the beginning of a new era in the poker world.

During its early years, online poker-faced significant challenges, such as lack of regulation and players’ distrust in the security of transactions and the fairness of the games. However, as technology improved and stricter regulations were established, online poker began to gain popularity.

Who is Chris Moneymaker and why is he important for poker online?

The year 2003 was a turning point in the online poker history. This was the year that an accountant from Tennessee named Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the most prestigious poker tournament in the world.

His victory was an extraordinary event because, instead of qualifying through an in-person tournament, Moneymaker had gained his entry into the tournament through an online satellite on PokerStars. His triumph inspired thousands of players to follow his example and play online poker.

Chris Moneymaker’s online poker player history lies in the importance of the fact that his victory proved that anyone could compete with the pros and win. His success story inspired numerous online poker players to pursue their dreams in the game. In addition, his path to victory began with an online qualifier, which further emphasized the impact of online poker on the poker scene.

His online poker player history has got a huge legacy: the well-known “Moneymaker effect”, which has translated into a massive increase in the popularity of online poker. Many players began playing online in hopes of replicating his success. This led to an explosive growth in the number of online poker websites and platforms. The media exposure Moneymaker received also contributed to the online poker boom.

Differences between online poker and conventional poker

Conventional poker, played in physical casinos or at gatherings of friends, has significant differences from online poker. Below, we explore some of the key differences and we explain some of the most important online poker facts you should have already learnt:


Online poker is extremely accessible. Players can participate in games anytime, anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connection and a compatible device. This means there is no need to travel to a physical casino or stick to a fixed schedule to play.

Variety of games

Online poker offers a wide variety of poker variants, from Texas Hold’em and Omaha to Seven Card Stud and more. This allows players to experience different styles and rules of play, which may be less common in land-based casinos.


In online poker, players can maintain a certain degree of anonymity. This can be beneficial for those who wish to avoid public exposure or keep their identity a secret.

Speed of play

Online poker tends to be faster than conventional poker. Hands are developed more quickly, as there is no need to shuffle cards or count chips manually. This allows players to participate in more hands in a shorter period of time.

Safety and fairness

Although there were initial concerns about security and fairness in online poker, technological advances and proper regulation have improved player confidence. Online poker platforms use random number generators and advanced security measures to ensure fair play.

Social interaction

Conventional poker encourages in-person social interaction, with players sitting together at a table, allowing communication and reading opponents’ reactions. In contrast, online poker is played in a virtual environment, which can limit face-to-face interaction. However, many online poker platforms offer chat and real-time interaction features to compensate for this lack of physical presence.

Casino Mythbusting: Online Roulette Fallacies

As one of the oldest table games in the casino world, it’s unsurprising that roulette has seen plenty of myths and superstitions develop over the decades. Unfortunately, some of these online roulette strategy fallacies can leave new players misinformed, resulting in making poor choices at the tables.

Within the latest of our casino mythbusting series, we explore five popular approaches to betting on roulette and determine whether they’re fact or fiction.

1. Pinpoint ‘Sleeping Numbers’ To Increase Your Winning Prospects

A sleeping number is a number on the roulette wheel that hasn’t won for several rounds. One of the biggest roulette strategies encountered as that players will bet bigger on numbers or colours that have been dormant for longer than usual.

False: There’s no mathematical explanation for certain numbers becoming ‘sleepy’. Experienced online roulette players simply put these scenarios down to variance. There are at least 37 different pockets for the ball to land on. Although statistically you have a one in 37 chance of making the right selection with each spin, that probability doesn’t improve for subsequent spins after losing ones.

2. Cover All Outcomes And ‘Force’ The Zero

The forced zero roulette system is popular with those who play online roulette. Typically, players will opt to place equal bets on zero, red and black for each spin. Let’s say you wager €2 on zero, €2 on red and €2 on black every spin. The minimum you’ll get back is €4 from winning on red or black – until you hit the zero. When the zero does come in, you’ll win €70 at odds of 35:1.

In theory, you should land the zero at least once every 37 spins, which should give you a chance to either break even or make a small profit during your online roulette session.

False: People believe that by betting on red and black as well as the zero pocket, they can ‘force’ the software into landing the ball on zero. Incorrect. Every online roulette wheel is determined by a 100% decentralised random number generator (RNG), ensuring wholly randomised outcomes for each spin.

3. Pick Your Lucky Numbers Over All Others On The Wheel

Some superstitious online roulette players will refuse to bet on any other numbers except their lucky numbers. But just like playing the lottery, are you any more likely to win by playing your favourites or someone’s birthday numbers?

False: Although certain numbers may have proved lucky in the past for some roulette players, this is pure coincidence. Roulette is a game of chance and no-one can guarantee whether the ball will land in one pocket or the next. It’s what makes it such an engaging game both to play and to watch. But to believe that certain numbers on the wheel can consistently be lucky for you over the long-term is incorrect and could damage your play.

4. Sit Down With Lucky Charms When You Play Online Roulette

Lucky charms and rituals are one of the most common superstitions in the casino and beyond. Whether it’s a horseshoe, a four-leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot or even sitting at a particular seat in front of the table, many roulette players choose to have these charms by their side, believing that they will influence the outcome of their gaming. It’s also true that some players will choose to wear clothes that they perceive to be lucky.

False: These charms sitting beside you at the roulette table are just that – charms. They have no influence or control over where the ball lands on the roulette wheel. Even the dealer has no control over that – they simply spin the wheel and let the ball do its thing! A lucky charm might make an individual player more comfortable at the table, but it has no effect on the outcome of a wheel spin.

5. Avoid Things That Can Bring Bad Luck Before Your Online Roulette Session

Aside from lucky charms, some people will also engage in pre-game rituals as they believe it gives them the best chance of winning on the roulette wheel. The perception of having a beneficial ritual might give players a sense of control over their gaming, but the reality is that crossing your fingers, knocking on wood or stacking your chips in a certain manner won’t bring you good luck.

False: Of course, movies like James Bond can make it seem like casino games such as roulette benefit from having a glamorous partner to bring you good luck. Unfortunately, not.

6. Roulette Strategy Can Help Your Bankroll Go Further

The realities of playing online roulette are that no-one can predict the outcome of online roulette wheels. The outcome of previous rounds never influences the outcome of the next. The RNGs of online tables reset for the next round, never taking into consideration previous results.

True: Although it’s impossible to account for the randomness of online roulette wheels, it is possible to make sensible, educated bets that spread your risk across the roulette table.

The reality is that roulette systems which encourage you to spread your chips across different numbers using inside or outside bets can help you to pick up small wins without taking huge risks with your bankroll. The key to enjoying your online roulette session and maximising your bank is to never get transfixed on the idea of number streaks or ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ numbers. Treat each spin on its merits with a measured approach.

How many of these myths did you manage to bust?

18+ | | Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Terms & Conditions apply.

Top 20 Companies That Hire Felons in 2023

In today’s progressive business landscape, companies have started offering former felons work opportunities since they started recognizing the value added by hard workers looking to set their past wrongs, rebuild their lives, and reintegrate into society.

In the world of second chances, the following 20 companies, all of which are wildly popular and successful, allow you to put your best foot forward.

So check them out right away!

Why Are Jobs Important for Ex-Felons?

Finding work is a crucial step for former criminals since it allows them to start a new beginning toward a better future. After all, employment provides food and purpose and is the gateway towards becoming a functioning member of society.

But for people with a felony conviction, landing a job is not always easy since prejudice towards former felons is still prevalent across all spheres of society.

Thankfully, some of the biggest companies started a workforce revolution, which is bound to spur further actions that will offer anyone a second chance at life.

Best Companies That Hire Felons in the U.S.

The list below includes businesses operating in various sectors, from retail to software development, but they are all advocating for inclusive employment practices.

Ultimately, a person’s abilities and willingness to work are more important than the stigma of a criminal conviction following them. So if you belong to this group and are looking for a personal and professional transformation, check out all these opportunities.

1. McDonald’s

Yes, you heard it right: McDonald’s hires felons! In efforts to diminish discrimination, many of its restaurants accept applications from people with criminal histories.

Although the precise locations of these restaurants are unknown, according to info from McDonald’s employees, a felony won’t be an obstacle to building a career there.

The company’s top priority is the applicant’s skill set. And skillful employees will get plenty of chances for advancement. The best part is: they get competitive salaries! 

2. Walmart

If you are not looking for glamour but a steady income instead, try Walmart!

This retail giant has always supported ethical hiring practices. As a matter of fact, Walmart endorsed the Ban the Box initiative and the Fair Chance Business Pledge.

They offer an open hiring procedure where candidates are asked about their criminal past during the review, but such histories do not necessarily disqualify them. 

Those with crimes have the opportunity to advance to managerial positions, except in areas dealing with firearms. Once on board, it’s critical to take advantage of all of Walmart’s options and follow the company’s rules of conduct.

3. Facebook

Facebook has been an equal employment opportunity company for a while now. This affirmative action employer explicitly states that applicants with criminal pasts will be taken into consideration based on their skills and experiences.

Like most other huge businesses, Facebook signed the Fair Chance Pledge, which removes all barriers to career development for the previously incarcerated. You only need to meet the skill and experience requirements to get a job there.

All in all, this software behemoth is committed to eradicating the stigma associated to former felons since it recognizes the benefits of a diverse workforce and giving people second chances. Best of all, Facebook offers competitive salaries and benefits.

4. Microsoft

Microsoft has frequently offered jobs to rehabilitated felons in the past and is still proudly continuing that tradition to this day. In fact, certain programs, such as the Workforce Foundation, have collaborated with this tech giant to offer felon-friendly jobs.

In addition, Microsoft also supports Ban the Box and the Fair Chance Pledge initiatives and regularly posts job vacancies on felon-friendly employment sites.

While the firm performs criminal record checks for safety reasons, it does not use the findings during its decision-making processes. Hirees even get the necessary training to develop the skills needed to advance their career.

5. Starbucks

If you are looking for a job that requires no special skills yet still grants opportunities to former felons and a decent and steady paycheck, check out Starbucks.

Plus, you get it all as a Starbucks employee, from health coverage and time off to subsidized education. That said, you’ll still be subjected to a background check, but your criminal past will not stand in your way of landing a job there.

If you prove you are a trustworthy candidate who will do the job safely and responsibly, then you’ll be welcomed as a new employee.

6. Coca-Cola

You can even find a job with the world’s leading beverage company, as Coca-Cola has been accepting felon applicants based on merit for a while now.

That said, applicants must still undergo certain background and criminal checks, which is a standard hiring procedure regardless of the candidate’s history.

If and when the applicant passes the hiring tests, they’ll be welcomed to the Coca-Cola family, which includes a healthy and friendly work environment, various training opportunities, and a path to advancement.

7. Verizon

Getting a job at Verizon is challenging for anyone, let alone former felons. But that doesn’t mean you cannot find work there with sufficient skill and persistence.

However, Verizon’s policy states that it will review the applicant’s criminal record to determine whether or not the circumstances surrounding the arrest and the exact charge are not related to the position and the performance required to hold it.

As long as you are honest during the hiring process, Verizon’s staff will not discriminate against you based on whether or not you’ve had trouble with the law.

8. Home Depot

Home Depot officially welcomes ex-felons ready to redeem themselves and build a new life. After all, the company signed the Ban the Box initiative and won’t ask applicants whether they have committed any crimes in the past.

That said, they still conduct background checks, and the type of felony committed may still weigh in their decision whether or not to hire a specific former criminal. For instance, sex or violent offenders are less likely to be hired than other ex-criminals.

Once you go for an interview, however, you can increase your chances of landing a job by being honest about your past and future and showing them that you can do the job and care about working there.

9. Delta Airlines

Airline companies weren’t typically open to hiring felons in the past, but with the global changes post the Covid-19 pandemic, they loosened up their policies; one such airline potentially hiring ex-convicts is Delta, but the process is lengthy.

For example, all applicants undergo rigorous testing and background checks, and some types of felonies may prevent you from getting a job there.

If and when you get in, however, you may be subjected to regular Covid tests and drug screenings, which airline companies generally enforce.

10. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is a progressive company in terms of its hiring policies since it does not discriminate against anyone and offers fantastic working conditions.

In the last decade, the brand has also jumped on the Ban the Box bandwagon, which means that applicants are not required to disclose whether or not they were ever convicted of a crime. Like it or not, ex-criminals are feared or looked down on.

Thankfully, Ben & Jerry’s offers equal opportunities to any applicant, and as long they pass the background screening and show their potential, they’ll be hired.

11. Unilever

You may also be able to find a great job at Unilever—a multinational company selling all sorts of packaged goods, ranging from baby food to beauty products.

Like most other companies, Unilever conducts the necessary background checks to ensure they are hiring the right applicants, but it does not typically discriminate against former felons—the brand runs the ‘Equity, Diversity & Inclusion’ slogan, after all.

That said, the hiring experience may vary based on the exact position, the interviewer, and the location where you are applying. If you are in the U.S., you will typically have to submit to a background screening in any case.

12. Amazon

When applying at Amazon, your résumé and interview skills will matter much more than your criminal past. There are positions available in any Amazon branch, including the warehouse, management, and development.

However, your chances of getting started with Amazon are better if you apply for a position in a warehouse before building your way up the ladder since Amazon’s HR managers will always check your background and the severity of your crime.

Reliable, diligent, and honest workers who do their job on time and improve their skillset will have an opportunity to advance with Amazon.

13. Intel Corporation

Few know that ex-felons can also get a job at Intel. It’s true! If you want to work at the cutting edge of technology, you can, criminal record or not!

This semiconductor giant has openly announced it’s hiring ex-felons by signing the Fair Chance Pledge, which was confirmed by an official statement released stating that criminal records will not prevent applicants from landing a job there.

Still, the nature and the gravity of the offense and the conviction will be taken into consideration and may weigh in depending on the position in question.

14. PepsiCo

Starting a career at Pepsi is not an easy task, but at least your criminal past will not typically prevent you from landing a job, provided you have the skills required.

Known for its broad range of snacks and drinks, PepsiCo, Inc. offers job opportunities across multiple areas, including administration, finance, legal, R&D, technology, marketing & sales, production & operations, and even supply chain work.

However, if you get your second chance there, you are responsible for maintaining the highest moral standards and adhering to PepsiCo’s fundamental principles.

15. Abbott Laboratories

If you have a background in the medical field, you can also apply at Abbott Laboratories, arguably the largest medical device and healthcare company in the U.S.

Abbott is a leader in workforce diversity, employing more than 100,000 people worldwide across every demographic and with different backgrounds. As proof of that, the company has been named as one of the most diverse employers on several lists.

At the end of the day, giving those with criminal backgrounds an equal opportunity to share their talents and knowledge is part of Abbott’s culture of tolerance.

16. Tesla 

Ex-convicts with advanced skills and degrees in engineering and manufacturing may be able to land a job at Tesla. Yes, that Tesla—the innovative tech pioneer that builds the cars and energy generation and storage systems of the future.

However, even if Tesla does not discriminate against former felons, its hiring process is quite rigorous, and only exceptional candidates are hired to work there.

That said, you will still have to undergo a complete background check, so you have to ensure everything else is in order, thus boosting your employment chances.

17. Tyson Foods

Similar to Walmart, Tyson Foods is a well-known food company that stands out for its fair hiring policies regardless of the applicant’s history or demographics.

Even when filling out your application, you won’t find a single question asking about past convictions, which means your skills and experience are key to landing a role. The company simply puts faith in people’s ability to change and turn over a new leaf. 

If you know where to look, there are plenty of job opportunities at Tyson Foods, and you’ll be well on your way to rebuilding your second life.

18. IKEA

Are you a fan of Swedish meatballs and puzzle-like furniture? Why not look for a job at IKEA, then? The company does not stigmatize ex-felons, anyway.

However, your success will vary based on your specific circumstances. Naturally, you’ll have to agree to a background check, and when past convictions come up, you have to explain yourself, show remorse, and state you are starting your new life.

Overall, the company’s recruiting strategy involves evaluating candidates on merit and guaranteeing a balanced and equitable hiring approach.           

19. Prudential Financial

When recruiting people with a criminal history, Prudential, one of the biggest and most renowned financial services firms, employs a thorough selection process.

However, given the delicate nature of Prudential’s operations, fraud-related convictions will prevent you from obtaining a job there. Because of that, you must have a stellar CV and an abundance of experience to offset other past convictions on your record.

That said, your chances of landing a job in the financial sector after completing a sentence are slim. Give it your best, but do not get disheartened if you don’t get in.

20. Uber

Last but not least, let’s talk Uber! Everyone has heard of and used Uber, probably. Have you ever thought: “Hey, that’s something I can do!”?

The good news is: yes, you can, since Uber has expressed its support for hiring anyone, even past convicts, since everyone deserves a second chance. To show its commitment, the brand has even joined a slew of companies supporting ex-felons.

Depending on your state of residence, you may also have access to certain training programs that will help you get a job with Uber. For instance, former felons in California can contact Defy Ventures, which provides job training to such applicants.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, as more businesses recognize the worth and possibilities offered by these candidates, their chances of finding good employment will keep growing. While the primary benefit of these changes is the new work opportunities made available to former felons, other marginalized groups will also benefit down the line. After all, by advocating for fair policies and support programs, we empower everyone in society at large.

Conclusion: Why You Should Start Playing Roulette Now

Introducing the world’s first AI-powered roulette game that will have you spinning to win.

The game is easy to play. Simply enter your name, your bet amount and select the number on which you want to bet. Then hit ‘spin’ and wait for the ball to land on your number! If it lands on yours, congratulations! You just won!

The game of Roulette has been around since the 18th century. Despite this, it is still very popular among gamblers. The game is played with a wheel and a ball on the inside. There are numbers on the outside of the wheel which correspond to numbers which are on the inside of the wheel. Players place their bets on any number they choose, and if it lands on that number, they win their bet amount.

The game of Roulette has some similarities to other games like Baccarat and Poker because you can make educated guesses about what will happen in a round of play without knowing all the facts about what has happened in previous rounds.

Feel Groovy with Beatles, Janis Joplin & Hendrix Tribute Bands

Kick off the new year with back-to-back blasts from the past. On Friday, January 5th, catch The Caverners covering all your favorite Beatles tracks. Then, on Saturday, January 6th, experience Joplin Meets Hendrix & Morrison for a trio of ‘60s good vibes. The Island will pack more good music into two days than most radio stations can in a week!

A Hard Day’s Night of Music

Ring in the first weekend of 2024 with a Beatles tribute that’s like a day in the life. The Caverners recreate the look, style and sound of the many eras of the band using the costumes and instruments of the day. From “She Loves You” to “Let it Be,” you’ll be twisting and shouting all night long to all of your fab four favorites. 

See The Caverners transform The Island Showroom into the set of The Ed Sullivan Show, strawberry fields and the famous crosswalk of Abbey Road. Since 1994, these Canadians have been wowing audiences throughout North America with their spot-on impersonations of John, Paul, George and Ringo through the ages.

See videos, read bios and learn more at

Break On Through the Purple Haze

Joplin Meets Hendrix and Morrison

Jimi, Janis and the Lizard King may be gone, but these iconic ’60s personalities live on during the second night of our weekend musical extravaganza. The music of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and The Doors comes to life with a three-part set covering all their groovy classics. Hear “Piece of My Heart,” “Foxy Lady” and “Light My Fire,” among many other rose-tinted favorites.

This act is a collaboration between three talented individuals who have dedicated themselves to capturing the sounds and nuances of their idols. Robin Benedict plays bell-bottomed song beltress Janis; Toney (Wild T) Springer ignites the Hendrix guitar pyrotechnics; and David Enman captures the tortured soul of enigmatic Jim Morrison. Each performs a set of their biggest hits with a pro troop of backing musicians who know these iconic songs backward and forward. Don’t miss this incredible musical experience that promises to be a night to tie-dye for.

See samples of all three performers in their promotional video.

Love Us Two Times

Don’t miss this chance to see all your favorite Spotify playlists come to life for two nights on The Island stage. Get tickets for The Caverners, and Joplin Meets Hendrix & Morrison today. And consider booking a hotel room to make your weekend complete. There’s no shortage of things to see and do between musical performances!

Show Details

Date: January 5th and 6th, 2024

Time: 8:00 PM

Location: Island Showroom

Ticket Price: $20

Purchase tickets by phone at 1-877-ISL-SHOW or buy them online.

How to Send Money from India to the Philippines Through GCash

We have noticed that many players at online casinos looking for safe transaction methods ask: ‘Can I send money from India to the Philippines through GCash?’. In this blog post, you will find the answer to this question alongside valuable information about the procedures, time, fees, and everything else.

GCash Money Transfers Essentials

Before we go into details about how to send money from India to the Philippines through GCash, we will remind you of a few facts about the payment method. The information below is brief, but it may give you an idea why 60+ million people use the GCash mobile wallet:

❓ Question ✔️ Answer
💎 What is GCash? GCash is a mobile wallet popular in the Philippines.
🙋🏻‍♀️ Who can use GCash? Filipinos or foreigners with a permanent address and phone number in the Philippines.
👵 Who can receive international remittances via GCash? Only clients with fully verified GCash accounts.
👀 How to transfer money via GCash? If you intend to send cash, create a GCash account and deposit money in it. If you receive funds, all you need is a confirmed GCash account.
🗺️ From how many countries can I make GCash transfers? More than 200 countries worldwide.
🔐 Is GCash a safe transaction method? GCash mobile wallet has multi-level security against fraud and loss.
💱 Does GCash convert currencies? Currency conversion is instant, and the wallet provides a free conversion calculator.
💰 What is GCash maximum transaction limit? The maximum limit is ₱100,000. However, it might be lower depending on the other transaction method.
🗲 How fast are GCash transfers? Funds are available instantly or within a few minutes.
💸 Does GCash have a transfer fee? Transfers from GCash to GCash accounts are free. Other methods may have a fee depending on the transferred amount, provider, which country the funds are transferred from, and what is the currency conversion rate. The highest total fee is 6.36%.

The information above may seem vague, but it is a foundation for the answer to the question ‘How to send money to GCash from India?’. By the end of this blog post, you will know all options allowing money transfers to and from GCash accounts of Filipinos and Indians.

Does India Have GCash?

Taj Mahal, India

GCash in India is gaining popularity even though the money wallet’s availability is partial. Indian people can download the GCash app from the Android and iOS app stores. But to register and activate their account, they need to meet the following requirements:

  • 📛 ID Verification: the documents vary for PH citizens and foreigners. Overall, you need a valid Filipino citizenship passport, or an Alien Certificate of Registration, a DOLE Alien Employment, or a School Registration Form.
  • 📜 Proof of Billing: any form of utility bill issued in the Philippines.
  • 📱 Filipino Phone Number: required for the GCash signup.

Once the requirements are fulfilled, you can download and install the GCash app and send money from India to the Philippines via GCash. After opening an account up to Philippine standards, you can use the account wherever you are around the world.

The convenience of the freedom granted by GCash wallet allows people to shop, pay bills, and transfer funds wherever they are. Players at the best Indian online casinos for 2023 can also use GCash transfers to fund their gambling accounts.

Types of Transactions with GCash from India to Philippines

Line of White and One Yellow Doors

Wondering if it is easy to make a GCash transfer between the Philippines and India has the same answer as the question of how to send money to GCash from abroad. All transfers with this wallet are extremely simple and fast.

The two types of transfers – from recipient and sender’s point of view have slight differences. Learn how they work in favor of players at online casinos using GCash in the Philippines, shoppers, and other people with such payment accounts.

Can I Send Money from India to GCash in PH?

USB Bank Handling Over Cash to a Hand

Yes, and we will explain exactly what is necessary and how to send money from India to the Philippines through GCash. Here are the simple steps and requirements for senders and recipients for fast and safe international money transactions with this e-Wallet:

  • 💱 Money Transaction Partner: choose the sender’s payment option between GCash, other eWallets, bank account, etc.
  • 👩‍💼 Sender’s Details: open the sender’s GCash account or another online international money transfer specialist supporting GCash transfers.
  • ✔️ Sender’s Money: make sure to have enough money for the transaction, possible fees, and currency conversion fees.
  • 👧 Recipients’ Details: enter the recipient’s name, country, and mobile phone used in their GCash account.
  • 💸 Transfer Funds: fill in the amount you intend to send and approve the transaction.

After the transaction confirmation, the recipient will be able to see the funds in his account within a few minutes. You will notice the conversion from Indian rupee to PHP and that the recipient pays nothing for this exchange.

GCash Money Remittance from India to the Philippines


Filipino players at licensed online gambling sites always use only secure casino payments. Transfers from GCash India to the Philippines happen daily because this money wallet is a preferred way for funding gaming accounts.

The GCash account holder, who will receive funds, needs to know a few things about the transaction. The essential and convenient part is that the sender does all the work. Here is how it happens when funds are transferred directly to the GCash account:

  • 😎 Receiver’s Details: give your phone number and full name to the sender.
  • Transfer Time: wait a few minutes after the sender confirms that the transaction is completed.
  • 🤑 Check Balance: open your GCash app and see if the funds have arrived.

Alternatively, you can claim the amount sent to a Western Union or MoneyGram account. The steps are the same as above. Only after the funds arrive in the other payment method do you need to send them to your GCash account.

Ways to Send Money to GCash from India

Drawing of a Man Sending Money Worldwide via Laptop

Most people are afraid that an India to the Philippines money transfer may pose a danger to their finances and personal details. There are many ways the online merchants protect their clients, like secure payments impossible to be used in casino money laundering and other schemes.

Learning how to send money to GCash from India is not just information about the movement of finances. It also grants knowledge of the extent of online protection and safety of user-friendly money wallet transfers.

How to Transfer from GCash to GCash?

Phone to Phone Money Transfer

The instruction on how to send money from India to the Philippines through GCash begins with the easiest transaction method from GCash to GCash account. This can be done after cashing in the money wallet via a global wallet, international partner, or Western Union.

Once the funds are in the sender’s account, they can be sent from a client from India to a Filipino account. The transfers from GCash Philippines to India are just as easy and as fast. The best thing is that there is no need to convert Indian rupee to Philippine peso.

Bank Card to Cash Transfer via Phone

You may also wonder if GCash can receive money from abroad if the sender does not have such an account or has no intention or means to create one. Considering this circumstance, here is how to send money from India to the Philippines:

There is another option if you wish to learn how to transfer money from the Philippines to India online via the most popular cryptocurrencies. This method may seem a bit more complex than the one listed above, but it is more convenient for players at the licensed Bitcoin online casinos in India.

Other Methods to Send Money from India to GCash in PH

Coffee, Money, and Computer Mouse Graphic

If, after all this, you are still wondering, ‘Can I send money from India to the Philippines through GCash?’, then we will continue with the list of other payment methods transferring to GCash. Those options are available in India and countries worldwide:

  • 💠 70+ banks worldwide
  • 💠 Alipay
  • 💠 Azimo
  • 💠 Cross Remittance
  • 💠 Denarii Cash
  • 💠 EMQ Send
  • 💠 Instant Cash
  • 💠 Instarem
  • 💠 MoneyMatch
  • 💠 Pangea
  • 💠 PayIt
  • 💠 Remitly
  • 💠 RemitBee
  • 💠 Rocket Remit
  • 💠 SABB
  • 💠 SBI Remit
  • 💠 StarPay
  • 💠 Wall Street Exchange
  • 💠 Wise
  • 💠 WorldRemit
  • 💠 XendPay
  • 💠 Xoom

We will finish this blog post with a last tip on how to transfer money from India to the Philippines online – it is always best to choose the payment method that suits you. If that means having a GCash account, then you will have safe, fast, and easy-to-follow transfer steps.


The answer to how to send money from India to the Philippines through GCash is to extend and present players at online casinos, shoppers, and everyone using this payment method with multiple options. Below, we answered the most important questions on the matter.

Can I transfer money from India to the Philippines via GCash?

During the last years, one of the most affordable and user-friendly online payment options for Filipinos has been the GCash money wallet. This transaction method has gained international popularity, so we took it upon ourselves to inform the players at online casinos ‘How to send money from India to the Philippines through GCash?’ and answer other relevant questions.

Is GCash available in India?

If you are wondering, ‘Can I send money from India to the Philippines through GCash?’ then the answer is yes and no. The rules of GCash in India allow Indian people to have an account if they meet the requirements of owning valid phone number for the Philippines, valid Filipino passport, and a few other ID verification documents.

How to send money to GCash from India?

There are two types of GCash transferssending and receiving money via GCash. All the recipient of the cash needs is a verified GCash account. The sender in India, however, must have the receiver’s details, enough money for the transfer and the possible fees, and choose which payment method to use to send the money.

Can anyone send money from India to the Philippines with GCash?

There are many ways to safely transfer money to GCash available to Indian people sending money into a Philippine GCash account. The easiest transaction is between two GCash accounts. Alternatively, you can use Western Union, MoneyGram, eWallets, including Neteller, GrabPay, Skrill, bank accounts, and more.

What is the fastest way to send money from India to GCash in PH?

The ultimate option of sending funds from GCash India to the Philippines account is via GCash to GCash transfers. If sender and recipient have accounts with this money wallet, then the transaction is instant, requires just a couple of steps to complete, and is the safest of all available options.

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Best VPN Friendly Crypto Casinos 2023

Virtual Private Networks, commonly known as VPNs, are tools designed to ensure online privacy and security by creating a private network from a public internet connection. Essentially, VPNs mask your internet protocol (IP) address, ensuring your online actions are virtually untraceable.

In the world of online gambling, many players employ VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions, enabling access to online casinos not available in their region. This is especially crucial given the strict gambling regulations in various countries. Meanwhile, the last few years has witnessed the meteoric rise of crypto casinos, which accept cryptocurrency for payments. Merging the robust security of blockchain technology with the anonymity of VPNs, many gamblers are finding a seamless and private online gaming experience.

Top VPN Friendly Crypto Casinos in 2023

Welcome Bonus: 20% Cashback (up to 10,000 USDT)

Wagering requirements: 1x

Minimum Deposit: Varies depending on crypto (eg: 0.25 USDT, 0.000007 BTC)

Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, TRX, XRP, ADA, DOGE, BUSD, BNB, TON, MATIC, USDC

Welcome Bonus: Up to 40 mBTC

Wagering requirements: 20x

Minimum Deposit: No minimum

Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, USDT, ETH, BNB, USDC, LTC

Welcome Bonus: 100 NO-deposit free spins + up to $2,000

Wagering requirements: 35x

Minimum Deposit: 0.00015 BTC

Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, AAVE, ADA, BCH, BNB, DAI, DASH, ETC, ETH, FTM, UNI, USDC, XLM, XRP, MATIC, MKR, OMG, LINK, CAKE, BUSD & 20+ more

Welcome Bonus: Up to 6 BTC + 350 free spins

Wagering requirements: 30x

Minimum Deposit: No minimum

Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, DASH, TRON, ZEC, USDT, USDC, BNB, BUSD, MATIC

Welcome Bonus: Up to 1,000 USDT

Wagering requirements: 80x

Minimum Deposit: No minimum

Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, DOGE, USDT, USDC, BUSD, TRX, XMR, XRP, SHIB, SAND

Welcome Bonus: None

Wagering requirements: 0.00005 BTC

Minimum Deposit: Varies depending on crypto

Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, DOGE, BCH, SOL, XRP

Welcome Bonus: Up to $5,000

Wagering requirements: 35x

Minimum Deposit: No minimum

Supported Cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, ETH, XMR, XRP, ETC, XLM, ZEC & 10+ more

Top VPN Friendly Crypto Casinos: Reviews

#1. Bitcasino – Best VPN Friendly Crypto Casino

  • Huge range of more than 5,000+ games
  • Anonymous crypto casino with no personal details required
  • 20% cashback on losses
  • World’s first licensed crypto casino
  • ‘Fun mode’ where you can play for free without risking any money
  • No welcome offer, but you do receive 20% cashback on losses

Bitcasino is the #1 VPN friendly crypto casino, and is the first crypto casino in the world to be licensed. It is recognised by both Curaçao eGaming and Hub88, trusted casino licensing agencies. Their license was granted to Moon Technologies B.V., the operator of Bitcasino.

Bitcasino has a huge range of 5,000+ games on offer, with slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, game shows, virtual sports, and even a metaverse casino. If you prefer lottery games like bingo and keno, they are also on offer.

To top it all off, when I signed up to Bitcasino, there is no need to provide any personal information, so I can play with complete privacy. Deposit and withdrawals are extremely quick, and transactions are secure since they are all processed and stored in the blockchain. Visit Bitcasino here and see if you enjoy it as much as I did.

#2. Nitrobetting – Best Crypto Casino for Poker

  • Best crypto poker room, with no download required, quick payouts and plenty of tournaments 
  • Bet on sports and horse racing
  • Plenty of bonuses such as loyalty, rakeback, and free spins
  • Free contests and promos where you can win Bitcoin
  • No ID required to sign up or play, simply enter an email address
  • Limited range of around 100 slots

Nitrobetting is my top choice for poker players who wish to play with crypto. I am an avid poker player and I have found that this site is the best among crypto casinos. Some online casinos claim to have poker, but it is video poker, or a table game version, where you play against the dealer. For a real Texas Holdem experience, where you play against other players, Nitrobetting is the best. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, you don’t need to download any program, payouts and deposits are quick, and there are always plenty of tournaments to play.

If you enjoy other casino games such as slots, blackjack and baccarat, you will also find them at Nitrobetting, and if you like placing bets on sports or horse racing, then you have come to the right place. Popular sports like basketball, baseball, and american football are available, with great odds and plenty of markets. Head to Nitrobetting’s official website to see if you enjoy what they have to offer.

#3. BetFury – Best Crypto Faucet Casino

  • Slots, table games and live casino games available
  • Crypto sports betting supported
  • Stake crypto to earn interest
  • Receive cashback twice a week
  • Instant crypto payouts

BetFury is an excellent VPN friendly crypto casino, and is actually my #1 choice of crypto faucet casino. A crypto faucet casino is one where you can earn small amounts of Bitcoin or other crypto for free, by completing simple tasks. Then you can use that crypto to gamble and win more!

There are plenty of games you can play at BetFury, eg: slots, blackjack, roulette, pontoon, video poker and baccarat, but my personal favorites are the original games that BetFury has developed just for their own site. I loved Space Dice, Mines, Stairs and Triple, and they had me hooked as I hadn’t played any games like that at other online casinos. BetFury’s promotions are also very generous, with lots of daily tasks to reward players who sign in every day. Have a look at BetFury to explore all they have to offer.

#4. Fortune Jack – Biggest Welcome Offer

  • Largest welcome offer: up to 6BTC and 350 free spins across your first 4 deposits
  • Most games can be played in demo mode so you can practise for free
  • Weekly tournaments where you can win cash or free spins
  • Great loyalty program where you receive increased reload bonuses and cashback at higher tiers
  • Slots, live casino and sports book available
  • There are a large number of games that are excluded from bonus

If you are interested in maximizing your welcome bonus, Fortune Jack is the best choice. If you deposit large amounts, you can claim the maximum of 6 BTC across your first four deposits, as well as 350 free spins. Wagering requirements are a very reasonable 30x, so you can convert your bonus to real money. If you want to practise your skills for free before depositing any crypto, you can access demo mode on most of their games. This means you will use play money as you learn how the games work. However, remember that if you win on demo mode, it doesn’t count!

I enjoyed Fortune Jack’s loyalty program, as you can receive cashback on your losses, as well as receive bonuses each time you deposit into the casino. There are lots of options at Fortune Jack, with slots, jackpots, table games, live casino and sports betting. Take a look at Fortune Jack casino and see if it’s right for you.

#5. Betplay – Best Crypto Live Dealer Casino

  • Hundreds of live dealer games available
  • Daily rakeback means that a portion of the amount wagered each day is paid back
  • Weekly cashback – receive 10% of your losses paid back
  • Free Texas Holdem tournaments with real prize money
  • Bet on sports including esports
  • High wagering requirements of 80x

Betplay is the best crypto casino for live dealer games. There are hundreds of different rooms available, by various top game providers such as SA Gaming, Beter Live, Asia Gaming, Evolution and Pragmatic Play Live. The different games on offer include popular ones like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and sic bo, as well as more obscure games such as snakes & ladders, Monopoly, casino hold’em, Vegas ball bonanza and boom city. You really have to visit Betplay to see the depth of games on offer.

For poker players, Betplay offers frequent tournaments including freerolls, where you can play and win real money, without having to pay any entry fee! Many online casino players love slots, and Betplay does not disappoint in this regard. There are countless games for you to browse and play; you won’t find yourself bored at this casino. They also offer a daily rakeback and weekly cashback, meaning you receive back some of the money you wagered, so you can play again!

#6. Duelbits – Best Range of Games and Sports Betting

  • Huge variety in games including slots, blackjack, live games, dice, pinko, mines, duel poker and scratchcards
  • Massive range of sports to bet on, including obscure sports like Alpine Skiing, Stock Car Racing and Floorball
  • Highest odds on sportsbook market
  • Has 8 original games that are not found on other online casinos
  • Rakeback and regular promos

Duelbits is one of my favorite crypto casinos, and even though it is not available in the US, that’s not a problem, since it is VPN friendly. Simply set your VPN to Canada and you will be able to access the casino and sportsbook. What I love most about Duelbits is the incredible range of games they have on offer. They have over 3,500+ slot games, plenty of table games and a live casino, and even 8 original games that are only found on Duelbits. 

If you fancy betting on sports, you will love the variety available, covering all the popular sports as well as more niche ones such as skiing, esports and stock car racing. With rakeback and lots of frequent promotions available, you will enjoy spending time at Duelbits. Visit the official website now and see if it’s right for you.

#7. DuckDice – Best Crypto Casino for Dice Games

  • Lottery, dice games, and sports bet are supported 
  • One of the best crypto faucet casinos
  • Chat with other players who are logged in
  • Stake crypto and earn passive income 
  • Receive 100% match bonus on your first 4 deposits
  • No slots or other casino games

DuckDice makes it onto this list because it has a crypto faucet, which means users can receive free crypto from the site, and use it to play games. They have a special focus on dice games, lottery, and sports betting, which they excel at. Unfortunately, they don’t offer slots or table games like most other online casinos.

DuckDice entices new players with their generous welcome offer, giving you 100% match bonus on your first four deposits. There are also frequent bonuses and promotions that I love claiming. Visit DuckDice website to see which offers are currently available.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a digital tool that creates a secure and encrypted connection between your device and the internet. It does this by routing your online traffic through a server located elsewhere, effectively masking your real IP address and making it seem as though you’re accessing the internet from the server’s location. This not only provides increased online privacy and security but also allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship.

Benefits of Using a VPN

Accessing Casinos from Restricted Countries 

Not all online casinos operate globally. Whether due to licensing issues or local laws, some casinos might be inaccessible from certain countries. VPNs easily bypass these restrictions, enabling access to your favorite crypto casinos from anywhere in the world.

Maintaining Privacy and Anonymity

Online gambling can sometimes be a sensitive topic. By using a VPN, players can keep their gambling activities discrete, ensuring that their online habits remain a private matter. Moreover, most VPN friendly crypto casinos allow registration without any ID, so you can remain completely anonymous.

Safe and Secure Transactions

When dealing with crypto, security is paramount. VPNs provide an extra layer of security, safeguarding transactions from potential threats.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a VPN Friendly Casino

License and Legality

Before engaging with any crypto casino, it’s crucial to verify that the casino operates under a recognized licensing authority. This is an assurance that the casino adheres to specific standards of fairness, safety, and operation. Unlicensed casinos do not provide the same degree of security or reliability, leading to potential issues down the line.

Variety of Games 

The range of games on offer can significantly influence your casino experience. Look for a casino that provides a wide variety of games, from classic table games like blackjack and roulette to a plethora of slot games, and more niche offerings. This ensures that you’ll always have something new to explore and enjoy.


Online security cannot be stressed enough. You must ensure that the crypto casino employs robust encryption techniques to protect sensitive data. Features such as two-factor authentication (2FA) can add an additional layer of security to your account, making unauthorized access more challenging.

Payment and Withdrawal Policies

Given that you’re dealing with cryptocurrencies, it’s crucial to understand the casino’s transaction policies. Consider factors like:

  • Speed: How quickly are transactions processed?
  • Fees: Are there any hidden fees or charges associated with deposits or withdrawals?
  • Ease of Transactions: How user-friendly is the process of depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies?

Customer Support

A responsive customer support team can be a lifeline when issues arise. Ensure the casino has convenient methods to contact support, eg: live chat, email or phone. Additionally, consider the availability – 24/7 support is ideal – and the team’s responsiveness and competence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What VPN is best for crypto casinos?

There are many VPNs that are great for crypto casinos, such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

What is the best crypto casino without verification?

Bitcasino is the #1 crypto casino that doesn’t require any ID or KYC verification.


VPN friendly crypto casinos offer enhanced privacy and anonymity, and allow users to play freely regardless of geo-blocked locations. While the benefits are significant, it’s crucial to prioritize responsible gambling. Always remember to play within your limits and consider when you should stop playing. 

Get paid $2,000 to become a “Simfluencer”

Do you love The Sims? Do you dream of stardom? Do you ever think to yourself, “mejilawe pimewayajiniba tukiwe sijimosi”? If we’re speaking your Simlish language then this is the job of your dreams. Here’s your chance to become a Simfluencer.

To rev up the excitement around a new, rumored expansion pack set to release this fall, we’re putting on a contest to really get your sim-self excited about. You can now get paid $2,000 to play The Sims. Yep, that simple.

For those up to speed on their Sim economy, that’s a lot of cash when you think about it in Simoleon currency! Although we promise to pay in USD, your Sims are guaranteed to lap in the luxury too, with this new contest. 

Live your dream life virtually and in reality. The rules are even more simple than getting your Sims to mingle. Essentially, you’ll just need to play The Sims and do what you normally would do in the game – a real cushy job for those already tapped into the Simverse! Let’s get a bit more “Sim”-cific: 

How it works

  1. If selected, you will be required to download the most current version of The Sims 4 (free). 
  2. Then it will be necessary to get the High School Years expansion pack. We will be covering the purchase of the expansion pack in addition to the $2,000 prize money.
  3. Within the expansion pack, you’ll be given the choice to become a “Simfluencer” or “Video Game Streamer” – the choice will be up to the winner. 
  4. Depending on the career choice, the winner will have to report back their progress until they’ve achieved
    1. Mega-Siminfluencer, or
    2. Pro-Gamer

Above you’ll find the link that will take you to the entry page. Be sure to submit all the correct information so we can contact you if you win! Terms and Conditions can be found in the entry link.

Get ready to take the Sim world by storm and become a Simfluencer. It’s going to be lights, camera, action for you and this virtual world, so get ready. For those who have always been a lover of The Sims, this is your moment to make your “sim”-fluence and do something “sim”-nificant. 

Disclaimer has no affiliation with The Sims in any capacity. is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by The Sims brand. The use of any trade name or trademark is for identification and reference purposes only.

Fair Use

Feel free to use the data or visuals on this page for non-commercial purposes. Please be sure to include proper attribution linking back to this page to give credit to the authors.

For any press questions, please contact riley.clark[at]

Are you doing business with the dead?

Discover all about the darkest form of identity theft, and how to protect your company from the threat of ghosting fraudsters.

Have you ever been ghosted or a victim of ‘ghosting fraud’? 

While ‘ghosting’ is widely known as the sudden and random disappearance of a potential suitor, the term ‘ghosting fraud’ refers to something far darker. Ghosting fraud describes the theft and fraudulent use of a deceased person’s personal information.

One of the most notorious cases of ghosting fraud happened in 2016 in Florida, US. Two fraudsters managed to hack into a computer system, and access the records of the deceased to collect names, addresses, birth dates, and social security numbers, which they used to commit tax fraud. 

By filing multiple fake tax returns, the two scammers received fraudulent refund checks worth millions. This was all at the expense of the IRS, which had no idea that these identities were fraudulent, or even that these people were deceased.  

While it’s unknown how many identities the fraudsters stole, they were ordered to pay back over $1.26 million, and sentenced to 11 and 12 years respectively. 

Although it’s shocking, this isn’t the only story of its kind. In fact, as the cost of living rises, ghosting fraud is becoming increasingly common.

What is ghosting fraud?

Ghosting fraud is the term used to describe a form of identity theft, where perpetrators impersonate a deceased person for financial gain.  

Fraudsters will use a deceased individual’s name, address, and other confidential information to open up new lines of credit, take out loans, or, as the example above, request tax refunds. 

Ghosting fraud is made possible thanks to vulnerabilities and failures in internal controls, record keeping and monitoring systems, as well as lags in system updates. In the UK, for example, relatives have up to twelve months to register a death. 

What’s worse though, is that in some regions, credit unions and lenders won’t know of a customer’s death unless they receive a dedicated phone call from a relative. Of course, this is not often a priority for grieving family members. Lenders have been known to keep lines of credit open – and charge interest – for years without an official death notification. 

However, it’s not necessarily the individuals of the deceased that should be most concerned, but businesses. Unlike romance scams, ghosting fraud doesn’t hinge on social engineering, but rather knowledge of the customer.

More on that later. 

What are the different types of ghosting fraud? 

Within the realm of ghosting fraud, there are three common scams to be aware of:

Credit fraud.

Credit fraud in this context can work in two separate ways. The first involves someone close to the deceased, who has physical access to their credit accounts. Here, the perpetrator simply starts using the credit cards of the deceased without notifying the provider of their death. 

Secondly, credit fraud can happen when external scammers get hold of the details of the deceased. By accessing information such as their name, date of birth and social security number, the fraudster has all the information they need to apply for new accounts.  

In the US, approximately 800,000 cases of ghosting fraud happen every year for the purposes of opening new lines of credit. 

Companies that should be most concerned about credit fraud are credit providers, such as credit card companies or lenders. Without specific identity checks in place or a tool to flag suspicious signals, these financial institutions stand to lose the most from ghosting fraudsters. 

Tax fraud.

Ghosting fraud can also affect tax authorities on a global scale. Here, criminals get hold of deceased individuals’ details, and file false tax statements in order to generate refund checks.

Tax fraud with ‘ghost details’ primarily affects the tax authority in the country it is happening. This year, the IRS identified approximately 12,617 cases of identity theft tax fraud in the US, leading to refunds of over $6.3 billion. And unfortunately, it’s highly likely that this is only the tip of the iceberg, with a high proportion of cases still undiscovered.  

Workplace data breach.

It might not be your first thought when someone says ghosting fraud, but workplace data breaches are also high risk when an employee dies. 

One famous data breach at Twitter in 2020, for example, led to over $800,000 in losses and a drop in the share price. It happened because fraudsters convinced employees that they were part of the security team, and needed to verify the identity of the workers by getting their passwords when the company moved to remote work. The fraudsters then began tweeting links to cryptocurrency scams from high-profile and celebrity accounts, generating hundreds of thousands in profit. 

In the same vein, scammers can use the log-in details of deceased employees if their accounts have not been shut down by their employers.

Alongside the threat of huge financial consequences, falling victim to ghosting fraud might also result in reputational damage, and make it hard for businesses to attract new customers.

Large corporations can’t rely on death notifications from family members or on third party log-in software. Instead, continuous monitoring is key in preventing fraudulent access.  

What are the key fraud challenges for companies?

While the vast majority of ghosting fraudsters are seasoned scammers, others might be family members looking to exploit their relative’s death. This makes the fraud even harder to fight against.

A major challenge for some businesses is that sophisticated fraudsters can easily bypass outdated identification methods, such as only requiring details like date of birth and social security numbers. 

This should be a key concern for organizations, and they should prioritize updating their identity verification services to reflect the threat of ghosting fraud, among other types of scams, such as money laundering

How to detect and prevent ghosting fraud.

While death registers may be still stuck in the stone ages, that does not mean your organization needs to be. 

Entrust the detection and prevention of ghosting fraud to a dedicated fraud prevention and identity verification platform like IDnow.

Our six-pronged approach to data checks involves:

  • A derogatory financial score
  • Property data
  • Vulnerability data
  • Application data
  • Geo-affordability 
  • And all-important mortality data: to ensure that the applicant is not deceased, and is therefore who they say they are

Alongside mortality data, IDnow conducts Know Your Customer checks for a comprehensive overview of who your customers are. 

Ongoing monitoring, through Strong Customer Authentication, allows our clients to comply with regulatory requirements. Our identity verification services combine biometric information (such as face ID or a fingerprint) and possessions (such as a code sent to their mobile phone) alongside knowledge, for better validity in customer identity checks. 


Ghosting fraud: Are you doing business with the dead? 1

Ellie Burns
Team Lead of Product Marketing at IDnow
Connect with Ellie on LinkedIn

10 Tips for Poker Players to Overcome Bad Beats

If there’s a poker play we haven’t learned, then up-skilling to a better strategy can feel great. Improving our luck, however, is impossible. Luck doesn’t care about how hard you’ve been working on your game, whether you’re having a good day or a bad one, or whether you’ve lost your last ten coin flips.

Luck is an unfeeling acquaintance we cannot escape and must be treated as such. Dealing with a ‘bad beat’ can be difficult, but with our helpful hints below, you’ll be in the best possible place to get over that slice of bad luck and play your A-Game in the next hand:

  • Keep Some Perspective
  • Understand the Odds
  • Put Bad Beats to Work
  • Find Your Focus
  • Post-Match Analysis
  • Perform a Ritual
  • Focus on the Next Hand
  • Know When to Fold ‘Em
  • Stay Calm and Walk Away
  • Check Your Account(ability)

1. Keep Some Perspective

While all the following tips and hints apply and can help, it’s important to remember your place in the world. If you’ve lost a hand of cards, you’re already lucky. The chances are pretty high that you’re reading this on a $400 smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Given that 50% of the world’s population lives on less than $7 a day, you’re already in an immensely privileged position. Understanding that in the game of life, you’ve basically been dealt a premium pair can go some way to reducing the magnitude of your feelings about any given bad beat.

Before you play poker, think of the worst situation that could happen. Let’s say it’s a $5 entry tournament, and at the final table, you’re all-in with pocket aces for a chip-leading pot with 6 people left. If you win, it’s very likely that you’ll go on to win $1,000. If you lose, you’re going out for just under $100. That’s a $900 swing, or to put it another way, 180 buy-ins.

I’ve been in this position. I was playing someone with pocket tens, and they hit a ten on the river. Then another player showed their hand with a ten in it. They hit a one-outer to effectively cost me the best part of a thousand dollars in equity. So, what was my takeaway here? Did I stay calm? Not at the time. Do I still recall how it felt? Absolutely, it stung like a wasp on a hot summer’s day.

But taking a look around me helped. I was sitting at a laptop I owned, in a house I could afford to rent, with food and comforts all around me. Getting some perspective isn’t easy when you’re in the moment, but it can help you immediately focus on the game as just that – a game. You’ll still have whatever you had before you set aside the buy-in. Losing at cards will happen, losing at life is, for some, inescapable. Gratitude is the pathway to bad beats hurting less.

2. Understand the Odds

What is a bad beat in poker terms? For such a popular expression, the actual boundaries of qualification for the phrase to be justified are blurry, to say the least. If you qualify a bad beat as a committed pot where you are the favorite with all your chips in the middle, and then the other player overtakes your hand to win, then you’re going to experience bad beats a lot of times, possibly over and over in the same tournament or cash game session.

If you get your chips into the middle with aces against kings pre-flop, then getting beaten is an outrageous piece of bad luck, right? Well, not really. You’re a 4:1 favorite before the five community cards, which means one time out of five, you’re meant to lose. That’s not the case in every hand, of course, but to truly appreciate the odds, you’ve got to look at the long-term picture.

If you can understand the odds for situations you’ll frequently find yourself in, then the individual bad beats won’t feel so impactful. They should start to become more of a consistent pattern and part of a larger truth, that poker is essentially one long game. Over time, luck will even out.

That’s the certainty of probability added to time, or rather the sample size of your situation getting bigger over time. If you can find peace in bad beats through understanding the chances of it happening again over time, things can really improve. Before you thought of it in those terms, what were the chances of that happening?

3. Put Bad Beats to Work

One of the biggest gifts we can give you about bad beats is almost not looking at them as bad beats. If you’ve just been one-outed, we can appreciate that sounds pretty crazy. But it’s not. If you never get a bad beat, you never check the odds, look at the perspective you have on the game of poker, or appreciate a bad beat.

That’s right, we said A-P-P-R-E-C-I-A-T-E. Here’s the twist: if you don’t get it in good, then you can’t be bad beaten. If you’re the outside chance, then you’re the one doing the dirty. That should feel better, right? Wrong. It only feels better when you win a bad beat, and since you got it in bad, you’re going to lose most of the time. You got a bad beat? That means you got it in good, meaning you’ll be winning most of the time.

That feels better already, doesn’t it? Phil Hellmuth once said, “If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time.” While The Poker Brat might have been stretching the truth a little, he has a point. The bad beats hurt the 17-time WSOP bracelet winner because he tries to put himself in positions where he’s the favorite. Without fortune, poker would be like chess, a game based entirely on skill.

While this would still be interesting, it would hardly make it one of the most popular and entertaining games on Earth. As Rick Bennt once said, “In the long run there’s no luck in poker, but the short run is longer than most people know.”

4. Find Your Focus

This is one piece of advice that you may well have heard before, but definitely need to hear again. Regaining your focus after a bad beat can be a difficult, sometimes dizzying experience. So many emotions flood your senses when you face a bad beat that processing them can be very tough.

Someone else is raking in your chips, for a start. They’re overjoyed at having won a big stack of chips through luck alone. Their feeling is euphoria. Despondency is a natural opposite that you must welcome into your system, process, then overcome as quickly as possible. In order to do so, you may well struggle to find a mental foothold, but the image of trying to place your feet on solid ground after falling is an apt one.

A bad beat can feel exactly like that. You’ve climbed the mountain, gone your opponent all-in and at risk with the worst hand, then they make a set with their underpair, and you ask yourself why you worked so hard to put yourself on that pedestal.

Picture yourself up a literal mountain. You’re about to reach the peak when someone comes up behind you and trips you up. Hey, maybe it’s even the wind or uneven ground. But it’s not like you tumbled all the way to the ground. You’re still up the mountain, you’re still climbing.

Even if you busted a tournament or lost a cash game session’s buy-in, you haven’t lost everything. Pick yourself up, stand your ground, learn what you can do better, and accept that you fell, but now you’re back on your feet and going to keep moving forward.

5. Post-Match Analysis

All the other ways you can get over bad beats deal primarily with the physical or mental senses that are knocked off balance after you are dealt a dose of bad luck. Rebalancing focus, leveling your emotions, appreciating your privilege. Each of those deals with improving your overall mood. That’s very important. It will aid you in the long term in dealing with bad beats. But there’s something else you need to hear, and you’re not going to like it.

You might have made a mistake. Even in a hand where you were bad beaten, there are ways you could have changed the course of the hand. Let’s use an example here and adjust where the chips go into the middle. Let’s imagine that you have 25 big blinds and are holding pocket jacks. The chip leader – your enemy in the hand – has pocket tens. In the first scenario, you shove pre-flop, they call and hit a ten on the river to knock you out of the tournament.

Bad beat, huh? Awful luck, and you need to go into all those recovery scenarios you’ve already read about. Now imagine that instead of shoving pre-flop, you plan a ‘stop and go.’ You know that the chip leader likes to flat call with middle-ranking pairs a lot of the time and almost never plays ace-high. When the flop lands A-4-2, having three-bet rather than shoved pre-flop, getting a call, you then shove the flop.

Pocket tens now don’t look so good for the chip leader, and he folds, never getting to the river, never hitting the ten, and losing a substantial pot to you instead. You just rewrote a bad beat. The good news is that in almost any scenario at the poker table, there’s a different way to play it.

Maybe you don’t know the chip leader’s ranges as well as we just described. Maybe it’s aces against kings. Not every bad beat can be avoided. But some can. Admitting that to yourself and considering different ways to play out the scenario you just endured is elite-level thinking. So why not do it?

6. Perform a Ritual

“If you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further.” Do you know who said that? It wasn’t a poker player, but a character in a movie. Still need another clue? It’s perhaps the most popular movie of all time. Well done at the back with your hand up; it’s the line that Andy Dufresne writes to his friend Red when he is guiding him from prison parole to the mystical Zihuatanejo on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

We say the same thing to you now. If you’re prepared to take our advice, then we’d encourage you in the direction of a ‘recovery ritual.’ Many athletes practice this. Think of the tennis player who bounces the ball seventeen times before he serves. Or the footballer who taps his helmet three times before waiting for the snap. Elite athletes have rituals, so why not poker players? It turns out they do.

Often these will center around breathing, cognitive tricks, and positive affirmations. Mindfulness, yoga, and other breathing exercises can assist you in doing this too. Whatever your ritual, it’s worth remembering that this needs to be something you can call on wherever you are. If you’re at home playing online poker, then performing ten star-jumps and reciting the words to Viva La Vida might work for you.

At the live felt in a casino, this same ritual could lead to you being escorted from the premises, especially if they’re not a Coldplay fan. Maybe it’s to breathe deeply three times, consult a few words of encouragement on your cell phone, and clench and unclench your toes. That’s what Bruce Willis does in Die Hard when the plane is coming in to land. If it’s good enough for Bruce, it’s good enough for us.


7. Focus on the Next Hand

If you want to overcome a bad beat quickly in poker, then playing the next hand well as quickly as possible can sometimes be the answer. Investing the chips might be painful, but that immediate switch of focus on new cards and possibly new opponents is a naturally cleansing thing for a poker player. R