Amazon River Dolphins Are Born Grey and Turn Pink

The Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis), also known as a boto, is the largest species among river dolphins. It can measure up to 8 feet (2.4 meters) long and weigh around 450 pounds (204 kilograms) — as much as three full kegs of beer!

Size isn’t the only thing that sets the Amazon river dolphin apart: This freshwater dolphin, which thrives in the Amazon and Orinoco river, is sometimes shockingly pink.

Although born grey, adult males of the species are easily identified by a distinctly pink hue. Their unusual coloring, which is sometimes wholly pink and sometimes mottled with gray undertones, is believed to be the result of pink scar tissue from dolphin rumbles.

The richer the rosé, the more attractive the males are believed to be — and the older the male, the more the pink coloring he will have.

There’s also a theory that salmon-colored dolphins more readily blend in with their surroundings. During heavy rains, rivers along the Amazon basin turn a murky red/pink hue, and with their pink coloring, male dolphins are more easily camouflaged to catch fish and river turtles.

Pink River Dolphin
Since 2018, the Amazon river dolphin has been granted internationally protected status. Increasing pollution and gradual destruction of the Amazon rainforest has increased its vulnerability.

Sylvain CORDIER/Getty Images

The Amazon’s pink river dolphins are one of handful of freshwater dolphin species on Earth; they are aquatic mammals distantly related to saltwater-adapted marine dolphins and toothed whales. In addition to their distinctive pink color, the Amazon’s pink river dolphins have another feature that sets them apart from their saltwater cousins.

Unlike marine dolphins, which have a dorsal fin that protrudes from their backs, pink river dolphins have a hump instead. They are carnivorous and dine on any fish, crabs or turtles that hang out in the murky waters of the Peruvian Amazon and flooded forest.

How Does Live Casino Work? LiveRoulette Blog

Live casino games are a recent introduction to most online casino’s game portfolios. These games were developed with the notion of bridging the gap between the authenticity of land-based casino games and the comforts of home. Such games have improved a great deal over the years, with more recent titles offering better video quality and focusing more on providing an immersive experience.

In this blog, we will provide an in-depth review of live casino games, how they operate and which are the most exciting titles to choose from.   

Meet Your Live Casino Dealer

Live casino games offer a feature
that’s not found in
any other type of online game – the live casino dealer. This person is tasked
with managing the entire game, much in the same way as a dealer or
croupier would do in your standard

Players can interact
with the dealer through
a live video and audio feed. The live casino dealer isn’t there as an accessory to the
live casino game, but they actively interact with the players that sit at the
virtual tables.

Depending on the game, players can make use of chat functions to speak or share a joke with the dealer, but in most cases, they will not be able to speak to the dealer directly in order not to disrupt the flow of the live casino game. All live casino dealers are trained with the same rules and professional conduct as dealers in land-based casinos, which means that players enjoying live casino games can expect an authentic casino experience.

How Do Live Casino Games Work?

When it comes to playing live casino,
the process could not be simpler. All you need to do is visit our online casino, log in to your account and select your favourite live casino game.

When you select a game, you’ll be immediately taken to a virtual seat at a real table in
either a studio or a casino environment. The
live dealer will greet players and then open the floor for bets.

Standard casino game rules apply to every individual live casino game, but each one comes with a comprehensive help section that explains the rules in detail. The only difference in live casino games is that the dealer will be the one taking bets, dealing cards, releasing the ball in the roulette wheel, and starting or ending a game, and not the online game software.

Live Casino Games You
Can Play Today

Not only can you enjoy the classic European and American Live Roulette versions, but also modern and exciting titles such as Live Auto Roulette, Lightning Roulette, Speed Roulette, and Double Ball Roulette.

What makes these titles so interesting is that some developers are now actually moving the live casino games to an actual casino floor. Sure, live casino games streamed from professional studios are equally entertaining, but games streamed from actual casinos also provide players with a real-life glimpse into what goes on behind the roulette table.

There are other great live casino game titles that can be enjoyed! These include Live Baccarat, Live Casino Hold ‘em, Side Bet City, Monopoly Live, and many more.

Live casino games provide players with a unique experience that perfectly merges land-based casinos with the comfort of playing from your sofa. Players will immediately feel welcomed by the live dealer as they take their virtual seat at the casino table. With an incredible range of live casino games by leading developers, players will surely find the perfect live game for themselves. Our four-part welcome bonus will set players off to the right start, with up to £150 in bonus money to get you started at the tables.

18+ | | Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Terms & Conditions apply.

15 Fun and Creative DIY Board Game Ideas

diy board games

If you don’t have any board games at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun! Did you know you can easily make your own DIY board games? While it’s relatively easy to make a board game on your own, the difficult part is thinking of a DIY board game idea!

So, to make it easier for you, here are 15 creative DIY board game ideas from which you should take inspiration. This is also a great summer activity you can do with your kids to keep them entertained. Half of the fun is making the board game, after all, not just playing it!


Who hasn’t played a puzzle game at some point in their lives? Thankfully, puzzle games are relatively easy to make. Here’s how to make your own!


You’ll need:

  • Pencil or marker
  • Coloring pencils, pens, or markers
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Paper

To start, you’ll need two pieces of cardboard. Cut them into square or rounded square shapes and make sure they fit perfectly together. Take one of these cardboard squares, draw a smaller square inside of it and cut it out. Mark this cut-out square into nine smaller squares. In the meantime, glue the rest of this square (the border of the cut-out square) onto the other complete square or rounded square. This makes the board of the puzzle game.

Then, draw a picture on a piece of paper to fit into this smaller cut-out square and glue it on. Cut out this square into the 9 smaller pieces as previously marked. Take out the first of these little squares that is, the one in the top left corner. You won’t need this square.

Place the rest of the 8 smaller pieces within the board.


The puzzle game is relatively easy to play but difficult to master. To play, shuffle the 8 smaller pieces around the board, using the one free space to move the pieces around. After everything is shuffled around, try to move all the pieces back to complete the original drawing by moving the pieces up, down, right, or left, one by one!


Have a bit of marble fun with a marble race! Part of the fun of this game is setting it up. Be as creative as you want about creating the maze for your marbles.


You’ll need:

  • Lots of cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Craft sticks
  • Marbles
  • Paper cups
  • Tape

First, set up the board. Grab a larger piece of cardboard to make the back board. If you need to, tape up extra pieces of cardboard to create one longer piece. Create edges on the two longer sides of the board to stop the marbles from jumping off the board on the way down. To create the edges, use some more cardboard and tape. Then, hot glue some paper cups on the bottom of the board. These cups will catch the marbles when they reach the bottom so that you don’t end up chasing your marbles all throughout your house! Cut off the rim of the cups to allow the cups to sit flush against the board.

And now for the fun part! Use craft sticks and hot glue to create a trail for the marbles. Ensure many of these craft sticks are placed diagonally so that the marbles can roll down easily instead of getting stuck on a ledge.


Have you set up a course for your marbles? Now, you’re ready to play! Place the board on a slight incline, for example, leaning on a sofa. Then, ready your marble at the top of the track and on the mark, get rolling with one marble per player! Watch the marbles roll down the track and see who wins the race!


Candyland is one of the most classic board games. Whether you don’t have the game at home or simply want to make your own, here’s everything you need to know to create your own simplified board game!


You’ll need:

  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Die

To make this DIY board game, grab a large piece of cardboard that will be the base of the Candyland board. Then, glue some paper on top of it so that you can draw on the board with a blank white canvas. Once the glue dries, you can be as creative as you want and draw the road to Candland (with spaces, of course!). Make sure to curve the road around to utilize the most of your board space! We highly recommend using a pencil to do this so that you can easily fix any mistakes.

Decorate the board with markers of different colors and write down rules on some of the game spaces. Examples of rules include:

  • Go back 3 spaces
  • Skip a turn
  • Roll again
  • Go back to start

You’ll also need to create your game pieces. To do so, use a bit of cardboard and glue some paper to draw something fun on each of them! Even better, have each of the players make their own game piece!


Players place their game pieces at the start tile. Then, players take turns rolling the die to see how many spaces they move. The goal of the game? Get to the finish before anyone else! But be wary of landing on some tiles that may cause you to go back a few spaces or even go all the way back to the beginning! Yikes!


Who doesn’t love a bit of trivia? Test your knowledge with a game of Jeopardy, which you can easily make at home. While players will generally need to give their answers in the form of a question, you can also make this a simple trivia game in a Jeopardy format, which is what we will describe here. If you want to make this a standard Jeopardy game, simply switch up the questions and answers.


You’ll need:

  • Poster paper
  • Marker
  • Post-it notes

Before you make the board itself, you need to think of 6 categories. Each of these 6 categories must have 5 questions and answers. Check out our full list of 400+ trivia questions and answers if you’d like some ideas! Organize the questions into categories and levels of difficulty from 1 to 5. Once you’ve written down the questions and answers on your phone or a notebook in order, you’re ready to start making the board.

Draw six columns that make up the six categories and place 5 Post-it notes underneath each category. Make sure to write the category name at the top of each column. The first Post-it note under each category is worth $100, the second $200, the third $300, the fourth $400, and the fifth $500. Or, if you want to play with real money, you can have the first row worth $1, the second $2, and so on.

Write down the answers to each of the questions underneath the Post-it notes, according to category and ascending level of difficulty.


Now you’re ready to play some Jeopardy! The first player from the first team goes first by choosing a category and dollar amount. Then, the organizer must read out the question. The first player to raise their hand gets to answer first. If they are correct, they win that dollar amount and get to choose the next question. If they are incorrect, the other players race to raise their hands again to get a chance to win the amount!

The player with the most money at the end wins.


Another classic board game you can easily DIY at home is Connect 4. This is a simple game that requires no introduction. While we will provide one way to create your own Connect 4 board, you can be as creative as you want.


You’ll need:

  • Pencil
  • A big piece of cardboard
  • Colored tape
  • Scissors
  • Velcro strips
  • Disposable plates in two colors

On a big piece of cardboard, use a pencil to guide where to put the colored tape to create spaces on the board for the Connect 4 pieces. Pro tip: Use the disposable plates to see how big you need to make each space. To replicate a true Connect 4 board, we recommend drawing 7 spaces horizontally and 6 spaces vertically.

Once you’ve drawn the guide with a pencil, use colored tape or a marker to mark the spaces for the game. Place one side of a Velcro strip on each of the disposable plates and the other side on each square on the board.


The goal of this game is to get four plates of one color in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Two players play against each other in this game, with each player playing with one color.

Players take turns placing one of their plates onto a space on the board. But just like a normal Connect 4 game, start with the bottom spaces first. Players keep taking turns until one player manages to connect 4 of their plates in a row!


You’ve probably played this popular carnival game at some point in your life! Bring this game back to life and into your backyard by making your own. And don’t worry; it’s super simple.


You’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Ping pong ball
  • Paper bowl
  • Yarn
  • Two shower curtain hooks

Making this game is pretty easy and fun. Grab a large piece of cardboard, ideally taller than wide. Then, cut up several holes in the cardboard to create little barriers and a maze for the ball on the way up. There should be a hole at the top of the cardboard, which is the hole the ball must make it to without falling into the other holes on the way. Make sure each of these holes is big enough that a ping pong ball could go through. Feel free to decorate the board however you want to make this even more fun to play and look at.

Place two shower curtain hooks on the two top edges of the board. You may need to punch some holes in the cardboard to get the hooks through.

Now, grab a paper bowl deep enough to hold a ping pong ball inside. Cut open the bottom so that only the edges of the round bowl remain. Then, glue a long piece of yarn on opposing sides of the bowl. Hook the other ends of the yarn through the shower curtain hooks. Make loops at the end of the strings to make them easier to grab.


Use the two looped ends of the yarn to slowly maneuver the ball up the board to the very top and through the hole at the top! But try not to let the ball fall through the other holes.


This is a super fun DIY board game for kids to play. It’s super fun to set up and play, as you can hop around the room, racing to the finish line!


You’ll need:

  • Large interlocking foam tiles
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Tape
  • Die

Set up a life-size board game using interlocking foam tiles. Be as creative as you want to use up as much of the room space as possible. Of course, don’t forget to determine the starting tile and the ending tile.

On some of the tiles, use a piece of paper to write a rule down. Don’t forget to tape it down. Examples of rules include:

  • Go back one space
  • Miss a turn
  • Jump up three spaces
  • Roll again

If you have older children, you can even challenge them by writing questions like:

  • What is 3 times 5?
  • What color do yellow and red make?
  • Who is the first President of the United States?


Players take turns rolling the die to race to the finish line. If a player lands on any of the tiles with a rule or question on it, they must follow it or answer it! If it’s a question tile, if they fail to answer it correctly, they must miss their next turn.

The first player to get to the last tile wins!


You may not throw balls in this DIY board game, but you still get the balls inside the “hoops” in order to make points. Try to get the most points possible to win this deceptively difficult game!


You’ll need:

  • Pool noodles
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Paper cups
  • Marker
  • Ping pong ball

Cut out a piece of cardboard into a big circle. Then, grab your hot glue gun and perfectly glue a pool noodle around the edge of the circle. If needed, use a second pool noodle to complete the edge of the circle. Now, grab some paper cups and glue those lying down with the opening facing toward the middle of the circle. Glue these paper cups around the circle with the bottom of the cups flush against the pool noodle edge.

Assign a point value to each of the cups. Use a marker to properly mark each of the cups and the space right in front of the cups so that the players can see the point value as they balance the board. Point values should be 1 through 8, but make sure to mix them up so as to make the game more difficult.


Players take turns holding the cardboard circle. The goal of this game is to win as many points as possible by getting a ping pong ball into one of the cups. But remember: each of the cups has a value from 1-8, so ideally, you will want to get the ball into the 8 cup every time!

Play a predetermined number of rounds or until a player reaches a predetermined number of points.


A super fun board game you can make with the help of your recycling is Flip Cap. The best thing about making this board game is that you don’t have to go out of your way to find craft materials. You should already have everything lying around!


You’ll need:

  • Small cardboard box
  • Plastic bottle caps in two different colors
  • Scissors
  • 2 craft sticks

This game is super easy to make! Just grab a small empty cardboard box and cut out a circle in the middle. Then, get your 2 craft sticks and slightly stick them in at either end of the box so that they are secured. If needed, you may need to cut a slit on the edge of the box to fit the sticks through.

And that’s it! Now, you’re ready to get playing!


Divide the plastic bottle caps evenly between two players. Even better if you can find bottle caps in two different colors (feel free to decorate them so that it’s easier to differentiate between the two).

Players race to get all of their bottle caps in the box. To do this, players must place a bottle cap at the end of their craft stick and press it down. The stick will then flick up, causing the bottle cap to fly into the box! The first player to get all of their plastic bottle caps into the hole wins the game.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of trivia? Prepare for the perfect trivia game night with the help of these trivia popsicle (or craft) sticks!


You’ll need:

  • 100+ popsicle (craft) sticks
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Jar

The most difficult about making this board game is figuring out the trivia questions. You’ll want to prepare at least 100, but ideally 200+ trivia questions for this game. But don’t worry. We’ve done all the hard lifting for you. Here is our list of 400+ trivia questions and answers!

Once you’ve got the questions and answers sorted, print them out in the right size to glue them onto your popsicle sticks. Glue the questions on one side and the answers on the other. If you don’t have access to a printer, you can write the questions and answers directly onto the sticks.

When all the sticks are ready, pop them into a jar, ready to play!


Play a casual game of dinner party trivia. Take turns grabbing one stick out of the jar and reading the question out loud. Every other player must then try to answer the question. The person who gets it right gets the stick and one point. Whoever has the most sticks at the end of the night wins!


If you want to incorporate legos into your DIY board game, this is the perfect game for you to make. Plus, you can make it in a matter of minutes, making it one of the simplest games to make on this list!


You’ll need:

On a piece of cardboard, make a board game track or playing area with a marker. Feel free to curve around the track to make use of the entire cardboard. Divide the track into sections, and in each section, write down one of the following:

  • Take # lego(s)
  • Lose # lego(s)

# is replaced by a number of your choice, ranging from 1 to 5. We recommend having more sections to take legos at the beginning of the track and more sections to lose legos at the end of the track.


Every player starts at the beginning of the track with a single lego block. Take turns rolling the die and moving the appropriate number of places. Wherever the player lands, they must either take or lose the number of legos mentioned. Keep rolling the die as you gain and lose legos. The player with the most legos at the end of the race wins!


A big fan of games like Beer Pong but looking for something more family-friendly? This is a great alternative that everyone will enjoy!


You’ll need:

  • 2 egg cartons
  • 2 bowls
  • Ping pong balls

Simply set up this game on a long table. On one short end, place the two egg cartons side by side. Then, place the bowls of ping pong balls side by side on the other end.


Two players compete against each other in this game, trying to fill up all 25 egg slots of the carton with their ping pong ball. On the mark, players throw their ping pong balls from one end of the game to the other, aiming for the cartons. The first player to fill up their carton wins!


Tic Tac Toe might not be the most complicated board game to make, but this is a great craft to get the kids involved while teaching a basic board game everyone must know!


You’ll need:

  • Small rocks
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Wood slice

Collect some small rocks and paint them in various colors. Each of the rocks may need multiple coats before they are the right shade, but the effort is worth it! When the paint is dry, use black paint to paint X’s and O’s onto the rocks. Try to have an even number of X’s and O’s!

As the rocks are drying, use a paintbrush and black paint to paint a grid on a wood slice. But if you don’t have a wood slice, don’t worry; you can use any surface to play Tic Tac Toe.


Two players play this game, one playing O and the other X. The two players take turns placing a rock inside the grid, with the goal of completing a line of O’s or X’s, depending on which rocks they are playing. This line of three can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The player who manages to create a line of three X’s or O’s wins!


Did you know you can still play basketball even if you don’t have a proper basketball or hoop? Play a mini version of the game with this DIY mini basketball game!


You’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Plastic or paper cups
  • Hot glue
  • Ping pong balls

Grab a large piece of cardboard, which will be the backdrop of the game. Hot glue 5 plastic or paper cups onto this piece of cardboard in a 2-1-2 formation. Decorate the board with the help of some markers, and designate points to the 5 cups glued onto the board.


Players stand around 10 to 15 feet away. Then, take turns throwing ping pong balls into the mini basketball board. If someone manages to shoot a ball into one of the cups, write down the points! See who can win the game by gaining the most points or getting to a predetermined number of points (such as 100) first.


If you want to play a DIY drinking game, we’ve got you covered! Battle Shots is a pretty common drinking game that involves elements of the popular board game Battleship. Ready to have some fun with your friends?


You’ll need:

  • Plastic shot cups
  • Two pizza boxes
  • Marker
  • Alcohol

Set up two pizza boxes facing away from one another. On each, draw an 8×8 battleship grid on the bottom, with numbers 1 to 8 on the side and A through H on the top. Create another grid to place on the top of the box to keep track of your movements while playing the game. You can either use a printed grid that you can replace after each game or use a reusable one with some Velcro and circular markers that you can place onto the Velcro grid after each movement.

As this is a smaller version of the actual battleship board, each player will have just four ships. One ship worth one shot cup, another ship worth two shot cups, a third ship worth three shot cups, and a fourth ship worth four shot cups!

Fill up the shot cups with alcohol.


Play battleship as you normally would. Players face against each other and place their four ships onto the bottom grid, placing a shot cup per grid, either vertically or horizontally. Once the shots are lined up, it’s time to play!

Players take turns trying to sink their opponent’s ships by picking a letter and number that corresponds with a space on the board. If there is a shot cup in that space, the opposing player must say it’s a hit, and that player must remove the cup from the grid and drink the corresponding shot! If there is no shot cup, it’s a miss. And if a player manages to sink the entire ship, the opposing player must say when the entire ship is sunk.

Keep taking turns targeting the ships. The first player to sink all four of the opposing player’s ships wins!

Mia Kim

Should He Call All-In With Pocket Tens? (Hand Analysis)

Poker can make you feel like a one-man wolfpack.

You’re trying to win everyone’s money while they’re trying to win yours. It can be easy to feel like it’s just you versus the world.

But one of the best ways to improve at poker has always been to discuss strategy with other players. Whether through forums, chat groups, or other mediums, creating a network of poker players to discuss strategy and learn from is an easy way to fast-track your success at the tables.

To exemplify this, today’s analysis will showcase a hand and analysis taken directly from Upswing Poker’s Discord group — which just opened to the public.

Let’s dive in.

Note: Poker players from all around the world have joined Upswing Poker’s Discord Group. You can join the group now to discuss poker and improve your game.

discord group banner

The Hand

The discussion began when a Discord member posted the following hand history and asked for feedback about the opponent’s range. He stated that it was his first time playing with this opponent and he had no reads:

$5/$5 Live Cash Game. 9-handed. $1000 Effective Stacks

Preflop: Hero is dealt Th Ts in the Big Blind
Button straddles $25. Small Blind calls. Hero raises $100. Button calls. Small Blind folds.

Flop ($225): 9c 5c 3d
Hero bets $100. Button raises all-in for $900. Hero…?

I’ll post the results at the end.

Before getting into the analysis, I’m curious what you would do in this spot. Vote below.

Preflop Analysis

There isn’t much to say about this preflop action since everything is standard.

Hero makes a good raise with Pocket Tens facing the Button straddle and limp. He should be raising all of the strongest hands here and his sizing of 4x the straddle is good.

Even against what is effectively an early position raise, the Button can continue with a somewhat loose range since he is getting a decent price and will get to play the entire hand in position.

Flop Analysis

To analyze the flop action, I’m now going to show you highlights of the discussion that took place in the Upswing Poker Discord.

Upswing Vice President Mike Brady kicked off the discussion with the following analysis:

My guess is his range is:

-A lot of draws with 8+ outs
-Some 9x top pairs
-Some sneaky two pairs

I would call off with Tens there. I think we’re well enough ahead of the range. I’ll run a quick equity calculation.

Mike then furthered his analysis with the following:

I was quite pessimistic with this range construction. I gave him 

-Only a handful of flush draws
-All combo draws
-Some pair + flush draws
-4 combinations of open ended straight draws 
-Many offsuit two pairs like 53-offsuit and 95-offsuit (which he may not have in practice)
-All suited two pairs
-Only A9-offsuit and A9-suited for top pair
-One set (Pocket Threes)

You need 39.5% to call profitably based on your pot odds. Even against this pessimistic range, the call is very +EV (expected value).

Most people won’t have the offsuit two pairs + might shove more draws and 9x, which would make it an even more profitable call.

Upswing’s Lead Strategy Writer Dan B. echoed Mike’s original sentiments, writing the following analysis:

Very easy call here. This is a typical type of play that you see from recreational players when the stack-to-pot ratio (SPR) is low. They fast play a ton of medium hands and draws. Mike did a very good breakdown for you here.

The key concepts for this hand are:

-Playing vs a recreational player (increased volatility/randomness)
-Low SPR (decreased value and bluff thresholds for raising)

After this, a few more members began weighing in with questions like:

  • What if the Button’s range includes more flopped sets and overpairs for value?
  • What if the Button’s range has fewer draws and one pair hands?
  • Will a recreational player really have so many bluffs / marginal hands in reality?

But after all of these questions were posed, it was determined that against any realistic range that the Button could have, Pocket Tens have enough equity to call.


Okay, so here’s what actually happened in this hand.

Hero folded with Pocket Tens after a long tank. The Button says he had Ac 8c for the nut flush draw. But the cards were never revealed.

What’s the “why” behind your vote?

Explain your thoughts in the comments below.

Hands like this showcase the importance of studying your hands after a session.

By posting this hand and asking for feedback, the Discord member was able to learn a few things, like:

  • How to use equity calculators to determine whether or not a decision is profitable
  • How different kinds of poker players analyze their hands

Not bad for just posting a hand history! That’s it for this article. Good luck at the tables this week!

Note: Join the Upswing Poker Discord for free right now to improve your game by learning from poker players and coaches from all around the world.

upswing poker discord

Will famous poker stars bet on Mike Tyson against Jake Paul?

According to the best bookies, Mike Tyson is underdog against 27-year-old influencer Jake Paul. However, the former heavyweight champion’s victory is such an attractive odds that a number of celebrities could be in the running.

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul match in Las Vegas

A couple of weeks ago, the news broke that youtuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul would be taking on 58-year-old Mike Tyson in Las Vegas on July 21. It’s been 19 years since one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time last stepped between the ropes in a professional setting, so it surprised many that he would take on such a fight at his age. Tyson is now retired from professional sport, currently running his own business and most recently becoming an ambassador of an online casino.

Tyson and Paul’s fight is of course a huge hype, with daily newspaper reports of celebrities and sports personalities giving their views on the fight.

The build-up is certainly very professional. Both athletes are posting a lot on their social media pages and there are a lot of press inquiries. The fight itself is very divisive by the way, with many fearing Tyson because of his age and others hoping for the end of the influencer’s career with a Tyson ear.

The details of the fight are still subject to change, but as far as we know it will be an exhibition bout, with 2-minute rounds and fighters wearing 16-ounce gloves. There will be no scorekeepers, but a winner will still be declared, as knockouts will not be prohibited.

Mike Tyson’s chance against Jake Paul

This fight will be a sporting event that almost everyone has an opinion on. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, for example, doesn’t think it’s a fair move to take on young Jake Paul, as the basketball player thinks the age difference between the two is too big. Former coach Mike Tyson, on the other hand, said that Paul could take a very nasty beating if he takes a punch or two.

Betting on the Paul-Tyson fight is now open at the bookmakers. Bookmakers have picked 27-year-old Jake Paul as the favourite, with the YouTube influencer’s win paying average odds of 1.60, while a win for the veteran legend could be worth between 2.20 and 2.30 to punters.

Famous athletes who like to bet

The Tyson-Paul fight is of course a huge hype, with daily newspaper reports of celebrities and sports personalities giving their views on the fight. We can almost be sure that as the match date approaches, news will start to come in of celebrities and sportspeople placing big bets on the game.

This is not at all an unusual phenomenon, as we have seen examples of this in the recent past. Professional fighter Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, for example, is a regular bettor on the biggest sporting events, and the millionaire boxer is not afraid to bet big. In 2005, for example, he bet $750,000 on his own victory against Oscar de La Hoya and won a handsome sum.

Mayweather’s favourite sport to bet on, however, is the NFL. The sports bettor also achieved the biggest loss of his career in American football when he bet $626 000 on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Will famous poker stars bet on Tyson?

Mayweather is not the only one who can claim to be a big betting man. Dan Bilzerian, one of the world’s most famous poker players, often risks his money by placing bets on sporting events. Four years ago, for example, he lost nearly US$1 million betting on the returning Conor McGregor at UFC 246, but the Irish bad boy knocked out his opponent in just 40 seconds to win the fight.

One of the best poker players of all time, Phil Ivey also likes to bet big. In 2015, he bet big on the Seahawks Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

Also a world famous gambler, former legend Billy Baxter was not only inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, but also into the Sportsbook Hall of Fame. Baxter is a legendary name in the world of online gambling, having regularly won huge sums in sports betting for decades. The legendary Doyle Brunson also had a reputation as a big bettor, but several poker players have claimed that he took big losses on sports bets.

It’s safe to say that as the match date approaches, we’ll be getting news that the high rollers will start betting on the match. It will be interesting to see if the big betters place their bets on the young but semi-pro Jake Paul or the veteran but with an amazing career Mike Tyson.

Of course, for bets of hundreds of thousands of dollars, you also need to find the right offices. In addition to land-based arcades and betting shops, there are a growing number of online bookmakers where you can place huge bets.

Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation Recognized for San Diego FC Partnership

Congratulations, Sycuan Casino Resort!

The NAFOA, Native American Finance Officers Association, recognizes the 17th annual leadership award recipients.

“The Business Impact Deal of the Year Award acknowledges initiatives driving significant economic growth for tribes and Indian Country. This year’s recipient is the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, recognized for their shared acquisition of the Major League Soccer franchise, San Diego FC, alongside entrepreneur Mohamed Mansour. This pioneering partnership, enhanced by the Sycuan Tribe’s rich cultural heritage and longstanding community ties to the San Diego area, includes establishing the Right to Dream Academy for student-athletes. This historic agreement marks a pivotal moment for the Sycuan Tribe, marking them as the first Native American tribe to hold an ownership stake in a men’s professional sports team. Through extensive collaboration, the tribe has paved the way for future opportunities, opening doors for tribes to engage in sports franchise ownership and various private and corporate ventures.

San Diego FC is set to debut in 2025 at the 35,000-seat Snapdragon Stadium.

NAFOA was founded over 40 years ago as the Native American Finance Officers Association to highlight the role of tribal finance in fostering economic opportunities.”

Credit: NAFOA 2024

z3th, Founder & CEO of Ordz Games — Interview Series

The future of blockchain gaming is here, and it’s looking an awful lot like the ever-sprightly Game Boy system, weirdly enough. That’s right — Ordz Games’ BitBoy One has officially made its debut as an all-in-one package for blockchain-based gaming, meaning users will now have access to a vast collection of crypto assets, as well as an entire host of emulations of countless retro video games and wallets. To learn a bit more about it, we decided to reach out to Ordz Games CEO, z3th.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Who are you, and what inspired you to enter the world of blockchain gaming?

Z3th: I believe that your actions must define who you are and not necessarily the identity you were born with. I could say this much, I started getting into crypto in 2017 and formed Ordz Games in 2021.

What inspired me deeply was the urge to introduce tangibility to the world of crypto. While we had already seen the arrival of hardware devices in the crypto space in the form of wallets, credit cards, and mobile phones, there was hardly any solution for the large, lucrative space of blockchain gaming.

I have been an avid gamer since childhood. I used to play Chinese games and Nintendo games. During lockdown in Asia, I had nothing much to do. That’s when I decided to make blockchain tangible by introducing retro gaming devices and building an ecient ecosystem around blockchain gaming.

Let’s move on to your studio, Ordz Games. Could you tell us a bit more about it? When was the company founded, and what are some of the core values that you uphold as a team?

Z3th: The company was founded in 2021. We envisioned a completely trustless, non-custodial gaming platform on the blockchain. At its core, Ordz Games is a series of inscriptions for retro games. We release new games every season. Our native token, $ORDG, the first BRC-20 token with utility, helps fuel our economy and allows players to earn based on the points they’ve accumulated.

Tell us a bit about your handled device, BitBoy. What exactly is it, and what are some of the core features that users can expect to find on the system?

Z3th: Bitboy is our tribute to the days of Nintendo gaming! It is built along the lines of the Nintendo Game Boy that appeared in 1989. While nostalgia is our foundation, the device is much more than that.

Available in a sleek, translucent orange design, the device merges blockchain gaming with Web3 and oers an avenue to earn Bitcoin through retro-style P2E games. It supports an array of classic games that date back to the pre-PlayStation 1 era through emulation. It has several features.

Bitboy supports multiplayer gaming through Bluetooth and wifi connectivity and functions as a secure hardware wallet for managing Bitcoin assets. Interestingly, it leverages the ‘Ordinal’ method for creating Bitcoin NFTs to inscribe games directly onto the Blockchain.

The BitBoy isn’t restricted to just blockchain gaming, either. Are we right in thinking that the device also acts as a vessel for classic video games, too?

Z3th: Yes, although its native applications are connected to the Bitcoin blockchain, one can play a range of video games inscribed forever on the Bitcoin blockchain as ordinals. When it comes to game choices, Bitboy features a wide range of HTML games, on-chain emulators, and ROM.

We’ve also noticed that Ordz Games’ Season 5 is en route, too! Could you tell us a bit more about some of the things that we’ll be seeing in this upcoming launch?

Z3th: Yes, applications for Season 5 Early Access are now open. Packed with options to play, earn, trade, and Burn $Games, Season 5 promises even more. We will divulge more details soon. In season 5, you must be ready for all the excitement and extraordinary rewards that Games of Bitcoin has in store for you.

So, how’s the future looking for you? Do you have any plans to further enhance your portfolio over the coming months or years? Are there any key dates that we should be taking note of?

Z3th: The future of blockchain gaming is super promising. Numbers show a healthy increase in the trac of users and developers active in the field. Digital ownership of assets and autonomy in controlling them are features that would drive growth. We will continue to innovate and launch new and exciting games that merge nostalgia with cutting-edge convenience and best-in-class earning potential. For now, Season 5 is open. Don’t miss out—apply today.

And what’s the best way to stay up to date with Ordz Games’ current affairs? Are there any social channels or important newsletters that will help potential consumers to find the data they need?

Z3th: Follow us on X for all the latest updates. For deeper community engagement, join our Telegram channel. For insights on tech and design, follow our blog posts on Medium.

Any final words for our readers?

Z3th: For those who already own a BitBoy, we offer an exciting referral program, but it’s ending soon. Hurry up, connect your Twitter account with your Bitboy profile, and grab your referral link. Both you and your friends and family who purchase BitBoy using this link will benefit: they’ll receive a $50 discount, and you’ll earn points that may count toward future airdrops. So, visit our profile page to grab your referral link and start sharing today.

Thanks for your time!


For more information on Ordz Games’ ongoing efforts to revolutionize the blockchain space, be sure to check in with the team over on their official social handle here. Alternatively, you can visit the website for additional details here.

Lord can hit the Board at York

William Hill ambassador Nick Luck looks over the best of this weekend’s racing from York and Sandown, and picks out his best bets.

York, Saturday

Lord Melbourne is the pick at 8/1 in the TV opener at York (1:50pm) on Saturday, where William Hill have a Top Price Guarantee. Only having his second start for Ralph Beckett, he shaped extremely promisingly on his stable debut at Epsom, when repeatedly denied a clear run. On balance, this race is less competitive, he should move forward for the step up in distance and has a vastly experienced jockey on board.

Boardman is the selection at 9/1 in the seven furlong handicap (2:25pm). He was a pretty useful performer in his pomp, and has really slipped down the weights. There was however a deal more encouragement in his most recent start at Chester and track and ground suit ideally.

Salt Bay is worth one more chance at 5/1 in the Grand Cup (3:00pm). He posted an outstanding effort on his comeback at Newbury and his subsequent start may have come too quickly. A little more give in the ground and a genuine test of stamina could well bring about a better performance. Either way, this is an easier race and he is the top rated.

Elmonjed could be the answer to the big sprint (3:35pm). Nothing went right for him here last time when racing apart from the field and appearing to lose his application halfway through the race. He did consent to run on, however, and cheekpieces may help him, so he’s worth chancing at 7/1.

Sandown, Saturday

Farasi Lane is a sporting pick at 14/1 to land the first televised race (2:05pm) at Sandown Park. He has taken his form to a different level for his new trainer this season and is only two pounds higher than when successful in quite taking style at Kempton earlier in the year. His previous run on turf this season was moderate, but he appeared not to handle the track at Newmarket and should be fine here.

Dawn Charger is another at a big price (11/1) to be interested in at Sandown, in the Listed Scurry Stakes (2:40pm). She had some really smart form as a two-year-old, including when not beaten far in the Albany at Royal Ascot. The angle here is a return to better ground, the plum draw and a drop back in trip to five furlongs.

“He’s been improving at home and his work has been really good”

Triumph Hurdle

Kargese won a Grade 1 hurdle at the Dublin Racing Festival, and she is obviously going to be getting 7lbs from the geldings which will help.

We’ve got a strong contingent with Majborough, Storm Heart and Bunting all in there – I wouldn’t be surprised if any of those improved past Kargese. At the time those horses had only had two runs over hurdles, whereas she’d already had four.

Outside of that, it is a very open contest. I wouldn’t be particularly strong on anything here, but Bunting and Ethical Diamond are two that could certainly run well at a big price.

County Hurdle

We’ve got a lot of runners in the County Hurdle, with one of those being Absurde, who was a high-class flat horse, winning the Ebor and running very well in the Melbourne Cup. He improved on his previous form to be fourth over hurdles at the Dublin Racing Festival against Ballyburn and Slade Steel. The rain wouldn’t have helped his cause, but hopefully it will have dried out a bit by Friday. He’s got a lovely weight of 10st 10lbs and I can see him running a big race. He’ll be dropped in and running on late, so anyone backing him shouldn’t be worried if they don’t see him early in the race.

Another that I’d give a good chance to is Zenta. She was third in the Triumph Hurdle last year behind Lossiemouth and has since gone on to win a Grade 1 at Aintree. She disappointed on her first run over fences, so we switched her back over hurdles and she ran very well at Leopardstown in the big handicap hurdle there. I think she could improve and is another one in with a big chance.

Albert Bartlett

This is a race that we’re pretty strong in with Readin Tommy Wrong, Dancing City, and High Class Hero all towards the top of the market. Dancing City won a Grade 1 at the Dublin Racing Festival, but he wasn’t overly fancied there and I’m just not sure how to rate that form.

High Class Hero has the right profile for the race, having already had a few runs over hurdles, which is usually what you need here in terms of experience. They’ve been lesser class races, but by design we wanted to keep him to a lower class, and he’s been improving, so he could run well.

I do really like Readin Tommy Wrong. He ran really well to beat Ile Atlantique in the Lawlor’s Of Naas, and I think the step up to three miles will really suit him. He’s a very relaxed horse and he jumps well, so I think he’ll go through the race smoothly and I think he’s a very strong each-way bet.

Gold Cup

Shishkin being out obviously helps our chances here because he is a very good horse, but nonetheless I still think Galopin Des Champs will win. He was very impressive at Leopardstown over Christmas, and he was the same in beating Fastorslow the last day at the Dublin Racing Festival.

He comes here as the reigning champion and the slower ground will help him. 3m2f suits him really well, he is a strong stayer and I do think he will win. I’d imagine Paul Townend will wait to see how the race pans out and he won’t have to make the running, but he certainly can if need be.

Hunters Chase

We’ve got a nice chance in the Hunters Chase with Billaway. He ran very well in his first run at Naas when second to Its On The Line. He’s a horse with plenty of experience at Cheltenham and he’s won this race before.

He is a 12-year-old now and I suspect some of the other horses with younger legs might have a bit too much for him.

Mares’ Chase

We’ve got a couple of great chances here, both of which are very experienced round Cheltenham. Allegorie De Vassy was second in the race last year whilst Dinoblue was the runner-up in the Grand Annual.

Dinoblue looks to have improved plenty having picked up a Grade 1 in Leopardstown earlier this year, before going on to finish second behind El Fabiolo last time out. I think she is the class animal in the race.

Allegorie De Vassy is a very good mare and she improved to win at Naas the last day. I don’t think the rain will have helped her and any drying ground that comes would suit her. I would hope that both will have a bit more class than the rest of the field, with Dinoblue probably the one to win.

Martin Pipe

I think you can make a case for both of our runners having a chance in the Martin Pipe. Ocastle Des Mottes ran for the first time this term in the Betfair Hurdle last time out and I thought he did quite well in finishing eighth. The step up in trip along with a little more experience will help him.

I do like Quai De Bourbon at the top of the market. He’s had a couple of runs in France and didn’t show it all. He was a bit of a surprise winner of his maiden at Naas, but he improved again to win over two miles at Clonmel the last day. He’s a really laid back horse and the step up to 2m4½f should bring out the best attributes in him. He’s been improving at home and his work has been really good, I do really like him, and he has a good, strong pilot in Michael O’Sullivan on his back.

Best of luck,



The 5-minute cricket primer

Cricket is bigger than you think. It’s now second only to soccer in terms of global popularity, with nearly a third of the world’s population—2.5 billion—counted as fans.

Canadians haven’t latched onto this centuries-old sport as fervently as other countries, but its popularity here is growing. This is due in part to the success of our national Twenty20 International men’s team, which is currently ranked 20th by the International Cricket Council (ICC), as well as the 2018 launch of Global T20 Canada, the first major cricket tournament sanctioned by the ICC in North America.

Clearly, we have teams worth cheering for. So, what will it take for cricket to catch on with more Canadians? Getting to know more about how it’s played is a good start. And with the ability to bet on major cricket matches around the globe, some Ontario sports fans are finding new motivation to become a little more familiar with this beloved and storied sport.

Despite some pretty clear similarities to baseball—a sport most Canadians know very well—cricket has a reputation for being difficult to figure out, perhaps because of its colourful terminology (you’ll get to learn about “googlies” and “doosra” in a minute) and its potential for days-long matches.

That’s why we’ve put together a quick cricket primer to help ease Canadians into the game.

Cricket History 101

The first reference to cricket was made in an English court document in the 16th century, which suggests the sport has been around for about half a millennium.

Historians believe that rudimentary field games, played in the southeast of England during the Saxon and Norman periods, formed the foundation of what would eventually become cricket. The earliest surviving written references to “cricket”, one of which is a dictionary definition that denotes it as a “game”, date from the early 17th century.

The sport’s rules—known as the Laws of Cricket (always with a capital L to show respect) have been maintained by the London-based Marylebone Cricket Club for the past 235 years.

Cricket spread quickly throughout the British colonies and remained a welcome pastime among many local populations even after the withdrawal of British influence. It is now hugely popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and the West Indies, which cumulatively account for hundreds of millions of fans. The best professional cricket players in the world earn as much as athletes in other major sports. Indian player Virat Kohli, for example, made the Forbes list of the 100 highest-paid athletes of 2022, making more than $30 million in salary and endorsement deals.

The sport now comes in a variety of formats, from the traditional—some would say defining—version of the game known as Test cricket, which is played in several six-hour sessions over a period of up to five days, to One Day International (ODI) matches that last seven hours or less, to the more audience- (and broadcaster-) friendly Twenty20 (T20) matches, which limit innings so matches last between three and four hours.

A starter glossary for cricket newbs

Part of the fun of being a sports fan is knowing terms and slang so you can keep up with the commentators and feel like you’re in the know and part of the community.

Those unfamiliar with cricket can intuitively understand the meaning of terms like “bat,  “out” and “field”. But other bits of jargon might seem…well, silly. Literally. Like the “Silly Mid Off” (a position on the field) or a “googly” (a type of unexpected ball spin).

Here are a few other cricket terms that’ll help form a basic glossary for newcomers.

Batter (AKA batsman): The player wielding a cricket bat and facing the bowler.

Bowler: The player on the fielding team who bowls (throws) the ball toward the wicket and batter.

Wicket: The bowler’s target. It’s composed of three vertical sticks atop which rest two bails. Batsmen try to protect the wicket from bowled balls by batting them away.

Run: Cricket’s unit of scoring.

Over: A series of six legally delivered throws made by the bowler to the batting player.

There are hundreds of other terms that help form cricket’s unique lexicon, but knowing these should help rookie spectators find their cricket legs.

Know the odds and play smart   

Getting to know the teams, players and rules of a sport in which you’ve just begun to take interest is like exploring a whole new world.

But regardless of how well you come to understand cricket, outcomes are never a sure thing (just ask anyone who watched the 1996 World Cup, where Sri Lanka came from behind, scoring 245 runs to edge out the heavily favoured Australian squad and win the tournament).

As you begin betting on cricket matches, consider easing in. Start by placing small bets, then gradually increase as you feel more comfortable in your understanding of the sport and its teams. Also, make sure you understand the odds system being used, and set your bankroll by establishing a spend limit using My PlaySmart Tools.

And with Canada’s national squad having earned its first-ever berth to the T20 Cricket World Cup by beating Bermuda last fall, there’s never been a better time to become a cricket fan than right now. Just remember that your newfound ability to tell a pace bowler from a spin bowler doesn’t make you a cricket fortune teller. Wins and losses are never guaranteed no matter how much you think you know. Keep your wagers fun and just sit back and enjoy the game.

NBA Finals Same-Game Parlay Tonight: Mavericks vs. Celtics Game 2

After the Boston Celtics raced out to a 19-points first quarter lead, culminating in a blowout 107-89 victory in Game 1, Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks will aim to steal Game 2 on Sunday night. As always we’ve combined our very best bets for an NBA Finals same-game parlay.

Jump To Same-Game Parlay

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Dallas Mavericks Vs. Boston Celtics Game 2 Same-Game Parlay

Matchup Page: Dallas Mavericks vs. Boston Celtics, 8:30 p.m. ET

Expert Picks: Dallas Mavericks vs. Boston Celtics Game 2

Player Props: Dallas Mavericks vs. Boston Celtics Game 2

Nick Holz’s Same-Game Parlay

Bet Odds
Payton Pritchard OVER 3.5 Points -148
Jayson Tatum OVER 9.5 Rebounds -125
Jayson Tatum OVER 2.5 Made Threes -148
Overall +373

Same-Game Parlay Pick No. 1: Payton Pritchard OVER 3.5 Points (-148)

Pritchard put up a big ‘ol donut in Game 1, as he failed to knock down a single shot on seven tries.

Now, we get a discount on all his props for Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The third-year guard has been a great bench piece this postseason, averaging seven points a night on 40.8% shooting from deep. Pritchard’s not going 0-of-5 from three again.

He’s scored at least five points in eight of this last 10 games. I love betting Payton Pritchard OVER 3.5 points as the first leg of our Mavericks vs Celtics Game 2 same-game parlay.

Same-Game Parlay Pick No. 2: Jayson Tatum OVER 9.5 Rebounds (-125)

Tatum has posted some impressive rebounding numbers this postseason, averaging 10.4 boards per game.

He pulled down 11 rebounds in Game 1, and has gone OVER this number in three straight and seven of his last eight contests.

Look for the Duke product to continue to crash the boards with reckless abandon. Add Jayson Tatum OVER 9.5 rebounds to your NBA Finals Game 2 same-game parlay.

Same-Game Parlay Pick No. 3: Jayson Tatum OVER 2.5 Made Threes (-148)

I like Tatum to have a huge night in Game 2, and put his stamp on the 2024 NBA Finals. As such I think he lights up the Mavericks from deep.

Dallas’ perimeter defense was poked, prodded and easily penetrated on Thursday night, and Joe Mazzulla will be eager to get his best player some looks from deep. The Celtics knocked down 16 three-pointers in Game 1, and they’ll aim to keep that rolling on Sunday.

Tatum’s knocked down at least three attempts from beyond the arc in three straight games. Bet on him to make it four.



How To Play Blackjack: Rules & Bets

Few other card games gather more players or draw more intensity than a game of blackjack. With its immersive gameplay and a worldwide reputation as an iconic card game, it’s one of the most straightforward games you’ll find in the entire casino range.

Blackjack may look simple on the outside, but beneath the surface, you’ll find there’s much more to this classic card game. Let us tell you more in our beginner casino guide. Here you’ll get the basic rules, card values and more, so you get acquainted with the game in any setting.

Already know the game? Log in or join LiveRoulette and get your seat at the table.

What’s The Aim Of Blackjack?

Ultimately, the aim is to beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21- It’s that simple! If your hand goes higher than 21, you “bust”, which means you lose that hand.

What Are The Rules?

Whether you want to play live, online or
otherwise, the rules of the game are pretty much the same. Up to seven players
are seated around the semi-circular table (but more players can be seated
online, such as in a game of Infinite
). There’s a betting spot in front of each player, where you
must place your wager in the form of chips before the dealer plays the hand. If
space allows, you can play more than one hand at the table, placing chips in
each betting spot.

Once everyone has placed their chips, the dealer will hand out two cards to each player. They will then draw themselves a card turned face down (known as their “hole card”). Note that there are some variations of this game that allow the dealer to receive two cards: one turned down and the other facing up.

Next, each player can decide to hit (take another card) or stand (keep just their current cards). This all depends on the value of the hand in front of you.

What Are The Card Values?

The game is played with standard playing cards and up to eight decks. The cards from 2 through 10 are worth their exact value while all the face cards – King, Queen and Jack are worth 10. An Ace can have two values – either worth 1 or 11.

How Does The Game Start?

If the total value of the cards you get is 21 (for example if you get a 10 and an Ace), you immediately win a Blackjack, and the dealer will pay out odds of 3:2 on your initial wager. This is the ideal scenario! But what are your options if you don’t get this hand?

Natural Blackjack Hand

You Can Hit…

Essentially, you’re requesting another card from the dealer to increase your hand’s value. You can do this as many times as you like – just be careful you don’t go over 21 and bust!

You Can Stand…

If you stand you won’t accept any more cards for that round and gameplay will move to the next player. So, if you have a hand with two 10-value cards and you stand, your final value of 20 will be pitted against the dealer.

Or You Could Split

If you have two of the same value cards dealt to you, you can split them, and place the same wager again on the second hand. Now, you can choose to hit and stand on each hand independently depending on what cards you’re dealt next. Now that’s potentially two chances to beat the dealer instead of one.

What Does It Mean To “Double Down”?

This option allows you to double
your initial bet in return for receiving one (and only one) more card. In
most casinos, you can only double down after you receive your first two cards
and before drawing another card. There are
plenty of guides and strategies for doubling down, but it all depends on what
card the dealer holds and what’s left in the deck: not easy to know.

Check out our five-minute blackjack strategy guide for more on how to double down.

Dealer’s Play

Unlike you, the player, a blackjack dealer has specific rules to follow. Casino rules specify that a dealer must keep drawing a card if their hand totals less than 17 and stand when the total is 17 through 21. There are variations to dealer’s play, so make sure you check out the table rules carefully before you take a seat.


Some casinos will allow you to take an
insurance bet, which only becomes available if the dealer draws an Ace as their
first card. In essence, you’re betting that their next card will be a 10-value
card, resulting in a Blackjack. An
insurance bet enables you to win back half your original wager instead of potentially
going bust.

How To Play Live Blackjack

A game of live blackjack doesn’t vary that much from a game at the table. There may be more variations to play such as single-deck games, party-style games and tables where more players can take part. Check out LiveRoulette’s library live games and discover just how easy it is to switch from table games to live!

And Finally: Blackjack Payouts

The payout for a winning hand is 1:1, so if you put down a €5 bet, you’ll get €5. If you manage to win on a natural Blackjack, you’ll receive a payout of 3:2, making it the highest return in the game. There are various table limits available, giving you diverse betting options that match your bankroll and playing style.

That’s everything a first-timer needs to know to get by in a game
of blackjack. Why not put your newly found knowledge to the test in one of
LiveRoulette’s games?

18+ | | Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly. Terms & Conditions apply.

High 5 Casino Welcome Offer Features Great Freebies

High 5 Casino has become a great place to enjoy slots of all types. This social casino is making it even more enticing for new players to sign up. The latest High 5 Casino offer is giving new players 250 GC, 5 SC, and 600 diamonds for doing nothing more than signing up!

Promo Details

High 5 Casino scores highly under normal circumstances, but this offer takes things to the next level. When you sign up for a new account with High 5, you will receive 250 GC, 5 SC, and 600 diamonds on the house.

That is plenty of ammunition to take on one of the top social casinos out there. Before long, you will see just why High 5 Casino is one of the best out there. 

Step by Step

The beauty of the High 5 Casino offer is its simplicity. Getting started takes no time whatsoever. 

1.) Start by clicking “register” and filling out the necessary information:

A screenshot of a phone

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2.) Fill in your name and date of birth.

3.) Add your address, including city, state, and zip code.

4.) Enter a phone number for SMS verification.

5.) You’re all set! Claim your bonus and start playing some of the best online slots out there!

Casino Overview

High 5 Casino offers online casino games and some of the most unique features out there! With Rapid Rewards, Jackpots, Boosts on Demand, Leaderboards, and more, players can enjoy all the excitement that High 5 Casino has to offer.

High 5 has a full slate of slots to choose from, conveniently organized into categories like “Real Vegas Hits,” “Power Play,” and more. Find your favorites or try something new in no time and start enjoying some of the greatest slots in the online casino world. Sign up today, get all of your great freebies, and play both new and old favorites alike.

Online Casinos Without KYC

Online gambling is constantly changing, and innovation plus convenience are the major determinants of success. One recent trend that is becoming very popular is the growth of online casinos without KYC procedures. In this guest post, we will discuss how positive these online casinos without KYC can be and how they are changing the gambling experience for players around the world. Join us as we look at the benefits, convenience, and freedom offered by these platforms without KYC. The picture being painted about these KYC-free platforms, thus far, is one full of color, peppered with distinct advantages tailored toward ease and liberation in gaming. Let’s get started!

Alt: A casino

The Unique Advantages of Online Casinos Without KYC

Virtual gambling institutions no KYC casinos provide gamblers with a certain level of confidentiality and incognito that is very highly appreciated in this era. In place of demanding large personal data or carrying out detailed verification procedures, these channels make it possible for their customers to play casino games without having any worries that the information about them will be shared or interfered with. An alternative appeal reaches out to those who are willing to take care of their privacy and would like a secret gaming experience.

To add to that, the most evident benefits of playing at online casinos that do not require KYC include a smooth registration process. All players need to do is input their email address and create a password without going through the lengthy KYC verification procedure. This means immediate access to a wide variety of casino games, which can save time as well as allow players to jump right into the thrill of gaming action. The simplicity of the quick sign-up process attracts those individuals who are interested in enjoying gambling without unnecessary complications and time wastage.

Another advantage is, undoubtedly, payments and withdrawals. Typical online casinos usually put players through KYC protocols for the purpose of having deposits and withdrawals made. On the contrary, platforms void of KYC offer a smooth flow in financial transactions, obviating the need for any arduous verification process. Players are able to swiftly deposit and withdraw funds, an assurance that their gaming thrill remains unabated. Ditching the demand for KYC details thus uncomplicates the financial facet surrounding online wagering. It makes more sense to be convenient and user-responsive. Of course, the advantages do not end here.


The online casinos that do not demand KYC do not restrict their virtual gates geographically, and this means that people from any part of the world can have access to these platforms even if they come from countries with very strict regulations on gambling. The availability of such global accessibility features helps expand the number of players and creates a varied, colorful community of online gamblers. The lack of KYC procedures in online gambling houses and their absence allow an even more interesting approach to the user in several aspects. Firstly, individuals that partake can find a much wider array of platforms since they are not restricted to those that follow strict verification processes. Moreover, the easy registration and verification process means that players do not need to worry about games and entertainment; bureaucratic formalities make it difficult to play these games and enjoy them. The enhancement of the user’s experience leads to increased satisfaction and pleasure for players. In addition, there are many advantages that you can get. Let’s check them out.

Other Advantages You Should Know

Also, responsible gambling is given the highest priority by online casinos that do not implement KYC. In many cases, KYC procedures are viewed as security checks against fraud. However, platforms without KYC and turnkey online casinos use other methods like watching over transactions and setting limits on deposit and withdrawal amounts, which allows them to take a different approach towards ensuring the safety of their players. These platforms aim to create a safe playing environment where players can enjoy themselves while being encouraged to gamble responsibly.

The emergence of online casinos without KYC introduces these freedoms to the world of online wagering. Accessibility, user-friendly platforms, and exciting casino games are introduced by these platforms while also advocating responsible gambling. By removing KYC obstacles, players can delight in a straightforward registration process, immediate access to games, and easy financial dealings. It is a positive change for the industry as more options empower players with greater autonomy, while fewer restrictions ensure more liberating experiences for players entering this evolving trend in their pursuit of online gambling.

Why You Should Prefer No KYC Casinos

KYC-free online casinos have opened the doors to a new age of ease, seclusion, and freedom for lovers of online wagering. These sites provide a registration process that is more streamlined than ever, meaning players can easily get themselves signed up and immersed in the thrill of casino games. The absence of KYC procedures implies gamers can enjoy an uncomplicated and effective gaming experience without being hampered by onerous verification requirements. Financial transactions are made as simple as possible—quick deposits and withdrawals that ensure your gaming momentum is never lost. In addition, these platforms being globally accessible obliterates any geographical barriers stopping interested players from anywhere around the world from joining our online gambling community. Our focus on user experience and responsible gambling guarantees that you can feel secure even while basking in the enjoyment of your passion for online wagering. All in all, KYC-free online casinos aim to create a positive and empowering environment where everyone finds something for themselves, making sure their gambling experience is enjoyable and within reach. We have seen in this article how much more advantageous it is to prefer these casinos compared to others. Nevertheless, make sure you do your research well when choosing the casino that suits you best. In this way, you can avoid negativity and give yourself a better experience. The Internet can be your best friend in this regard. You can do your research with just a few clicks.

Big Guide To TrollPot 5000

If you enjoy online slots that feature simplistic yet engaging gameplay, you’ll be pleased to hear that the clever clogs at NetEnt have released their next long-awaited slot title. We’re even more delighted to confirm that TrollPot 5000 has been made exclusively available to LiveRoulette players until June 16!

If you’d like to know more about NetEnt’s newest release, read on as we provide a comprehensive guide to this fruit machine inspired online slot.

Understanding The TrollPot 5000 Symbols

It’s clear to see from the word go that this game is inspired by old-school fruit machines with just three reels and one active payline.

There are six base game symbols that can create a winning payline. These run from the lowest-value bar and four-leaf clover symbols through to the toadstools, golden ornament, gold stars and the lucky double seven icon.

TrollPot 5000 also has a wild symbol – the troll joker. The wild replaces all other base game symbols when it appears on the reels, with two exceptions: the arrow and jackpot icons. Land three of these on the payline to land an 8x boost to your payout.

The addition of three fixed jackpots also means there are three jackpot symbols on the reels of TrollPot 5000. You’ll see Mini, Midi and Mega jackpot symbols – if combinations of these land, you might be onto a monster win!


When it comes to the payouts on the reels of TrollPot 5000, you can win anything from 0.5x your initial stake up to 10,000x. The low-value bars and four-leaf clovers provide the smallest wins when three hit on the single payline. However, you can win up to 8x with three double sevens on the reels.

Online Slot Design And Audio

The vintage fruit machine that inspired TrollPot 5000 has been given a contemporary overhaul, with neon lights and smooth animations. The whizzy, playful soundtrack keeps the action pulsating. With just three reels to look out for, TrollPot 5000 translates perfectly onto phones and tablets, so you can play whenever and wherever suits you.

TrollPot 5000 Bonus Features

  • Nudge Feature
    Most classic slots use this feature. A winning combination on the payline unlocks it: once your win is calculated and displayed on-screen, if the first symbol on the top reel is identical to the winning symbols, the first reel nudges its symbol down to form a repeat win. This feature continues until there are no more matching symbols.
  • Jackpot Feature
    Whenever the reels finish the nudge feature, it’s possible there will be one of the three jackpot symbols at the top of the reels. This will unlock the Jackpot feature. You will win the 40x Mini jackpot prize if you land different jackpot symbols at the top of the reels, e.g. one mini and two midi jackpot icons. The Midi or Mega Jackpots are worth 200x and 10,000x respectively, and hit when the Midi or Mega jackpot symbols are visible at the top of all three reels.
  • Multiplier Wild Feature
    Whenever you get a multiplier wild on the winning payline, your payout will be doubled. Two multiplier wilds will magnify your win by 4x and three multiplier wilds will transform it by the maximum 8x your initial payout.


What Is The TrollPot 5000 RTP?

The return to player (RTP) percentage of NetEnt’s TrollPot 5000 is 96.19%. This is a reasonable figure compared with most other leading online slots. Also keep in mind that the TrollPot 5000 slot has a hit frequency of 6.49%, which means just over one-in-20 spins are statistically expected to yield wins. This is never a guarantee of how any particular game round might play out though.

Is Trollpot 5000 A Progressive Jackpot Slot?

NetEnt has not programmed TrollPot 5000 to offer a progressive jackpot – one that increases with every penny that’s spent on the reels by players. Instead, there is a trio of fixed jackpot payouts, which range from the Mini jackpot of 40x to the Mega jackpot worth 10,000x your initial stake.

Start Spinning With Trollpot 5000 This Month At LiveRoulette!

If you enjoy video slots with high payout potential, be sure to give the TrollPot 5000 slot a try right here at LiveRoulette. Built and launched by our NetEnt partners exclusively on selected casinos, we’re delighted to be the one of the first places you can sample NetEnt’s newest jackpot slot game.

Log in to your account or become a new customer today and discover this soon-to-be-iconic slot on our Canadian online casino!

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